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You Know My Thoughts Are Running Loose, It's Just A Thing You Make Me Do And I Could Fight But What's The Use?

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The room was a sway of colors and melodies, what with teens dressed in fancy clothes, dancing around in rhythm to the music coming softly through the spearkers.

There was one couple in particular, you could say it was the focus of everyone's attention, the life of the party, the reason why all this was happening in the first place. Midoriya Izuku had his arms wrapped around Todoroki Shoto's neck, in what would have looked like a picture-perfect moment to remember for years and years to come (expect he was trying and failing not to step on his feet every once in a while, but details, right?), smile so bright it could light up the whole building on its own.

The moment he had been waiting for all along was here, wasn't it? And it all seemed so surreal Izuku might even think this could all be a dream, though his out-of-control hearbeats felt quite real, what with the way his heart was trying to make an escape from how hard it was slamming against his ribcage.

Both were also quite oblivious to the fact that somewhere far off to the side, a certain childhood friend was also staring at the scene, unable to tear his gaze away, furious eyes burning bright while fixed on the two.

And then-





*Insert Freezing Image Here*






By now you may be wondering just why there's a bunch of people gathered in a room to have what appears to be a dance, with the main attraction being Izuku and Shoto... but don't you dare forget about Bakugo Katsuki, who is just as important (and one of the main characters in this story).


Please, rest assured, as there is a perfectly logical explanation for this... well, maybe not quite as logical... b ut to understand just what the heck is happening it is essential that we rewind to four weeks ago.


So, let's start from right... here.





It all begins during a normal, usual, perfectly nice day.


The whole routine- wake up, eat breakfast, get to class. Until then nothing out of the ordinary, right?

That is, until Aizawa-Sensei proposed a training session. But it wasn't inside the campus like it usually was.

"Villain attacks are very often out in the open and unpredictable. You have to learn how to fight in any situation." This is what Aizawa-Sensei had said.

He had also grumbled something about turning back immediately if anyone broke the rules and that he was too old for this, and something else too, but honestly no one had paid him any more attention since the students of the 1-A class were all focused on where they were going, and who they had to fight against, and just how they would win, and everything that popped up. 

Izuku was excited about this new prospect (and a little worried since he still had trouble controlling his Quirk and had no idea what he would be up against).

After a short trip in the bus- since there were still a few journalists out of the school ground from time to time and their teacher didn't want the class to be swamped if they normally walked right out of the institute they had taken the bus- they finally arrived in a sort of secluded part of the city.

In front of them there was an abandoned building that they had to carry out a ‘special’ mission in. The students were mostly buzzing with excitement, by then they had done enough of these training sessions to know what they should expect…

Even if it’s safe to say that no one expected what happened only a little later.

To spare you the unimportant details let’s go through this quickly: The teams were formed, the exercise was carried out, a few students were joking, a few were eating from the secret stash of snacks they had brought with them– cough Mina and Sero cough- and at one point someone was heard either crying or laughing, you know, the usual.

So until then things had not really been completely out of the ordinary. Until a certain ‘criminal’ appeared. And that is when they got out of control.

Izuku was staying on alert, keeping his eyes and ears open, not letting even the smallest object or sound go unnoticed. So, really, it came as no surprise when he, just like the rest of his classmates, heard an explosion.

The rest of the class outside tried to gauge where the commotion was coming from, and Izuku, who thought it was part of the training that day, ran along the long and decaying hallways of the building he found himself in, towards one of the exists. His eyes widened when he saw smoke coming out somewhere near where he was.

After a few moments of scrutinizing the area he discovered the smoke was coming out of a bank. Was it a robbery? He could hear a few screams and caught movement out of the corner of his eye. Was this really part of the training Aizawa-Sensei had in mind? But training or not, his instincts were already kicking in. He had to do something.

He gritted his teeth and ran out, towards the bank and away from his classmates and teacher. Almost immediately he was engulfed in the chaos that was happening all around him.

His mind worked a thousand miles a minute, he had to find the culprits, but he wanted to make sure that the civilians were safe first, and could he even use his Quirk here? As he kept running forward he found more people, he might end up hurting someone, he had to think of a new tactic first, come up with a plan in his head and-


Izuku suddenly stopped his rushing thoughts when, out of nowhere, he found a boy standing in front of him. He was probably a few years older than him, taller, with dark hair and eyes and, for some reason, he had a big and friendly grin on his face. Even if everyone else was literally thrown into panic.

