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Smile For the Camera

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You Dong Dong lets himself into the apartment with his key and gives a little shimmy of joy once he’s inside with the door closed and locked behind him. He hasn’t had his own key for long, hadn’t been expecting to receive one at all, but Han Chen had gifted it to him over a nice dinner and even though he knows it might wear out eventually, You Dong Dong still feels a rush of happiness every time he uses it.

He toes off his shoes and changes to his slippers, his very own slippers that Han Chen had gotten for him when he started spending more time at Han Chen’s apartment. Not just guest slippers. These are his and they wait inside the door next to Han Chen’s everyday for him to come and put them on.

Han Chen’s are still sitting there, looking a little lonely so You Dong Dong lines his shoes up next to them to keep them company and continues into the apartment, taking the bag of groceries he had picked up to the kitchen and putting them away. It feels very domestic, but he had offered to cook once Han Chen came home and since he didn’t know what Han Chen had on hand he had stopped by the market on the way. He thinks about starting dinner but Han Chen has been working increasingly long hours, trying to wrap up a case, and he doesn’t want the food to get cold after he cooks so he puts it away for now. He’ll start dinner once Han Chen gets home.

He sets up his laptop on the desk, in the office that Han Chen offered him to use when he has work to do in the evenings he stays over, and plugs his phone into it. He has videos from a show rehearsal that he wants to go through before he uploads them to the office server so he can go over them with the design team during their meeting.

It doesn’t take long to move all the videos over, and he clicks on each one to play it, making notes and labeling the file so they will be easy to find tomorrow. He knows he has a reputation as being a bit of a disaster, but he takes work seriously and being organised is part of that.

Once he’s done with all the videos from the rehearsal he uploads them to the work server. There is one video left in the folder, from more than a month ago, and he frowns as he opens it. The thumbnail is black and he can’t remember what he would have taken a video of that day, there wasn’t a show that he can remember.

As soon as the video begins to play he slams his laptop closed, glancing around to see that he is still alone. He remembers what this video is now. Thank everything good in the world that he had checked the videos before uploading them, because no one at work needs to see this. No one anywhere needs to see this. Or hear it either and the sound is still playing, his laptop not going to sleep as quickly as he wants it to. He snatches it back open, planning to stop it even though he knows now that he is alone, because that is him making that noise and it is embarrassing.

He gets his laptop to wake up again, keys in his password even as he can still hear himself whining, hear the high “ah, ah, ah, ah” that he’s making come out loud from the laptop speakers in the empty apartment. He can hear Han Chen in the background of the video grunting, the sound of their skin slapping together, then Han Chen asks “Is it on?”

The video is still black, but as he moves to close it out and delete it forever, he sees it change, giving a blurry image of the duvet on Han Chen’s bed before switching to selfie view with a jerk.

You Dong Dong freezes with his cursor hovering over the quit button.

In the video he can see himself. The corner of his chin the only part of his face showing, but the rest of the screen is showing a view under his body, showing where he’s kneeling on his elbows and knees. It shows Han Chen behind him, his thighs flexing as he thrusts in and out.

You Dong Dong can hear the noises that he’s making in the video, hear his breaths panting loud, hear the whines that he makes as Han Chen thrusts into him, and he can even feel the phantom sensation of it as he sits in front of the computer. He can feel that warm sticky weight on top of him, Han Chen’s hands gripping his hips as he pulls You Dong Dong back with each thrust.

He can see how each thrust makes his cock bounce between his thighs, flushed red and leaking onto the bed between his thighs, neglected because Han Chen wouldn’t touch it, told You Dong Dong to keep his hands occupied with the video rather than himself.

You Dong Dong can feel the echo of the curl of embarrassment in his stomach at taking the video, his hand shaking as he tried to aim the camera at his face, at his body. The bed bouncing underneath them from the force of Han Chen driving in over and over while You Dong Dong felt like he was being driven mad from the want and the shame.

In the video he’s whining on each inhale, sounding desperate as he tries to plea with half spoken words. “Please, please, let me, it feels so, please-!”

The sounds are embarrassing but they send a shiver through his body the same way it had when Han Chen told him to pick up his phone and record them fucking and You Dong Dong can feel the way his dick keeps getting harder in his jeans as the video pans up to his face.

His face in the video is a mess. Wet around the eyes, his lips red from kissing, his hair a tangled snarl from where Han Chen had dug his hands into it. His cheeks are flushed and his eyes shut against the sight of the camera, against the pleasure that Han Chen was taking from him, from the pleasure that he was feeling each time Han Chen buried himself deep into You Dong Dong. His red mouth open as he moaned and pleaded and panted.

The camera isn’t steady. You Dong Dong had been trying to keep it on them but it bounces around, a blur between his legs, then his face, then the ceiling above them, until suddenly the images goes black again.

But even though the images stop, he can hear himself, louder now as he had dropped his head down towards it, shouting out as Han Chen had wrapped his hand around You Dong Dong’s cock and jerked him off.

You Dong Dong can feel how hard his cock is, in sympathy with how hard he had been at the time, and he fumbles his jeans open, slides his hand down in them and wraps it around himself as in the video he gets louder, as his “ah, ah, ah,” comes faster. It takes no time at all, barely a handful of strokes, and then he’s coming, just as the sound of the video reaches its own peak and he comes there too.

You Dong Dong hits the close button on the video with his other hand, panting as he can feel his come soak through his underwear. He leans back, tilts his head back, feeling dizzy with how fast he had gotten hard, how fast he had come. His limbs are tingling and he flexes his thighs against the chair, trying to ground himself back to earth from the world shattering orgasm that he had just had.

In his pants.

