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The night seemed to drag on, lights bearing on Taehyung making him sweat. He really just wanted to go home.

Award shows were his least favorite part of being a singer.

He could deal with the schedules, the long practice hours, all the fans wanting his attention, the saesangs that followed him everywhere. And even his lovely manager who drove him crazy.

But award shows were awful!

They took several hours, with practice and pre recording. Plus the coordinators always sat him directly in between alpha singers when he always asked to be placed near betas or girl groups. Even his manager, Seokjin, had made a point to ask to have him away from male Alphas as much as possible.

Most people thought he was just being a baby about being near Alphas, that he was being picky, others thought he was just a douche.

The real reason was Alphas didn't know how to act around him.

They always try to push their fragile masculinity on him, like they had something to prove. They act like he's some weak omega that need to mate to protect him. He can handle things on his own.

He also didn't want them constantly smelling him.

Taehyung had a very alluring smell. He knew that. All his label mates and even Seokjin, although a Beta, told him how strong and beautiful his scent was.

It wasn't like other omega scent. It wasn't sweet nor flowery like he thought it should have been. Taehyung smelled of freshly mowed grass and tree bark. It was at strange scent, yes, but everyone seemed to like it.

All the wrong people really liked it.

It wasn't that he didn't like Alphas. Most were nice and gentle people. He had Alpha friends and even dated some really great ones, but he just couldn't stand all the built up to stosst around that most Alphas carried and-

"could you please stop sniffing me?" He leaned back on the couch like seat had been placed in. The group sitting next to him was a rookie boy group called Simple, they were good kids, younger than most, but still good.

It was surprising that a group like theirs was made up of mostly Omegas, but it can happen like that.

However, two were Alphas and one was smelling him, very aggressively he might add.

"Yah Jungho! We taught you better than that." The red sitting on Taehyung's left called out to the boy, Jungho.

"Oh! Sorry Taehyung-ssi, I just- you. Uh-" The brunette bowed, body folding over his knees. Taehyung chuckled softly. He was guessing that Jungho was the maknae newly presented at that.

He couldn't be that upset at such a cutie.

He ruffled the boy's hair lightly careful not to mess up the stylists hard work. "Call me hyung." Taehyung could feel the boy's face heat up before he saw it. "Newly presented, hm?" Jungho nodded jerkily, while his group members all groaned. He chuckled." It's alright. Maybe pick someone else to smell, yeah. And you better cheer the loudest during my performance okay, cutie." Taehyung gave Jungho a wink before standing up.

He could hear the rest of Simple picking on Jungho as he walked away.

Being backstage was even worse than sitting around other idols.

There were too many bodies passing through the halls. Managers, body guards, stylists, and groups all trying to prepare for stages or trying to get back to their seats.

It was a mad house!

He walked quickly to the room he was sharing with another group. He needed his makeup touched up and he needed a mic.

"Tae! So glad you could finally join us." Seokjin practically flew into the room. The ginger chuckled, turning around in the stylist chair.

"Well if we weren't in the farthest away room it wouldn't take so long." Make up was quickly applied to Taehyung as they talked. He was extremely impressed by his staff that could work around his motions and expressions.

"Blame the coordinators. At your request, they just put you with these lovely girls. Who, by the way, are glad that you are, well, you know." Taehyung laughed again. He knew exactly why it was so easy to put him in a dressing room with females.

He was one of the few openly gay singers in the industry.

He wasn't ashamed of his sexuality, never had been. he always knew he liked guys and that just made it easier to make request about room assignments.

"Fifteen minutes Tae. Also we had to change the set, the audio is broken so you'll have to do Scenery." Taehyung gapped but didn't say anything."

He had never practiced the song before. It was a surprise release, not even in his repackage album yet, and he wasn't sure it would be recieved well by the fans or sound clear on stage.

He hoped Seokjin knew what he was doing.

The walk to the stage was quick so the wait was long. Taehyung groaned, walking back and forth between the curtain and the hall, bowing at leaving artists.

Another reason he hated award shows.

The wait.

Another thirty seconds goes by and Taehyung feels like he's losing his mind. He groans again, before turning to pace once more.

As he makes one more circle, something knocks him off his feet, but before he can hit the floor someone is holding him up. He blinks up at the person, eyes glossing over at the pheromones the other was releasing.

He was obviously an Alpha.

"I'm so sorry! I wasn't looking where I was walking. Oh gosh. Are you okay?" He was stood up right, the male in front of him bowing, profusely apologizing and letting off way too many comforting pheromones.

Taehyunt couldn't help but laugh.

"Its alright. I'm fine, stop apologizing." Taehyung looked over the male one more time. He was pretty docile looking for an alpha. He was tall but lanky, almost as if he didnt fit in his body. He also had bright green eyes that searched over Taehyung in worry, not lust, and full lips.

The male was also dressed some what lazily, with loose fitting sweatpants and what Taehyubt could describe as the cutest hoodie he had ever seen, it was orange with the words Daddy + Baby written in cursive script.