Almost unconsciously he looked down to the bag the boy was holding, it seemed full of something, full of… he squinted his eyes and tried to focus on the thin objects peeking out and…-money!? Izuku’s head shot up to the grinning boy.

Oh! This was one of the criminals!


“Hmmm?” The boy cut him off and tilted his head to the side, as if observing him curiously.       

“Kaito! Stop wasting time!” Someone called a few feet away from them.

“Yeah, yeah, I’ll be there with you guys in a bit!” The boy turned his grin to him once again.

Izuku did not understand why this guy was so relaxed given what was happening, and he should be stopping him, he should, but there was just something about him that did not exactly scream danger.

What is more, his grin, even if teasing, seemed genuine. As if he always had a grin plastered on, the same Izuku would see on his friends’ faces. As if he was a genuinely good person. But it couldn’t be, the crime he had just committed proved it. Right?

“Oh, hey, I have to go now. You know, the police will be here soon and I probably shouldn’t be around the inspector today. Man, his face still cracks me up!” The boy snickered to himself and for a moment Izuku was almost curious to know just what this guy had done to that inspector and why he was finding it so funny instead of running away.

The boy turned amused eyes at him, he was almost scrutinizing Izuku now. “By the way, I think there is someone here you have unfinished business with. Right?”

For some reason that took him off guard.

Not only because of the words themselves, but the tone the boy had used… he sounded so sure of himself... what unfinished business could he be talking about? Did Izuku really have unfinished business with someone? But who-

Izuku stopped thinking when the boy’s expression turned serious.

A blink of his eyes and he was glued on the spot.

There was a flash and the boy’s eyes changed all of a sudden. They became the lightest shade of grey he had ever seen in his life.

Izuku almost felt like he was put under a spell and could not look away from those eyes that seemed more and more like the magic in one of the cartoons he used to watch when he was little.

He felt strange.

“Heh, you’re going to have some fun days ahead of you.” The criminal smirked in a way Izuku could only describe as cheeky, as if the guy knew something he didn’t, before giving a light-hearted wave and jumping away, vanishing out of sight.

Izuku would have been almost impressed if it wasn’t for the smoke that suddenly seemed to explode all around him.

The green haired boy coughed, trying to regain his bearings and slowly lowered his arms, which he had instinctively drawn up once the smoke filled his vision. He blinked his eyes open a few times.

In a situation like this one he should be worried about trying to catch the villain or even think about what said villain had just told him, but he couldn’t. In that moment everything fled from his mind at the speed of light, except for one thing.

Izuku froze.

Time slowed down until it came to a sweet, sweet stop.

The lights were bright and unclear, splotches of colors painted the scenery surrounding him and the sounds were muted all around, dull thuds in the back of his mind that evaded him. A jolt of electricity shot up his spine, the static so powerful it left his whole body trembling. His fingertips were numb and cold. A lump formed in his throat. His breath was imprisoned inside his lungs, with no way to escape.

But suddenly breathing wasn't important anymore. Nothing was. Nothing except for the person standing in front of him, the one he had his eyes locked with.

Shoto Todoroki.

His rival, his classmate, his friend. And even though the boy was always so cool and composed, Izuku saw his surprised expression and his slightly parted lips, and his eyes... the way he was looking at Izuku with those heterochromatic eyes was enough to make his skin burn.

Izuku felt movement around him but he couldn't, for the life of him, take his eyes off of the handsome boy. His own lips parted in a silent gasp as his heart hammered against his chest with enough force he was afraid his ribcage would break.

Because his heart was so full it was ready to burst.

It felt he could have died from all the happiness that rushed through him in that moment.

"...u. ...ku…"

His fingers twitched as Shoto's eyebrows furrowed and a slight buzzing breached the slow and unfocused atmosphere his mind had wandered to. Unfocused on everything except for the boy with mismatched hair in front of him.

Izuku swallowed, his mouth feeling far too dry.

"..eku…! …Deku-kun... DEKU-KUN!"

He was suddenly jolted out of his reverie.

Everything rushed in all at once, the lights too bright against his eyes, voices mingling together, yelling and murmuring, the breeze of air against his skin making him sigh in relief and shiver at the same time.