Thank everything good in the world that no one had seen him come from just barely touching himself, like a teenager. He needs to collect himself get up and shower, before Han Chen comes home and catches him like this, his pants full of come.

“And to think, you didn’t even want to take the video. Now here you are jerking off to it.”

You Dong Dong falls out of the chair at the voice, feeling his elbow hit the desk on the way down, feeling his thigh and tailbone impact with the floor hard enough to bruise, the chair rolling away across the floor, and the come between his thighs spill down against his ass with his new position on the floor.

Han Chen is leaning in the doorway to the office, that insufferable smirk on his face, and his trousers tented, but he doesn’t seem to give that any mind as he leers at You Dong Dong where he’s laying on the floor.

“What, when, when did you get home? How much did you see?”

You Dong Dong knows that his mouth is running, but he doesn’t really know what he’s saying, he can still feel his fingers tingling, his cock slowly softening inside his pants, and the white hot sparks from his orgasm have changed themselves for the shock of being walked in on by Han Chen.

Han Chen straightens up from the doorway, unbuttons his shirt as he stalks across the room to stand next to where You Dong Dong is still lying on the floor. You Dong Dong flails a bit as he tries to figure out if he wants to turn over, kneel up, or if he wants to just lay there until he dies or melts into the floor in a puddle of embarrassed shame.

Han Chen stops next to You Dong Dong, his slippers quiet against the floor but his presence loud in You Dong Dong’s scrambled mind.

“You didn’t want to video us having sex, but look at you now.”

You Dong Dong shivers, the words hitting him like slaps to his already over-sensitive skin.

“You were so turned on just from the sounds that you barely had to touch yourself before you came.” Han Chen’s tone is light, teasing, affectionate, but he knows how to use each word like a tool, like a caress, like a weapon that hits You Dong Dong in his stomach with a twin strike of embarrassment at being caught and rocking him to his core with how much he wants.

You Dong Dong swallows, his tongue thick in his mouth, but he manages to speak through the heat that he can feel flooding him. “You liked it too, you liked it as much as I did.”

Han Chen smirks. “Of course I did. Look how easy you are to wind up, how easy it is for me to take you to pieces. Look at what I get as my prize for being right.”

You Dong Dong jerks as he feels Han Chen’s foot against his thigh. It starts down by his knee, on his inseam where his legs are splayed wide and he tries to jerk them closed but Han Chen steps down, keeping his leg pinned against the floor, until You Dong Dong lays still under him.

“So easy for me. You got turned on the instant you saw yourself being fucked, didn’t you? Or was it even before that, when it was just the sounds of you moaning from the feeling of my cock inside of you?”

“No, I, it wasn't,” You Dong Dong tries to deny it, even though he knows it's true, but he can feel Han Chen’s foot tracing up the inside of his thigh, brushing over his jeans as it moves higher towards his crotch and the words die in his mouth, coming out as nothing more than a breathless whimper.

“You’re so obscene, you said you didn't want to but that's not true, is it? Just that little memory of it made you want me so much that you’re already getting hard again, just from this.” Han Chen presses his foot down over the front of You Dong Dong’s jeans. The pressure is light but You Dong Dong can feel his stomach lurch as his cock twitches against the bottom of Han Chen’s foot. He’s not sure if he’s getting hard again or if he is just still hard from before, but he can feel the pull of it in his stomach, the hot pool of desire intertwined with the feeling of already being completely overwhelmed from how fast it is happening after he already came.

“Please, please.” The words come unbidden from his mouth, his hips twitching between the floor and Han Chen’s foot and You Dong Dong can feel the hard floor digging into the places where he already bruised himself by falling out of the chair but it just adds to the wave of sensation that is threatening to overwhelm him.

“Please what?” Han Chen asks, his voice affectionate but not betraying how turned on he is, even though You Dong Dong can see it in the bulge of his trousers. “Please fuck you? You just came from watching that video that you didn’t even want to take. You’re still that desperate for me? You’d let me fuck you right here on the floor, wouldn’t you?”

“Yes, please, anything, just fuck me,” You Dong Dong replies. It's partly knowing what Han Chen wants, how much Han Chen enjoys hearing him beg, but it's partly desperation from how he feels everything inside of him winding up tighter and tighter from Han Chen's words. From his foot, pressing light over You Dong Dong’s crotch.

It's not a threat. I stead, it’s almost an invitation for You Dong Dong to rub himself off, and he rolls his hips once, crying out at the rough pressure, the drag of the sticky material of his underwear against the too sensitive skin of his cock.

“Please, please,” You Dong Dong gasps, opening his eyes to look up at where Han Chen is still smirking down at him. He sits up, bracing himself on his elbows. “Come on, you want to fuck me just as bad as I want it.”

Han Chen slides his foot farther up, bringing it to rest against You Dong Dong's stomach and pressing down harder, making You Dong Dong sink back to lay flat on the floor.

“Hmmm, that is true. But of the two of us, I'm not the one who is so desperate I'm squirming on the floor with come in my pants and still begging to be fucked.”

You Dong Dong closes his eyes, the words sinking heavily into him as the weight of Han Chen's foot stepping on him. He doesn't want it to be untrue, exactly, but he can still feel the shame mix with the want in his stomach, bleeding hot throughout his limbs as his dick gets a little harder.

His eyes fly open when Han Chen pulls away.

“Well, come on then,” Han Chen says. “I'd rather fuck you in a bed, at least for today.”

You Dong Dong takes the hand that Han Chen offers, letting himself be pulled up to stand, going with the momentum as Han Chen tugs him even closer once he's found his balance, kissing him deep.

Once he pulls away, he squeezes You Dong Dong in an embrace, his breath hot against You Dong Dong's ear when he whispers, “Just remember. You said anything.”

