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The Underground

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Disclaimer: I do NOT own Percy Jackson. Wow. Has a more depressing sentence ever been written?

Main Pairing: Nico/Percy (Nicercy)

Side Pairings: Piper/Annabeth, Chris/Clarrise, Frank/Hazel/Leo, Jason/Reyna, Thalia/Bianca, Charles/Silena, Luke/Percy (past), and a lot more. Seriously. I'm not even going to list the rest.

Warnings: Slash, Mpreg, Discrimination, Violence, Cursing, Possible lemons, etc…

AN: Alright, if this story goes according to plan, then it will be LONG, along with a (maybe) sequel. Get comfortable, guys, you're going to be here a while. Well, after the prologue. That's usually not too bad.

I've decided to play with Jack's character from Life of a Carrier and the whole "being pregnant and male is illegal". Only I've taken it a step further. Hope you enjoy!

Chapter One: Life on the Run

Two Years Later…

Percy held a sleeping Jack in his arms as he walked down the deserted road. He kept glancing at the abandoned buildings on either side of him; they held too many shadows and other hiding spots for him to be comfortable. It was eerily silent too, especially since Percy was still technically in New York. He was used to the sounds of traffic and the bustling of millions of people. But, here in one of the bombed areas of the city the only sound Percy heard was the wind and his own footsteps on the broken concrete.

Jack shifted in his arms and whined slightly. His round face was scrunched in discomfort, from what Percy didn't know. Fatigue, maybe. Or hunger, but Percy couldn't do anything about that. He'd given Jack the last of their food hours ago and couldn't get any more in this Fallout. Still, he did his best to sooth him.

"Hush, sweetheart," He cooed, rubbing Jack's small back. "We'll be there soon. And then Mama will get you some food and a bed and anything else you could possibly want."

Or, at least, that was the plan. Poseidon had sent Percy a dream a few days ago about this place called "The Underground", a sanctuary for demigods, and then an image of a man. Percy didn't know the man's name, but he had to admit he was handsome. He had tan skin, dark curls, and even darker eyes and was seen wearing a mix of armor and modern clothes.

All of this happened in a flash when he was sleeping, but Percy knew it must've taken Poseidon most of his power. The gods were dying and didn't have much magic left. Though the mortal believed in the gods, they hated them as well, causing a slow and painful death for every one of them. When the Empire State building/Mount Olympus was destroyed all the gods and goddess scattered across the world to live out the rest of their numbered days. Soon, demigods would be extinct.

"Maybe we should stop," Percy muttered to himself. He'd been doing that lately, talking to himself just to hear a voice. "The Underground is under Yancy, that demolished boarding school, but I don't see it anywhere. And it's getting dark." He bit his lip, unsure on whether he should continue or not. On one hand, they sooner they reached their destination, the better. On the other, Percy was getting more and more tired, and that meant his abilities would be compromised. Finally, Percy sighed and glanced down at his sleeping son, cradled against his chest. He'd rest for the night and continue walking as soon as the sun was up.

Percy headed to one of the lesser-damaged buildings, an old convenience store. The glass door was mostly broken so he was very careful when he opened it, hunching over Jack in protection. Inside the store was fallen aisles that would hide them from view, which Percy immediately took advantage of.

Percy took off the backpack strapped across his shoulders, set Jack on top of it, and draped his blue sweatshirt over him. Jack snuggled into his makeshift bed, causing Percy to smile somewhat sadly. What he wouldn't give just for Jack to sleep on an actual mattress. He brushed Jack's soft, black hair away from his sleeping face, feeling quite exhausted himself. Percy curled his body on the floor around Jack and gave into sleep for the first time in just over twenty-four hours.

When Percy opened his green eyes the first thing he saw was a pit scorpion (1) staring back at him. Percy froze. It was on Jack. His baby boy had a deadly scorpion on his chest. Percy slowly sat up, not taking his gaze off the thing. Its black armored body gleamed menacingly and its tail twitched, almost like it was mocking Percy to do something.

Jack stirred. The scorpion startled and raised its stinger high-

Percy backhanded it into the wall with a dull thud, a scream in his throat. Jack slept on, oblivious to it all, even as Percy checked his over for injuries. Thankfully, there were none Percy could find, causing him to nearly blackout from relief.


The room was suddenly spinning and black spots danced on the edge of his vision. He glanced down at his hand where a slight pain radiated.

He'd been stung.

Percy stared at the swelling bump on his pale skin, seemingly unable to comprehend what he was seeing. He'd had to get away. He needed water…It would heal him…

The store tilted alarmingly and Percy swayed in his upright position. Water… Percy gathered Jack in his arms, not bothering with the backpack, and stumbled toward the street. There had to be water somewhere…A puddle…Something…

Jack whimpered in Percy's arms. Green eyes identical to his own stared up at him, upset that he had been woken. Percy tried to smile at him, but he couldn't seem to make his face muscles work properly.

His legs started to go numb, causing him to collapse right in the middle of the store. He used his torso to absorb most of the fall instead of Jack, but Jack still cried out in pain. He needed to move…They can't be out in the open…

Even though these thoughts were going through his mind, he couldn't stop the creeping blackness that swept him away, Jack's cries ringing in his ears.