"Deku-kun! Are you okay!? You've been spacing out all this time! Did one of the villains hit you?! What happened?!"

Izuku turned to his right and there was Ochako, her gaze concerned as she tried to assert if there was any damage done to him. When she found nothing she let out a little sigh, but her eyes still showed worry.

"Oh...Uraraka-san.... I-I'm fine. Fine!" Through stutters and rushed out words he hoped to convey his message.

"Midoriya-kun! Are you alright? What happened?" He noticed Iida now standing beside Ochako and doing the same inspection she had.

Indeed, what had just happened?

"…There was smoke, like a smoke bomb that suddenly went off." Izuku started explaining, both to let his best friends know and also to patch together what had occurred. “And then... then I guess I... uh, spaced out. It is possible that it might have been a smoke quirk and-"

He went off into one of his quiet ramblings and Iida and Ochako let out a sigh of relief. If he could still launch himself into one of his mutterings, then it meant their best friend was okay.















"...oroki... Todoroki-san!"

Shoto snapped out of whatever fantasy he had been in, Momo's frowning face came into focus.

"Are you okay? Were you attacked by one of the villains? …You were staring off into space..." She mumbled out the last part, worry etched on her face.

Shoto blinked, once, twice and then shook his head, turning his attention to her. "I... I'm fine Yayorozu. Don't worry." Even if his head felt full of mush, his voice was steady and his friend seemed to calm at the notion.

Shoto's head was still spinning, the green haired boy's wide eyes, his agape mouth and his slightly rosy cheeks were running around in his mind. He felt his heart beating far too fast, his body was still thrumming with ice and fire at the other boy's expression.

Distantly they heard the sirens as the police arrived.







After a few minutes the police officers were at the scene, taking in custody a few villains that had been captured by the closest Heroes, and Aizawa too, who had come to promptly save the situation. But they were not the villains who had committed the robbery in the first place, instead these were the criminals who had jumped in through all the commotion because they thought they could take some money the easy way, and they had been arrested. The police were now asking questions about the villains who had managed to escape.

"What?! He escaped again?! DamnitArgh! I really thought we had him this time!"

Aizawa raised an eyebrow at the fuming inspector he was talking with.

Even the rest of the class heard the annoyed voice.

"Who?" Aizawa asked a little unimpressed.

The inspector stopped his raging yells for a moment and almost in a funny way his face turned blank as he explained. "Oh, I guess not everyone knows about him. You see, there is a small group of villains that often steal from banks or big corporations. The leader thinks he’s the modern Robin Hood or something, he goes by the name of 'Matchmaker'. Or, at least that’s what his fans call him. Bah, dumb if you ask me.”

Aizawa’s eyebrow was still raised at the irritated man’s tone, but he didn’t comment on it and let him continue.

“His Quirk has nothing to do with being able to steal, though… but it’s still very, very dangerous.” His voice became dark and his face was obscured by shadows in a dramatic way.

“You’re just saying that ‘cause you were hit once, ahah!” Someone called over the inspector’s shoulder.

“Shut up or I’m firing you!”

The other officer just laughed, as if he was used to constantly being threatened with the loss of his job.

Aizawa sighed, starting to get bored.

The inspector coughed in his hand to regain his composure once again, then his expression morphed into a curious one. "By the way, was anyone hit by his Quirk?"

Everyone blinked. And then they looked at the only two boys who weren't aware of the discussion that had just taken place.

On one side there was Izuku, still mumbling incoherently but his cheeks were redder than usual and he sounded a little breathless. On the other side there was Shoto, he was staring transfixed on one spot, his gaze heavy lidded and he looked to be lost in his own world.

“What is this villain’s Quirk?” Aizawa asked, almost concerned.

The Inspector’s face darkened once again. “…It’s something I wouldn’t even wish on my worst enemy.”

When the inspector gestured for them to go and talk in a more secluded place Aizawa knew the rest of his week would not be as peaceful as he had imagined for it to be.








After receiving an answer he had not been hoping for, Aizawa felt like his day was going from bad to worse. He was already sleep deprived. He sighed.

"In the possibility that someone was hit, is there a way to invalidate the effects?"

The inspector shook his head. "No, the only option is to wait it out. It usually doesn’t last for very long, but that depends on each person.”

Aizawa sighed again. He looked up at the sky.

"Why me?" He whispered to the universe.

The universe didn't answer.