You Dong Dong shivers against him as he walks, half stumbling and half led by Han Chen to the bedroom. Once they're there, Han Chen pushes him backwards against the bed, just close enough that You Dong Dong feels like he will over balance and fall if not for Han Chen's hand on his arm, holding him upright and steady. They kiss again, Han Chen’s hand working between them to undo the buttons of You Dong Dong's shirt, his belt, the button fly of his jeans. You Dong Dong keeps his own hands tight on Han Chen's shoulders, almost drags him down when Han Chen gives him a push onto the bed before he remembers to let go and just fall, the bed cushioning his landing.

Han Chen smirks as You Dong Dong reaches up to resettle his glasses where they were knocked askew by his landing, before kneeling down next to the bed. You Dong Dong lifts his hips to help Han Chen strip off his jeans but Han Chen pushes him back down, one hand coming to stroke over the tented material of You Dong Dong's briefs where his fly is parted.

“So eager, look at you,” Han Chen says.

You Dong Dong props himself up on his arms, staring down at where Han Chen is kneeling between his legs.

“Look how wet you are, how much you came just from watching that video. You're so wet you look like you pissed yourself.” He runs a finger over the wet spot on the front of You Dong Dong's underwear.

You Dong Dong can feel the flush spread over his chest, his cock twitching under the feel of Han Chen's touch, just a thin layer of damp cloth separating their skin.

“You're such a pervert,” he says, struggling to keep his voice level.

Han Chen laughs, grabbing You Dong Dong’s jeans and underwear and stripping them off in one rough movement, discarding them to the side. “That is true.”

You Dong Dong opens his mouth retort, to call him more names, anything to allay the shame he can feel simmering in his stomach, but Han Chen lifts first one leg and then the other up, stripping him of his socks and then resting his ankles against Han Chen’s shoulders. The sight of Han Chen knelt between his legs, his mouth only centimeters away from You Dong Dong’s cock, wipes all the words from You Dong Dong’s mind and all he can do is swallow as Han Chen leans forward, meeting his eyes as he breathes over You Dong Dong’s cock.

“Run out of smart words to say?” he asks, stretching to fumble in the bedside table without taking his eyes off You Dong Dong.

You Dong Dong starts to speak again but before he can, Han Chen turns his head, stubble brushing over the sensitive inside of You Dong Dong’s thigh, and then bites down.

You Dong Dong shouts, his arms going out from under him as his hips jerk. The bite itself isn’t bad, but he feels a wave of tingling heat rush through his body with it, his cock giving another jerk, and he doesn’t know how much longer it will be before he’s ready to come again but it already feels like it’s too soon.

“So tell me,” Han Chen says, turning back so that every word whispers against the underside of You Dong Dong’s cock, as it rests against his stomach, his mouth so close to You Dong Dong’s balls that he can almost feel Han Chen's lips brush against them. “How many times have you watched that video at work and jerked off in the single stall bathroom?”

You Dong Dong jerks at the question, at the embarrassment that floods through him as he feels himself get just a little bit harder at the idea of it. “No, I, I’ve never-” He chokes off as he feels Han Chen’s fingers trace down the space between his balls and his hole, leaving a trail of cool slick from the lube he’d gotten out of the bedside table.

“Never?” Han Chen asks, stopping to look up at You Dong Dong’s face, instead of down between his legs, where he’s spread open for Han Chen. His fingers tap against You Dong Dong’s rim, not pushing in, just softly tapping against the delicate skin there. “You mean not once have you put your headphones on, gone and locked yourself in that little bathroom away from everyone else, hm?”

You Dong Dong opens his mouth and Han Chen pushes his index finger past the rim of his hole, the change abrupt but not harsh, and You Dong Dong knows that Han Chen is making it difficult for him to talk on purpose but it doesn’t stop it from working.

“You didn’t play some music to check that your headphones were connected properly before you started the video, so that no one else would be able to hear the sound of your moaning echoing in the toilet?” He presses his finger in and in, slow but insistent and You Dong Dong feels like Han Chen is making room for himself within You Dong Dong, like his words and his hands and his breath are hollowing You Dong Dong out so that he can be filled only by Han Chen.

“I bet you did, I bet you propped your phone on the back of the toilet and reached down, undid your trousers, slid them halfway down your thighs and pulled your cock out, already halfway hard in your hand just from knowing what you were going to do.” His free hand traces down the outside of You Dong Dong’s thigh as he talks, his finger still working inside of You Dong Dong, and You Dong Dong whines, pushes back against his hand until Han Chen adds another finger to the first.

“You stood there, legs as far apart as you could get them with your jeans still on, didn’t you,” he continues, “and you probably had to bite down on something, your hand, right? Yeah, had to stick your fingers in your mouth and suck on them like you were sucking on my cock so that you could stay quiet while you jerked off into the toilet with your coworkers just a few meters away.”

You Dong Dong whines, reaches up and sticks his fingers in his mouth without realising what he is doing, trying to draw Han Chen in with his legs so to put his mouth or his hand or something, anything, on You Dong Dong’s cock. He can hear himself moaning around his fingers and a wave of heat rushes through him, precome drooling out of his cock and painting itself across his stomach as he remembers how he had sounded in the video, realises that it’s probably pretty much the same way he sounds now.

“How fast did you come, hm?” Han Chen asks, his voice almost unbearably smug. “How hard? Did you manage to get it all in the toilet or did you have to clean up the bathroom when you were done because you got it everywhere like you would have earlier if you hadn’t been so eager that you couldn’t even remember to take off your pants?”

