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Everyone could tell he was happy to be home. He was practically jumping around point out the different landmarks and interesting plants that popped up here and there. Legend, of course, tried to say something but was quickly shut down by Twilight with a look that conveyed, ‘Let him have his moment it’s been a while since we have seen him this excited’.


Wild was getting more and more excited as they were starting to near the outskirts of the town and castle. Time had seen that Lon Lon ranch was also being rebuilt along with the rest of the town. It made him happy to know that these people were getting back on their feet after the 100 years of fear and sadness. The rest of the group also seemed happy to be going into town it had been a while for all of them since they’ve been anywhere near other people besides each other (not that it was a bad thing or anything).

“So Wild what’s your Zelda like?”, Sky questioned getting into step with the other swordsman.

Wild smiled before saying, “She’s fierce almost stubborn even but she means well.” he continues, “Also quite the bookworm, researcher, just an all around excitable person….it’s almost like having another sister honestly.”

Sky nodded pleased with the explanation she seemed to have a similar personality to his Zelda.

“Then you must be happy that your gonna see her again huh?” Seeing Wild nod slightly confirmed his question as he started to rejoin the rest in the group. Yet Sky seemed to have forgotten a crucial detail that Wild had just shared.

No one could see but Wild was smiling softly lost in thought he knew that Zelda was alright and well but he was just eager to see her again.


Getting into Castle Town took longer than expected since Wind kept on wandering off and a few monsters here and there that decided to try and attack them.

But they made it nonetheless they made it.

Wild was pleased to note that most of the walls had been rebuilt as they walked through the gate and so were most of the houses closer to the castle. It seemed that a few outdoor stores were open as well. The others looked around in wonder as they were led through the streets careful not to bump into anyone.

“We won’t be able to look around a the moment, sorry about that”, Wild said with an apologetic look as he turned to face the others when they reached the town square. He looked upon the castle still in construction.

“We’ll be heading there-”, he started to say while pointing at the castle before being cut off by a someone shouting, “Link!”

Wild quickly turned his head to see who it was and before he could react he was picked up and engulfed in a hug. Quickly getting out of his daze he looked up and saw a certain Zora prince. Smiling widely than the other Link’s had seen him before he returned the hug.

“Link I have missed you so much why haven’t you visited Zora’s Domain?” , the prince questioned still holding Wild.

“Sorry about that Sidon I’ve been a bit busy with a new adventure” Wild answered just happy to be seeing the prince again after all this time.

“Well, it doesn’t really matter since your here now”, was all Sidon said before delicately placing down Wild.

“Hey sorry to break up the reunion or whatever this is but Wild would you care to inform us who this is”, questioned Legend looked between Wild and Sidon with an unamused expression. Said person quickly waved his hand flustered, “He’s just…a very close friend of mine that’s all!”.Quickly he fixed his posture and gestured to the prince, “This is Sidon prince of the Zora and as I’ve said before one of my best friends”. Sidon waved at the others happy to see that Wild had made some new friends.

Time walked forward holding out his hand for a handshake, “It’s a pleasure to meet you Prince Sidon”.

“Ah no the pleasure is all mine!”, he said quickly shaking Time’s hand before letting go, “and please just call me Sidon I’m not one for formalities”.