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Transformers Short Stories

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“You know Riptide, I have been awfully frustrated lately.” You said from your spot underneath the alien planet’s tree’s shadow. Riptide your dumber than dump boyfriend of sorts turned to look at you from his spot in the sun as he was too big to fit underneath the nice cool shadow with you.

“Frustrated? Why? It’s so pretty out here!” He said, motioning to the vast meadows filled with glorious and brightly colored alien flowers and the golden beach and crystal clear sea that opened before you underneath the hill.

You rubbed your eyes tiredly, still a little bit groggy from your nature naps. “Paperwork is a bitch to deal with and I can only take so much of Whirl’s little pranks as he likes to call them.”

“So you’re frustrated because of work and Whirl?” He questioned and you nodded, bending your legs and bouncing up on your feet from your laying position.

“Yeah, I have all this frustration that I need to break into a love!” You cheered as you reached towards the skies with your arms. Riptide looked even more confused by your declaration.

“What does that mean? Is it an Earth saying or something?”

You grinned and let your arms fall on your sides after good stretching and you motioned him to follow you as you took a head start and ran down the hill on your bare feet.

“Follow me and you find out~”

Riptide didn’t object, he didn’t know if he should and what would even come out of it, so he did as you told him to and followed you down to the beach where grass stopped growing and instead huge milk pink boulders rose from the sand, creating an illusion of privacy.

Privacy was apparently one thing you both needed or so he thought the second he saw you sneak out of your summer dress and throw aside your bras and panties. Taken aback by your sudden lack of clothes Riptide stared at you jaw wide open in shock.

Either you didn’t notice him staring or you were ignoring him. You twirled around the beach, running into the sea to dip your legs to cool water and you curiously looked at the ground, seeing many brightly colored rocks and little seashells. Finally, you had the decency to turn and look at your lover who was starting to run hot and not just because of the tropical sun or temperature.

“Come on Riptide! The water is nice and cool!” You called him before running off into the sea until your legs wouldn’t carry you any longer and you were swimming. The mech coughed, feeling a rock hit his intake, but he did as you told him and marched into the water. You kept swimming farther and farther ahead so Riptide put a leg after another and finally caught up with you.

You were both so far from the beach that Riptide’s whole body was submerged beneath water, save for his helm. You swam up to him and giggled. “Now we’re same height!”

“W- what do you mean?” He asked and you grinned, swimming up to his helm and kissing him straight on the lips. Riptide made muffled in surprise, but slowly kissed you back. The kiss deepened quickly once you opened your mouth against his and he pushed his glossa gently into your mouth. Obviously, his whole glossa couldn’t fit, it was already like you were sucking a normal dick with his glossa in your mouth, but you were happy to do so.

Riptide brought his hands up, a motion that made the water around you bounce you in the waves, but he quickly stabilized you with his hands as he wrapped them around you, holding you up and fondling your body with his thumbs.

You moaned around his glossa and he moaned against you, enjoying how squishy and soft your body, your ass, your breasts were against his servos. Then you pulled back and Riptide leaned in to chase after you, but you giggled and put a hand over your lips.

“Isn’t this nice? Just you and me and no one else telling us what to do because it’s just you and me?”

“Nice, very nice...!” Riptide moaned, kissing against the back of your hand that was covering your mouth and you laughed lightly like an angel, his lips tickling your skin. You removed your hand and he moved to kiss you again, but you ducked and kissed the edge of his mouth instead. “Wanna take this to solid land?”

You had never seen anyone move in water as quickly as Riptide. You were in his hands in a second and on the beach in another. You sighed when you felt the hot sand underneath your feet and you watched amused how Riptide couldn’t keep himself up on his pedes anymore. Instead, he took a seat against the huge seafoam green boulder and pawned at his no doubt burning interface panel.

“Aww, poor baby.” You cooed as you walked up to him, the sand sticking to the bottom of your wet feet. Riptide moaned wantonly and you placed a gentle hand on top of his that was covering his crotch. “Wanna open up for me?”

You didn’t need to ask, you never had to, Riptide would do anything you told him to do. He would fetch you a treasure from the bottom of the sea, he would fight any mech, heck even Whirl for you ad he would do it all over again to see you smile at his way. He was simple like that but very lovable.

Riptide’s panel slid away and his two twin spikes emerged from their housing. You drooled at the sight of the twins and they drooled transfluids at their tips at you. Gently sitting at the base of Riptide’s spikes, you wrapped your meaty thighs around the other spike and hands-on same spike’s crown, completely ignoring it’s neglected twin that rubbed against the outside of your thigh.