You Dong Dong can feel himself shifting up and down on the bed, trying to get more leverage to fuck himself down onto Han Chen’s fingers, can hear the constant “ah, ah, ah, ah,” he’s making around his fingers with each thrust into him, and he starts to wonder if he can come just like this, how long it would take before he did, just from Han Chen’s words and his fingers, and the feel of his breath on You Dong Dong’s cock, so close but not quite close enough.

And then Han Chen pulls away, his fingers leaving You Dong Dong empty, his breath gone, dropping You Dong Dong’s legs down, his feet back to the floor, without ceremony.

“Actually, I believe you,” he says over You Dong Dong’s outraged shout as he undoes his own belt. “There’s no way you could jerk off in the bathroom at work without everyone in the building knowing, just look at how much noise your making right now.”

You Dong Dong takes his hand from his mouth, sitting up to slap Han Chen on his thigh. “Pervert.”

He realises he’s made a mistake when Han Chen gives a grin that makes every one of You Dong Dong’s instincts scream at him to run from the predator. “Yeah, keep calling me that,” Han Chen says, grabbing You Dong Dong under the knees and dumping him backwards on the bed again, before pressing himself against You Dong Dong, the rough metal of his undone zipper scraping against You Dong Dong’s sensitive skin between his legs. “It just makes this pervert here get harder and harder.” He punctuates his words with a couple of thrusts against You Dong Dong, his dick hard in his pants as it rubs up against You Dong Dong’s naked skin, before giving You Dong Dong a slap on the thigh. “Anyway, go kneel higher up on the bed, back to me.”

You Dong Dong swallows down protests that caught in his throat with the slap, with the change from Han Chen’s teasing to the authority in his voice as he issues the command. He turns, feeling himself flush again as he crawls up the bed on hands and knees that shake, his dick hard and swinging between his legs as he goes. He remembers the video again, that first shot of his dick hard between his legs there too and he shudders, reminding himself that he has to go kneel, because that’s what Han Chen wants him to do, that he can’t sink his face down into the comforter where he is and beg Han Chen to just fuck him. He kneels up, in the middle of the bed, facing the headboard, the loose tails of his shirt brushing against his thigh where he’s still wearing it. He reaches up to pull it off, but freezes when he hears Han Chen’s voice, that same command laced through it as before.

“Leave that alone. Fold your hands behind your back and spread your legs wider.”

You Dong Dong does as he says, feeling heat build up in his face when Han Chen repeats the second part of the order.

“Wider, like you’re about to sit on my cock.”

You Dong Dong spreads his thighs as far apart as the will go and still allow him to remain upright, feeling the strain of the position on his muscles, his hands each gripping the opposing wrist hard behind his back.

“Good boy,” Han Chen praises.

“Hey,” You Dong Dong protests, he doesn’t want to be spoken to as if he’s a dog, but it’s cut off as Han Chen leans down onto the bed, his hand coming up between You Dong Dong’s legs and smearing a handful of cold lube there until he feels like he’s dripping with it, his fingers pushing against You Dong Dong’s hole but not entering him before smearing down the inside of his thigh, leaving a trail of wet behind.

“Perfect,” Han Chen pronounces, and You Dong Dong can feel the bed lift as he stands back off of it, hear the faint sounds of him undressing. They are familiar sounds, cloth against skin, the sound of a leather belt being pulled through belt loops, the contents of Han Chen’s pockets jingling as he cleans them out and throws his clothes towards the hamper. You Dong Dong closes his eyes for a moment, visualising Han Chen going through the same routine that he does every night before bed, but has to open them again when he starts to fidget, digging his toes into the bedspread to keep himself grounded and still as we waits.

He doesn’t have to wait long before Han Chen appears around the side of the bed, naked, dropping all the contents of his pockets onto the bedside table before he climbs onto the bed, smirking at You Dong Dong as he moves with more force than necessary, making You Dong Dong wobble as the bed bounces beneath them. He settles himself on his back next to You Dong Dong, piling pillows beneath his head so that he’s half sitting before reaching down to take his cock in hand where it’s standing between his legs. He strokes it lazily, grinning up at You Dong Dong as he reaches out, traces his other hand down You Dong Dong’s abdomen, feeling the muscles there tighten as he keeps himself upright. He traces his hands down You Dong Dong’s body, avoiding his cock and sliding behind it, behind his balls, to stroke over his hole again, sliding one of his fingers back up inside of it.

“Look at you all wet and open,” Han Chen says, as if he's not the one who opened You Dong Dong, who smeared a ridiculous amount of lube everywhere in preparation for this. He moves his finger in and out of You Dong Dong at the same pace as he uses to stroke his cock. “Ready for me to fuck you?”

You Dong Dong gulps, nods his head when he finds his mouth too dry to speak.

“What’s that?” Han Chen asks. “What do you want?”

You Dong Dong bites down on his tongue, lets saliva fill his mouth, not wanting to give in to the game that Han Chen is playing but he does anyway. “I want you to fuck me.”

“Fuck you how?” Han Chen withdraws his finger again.

“I don’t know, just fuck me,” You Dong Dong demands.

“Ah, ah, ah,” Han Chen tuts, reaching down to give the inside of You Dong Dong’s thigh a pinch, just below here he had bitten before. “Be a good boy and tell me what you want.”

You Dong Dong closes his eyes against what he knows Han Chen wants, what he knows he’s going to give him.

“Fuck me like you did in the video, fuck me however you want to, please, please, just fuck me.”


You Dong Dong’s eyes fly open in disbelief, meeting Han Chen’s where he’s smirking up at You Dong Dong.

“No, I think I want you to fuck yourself today. Since you’re so desperate for it.” He lets his cock go and pats his thigh. “Come on, climb on.”

