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Transformers Short Stories

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Rung was humming an old Cybertroanian hymn under his breath as he went over his latest patient’s therapy program he had come up to him. Couple months of art therapy would do wonders to their identity crisis. He checked his internal clock and thought about closing his clinic when he heard noises.

“Hello?” The doctor looked around, wondering where the noises came from. He put down his datapad and got up on his pedes. The voices got louder the longer he waited and he was finally able to find the source of them. The vents. Rung huffed and placed his hands on his hips joints.

“Skids, if it’s you then you could just use the door like anyone else does.”

The rattling in the vents grew louder, but no light-hearted reply from a talented friend came. Rung grew worried. The rattling grew into banging and he took a step back and towards the door. Whoever was in the vents wasn’t Skids.

Suddenly the vent’s lid was slammed off from the wall and a hand emerged from the hole in the wall. A very grey hand, followed by another and dozens of tentacles. Rung’s energon froze as the memories came back to him just as a face filled with razor sharp fangs and glowing sick yellow optics.

A sparkeater.

Rung stared the beast in the vent and before it could even drop a drip of its ooze covered mouth juices on the floor he dashed towards the door. The beast reacted quickly and with lighting fast reflexes bounced from the vent and knocked Rung on his back.

Rung’s optics widened in horror. He was trapped. The creature drooled on top of him, it’s icky green saliva dripping on his cheek as it breathed in his fear. He could scream for help, but his office was soundproof for the safety of his patients. He never imagined that safety would become a danger to him.

The monster crooned and chittered, it’s fangs rapidly clattering against each other as it leaned in close to his Rung’s face. The doctor yelped and offlined his optics, waiting for the first painful bite as the creature licked the side of his face, it’s long sticky glossa tasting him…but then it pulled back and crooned.

He cracked an optic open and saw it eyeing him with something in its optics. That’s when Rung really took a good look at the creature. The face, even when deformed looked similar and that Autobot crest on its chassis…

“(Y/n)?” Rung asked silently, hoping, no, praying that it wasn’t you. Not his Conjunx…!

The beast chippered, its mandibles flaring and Rung opened his mouth to call you again, but before he could call you-you stuck your unnaturally long glossa inside his mouth and into his intake. Rung screamed around your thick glossa, but it came out as muffled moaning. Suddenly he felt something trickle down his intake and as anyone sensible would do he started thrashing against you.

Were you infecting him also? He didn’t want that, he didn’t want you to do it to him! Rung felt his tanks twisting as the liquid settled there and suddenly he felt hot. Really hot. His vents kicked up and he moaned when you finally pulled your glossa out of his intake.

Frame heating up, ventilation barely working, mind clouded with lust and need… Aphrodisiacs? Why?

You chittered as he panted and you leaned in to lick him, tasting cooling fluids on his intake cables. Rung panted and made more room for you by craning his helm, his mind getting cloudy with need. Your tentacles closed in, wrapping around his arms and legs and spreading him wide open for you. The tentacles massaged and vibrated against his oversensitive plating. At this point, he was openly panting.

You released your spike and started to rut against Rung’s leg and the doctor moaned out loud as his interface panels moved to the side, his valve already oozing lubricant and spike leaking transfluids steadily from the tip. You crooned and clicked your denta together as you positioned yourself over Rung’s spike and his optics snapped open.

“No! No, no, no, don’t please! Not like this!” Rung begged, trying to appeal to leftover humanity he believed to be in you, but his pleads fell to deaf audials as you dropped yourself onto his spike in one go.

Rung screamed, his optics flaring as the sudden pleasure overtook his systems and made him overload on the spot. You crooned and without even a second of rest you started to bounce on his spike. Rung moaned as loud as he could, already so sensitive and your valve was tighter and hotter than it had ever been before. If you would have done this while you were yourself you would no doubt have been used some time to prepare yourself but this monstrous new form of yours was the most impatient creature Rung had ever known.

“Oh, oh, ah, please…!” Rung pleaded over your clicking denta. “Pull off…! I- I don’t want this…! Not like this, please- Mmmfp!” His word got muffled as you pushed a tentacle into his mouth and started to fuck his mouth with it.

He really didn’t want this, it was the truth. Rung didn’t want to be used by this monster that used to be you. Part of him hoped that it wasn’t you, but the resemblance was uncanny. It couldn’t have been anyone else but you. Oh, how Rung hoped you were not there, but if you were then at least unconscious. If there was a part of you inside this beast you would be in agony over these choices your body made for you.

You would never wish harm for Rung and you would never rape him or take him by force like this monster was doing. Rung might be heated and needy, but it was the strong aphrodisiac you forced on him.

Rung gasped, feeling something prod his slick valve and it didn’t take a genius to guess what it was. Without really preparing him, only slightly nudging his valve’s mesh lips to the side you thrust your tentacle inside him and he overloaded again.

The psychiatric was getting tired, but you didn’t stop. You kept bouncing on his still painfully hard and sensitive spike and the tentacle in his valve wiggled deeper inside him until he felt the blunt tip of your tentacle prod his ceiling node. Rung gasped and you focused your tentacles attention solemnly on that spot that had him bucking up into you.

Without missing a beat or thrust you started to push second and third tentacle into his already stuffed valve and Rung wailed in pain, the invasion tearing his valve.

There was a swoosh, a gun went off and all of a sudden you were screeching like a Unicron’s spawn. You jumped off from Rung, pulling your intruding tentacles out of his valve and mouth too fast to be considered safe, making him cough as he finally got some proper air.

“Hold it! Stay right where you are you ugly fuck and I will only blast your legs and not your face off!” Whirl out of all the mechs yelled at your hunching and hissing form. Rung, despite his pains, pushed himself into a sitting position. “Whirl no, don’t, it’s (Y/n)!”

“I know, why do you think I’m calling it ugly!?” Whirl shouted just as you bounced at him. The blue mech took a shot and Rung shouted as you fell limply on the ground. He was on your side in a second, trying to see if you were okay, only to see a tranquilizer bullet in your cables. He sighed in relief. You weren’t dead, just unconscious.

“You okay Eyebrows?” Whirl asked as he walked up to the older mech and helped Rung up on his feet, only for him to fall into Whirl’s arms. His legs were shaky and honestly, his valve throbbed and hurt. “I- I’m fine, thank you Whirl…”

“C'mon, let’s take you to a doc.” The cyclops said and helped Rung to walk, but the psychiatric protested. “What about (Y/n)? We can’t just leave them!”

“Don’t worry, Mags is on the case. Brainstorm and Perceptor are already waiting to run some tests on them. They should be okay. Hopefully.”

Rung grew quiet and let Whirl help him to the medbay. On their way, they passed Brainstorm and Perceptor rushing towards his office to get you before tranquilizer would wear off. Rung would be fine, he knew it, he just hoped you would be okay.