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You Better Watch Out

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Tony could have sworn he didn't own a single pink shirt.  He knew for a fact that he had at least three white button-ups, probably more, but he couldn't find anything other than pink.  The only shirts in his closet were pink and his pants had all been replaced with some dress pants that varied from neon orange to banana printed.  The only explanation he could come up with was that he was dreaming and the only way to wake up from a dream was to go back to sleep.  Unfortunately, when he woke up twenty minutes later to FRIDAY telling him he was going to be late for a meeting, his closet hadn't changed one bit.

"FRIDAY, who switched out my clothes?"  Tony asked, putting on one of the pink button-ups and grabbing the least obnoxious looking pair of pants that matched.  They were navy blue with light pink and white sailboats dotting the fabric.

"I have no record of anyone but you entering your room in the last 24 hours,"  FRIDAY replied.  Tony froze.  If FRIDAY didn't have data from the last 24 hours, the Compound was in danger.  Someone must have hacked his AI and planted bombs during the night.  Good god, they were all about to die!  Forget his meeting, he had to assemble the team before something horrible happened. 

"FRIDAY, tell everyone to suit up,"  Tony said, activating his own suit and hurrying to the main floor of the Tower.  When he got there, almost everyone had already arrived.  Steve and Clint were dressed and ready to go while Sam was still harnessing his wings.  Wanda came skidding into the room with a panicked expression on her face, but Natasha was nowhere in sight. 

"What's going on, Tony?"  Steve asked, his 'Captain' voice strong and commanding.

"I think the Compound's been compromised,"  Tony said.  He told them about his closet and FRIDAY having no record of anything, but Clint just burst out laughing.  Everyone turned to look at him, various looks of confusion or amusement on their faces.

"It's April first,"  he said between chuckles.  Sam grinned and let out a light chuckle and Wanda smiled.  "Natasha totally got you.  Where is she?  Hey, Nat!"  Clint yelled, looking down the halls for her.  When she didn't appear, he shrugged.  "I'll go tell her the good news myself."

"What good news?"  Natasha asked, appearing from the stairway.  Tony jumped then glared at her.

"Where're my clothes?"  he replied.  She smirked.  "It's not funny, Nat.  I have a meeting in ten minutes!"

"Oh please,"  she said, rolling her eyes.  "You'll be fine.  If you must know, they're hanging up outside."  Tony's eyes widened and he shot across the room to look outside.  Sure enough, his clothes were hanging from a line across the back lawn.  It was also pouring rain outside.

"You really are the girl from hell,"  he muttered, deactivating his suit. 

"So we're done here?"  Steve asked.  Tony nodded and grumbled as he walked upstairs to his floor.

"Great,"  Natasha said, spinning around and walking back towards her room.  Something on her hand caught Steve's eye, though, and he called her back.

"What's that on your hand?"  he asked.  Natasha glanced down at her hand and quickly covered what appeared to be a purple flower.  "A to-do list." 

"Shhh,"  Natasha said, grinning as she stared down at the two small kids behind her.  Lila giggled and Cooper could barely contain his own laughter.  "You're gonna get us caught."

"Sorry, Auntie Tasha,"  Lila said between her giggles.  Natasha just smiled and rolled her eyes playfully.  They watched as Steve left his room to join Sam in the training room, waiting until he was out of sight to dart across the hall and into his room.  As expected, it was locked.  Natasha had prepared for this, though, and easily picked the lock in seconds.  She ushered Lila and Cooper inside then followed behind them, shutting the door and locking it again.

"What do we do this time?"  Cooper asked excitedly.  Natasha opened her bag and pulled out four cans of silly string with a grin.  Cooper and Lila cheered, reaching for two cans each.

"Don't get it on any papers or clothes,"  Natasha instructed.  They nodded then began to spray the silly string all over Steve's bathroom, bed frame, desk, and wherever else they could reach.  Natasha climbed on Steve's bed and poured some glitter on top of his fan, knowing he'd turn it on as soon as he got back from his workout with Sam.  It didn't take long before the three of them had thoroughly covered Steve's room in silly string and strategically placed glitter around the room.

"Done!"  Cooper exclaimed, handing his empty cans of silly string to Natasha.  She put them in her bag and let Lila drop her's in as well.