You Dong Dong stares at him for a moment, thinking that he doesn’t really have to take this if he doesn’t want to. He could jerk himself off, he could get up off the bed and go make dinner, he could tell Han Chen no the way that Han Chen just did to him.

There are a lot of things he could do, but You Dong Dong takes a shuddering breath in, letting it out in a rush, because he could do any of those things and more but, in the end, he knows what he’s going to do.

He lets his wrists go and crawls closer to Han Chen, swinging one leg over his hips to straddle him, careful where he puts his legs because he doesn’t want his knee to wind up anywhere that will kill the mood. He braces a hand on Han Chen’s chest as he positions himself over Han Chen’s cock, his other hand holding it steady as he sinks down. He keeps his head bowed so he doesn’t have to look at that infuriating smirk, gasping out against the stretch as he sinks down and down and down, until he’s seated fully against Han Chen’s lap, Han Chen’s cock buried all the way in him. He rocks, feeling the fullness, the way Han Chen presses against him the inside out, the way he brushes against that spot inside You Dong Dong that always makes being fucked feel like his mind is being blown.

It takes a moment to gather himself before he tenses his thighs again, already feeling the burn in them from where Han Chen made him kneel with his legs apart for so long. He’s just about ready to move again when Han Chen gasps, his hand coming up to rest on You Dong Dong’s shoulder, keeping him still. “Wait.”

You Dong Dong looks up, confused.

“I have a better idea,” Han Chen says and You Dong Dong shivers because he can tell from that look, from the tone of Han Chen’s voice, that it’s an idea that he is going to love and hate at the same time.

“Here, sit up,” Han Chen says, pushing on You Dong Dong’s shoulder and he goes with it, sitting straight in Han Chen’s lap. He moans at how the change in his position makes Han Chen’s cock move inside of him, and then yelps as Han Chen twists, his hips pushing up into You Dong Dong but not dislodging him as he reaches out to the bedside table to grab-

“No.” You Dong Dong says, shaking his head as Han Chen keys in the password on his phone and points the camera on it at him. “No, please, I’ll do-”

“No? Are you sure? You said you would do anything,” Han Chen reminds him, looking at him through the camera instead of up to meet You Dong Dong’s eyes. “Anything as long as I fucked you. Well, here we are, my cock is already buried in you, and this is the anything.”

You Dong Dong ducks his head again, like it will hide him from the camera when he knows full well that it will not. He grumbles under his breath, knowing that he could back out of this, that any time he can call it quits, and knowing equally that he's not going to. That the shame of having the camera pointing at him, objectifying him, was accompanied by a frisson of heat in his belly. “Fine,” he bites out, bracing himself again to ride Han Chen, to get it over with so that he can get what he wants.

“Jerk off first,” Han Chen says, just as You Dong Dong is ready to move again. “Sit still, there on my cock, and jerk off for the camera.”

The shame that lances through You Dong Dong makes him curl into himself, ducking his head and wishing that he had hair long enough to cover the flush he can feel in his face, down his neck and chest. He stares down at himself, wondering if he’ll be able to see the flush reach all the way down to his legs, or if maybe he’ll just burst into flames from the embarrassment, spontaneously combust and take Han Chen down with him. It would serve the jerk right for making him do this, for making it so hot even though it also makes You Dong Dong want to crawl into a hole and die.

“Come on,” Han Chen coaxes and when You Dong Dong peeks up at him, he’s still looking through the camera, instead of directly at You Dong Dong. “You can do it. Wrap that hand around your cock, you know you want to. You want to get yourself off while you sit on my cock and I film it. You’re still hard, even, you can’t tell me you don’t want it.”

You Dong Dong whines because he does, but he doesn’t, and it is so hard to make himself move his hand. He digs his fingers into Han Chen’s stomach, his nails scraping against skin and feeling the muscle underneath flex in response but Han Chen doesn’t say anything about it, just reaches out and rests a hand on You Dong Dong’s thigh, his thumb stroking a soothing line against the crease where it meets his pelvic bone, dipping down towards his cock but not anywhere close enough to give You Dong Dong relief.

It’s that point of connection, that soothing touch, that tips You Dong Dong over into raising his hand away from Han Chen’s stomach. He looks up, looks at where Han Chen is looking at him over the camera, meeting his eyes. You Dong Dong reaches up, pushes his glasses back up his nose from where they had slid down. He can do this, because it’s what Han Chen wants. And if he wants to admit it to himself, it’s what he wants too, even if it’s easier not to think about that.

He reaches down between his legs, curls his hand around his cock where it’s still half hard, the waiting and the stretch of Han Chen and the embarrassment had made his erection wilt a bit, but he strokes up it, feeling sparks beneath his skin as his cock fills in his hand again.

“You like that, hmm? Like sitting there feeling my cock filling you while you jerk off to it?” Han Chen says, and You Dong Dong knows, he can tell, that Han Chen isn’t saying it because he wants to know, that he isn’t asking for You Dong Dong’s benefit, but rather for the camera’s. He doesn’t respond, except to keep stroking himself, looking down at where his hand is moving over his cock, the loose skin of it shifting under his grip as he moves it up and down.

“Hey,” Han Chen prompts, bucking his hips a bit to get You Dong Dong’s attention. “Come on, you’ve got to smile for the camera.”

You Dong Dong gasps at the feeling of Han Chen’s cock moving in him, his hips instinctively working back and forth against it as he looks up at the camera.

“Hey,” Han Chen says again but this time instead of his coaxing tone, there is steel in it. “None of that.”

His hand slips down You Dong Dong’s thigh to pinch the soft skin there again and You Dong Dong whines at the sting of it.

“I know you’re so eager to ride my cock that you can’t help yourself but you have to wait like a good boy, you can do that, right? Now, smile for the camera.”