On the way back everyone (minus Aizawa) was feeling the tension. No one dared to speak about what had happened, no one actually really knew what happened, but judging from their expressions everyone was dying with the desire to know.

Ochako was looking from one boy to the other, her eyes almost sparkling with excitement and her mind already digging up scenarios.

Iida had his arms crossed and was looking ahead, nervously glancing at his two classmates every few seconds.

Eijiro and Denki were staring in turn at their friends, and then at each other, then they pointed at the duo, then at each other, and finally they slammed their hands onto the other's mouth so they wouldn’t speak and reveal the 'secret', or what they thought to be the ‘secret’.

Mina was as excited as Ochako while Tsuyu and Sero were curious as to what was going to happen from now on.

Aoyama almost looked intrigued, but only for a little while, then he pulled out a mirror and started fixing his hair, thinking it might have been messed up during the training and the attack (he didn’t move a muscle back there).

Koga, Sato and Tokoyami decided to not involve themselves any further since it was none of their business.

Toru was making silent gestures at the pair and Ojiro laughed awkwardly, not really knowing what to say since he couldn’t see her expression because, you know, she is invisible.

Mineta was pondering on whether this was going to be entertaining and Shoji and Kyoka glanced at each other and then at their two classmates, wondering what was going to happen next.

Momo was looking from her friend to the green haired boy, biting her lip and fidgeting a little with her fingers. She too was excited on the prospect of what might happen.

Everyone was so immersed in the scene in front of them and in their own heads. So much that no one noticed the only other person who was not feeling any of their giddiness.

Katsuki Bakugo.

He was glaring at Izuku and Shoto. But not from the usual annoyance, frustration, anger (or even pettiness). There was something heavier in his eyes. Furious.

After a ride that felt too short to the occupants inside, the bus came to a halt in front of the U.A. Institute. Aizawa got out first, drawling to his students to follow him. Everyone was on high alert, not really knowing what to do, and agreeing on a silent consensus they waited for the two main characters of the day to make a move.

Izuku and Shoto literally got up at the same exact moment, their expressions were still veiled with confusion and curiosity and their movements were on autopilot, as if they were robots.

There was an air of exhausted wonder about the two boys.

Everyone stared raptured.

The two boys didn't notice they were walking to the middle of the bus where one of the entrances was, they were too focused on staring at the ground in contemplation. One second they were walking, the next they were walking into each other.

Izuku closed his eyes at the sudden collision and he would have fallen if not for the hand that shot out to grab his upper arm. He opened his eyes and Shoto's beautiful grey and blue ones filled his vision. He gasped a little, at least the other boy seemed as surprised as he was.

Izuku's breath stuttered, he could feel the warmth seeping under his clothes and into his skin where the other boy was touching him. And the strange thing was that Shoto was holding his arm with his right hand, so why did it burn this way?

Blood rushed in his cheeks as he berated himself. 'Come on, say something Izuku! Don't be an idiot and stand there like a fish or Todoroki-kun will think you're stupid!' He took a deep breath after the calming thoughts he just had and stuttered out an apology.

"I...s-sorry Todoroki-kun! I didn't s-see you..."

Honestly that felt a little weird considering the boy was everything he wanted to see today…

Izuku altered his thoughts and his cheeks became even redder.

Shoto released his arm quickly and glanced to the side, there was just the beginning of a pink tint on his cheekbones, lost on Izuku as he was too focused on everything all at once.

"I-It's alright." Shoto was looking everywhere but at the person in front of him, blinking slowly a few consecutive times.

The stutter from the boy was so unusual and out of character for him that Izuku couldn't help but gape at him (like the rest of their classmates), thinking he was completely and utterly adorable. Who knew the half fire and half ice boy could be so  adorable?

(Izuku already knew.)

He felt the tips of his fingers light up with something that at this point he was already familiar and unfamiliar with. He lowered his head down, thinking that if he saw more of his classmate's expression he would crumble apart.

"W-We should... go… to class." His words were pointed with doubts, his arm still burned from the contact of Shoto's fingers closed around it only seconds ago, but the rest of his body felt cold from the lack of it.

He didn't want to go. He didn't want to do anything other than be close to him and keep looking at Shoto for the rest of the day. It was weird because usually thoughts like these would have already made him flee far away. He wasn’t really able to face feelings, not feelings of this kind anyway. But today there was undoubtedly something different because Izuku felt rooted to the spot. With bravery he had no idea could be inside of him, or even how it had gotten there in the first place, he glanced up at the other boy through his eyelashes.