"You really need to get laid."

Nico rolled his dark brown eyes and shifted the backpack on his shoulder. "Chris, I don't have time to get laid. With leading the Underground, doing raids, and essentially keeping your ass out of trouble." He hoped that'd be the last on the subject (for now), but then Conner and Travis Stoll each slung an arm over his shoulder.

"There's always the prostitute option." Travis wiggled his eyebrows, grinning.

"Yeah. Just push in, pull out, and boom! An orgasm in half the time!" Connor bumped his hip against Nico's, a smirk on his face.

Nico rolled his eyes again (They'd get stuck one of these days, he was sure of it) and stepped out of the brothers' arms. "It might be instant orgasm for you, Connor, but I can actually keep it in my pants." Gods, he hated the walk back from raids; the sons of Hermes seemed to believe it was open season on Nico's love life. Not that there was one. He meant what he said; a lover would complicate things too much and soak up even more of his time. There was too much responsibility riding on his shoulders.

Nico nearly groaned when Chris jogged to his side and opened his mouth to speak. And here he thought it was over. "I'm no love expert, but I do know you need-"

"Chris, be quiet." Nico froze, his eyes sweeping over his surroundings. He thought he'd heard-

"No, you need to hear this-"

"Chris, stop talking." The hairs on the back of Nico's neck stood, a primitive response he'd learned to listen to a long time ago. Chris and the Stolls finally seemed to understand something was wrong because they all moved into a circle near Nico like they'd practiced. With Nico's shadow traveling abilities he was their Plan B. If something ever went south during a raid they were supposed to grab onto him so he could shadow travel back to the Underground immediately.

The wrecked buildings around them seemed the same as always. Deserted. The only sound Nico heard now was the wind whispering through the streets. Mayeb he'd just-

There! Nico's head snapped to his left where the sound came from, though didn't see anything unusual. It was the same old convenience store, its broken windows dark.

"It sounds like a baby," Conner whispered, his muscles tense in anticipation for a fight.

Travis was the same. "Yeah. But why would a baby be out here? If someone wanted to dump it then why couldn't do they do that away from the Fallout. Seems risky just to get rid of an extra mouth."

Nico shrugged tensely. "I don't know. It doesn't matter though. There's something off about this. We should just go."

"But what if it's a demigod baby? We should at least check it out." Chris turned to Nico. "If it's something bad then just shadow travel us away. But, it's your call, boss."

Nico's eyes narrowed as he glanced between his three comrades and the store. Morals were a tricky thing during this time. Did he risk four lives just to save a baby that would probably die in a few weeks anyway? And that was one of the better scenarios. Eventually, he sighed and jerked his head toward the store. "I'll go check it out. Get ready to run as soon as you hear me say so."

He waited until he got three respective nods and then made his way to the store entrance quietly. The crying grew louder as he approached, causing him to note it didn't sound like the screech of a newborn. He poked his head around the corner, just enough for him to see, ready to sprint back to his team at a moment's notice. Dark brown eyes swept over the demolished area.

A crying boy. Two or three maybe.

And…a crumpled human body. A young male.

Nico crept forward until he reached the wailing child, who didn't even glance at him, too busy clutching the unconscious male's shirt. Nico kneeled next to the boy and reached out to gently shake his shoulder. The child turned to him, teary eyed, and whimpered, "Mama hurt."

Nico looked down at the other male, noting the pale, sweaty skin, though he couldn't find an injury. "Do you know what happened?" He glanced back at the boy as he ran his hands over the other male's body for something wrong.

The little boy shook his head, but Nico didn't need him to answer any more. He'd found what he'd been searching for.

A hole on the back of his hand where black veins were spreading rapidly over his skin. Obviously a demigod related wound.

"Guys," Nico called over his shoulder. "I need your help! Not a trap!"

It wasn't long before he heard the stumbling of the three men, each crouching next to him and waiting for orders. This was completely new territory. "I need to take him," Nico brushed the unconscious male's hair away from his tense face, "to Will. Can you make it on back on your own and take the kid?"

Chris glanced between the child and the other male, probably noting the resemblance and coming to the obvious conclusion. "No problem. Underground's just a few minutes away." He tried to grab the still crying boy, but he scrambled out of his grasp, practically screaming.

"Shut the thing up," Travis hissed, glancing behind his shoulder in paranoia. "It's going to attract DRA faster than an STI from-"

"Would you be quiet!" Nico glared at the Travis before returning his attention to the little boy. "Can you let Chris hold you, bambino? He's really nice and that way we can help your Mama." He ignored the sharp looks from the Stoll brothers.

The little boy stared up at Nico shyly and slowly nodded his head. He didn't know who Chris was, but he heard the words "Mama" and "Help" so he was on board.

Chris smiled at the boy, trying to put him at ease, as he scooped him in his arms. He nodded at Nico leave, which Nico did so willingly with the wounded male in his grasp.

Looks like the Underground was getting a new recruit.

Well…if he lived.

AN: (1). I'm pretty sure it was a pit scorpion that stung Percy in The Lightning Thief, so I used it here.

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