You Dong Dong shivers, feeling his cock get harder in his grasp. He looks at the camera but he doesn’t smile, making sure to keep stroking himself at a slow, even pace even though he wants to speed up, to reach for the orgasm that he can feel building in the bottom of his stomach, in his balls, in his cock. He could just move his hips, ride Han Chen until they are both finished. But he doesn’t want to know what Han Chen will decide as a punishment if he does that, doesn’t want to be the one who admits defeat here, so he pushes that away.

Han Chen wants to play games, so You Dong Dong will play games too.

He starts by bringing his free hand up to his mouth, sucking on his first two fingers before letting his mouth fall open on a moan as he jerks himself off. Han Chen’s breath hitches as You Dong Dong smiles around his fingers, then clenches down around Han Chen’s cock where it’s buried inside of him, careful not to move his hips. That gets an even bigger reaction, one that You Dong Dong sees through half-lidded eyes as he tilts his head back and moans louder, seeing the camera waver for a moment before Han Chen steadies it again.

“You think you can convince me to forget about the camera with that?” Han Chen asks, stroking his hand along You Dong Dong’s thigh, the thin, sensitive skin of the crease where his thigh and hip meet. “Go faster.”

You Dong Dong breathes out a whine as he increases the pace of his strokes, tightening around Han Chen unconsciously and then having to remember not to move his hips, not to fuck down onto the length inside of him.

He realises that he’s made a mistake in trying to to play Han Chen’s game when he can feel his orgasm already starting to gather in the pit of his stomach, in his balls, just from that.

“Come on, tighten your grip,” Han Chen encourages. You Dong Dong notes the tightness of his voices with satisfaction, but it doesn't seem to affect his ability to give orders. “Jerk yourself off like you would if you were in private. Like you did when you were watching me fuck you earlier.”

You Dong Dong tightens his grip and feels his hips press back against Han Chen reflexively, but he stills himself again, not wanting to be pinched, not wanting to break the rules.

“Does it feel that good?” Han Chen asks and You Dong Dong wants to slap that smug tone out of his mouth but he can barely keep himself under control as it is, doesn't want to risk trying to retaliate. “Does it feel so good to sit there, jerking yourself off, with my cock buried inside of you, that you can't keep from fucking down on it?”

He reaches up with his free hand, smoothing under the loose sides of You Dong Dong's shirt where it hangs free over him. Over the skin of You Dong's belly, slow, up his chest, before finally coming to a stop by pinching at You Dong Dong's nipple.

You Dong Dong gasps, his cock jerking in his fist as he tightens down again on Han Chen, a line of electricity drawn between his nipple and his balls and he feels precome spurt from the end of his cock, coating his hand as he speeds up his strokes.

Han Chen keeps squeezing down, pinching harder until You Dong Dong whines, squirming away from the pressure, and then has to still himself as he feels Han Chen’s cock shift inside of him, his free hand digging into his thigh as he keeps himself still, caught between Han Chen’s cock and his own hand and the hand on his chest.

“You’re trying so hard to be good for me, aren’t you?” Han Chen asks, panning the camera down to You Dong Dong’s lap, staring at it again, instead of looking at You Dong Dong. “Trying so hard not to fuck down until you come. You’re close aren’t you, look at you, leaking all over the place and making even more of a mess.”

“Yes,” You Dong Dong gasps. “Please, please, touch me-”

“No,” Han Chen says again and You Dong Dong feels a sob well up in his chest, chokes it down even as more precome leaks from his cock at the word.

“How close are you, are you going to come, sitting there on my lap, not grinding down, not fucking yourself, because you’re a good boy?”

You Dong Dong opens his mouth to answer but he can’t, just pants from the pressure on his nipple, in his balls, from how close he is.

“Are you going to come?” Han Chen repeats, digging in to You Dong Dong’s nipple with his nail.

“Yes, yes,” You Dong Dong says, his voice breaking on it, and he can feel it swelling through him, feel how he is right on the line, right on the cliff, about to tip over.

“Stop,” Han Chen orders, freeing You Dong Dong’s nipple and grasping his wrist, jerking his hand away from his cock. “Stop touching yourself.”

“No!” You Dong Dong shouts, curling in on himself as the pain radiates through his chest, as his cock jerks by itself, without a touch, and precome drips down it. He can feel his muscles clenching, feel his balls drawn up tight, but he can’t get there without a touch, he was so close, so close it hurts, but not quite close enough.

Han Chen lets him be for a moment, panting, feeling himself clenching over and over on the fullness of Han Chen inside of him, and his dick straining for a touch, for a stroke, for anything to tip him over the edge of coming.

It begins to recede, his breath evening out, and then Han Chen’s hand strikes the outside of his thigh in a slap and he jolts, straightening from where he had curved over himself and glaring at Han Chen.

“Ride me,” Han Chen commands, pushing his hips up into You Dong Dong to emphasise his point. “You want to feel me in you when you come, don’t you? You were so desperate for it just a moment ago, so ride me.”

You Dong Dong wants to refuse, wants to tell Han Chen to get himself off, but he wants to come even more, knows that if he does what Han Chen says then he’ll get to come and he’s still so close, it won’t take much to tip him over the edge.

He pushes himself up, his hands digging into the tops of his thighs, catching the tails of the shirt in his fists. He pushes up until he nearly lifts off Han Chen completely, and then drops, letting gravity do the work as he sinks down to let Han Chen fill him.

The fullness is overwhelming, the angle just right inside of him, and he doesn’t mean for it to happen but it doesn’t matter, because he’s coming, his cock jerking untouched, feeling the warmth of it splatter over his chest, even the bottom of his chin, seeing it land against Han Chen’s stomach.