When Shoto felt eyes on him he faced Izuku again. His straight hair was falling on his face, framing it perfectly. The light coming from outside was hitting him just right, the white part of his hair had a silver glow to it, while the red was burning a shade brighter. His right eye was gleaming almost white, his left one was covered in the shadows, turning it a deep blue. The contrast seemed so much deeper this way, making him look ethereal.

Izuku couldn't breathe.

Shoto was looking at him in a way he had not been looked at before.

Izuku swallowed. His palms were clammy with sweat by this point and his heart was racing fast inside his chest, making him feel slightly dizzy.

Shoto's eyes seemed heavy with all the words trapped inside of them.

The boy with heterochromatic eyes slowly raised his hand once again, lifting it up until it was in Izuku's line of vision. His breath hitched in his throat. It was so close he could almost feel the warmth and the coolness radiating from his skin. His first instinct was to close his eyes, but he couldn't, he didn't want to. He just wanted to keep looking at him. Carefully the hand started lowering, until it was right above the top of his head.

Just when Izuku thought his classmate was going to touch him, the other boy surprised him by changing trajectory at the last second and resting it against the sliding door of the vehicle.

"Yes.... we should go." Shoto murmured. This time his voice was steady, the baritone made pinpricks dance all over his body.

Izuku liked his voice so much.

But he still felt his stomach drop a little as the other walked past him. He frowned at the ground, suddenly feeling cold and he took another breath as he closed his eyes for a few seconds. There wasn't anything he could really do except follow him out, and he did so.

The rest of the class finally let out their bated breath, having waited all this time. Not even trying to hide the fact that they were watching every second of the exchange.

"Man, I feel like I just went through another training session." Eijiro mumbled out at last.

Some of his classmates nodded their heads, feeling the same tiredness just from observing the two.

As they all filtered out of the bus, Izuku and Shoto were standing a little away from each other, looking the opposite way.

Aizawa sighed. "Someone take Midoriya and Todoroki to Recovery Girl."

Both their heads snapped up at this new piece of information.

"What?/Why?" They asked at the same time.

"You were fairly close to the enemies. It's better if you're checked for any injury, just in case." Their teacher drawled out in a monotone.

Momo and Ochako both raised their hands to volunteer as tributes- -er, to volunteer for the task. "I will take them, Sensei!" Both girls exclaimed at the same time and then looked at each other surprised, giggling a little.

Aizawa didn't even care that one person was more than enough for the job, with a nod of his head he sent them on their way. Honestly, he just wanted to take a nap.

And the rest of the 1-A began making their way to their classroom.

Eijiro was chatting animatedly with Denki, his arm around best friend's shoulders. "What do you think it’s gonna happen?"

Denki shook his head. "I don't know dude. But from what we just saw… something big."

Eijiro nodded his head assertively. "Heh, guess you're right-"

His sentence was interrupted because something hit his shoulder, though it wasn't a strong impact. He looked to the side to see it was in fact his explosive friend, walking away with his hands in his pockets and his head lowered.

"Hey Bakugo!" Eijiro called out to him.

"Leave me alone." Katsuki responded, but in a barely audible tone, which was surprising given that his personality was as loud and boisterous as his Quirk.

Eijiro rubbed the back of his head, befuddled at the action. "What's up with him?"

In all answer Denki shrugged his shoulders, feeling as confused as his best friend.








Ochako and Momo were leading the way, with Izuku and Shoto following behind. A little more distance than what was necessary was between the two.

Ochako giggled softly into her hand. “I can’t believe this is really happening.”

Momo blinked and got out of her stupor, stealing glances at the two every now and then. “I can’t believe it either.” She answered in a low tone, letting the shock show on her face.

Ochako giggled once again then she faced forward. “…Maybe it’s better this way.” She mumbled in a somber tone.

Momo raised a questioning eyebrow at the girl’s now more serious attitude. “What do you mean?”

Ochako looked over her shoulder at her two classmates, who seemed to be more interested in their shoes than anything else, and then back at the girl with the ponytail. She bit her lip, unsure if she should share this information. But after what happened today…

Ochako and Momo were in fact the only two who might actually know the ‘secret’.