He looked good.

"Well can I get the name of the man who swept me off my feet or are you just gonna stare?" The blonde gaped, hand running through his hair, and blush starting at the tip of his nose.

"I-um, I'm Namjoon. Uh Kim Namjoon." Taehyung smiled, flicking his hair out of his eyes.

He had no problem flirting when he thought someone was attractive. Even if they were an Alpha.

"Ah, so the notorious rapper RM. You know Moonchild is my favorite song." The ginger bumped his hip into Namjoon, causing the taller to stumble slightly.

"Really?" The blush that started on the tip of the blonde's nose had spread to his cheeks. Taehyung giggled, feeling the older release more pheromones, embarrassed and happy ones.

"Yep!" A voice came over his ear piece, signaling that his stage was set and he needed to get in position. "Well gotta go." He didnt even make two steps before he was being pulled back by Namjoon.

"Wait, what's your name?" The ginger smiled, glad that taller had asked.

"Taehyung. Kim Taehyung. I'd love to stay and chat some more but I have a stage to rock. Come find me later, cutie." Taehyung winked before rushing off a second time.

"He thinks I'm cute?"


Taehyung didn't want to keep his hopes up by waiting for Namjoon but he couldn't help it. He wanted to believe the blonde wasn't like every other Alpha.

That he actually cared about Taehyung's feelings.

Even though they just meet, Taehyung had been listening to RM's music since his first mixtape was released, before he himself decided to go solo.

He loved the older's work.

"Geesh! Found him Joon-ah! If you would actually read signs you wouldn't need my help." A short mint haired male bowed at Taehyung. "Sorry for bursting in but my dork of a friend was looking for you. He was worried you might have left."

The ginger blinked, looking the short male up and down. He opened his mouth to ask who it was, but nervous Alpha pheromones entered his nose, causing him to choke. "N-Namjoon?"

The blonde tripped through the door, looking even more handsome than earlier.

He had pulled his hair into a bun (Taehyung was weak for man buns), he was now wearing tight jeans with holes in the knees and a red hoodie that had the words to the moon and never back in type writer text on the front.

He was seriously so good looking it should be illegal.

"Hey." Namjoon mumbled, face dusted light pink in embarrassment. Taehyung chuckled, waving the two males in.

"You actually found me. I thought you would've went home. Alphas don't like to wait for their prey." That was something his grandmother used to tell him.

It was mostly true.

"You're not prey." The blonde narrowed his eyes. Taehyung choked once again on the protective, dominant pheromones Namjoon was releasing.

He loved it.

He had never been around an Alpha who actually released such heavy protective pheromones. "Anyway, I came cause I wanted to ask you something." Taehyung looked bettwen the two males. He was so confused.

"Oh?" The mint haired male shook his head.

"Are you sure Joon?" Namjoon nodded, looking back at Taehyung.

"How would you like to um- collab?" The ginger's eyes lit up. This would mean he would not only be spending more time with the unexpectedly bashful Alpha but he would be collaborating with his favorite rapper.

"Hell yeah!"


Six months and four days had passed since Namjoon had asked him to collab and it was honestly the best six months and four days of Taehyung's life.

Two months into their sessions, the new song was completed. It was a fast process but Namjoon had the base track finished by the time he had asked to collab.

Thus 4 O'clock was born.

Three months in, Namjoon some how managed to ask him on a date. Of course he stuttered way to much and that cute blush that started on the tip of his nose spread all the way to his ears. Taehyung had said yes with the biggest smile on his face.

And now six months and four days later they had been dating for two months and eighteen days (not that Namjoon was counting or anything).

The couple were currently working (or cuddling while Namjoon did all the work for his next mixtape) in the bedroom of the blonde's apartment. Taehyung was curled into the older's side, eyes drooped with sleep as he tried to stay awake to watch what Namjoon was doing.

"Babe, go to sleep. I'll be done soon." The ginger yawned, shaking his head.

"No! You always say that, but then you're awake for - forever! Can't you just cuddle with me. Please." Namjoon groaned, but set his laptop on the bedside table. He curled up against Taehyung, arms and legs intertwining with the younger.

"Fine, but only becuss you're so cute." Taehyung giggled, curling close to the blonde.

"Nope, you're cuter my baby Alpha." Namjoon didn't say anything but the change in pheromones told Taehyung everything.

Namjoon was notorious for letting out all his emotions, not through words but his pheromones, the most Alpha like thing about him. Taehyung found it the extremely adorable, especially when the older was embarrassed (which was ninety percent of the time).

It was one of the reason he feel for the Alpha, of course there were a thousand more reasons but the ginger thought this was the most admirable.

Most alphas were not like that, they didn't show their embarrassment, they didn't show a sensitive side but that was all Namjoon.
Sensitive, strong and oh so cute.

He was really glad he ran into the Alpha.

This collab couldn't be any better.