He freezes and stares at Han Chen, who is staring back at him in surprise, before his lips curve up in a grin. Before he can even speak, You Dong Dong feels the shame of it curl in his stomach, sitting heavy like lead.

“You were so desperate for my cock that you came just from that?”

You Dong Dong closes his eyes, feeling heat flood his face again, his chest, ruining the high of the orgasm before it can even set in. He can feel the come cooling on his skin already and he wants to wipe it away but when he tries all it does is smear the sticky wetness, letting it cool faster, but not hiding it at all.

“Hey,” Han Chen says, pushing up with his hips again, making You Dong Dong gasp as he presses against him. “I still haven’t come. Why did you stop? Keep going.”

You Dong Dong feels dread and anticipation spread through his body, wet gathering in his eyes as he lifts himself up again, not as far this time, and sinks back down again, slow, feeling the burn of it in his thighs, in his stomach, in his balls as Han Chen’s cock brushes against that spot. He stills once he’s seated again, shuddering, trying to convince his muscles to work, but he can’t. “I can’t, Han Chen, it’s too hard, please.”

“You were so desperate for my cock just a moment ago that you came from it alone. You’re telling me you’re done?”

You Dong Dong curls over himself again, wanting to hide from the way the words make heat diffuse through him even though he can’t get hard again, not after coming twice so close together. “I can’t, please, I can’t. I’ll, I can suck you off, I can-” He starts to rise up again, to pull off, but Han Chen reaches out, grasps his hip and pulls him down again, making You Dong Dong cry out.

“I think you can,” Han Chen says. “You can ride me like this, until I come. Come on, you’re already here, it won’t take much, you can feel how hard I am inside of you.”

You Dong Dong clenches down against the length inside of him at the words and moans. He knows that if he wants to call it quits then he can, that Han Chen would never truly force him. But he knows that he wants to prove that Han Chen’s belief is correct as well. Wants to prove him right, no matter how difficult it is, so he rises up and sinks down, and then again, and again.

He sinks into a rhythm, can feel the wetness on his skin begin to pull as it dries, the wetness around his eyes gather without falling, the way the shirt brushes against his thighs, against the nipple that is sore from Han Chen’s finger tips. But it’s distant, along with the tingling in his fingers, in his toes, as he keeps moving, feeling Han Chen filling him over and over and over again. All he can think of is making Han Chen come, making him happy. He looks at Han Chen, sees the camera, but he doesn’t even mind that now, even though he knows that he must look like a mess in the video, must look desperate as he rides Han Chen’s cock, as each time he sinks all the way down he lets out an “ah” from the feeling of it.

“You look so good like this,” Han Chen says, using the hand not holding the phone to stroke over You Dong Dong’s thighs, his stomach, his chest, his arms where they are braced against Han Chen. “So good riding my cock, covered in come, making me feel good.”

You Dong Dong shivers from the praise, from the feeling of Han Chen hitting that spot inside of him over and over again as he rides him. He tries to shift, tries to keep Han Chen from hitting that spot each time because the feeling of it is overwhelming, is almost painful. He whines again when Han Chen holds him down, keeps him in the same position, and all he can do is keep moving himself, keep moving Han Chen in and out of himself as he fucks down onto him.

He feels it begin to build again, the pressure of arousal pooling in his stomach, in his balls, and he wants to hide it but there is no where to go, and before he can think of a way to stop it Han Chen notices.

“You’re getting hard again?” he asks, stroking over You Dong Dong’s cock with a light touch, just enough to make You Dong Dong sob from the sensitivity of it.

“No, please, don’t make me come again, please, I can’t. It’s too much, please,” You Dong Dong begs, feeling his hips jerk, caught between Han Chen’s hand and his cock, feels himself getting harder even as he tries to get Han Chen to stop.

“So greedy,” Han mocks. “You’ve already come twice but you just can’t get enough, can you.”

You Dong Dong sobs, feeling the tears begin to fall even as his cock begins to rise again under Han Chen’s hand. He feels like he’s going to fly apart, like the only things keeping him together are the cock in him and the hand on him, and without those two things then he would dissolve into static electricity and cease to exist. He keeps riding Han Chen, reduced more to rocking on his cock rather than riding it, his thighs burning from the exertion of the evening, and feeling his balls begin to ache with need again, and with overuse. He doesn’t know if he can come again, knows that he could lie down and melt into the bed right now, no matter that his cock is somehow, impossibly, filling again, the arousal almost painful.

He feels like the world is going to end for him, like in between blinks everything will just go dark, and through it all, Han Chen just keeps up that same steady pressure, not stroking his cock, just holding it, and his cock is hard inside of You Dong Dong but he doesn’t come, doesn’t seem to be affected by the way that You Dong Dong is being destroyed by him.

You Dong Dong finds himself begging, the words spilling from his mouth without any thought.

“Please, please, Han Chen. What-what do I do, how can I be better? Please, I can be faster, I can, I can be tighter, if-if this isn’t enough I can use my mouth, please, am I not good enough for you, please, Han Chen-”

He doesn’t expect to get anywhere by begging, finds himself crying out when Han Chen suddenly throws the phone aside, the muscles in his stomach rippling under You Dong Dong’s hand as he sits up, wrapping his arms around You Dong Dong.

“You are good, enough, do you know how hard I’ve had to work to keep from coming-fuck,” he exclaims as he thrusts up hard into You Dong Dong, his cock jerking.

You Dong Dong wails, the pressure inside of him too much as Han Chen reaches between them again, his hand wrapping around You Dong Dong’s cock where he’s hard between them, oversensitive as Han Chen jerks him off while he keeps up a steady stream of praise in his ear.