Well, after what happened Ochako guessed Izuku wouldn’t really mind, and she trusted Momo, so she made up her mind, nodding determinedly to herself.

“Deku-kun… he already liked Todoroki-kun before today.” She finally confessed.

Momo’s eyes became as wide as saucers and she almost stopped in her tracks from the shock. “E-Eh?!”

Ochako nodded in confirmation. “He did, for some time now. That’s why I think it’s better this way… maybe he will be able to finally face his feelings.” Her voice gradually became a whisper, hoping for the best while the new information sunk in Momo’s mind. “Ah! What about Todoroki-kun?” She asked suddenly. “Has he ever talked to you about Deku-kun?”

Momo blinked. Shoto had never told her anything about it, they were good friends, sure, but they both were reserved people and when you were working towards the goal of becoming a Hero, talking about your feelings was a topic pushed to the back of your mind. And even if Shoto wasn’t stopped by the two options, Momo still wasn’t sure she would be the person he would open up with.

She shook her head, feeling bad when she saw her classmate’s defeated expression. But out of nowhere an image flashed in her mind.

Shoto had never talked about Izuku, but Momo had caught him a few times looking when he thought no one was paying attention.

There had been one time in particular when they had been at the school’s cafeteria. Momo had been held back with Iida by the teachers about something involving their duty as class representatives. They had missed lunch because of the project they were working on and Shoto had offered to help, and so had Izuku and Ochako, and when they had finally finished the teachers had given them thirty minutes to have a late lunch as a reward for their hard work.

It had only been the five of them in the whole cafeteria and the atmosphere was quiet for the most part since they were all fairly tired, but pleasant nonetheless. It had been nice spending time like that with friends, they chatted a little about school and whatever came to mind, with Momo and Iida going over the details of their project. And then Momo had noticed something different about Shoto.

The boy was usually quiet, wearing a nonchalant expression, or a mask of indifference, as if nothing in the world could bother him or take him out of his boredom. But in that moment, when everyone’s attention had been on Iida while he was reciting the rules they should follow, from the corner of her eye Momo had seen her friend’s gaze and it was centered on the green-haired boy.

It had lasted for a few seconds only, but his mask had been breached open and in his eyes, as he watched enthralled the other boy, she had read… longing.

There had been raw, pure longing showing on his face in such an open and honest way, almost vulnerable.

He had looked so awfully lonely trying to hide that expression from the other boy

She had been surprised, but given their status as rivals she had later discarded it as more of an envious feeling rather than anything else. Longing to be as brave as the other boy was.

But thinking about it now Momo understood that was not the kind of longing Shoto had shown. Because in that moment Shoto had just wanted to be  closer  to Izuku, but not as a rival.

Momo’s heart had ached for him then, and now that she understood why it ached even more.

“He has!” She whisper-yelled suddenly, drawing in Ochako’s attention immediately. “I think he has feelings for Midoriya-kun too!”

Ochako gasped excitedly as she tried to contain herself by putting her hands over her mouth.

“I con beliefth ithThshi gon bfe ao gweath wovve shhtoru!” (I can’t believe it! This is going to be a great love story!) The glint in her eyes was visible and Momo nodded her head quickly, completely understanding what her friend was saying.

The girls turned around to see behind them the boys, who had their gaze lowered and they both looked away as soon as their eyes met, not being able to hold each other’s gaze. They giggled at the adorable behavior.

Once they were finally in front of the infirmary, both Ochako and Momo knocked, and waited. When a voice carried through telling them to “come in” Momo turned the knob and opened the door, being the first to enter, Ochako second, and they bowed their heads slightly at Recovery Girl, who was sat at her desk and was writing something. The girls waited patiently for the boys to trudge in, their heads still lowered, no doubt lost in their own thoughts.

As soon as Recovery Girl saw Izuku her eyes widened. “Don’t tell me you have broken another bone young boy!” She chastised him.

Izuku, finally realizing where he was after hearing the new voice, looked up immediately and spluttered. He shook his head hastily, finding the sweet, old woman to be scary when she got angry. However she seemed pleased enough by his answer, if it could be called that.

“Then what is the matter?” Recovery Girl furrowed her brows in confusion, waiting for an explanation.







Izuku and Shoto had taken a seat on opposites beds inside the infirmary, facing each other, while their friends had explained the situation. But they were too lost in their world to even understand what was happening around them.