“You know, I have been feeling very weak lately...” You muttered as you pumped his spike with your hands, your body wriggling against his spike and Riptide moaned out loud, not afraid that anyone would hear you. There was no one near you for miles, he had made sure of it when he had taken you to this date.

But then he registered your words and he turned serious and worried in a manner of seconds. “Are you okay? Should I take you to Ratchet or First Aid?”

“No sweetie, it’s just the lack of vitamins.” You laughed and leaned in to lick the bead of transfluid from his spike’s tip, an action that sent Riptide bucking against you. You laughed again and swiped the other spike’s bead with your hand into your mouth. “I just need some of my favorite vitamin C and D. Cock and dick...!” You moaned and took Riptide’s spike into your mouth.

The moan you tore from Riptide was so sinful it sent delicious goosebumps across your skin. You loosened your jaws and with expert touch took more of him into your mouth until you were full and you started to suck him earnestly while rocking your body against rest of him that you couldn’t fit in your mouth.

Riptide started to pant in a manner of minutes, a clear sign he was already close. He never lasted long when you blew him and you didn’t mind it one bit. Your jaw got tired shamefully easily so blowing him was a delicacy between you two.

“C- close...!” Riptide moaned and you hummed around him, making him moan wantonly and finally come in your mouth. You swallowed as much transfluids as you could, but such a big mech like Riptide used so much transfluids that you would have bloated if you had been able to swallow it all down. Most of it sadly leaked down your chin and dropped between your bodies, but it was just according to the plan.

You let go of the mech’s spike with a wet pop and you immediately started to spread his overflown transfluids all over your body, paying special mind to your sex.

“Hmm, Riptide, you got me going...!” You moaned and looked at his other spike who was still fully pressurized and standing up, ready to serve you like you served its twin. Riptide panted and looked already spent, but he couldn’t pull his spikes back if even one of them was still pressurized. He needed another overload.

You took the excess transluids and used them to lube up his spike, an act that had him bucking into your hands. You hummed pleasedly, licking long strips here and there against his spike before you got up on your feet and started to position yourself over his spike.

It was a stretch with you two every time, but that’s why you always made sure to open yourself up first and lube him up so things could go smoothly for both of you. You took one last look at Riptide before you started to descend down his spike and you froze.

He looked so wrecked, his mouth hanging wide open as he tried to desperately cool down his overheating frame, coolant glistening against his plating and optics hazy in lust. You moaned wantonly at the sight of him so wrecked and you started to lower yourself onto him.

You both moaned and gasped when he first penetrated you. The feeling of your sex’s opening being stretched so wide had you panting in lust and you let your body fall down onto him rest of the way. Riptide moaned your name out loud when you hit the bottom and your hands automatically went to bump on your abdomen.

It was his spike that made your abdomen swell outwards like that. His huge spike that stretched you open so good and rubbed all the right places. The sight of your distended body made you shiver in lust and you started to bounce u and down him weakly, finding almost zero strength in your legs.

Luckily you didn’t need any, Riptide took the hint that his senses were telling him. He wrapped his hands around you and helped you to move up and down his spike, slowly at first but once your voice started to grow louder and needier he sped up.

You two were going at it like pedrorabbits so neither of you noticed how the ground underneath you seemed to tremble until the greenish boulder Riptide was leaning against rose from the ground and started to move. Shocked, neither of you knew what had happened and suddenly Riptide was on his back and you fell on top of his spike and that was all that it took for both of you to cum.

Riptide’s transfluids filled you up and you squeezed around him like a vice. If you would have been a bot your squeezing could have hurt him, but you were soft and squishy so you couldn’t bring any harm to him. You were both panting like dogs as you rested. Finally, you had enough strength to look at what had caused the boulder to move.

Your eyes went wide and you giggled like a drunk, much to Riptide’s confusion until he looked what you were looking and then his optics widened. “What the scrap is that?”

“It’s a hermit crab!” You laughed. Yes, the giant boulder that you had been leaning against your sex was actually a shell of a giant hermit crab. As soon as your wild movements had disturbed the crab’s peace enough it had decided to get up and move to somewhere else. You and Riptide watched the crab go with great curiosity and then you looked at each other.

You grinned at your lover and slowly rose from his spike, making the extra transfluids leak out of you straight into his spent spikes. Not a second sooner when you were off from him his spikes started to retrieve and you got up on your shaky legs.

“Phew, I needed that!” You sighed happily, stretching your hands up and down like a cat and Riptide closed his panels. “Was it good for you?” He asked, unsure. You smiled at him and kissed his hand. “Sex with you is always good.” You replied honestly and then laughed as you run back into the ocean. “Come on, let’s get cleaned and pick up some seashells before we have to return!”

“Coming!” Riptide smiled and got up to join you in your fun.