“You’re so hot, you did everything I asked and I had to struggle the whole time not to come just from looking at you. You’re beautiful, so fucking hot, my good boy-” he ends with a shout and You Dong Dong can feel him coming inside, feels his arm tighten around him as his own vision explodes in fireworks and he comes in Han Chen’s hand, his orgasm almost painful, only a small amount of come spurting out of his cock even as it continues jerking well after he has nothing else to give.

They shudder to a halt, and You Dong Dong sags in Han Chen’s arms, feels him reach with his other arm to embrace him tight. You Dong Dong buries his face in the warm curve of Han Chen’s neck where it meets his shoulder, feels the skin there warm and damp with the sweat of their joining.

He closes his eyes, presses his lips against Han Chen, not in a kiss, but to feel the warmth of his skin, the way his shoulders heave with exertion, the way his pulse pounds under the thin skin. He can feel Han Chen’s lips against his ear, kissing there, and then down his neck as he holds You Dong Dong close.

“You’re amazing,” You Dong Dong hears whispered in his ear and he shudders, feels Han Chen’s softened cock slip out of him along with some of the come that spills down his thigh. “So hot, so good for me, you did everything just like I asked and you were so beautiful doing it.”

You Dong Dong shudders as Han Chen's hands brush through his hair, down his back, pushing the shirt down off his shoulders and then the rest of the way off You Dong Dong's arms, leaving him fully naked in Han Chen’s embrace. He feels boneless, like he is floating and only tethered to the earth by Han Chen's hands, by Han Chen's warm skin under his cheek where he rests against his shoulder. He stays like that for a long time, drifting to the feeling of Han Chen all around him, to Han Chen's voice, low and smooth and murmuring praise in his ear.

Finally You Dong Dong feels himself settle back into his body, feels the stiffness of the come that has dried on him and the ache in his spine from curling down against Han Chen for so long. He straightens, pulls back to look at Han Chen through glasses that are dirty now with sweat and grease from being pressed against Han Chen’s neck. Looking down at Han Chen, who smiles back at him, before leaning forward to capture You Dong Dong’s mouth in a kiss.

It’s a little bit sloppy, doesn’t have the same heat as it did before, but You Dong Dong feels himself melting into it, opens his mouth to let Han Chen lick his way in as Han Chen pulls him closer until You Dong Dong is pressed all along his front. You Dong Dong shifts, trying to relieve some of the strain in his tired legs, and then jerks back with a hiss as the motion makes his dick rub against Han Chen’s stomach, reaching down to cover his cock protectively.

Han Chen laughs, his mouth slick from where You Dong Dong had broken the kiss. “Sensitive?”

You Dong Dong scowls, wriggles backwards to try and move off Han Chen without letting go of his cock. “No thanks to you.”

“You loved it,” Han Chen says, grabbing hold of You Dong Dong and tipping them both sideways to lay on the bed before pulling You Dong Dong close to kiss again. “Every second of it,” he says against You Dong Dong’s lips.

You Dong Dong rolls his eyes, but kisses him back, reaching up to hold Han Chen’s cheek and then grimacing when he realises how dirty his hand is, covered in tacky half dried come.

Han Chen looks to see what is making You Dong Dong make that face and grimaces back. “Time for a shower?”

“Yeah,” You Dong Dong says, letting Han Chen sit up and then pull him up as well, pulling him off the bed. You Dong Dong wobbles on tired legs, leaning into Han Chen’s embrace.

Han Chen laughs again, pulls him along to the bathroom, pushing him down onto the toilet to sit while Han Chen starts the shower, checking the temperature to make sure that it is heating up before pulling You Dong Dong up again. As he stands, You Dong Dong winces, a hand coming down to rub at his ass.

“Are you okay?” Han Chen asks, his laughing demeanor disappearing as he tries to pull You Dong Dong around, to look at his backside. “Did I hurt you?”

You Dong Dong moves away, trying to get into the shower but held in place by Han Chen’s hands on his hips as Han Chen kneels down behind him. “It’s nothing,” You Dong Dong says, trying to push away Han Chen’s hands where they are touching him, trying to spread his cheeks and examine him. “I think I bruised myself when I fell out of the chair.”

Han Chen gives a relieved chuckle, resting his forehead against You Dong Dong. “Oh, is that all?”

“Is that all?” You Dong Dong exclaims, trying to pry Han Chen’s hands off of him. “My ass is bruised! It hurts!”

“Aww, should I kiss it better?” Han Chen says.

You Dong Dong rolls his eyes at the mocking. “Yeah, kiss my ass,” he jokes, and then freezes when he feels Han Chen’s mouth on his skin, sucking a kiss against first one side and then the other. He feels the hand on his hip stroke over the sensitive skin there and shivers, feeling the intent that Han Chen has behind the actions and pulls away. “Hey, no. I’m hungry and if you try to make me come again I might die.”

Han Chen laughs, the mood snapping, as he stands back up, wrapping his arms around You Dong Dong from behind and walking him into the shower like some great uncoordinated four-legged beast. “Okay, okay, let’s get washed up and then I’ll make dinner and you can lounge on the couch with a glass of wine and be spoiled.”

“Mmmm, You Dong Dong says, turning under the spray and wrapping his arms around Han Chen’s neck, feeling the warm water hitting his back and seeing the way Han Chen’s hair is already starting to curl from the humidity, seeing a smear of come high on his cheek that he doesn’t even seem to be aware of, seeing the way he smiles at You Dong Dong, full of happiness and love.

“Sounds good to me,” You Dong Dong says, leaning in and taking another kiss from Han Chen’s mouth as the air steams around them. “It sounds perfect.”