And now they were alone, Momo and Ochako had probably returned back to class and Recovery Girl had to leave because she had to… Izuku had no idea, actually. He had not caught that, but he was sure it was something serious since Recovery Girl had a very resourceful and helpful Quirk that came in handy in especially critical situations, so it must have been something important and- oh. Had Shoto’s eyes always been so beautiful?

Honestly, he had always known deep down but he had never really paid enough attention to appreciate that elegant beauty, it almost felt regal. And Izuku found it was so much more beautiful that there were two colors instead of one in those eyes. And what they did to him.

He wouldn’t mind slowly drowning in either of them if Shoto just let him…

“…It feels like there’s a washing machine in my tummy when I’m near you…” Izuku mumbled out without thinking.

Then he thought it over.

And it suddenly hit him.

Oh shoot.

His eyes widened comically as he started stuttering nervously, hoping he could correct his mistake because revealing his feelings, especially in this way, was definitely not in his plans! “W-wait… wh-what I m-meant…uh-I-”

“…It feels the same for me.” Shoto replied in a calm voice, the slightest hint of trepidation in it, but his eyes were piercing.

Izuku had to stop and stare.


Then this meant… he was not the only one, right?

His heart was still racing.

Izuku let out a nervous, quiet laugh that had traces of relief left behind.

Shoto smiled in what felt like relief too, relief in knowing that he was not the only one in feeling this.








“Aizawa-Sensei, we need to talk.” Recovery Girl stated in a serious tone as she gestured at the teacher to follow her out of the classroom.

He nodded at her, already expecting it. Before he left he turned to the students. “All right, read the chapter we didn’t finish this morning while I attend to some business first.” He sighed at the class.

“But we didn’t read anything this morning. We only had training.” Mina pointed out.

“Then read a book or whatever.” Aizawa motioned with his hand at nothing in particular.

“But I don’t like reading books.” Denki complained.

“Then don’t read books.” Aizawa answered lazily.

“Okay.” Denki grinned.

The class looked at both of them with a little frown, but in the end they sighed, not commenting on it.

Iida raised his hand. “Aizawa-Sensei! I would like to request permission on researching what happened an hour ago during our training!” He questioned (almost yelled) politely.

The teacher nodded. “Permission consented.”

He probably shouldn’t, but he knew how much these guys had bonded with each other and if he denied their innocent attempts in trying to figure out what was happening to their friends then they would probably do something behind his back, so, really, it was in his best interest to let them, and with that he exited the classroom and closed the door behind himself.

“Iida-kun you’re awesome!” Toru squealed at her classmate after their teacher left, quite eager on the prospect of learning more about what happened to the two boys.

Iida slightly bowed his head at the compliment. “Thank you. But we should wait for Uraraka-kun and Yayorozu-kun to be back, after all this concerns our close friends and as a class we should try and take the best approach on the matter together. And…” He remembered Ochako’s expression and just how much she was… interested. “…Uraraka-kun is especially… invested on the matter.”

Toru nodded her head quickly, though no one could really tell. “Of course!”

“Man, I really want to know more about this too.” Denki interjected as he crossed his arms behind his head and leaned back in his chair, grinning at the thought of what else they would find out.

In that moment the door slammed open as Ochako and Momo entered the classroom, the brown haired girl immediately turned her chocolate eyes to one of her best friends.

Iida-kun! Iida-kun! You have no idea what we f-found out!” She practically screamed as she ran to him and grabbed his shoulders, shaking him back and forth from how tight her grip was on his uniform.

Iida, knowing that when Ochako was overly excited she tended to stutter words together and was not really able to convey what she wanted to say, came already prepared as he took out a water bottle and an energy bar.

“Drink and eat, then we can talk.” He spoke matter-of-factly as he unscrewed the cap of the bottle and handed it to her, opening the plastic wrap of the snack whilst Ochako was chugging the water down and passing it to her as soon as she drank half of the content of the bottle. (A/N: isn’t he an angel?)

Momo was watching them with a smile, but she was almost in the same state. Kyoka turned questioning eyes to her and she shook her head a little, waiting for Ochako to be the first to speak.

After the brunette had her snack break at an almost alarming speed she turned to all her classmates and spread her arms wide, making her announcement.


“……. Huh?” Was the general response of the class.