"Good job,"  she said, giving both of them a high five.  "Now let's get out of here."  She slowly pulled open the door and peered down the hall.  Once she was sure it was all clear, she let Lila and Cooper race out and back down to her room.  She followed them, locking Steve's door behind her, and diving into her room before anyone could see them.  Lila and Cooper were a mess of giggles in her room and she couldn't stop herself from joining them.

"Let's do another!"  Lila suggested.

"Alright,"  Natasha agreed.  "Who should we do next?" 

Clint was pretty sure he knew what Natasha was up to.  He'd recognised that little purple flower on her hand, but he wasn't sure when it could have gotten there.  He knew she hadn't been out to his house recently as they'd both been on a mission and only gotten back three nights ago.  He would have gone home right away--going nearly two months without seeing his family was really killing him--but Fury was worried he'd have to send them back in after the mission didn't go as smoothly as expected.  Besides, he'd talked to Laura the night before and she'd seemed completely normal.  Surely she'd have told him if Natasha had stopped by for a mission.

"What's got you in the dumps?"  Natasha asked, walking into the common room where Clint was sitting.

"Just thinking,"  Clint answered, glancing at her wrist where Steve had pointed out the purple flower two hours earlier.  It was still there, but Clint noticed it wasn't it's usual colour and had a strange shape.  Maybe Natasha had missed his kids enough to draw it herself.

"About?"  Natasha prodded.  Clint glanced at her and gave her a knowing look.

"I just miss them, you know?"  he said.  Natasha nodded solemnly.  "The flower reminded me of it,"  he said, nodding at her hand.  Natasha glanced down and pulled her sleeve over it.

"Sorry,"  she replied.  Clint shook his head, telling her not to worry about it.

"Don't think I'm not going to tell Lila you missed her so much you plagiarised her drawing though,"  Clint joked.  Natasha smiled and looked back down at the flower.  Every time she was over at the Barton's, Lila would draw a flower on her left hand with the same purple marker.

"Let her know it was out of love, not just thievery,"  Natasha said.  Clint nodded and stood up. 

"I will,"  he promised.  He started towards the bedroom wing but Natasha called out to him.

"Are you going to call them?"  she asked.  Clint nodded and asked if she wanted to join him.  "Nah, I'll let you have your time with them."  Clint shook his head and left the common room.  He stopped in front of his door and frowned when he noticed it wasn't latched.  He gently pushed open the door and looked around his room.  Nothing seemed out of order, but he wouldn't put it past Natasha to pull some April Fool's prank on him.

He stepped into the bathroom to make sure she hadn't switched out his shampoo with neon hair dye or nair but froze.  In front of him stood Lila and Cooper who resembled giggling balls of energy more than human children and Laura, holding a babbling baby Nathaniel.  Before he could properly react, Lila and Cooper jumped forward and hugged him tightly.

"Hey, guys,"  Clint said weakly.  He smiled down at them then up at Laura.  "How'd you get here?  What are you doing here?"

"Auntie Nat brought us!"  Lila exclaimed.  Cooper swatted her and glared.

"She said not to say that,"  he reminded his sister.  Lila's mouth formed an 'O' but then she grinned.

"She said to say it was your April Fool's Day prank!"  Lila told him.  Clint smiled and hugged both of his kids tightly.  He reached one arm out and pulled Laura close so he could kiss her and then Nate's forehead.

"Well, we should go let her know this is the best prank ever,"  Clint said.  Lila and Cooper nodded, letting go of Clint to lead the way to Natasha.  Clint threaded his fingers through Laura's and followed his kids out of his room.  They had passed Steve in the hall, returning from his workout with Sam, and Cooper stopped to talk to him.  Lila just grabbed Clint's hand and tugged him into the living room where Natasha was still waiting.

"Surprise!"  Natasha exclaimed, taking Nathaniel from Laura and kissing his cheek.

"You're the best, did you know that?"  Clint asked.  She nodded, focused on Nathaniel instead of Clint.

"I don't mind hearing it though,"  she replied.  Clint rolled his eyes and glanced down at Cooper who had scampered up behind them.  He had a large grin and Clint was about to ask why, but he was interrupted by a very angry yell coming down the hall from Steve's room.

"Natasha Romanoff!"  he yelled.  He opened his door and looked down the hall at her.  He was covered from head to toe in red and black glitter that was sticking to him courtesy of his post-workout sweat.  Natasha grinned, handing Nathaniel back to Laura quickly.

"Gotta go,"  she told the Barton's, darting off down the hall while Steve followed close behind, leaving a trail of glitter in his wake.