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Taming the mutt

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Aight so this is literally just a page showing you what the breeds of dog look like because I love dog :)



Namjoonie is a German Shepherd! They are intelligent and great at whatever they are trained to do! They are high energy and get excited easy, but are also really loyal, just like our Joonie uwu




Jiminie is a Shiba Inu! They're calm, agile and have a spirited personality!




Yoongi is a Chihuahua! They are fiesty, fiery and have a big personality! But are also sensitive and love bonding with friends and family~

wet dog


Hoseok is a Pembroke Welsh Corgi ! They are eager to learn and active, as well as really intelligent 



Jeongguk is a Doberman Pinscher! They are guard dogs and highly protective of what they love, and high energy and active!



Taehyung is a Golden retriever! They are friendly, loving and loyal, as well as smart too!



Seokjin is a mix between a Papillon and a Bichon Frise (looks more like a papillon though uwu) ! Papillon are known for their silky coat and large ears. They have a great personality too! Bichon Frise's are happy and mischievous!