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Torikoriko PLEASE!! notice me Dia.

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On a certain Saturday afternoon on the 2nd floor of the Numazu mall to the right of the courtyard stairs sits a sporting goods store selling all kinds of stuff for outdoor activities.

It had just calmed down after the morning rush of everyone suddenly deciding they want to go golfing or something of the sort and needing all the items for said outing. The manager, Kanan is in the back room counting stock for the next weeks shipment, she left her employees You and Yoshiko in charge of the front of the store. We find them doing practically nothing having just finished squaring everything away after the rush. You and Yoshiko are off to the side by the tennis section playing with the rackets and gently hitting a ball back and forth (without Kanan knowing of course, she'd scold them like she always does with this.) They slightly grumbled to each other as they hit the ball back and forth, You wanted to go out and run or something seeing as how it was beautiful day outside.

Yoshiko wished to get home to "summon some little demons to her cause" but knew that having "mortal funds" was required to maintain the "Channeling Ritual", You knew she live streamed and preformed silly rituals and stuff Yoshiko also insisted that people call her Yohane, she even tried to change the name on her tag around her neck. They were quite different but Yoshiko and her got along fine.

It was then when You and Yoshiko heard the chime of someone passing through the open door into the store. You turned around slightly to see who it was and she was stopped cold as what You thought was the most beautiful girl shes ever seen walked through the door looking around but with a slightly sour look on her face. She peeked around the store more before eyeing Yoshiko and You. Both the girls quickly put their rackets down to their sides to look innocent. You and her eyes met, You felt her heart in the throat as she was staring directly at what appeared to be strong sharp eyes that looked deep green like emeralds, they were heavenly she thought.

After a what felt like minutes the mystery girl, without taking her eyes off of You and Yoshiko called out Kanan's name. It wasn't hostile but it wasn't the loving type of call either. Kanan peeked her head out from the back and instantly jumped up and went up to greet the girl. It looked like they we talking about something important, The girl wasn't yelling or anything it seemed more like friendly banter between them. Kanan had to know this person. Yoshiko had turned to act like she was working on something but You stood there entranced just looking at this new girl.

Shes got a short blue skirt with a floral design on it and a ruffled white spaghetti strap top on and a long button up jacket made of a thin material that's almost translucent with the sleeves rolled up. Her hair is long and black styled down straight to the middle of her back with her bangs being a straight cut like a princess with white clips holding her hair down across the sides of her face by her ears. Shes got cute pink lips and You spots a beauty mark under the right side or her mouth, the only decoration to contrast on her perfect completion.

Kanan hands her a lanyard with some device on it and the girl hands Kanan a small Key. The girl put the lanyard around her neck like a necklace. You sees the girl is smiling about something and Kanan laughs a bit before the girl gives Kanan a stare that for some reason You found to be one of the hottest things shes ever seen, like she would end your life in a second, she radiated this aura of superiority all over like no one could even get near her. She turns to leave after a nod from Kanan, Yoshiko peeks at her as she leaves and notices that You has ever stopped looking at her, You stood there with her mouth slightly open. Kanan returns to the back room but not before eyeing You and Yoshiko and giving them a small wink. You is left standing there almost dumbfounded before Yoshiko lightly hit the ball off the racket and right into the back of You's head.

"Ow Yoshiko what was that for?!" You questioned while rubbing the spot on her head.

"It's Yohane! Are you gonna be okay, your gay is showing strongly this time I don't think you've even blinked in the last 5 minutes." Yoshiko retorted with a smug grin.

"I am perfectly fine, I was just wondering who that was, I've never seen her before." You pondered.

"You were checking that girl out and you know it, face it you act like a lady-killer sometimes, but you always melt with super pretty girls." She rolled her eyes a bit.

"So you think that girl was pretty as well!" You snapped her fingers at the girl as a counter to defend herself.

"Well yeah its hard to not think that I mean did you see her, but it's not about what I think, I know you fall apart at the sight of girls like that." Yoshiko coughed into her hand to prove her point.

"She has to work in the mall I think I saw a badge on her." You thought

"Looked like Kanan knew her as well, she came in here looking for her and called her name." Yoshiko stood there with her hand on her chin like she was thinking.
"You could ask Kanan who she was if you're dying to know so bad" She leaned in and said smugly to You.

"What?! No that would be so weird, i'm not going to do that, whatever its fine we see cute girls all the time, whats one more." But that's exactly what You wanted to do was ask about her.

"That wasn't just another girl though.." You whispered to herself.