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Nanu's Revenge

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Chapter 5

“Who’s a good boy? Who’s a good boy?” Faba said condescendingly to Guzma, speaking like he’s a three-year-old child.

The room we were in was huge and looked like a miniature habitat within the building. There was trees, flowers, ferns and water everywhere. There were several platforms built so people could walk over the water without getting wet. Pokémon of all kinds were all over, many of them tiny and young and some with scars and missing limbs.

Faba didn’t notice us, so I looked behind me and looked at Cassidy. “Cass, what is this place?” I asked. Blu stayed next to me, but she looked around curiously at all the Pokémon that were all over.

“They call this the Conservation Area. This floor is for Pokémon that have been abandoned, nearly killed or very young. That includes Pokémon that were targets of poaching, hence why some of the Pokémon are missing limbs.”

“Wow…” Naomi said breathlessly. “This area is pretty cool, actually.” She looked over at a Pikipek missing a wing, so it hobbled on the ground.

“I can’t believe people are so entitled that they poach Pokémon. I can’t imagine that that poor Pikipek is going through.”

“Yes, I was shocked too.” Cassidy’s eyes clouded and she closed them, letting out a sigh through her teeth.

Guzma looked over at us, immediately recognising me. His eyes widened and he said nothing, keeping silent. His face screamed ‘get me out of here’.

“What are you looking at?” Faba said venomously. He looked over at us and we all immediately genuflected to him. “Good grunts, maybe I ought to reward you with wine and steak?”

We all nodded but kept our heads down, but Faba just cackled evilly.

“No, no, you don’t get steak and wine. I was just teasing you to get your hopes up.” He walked over towards us and put his boot on top of my back. “Bellinor Nanu. I’ve been expecting you, actually.” He stomped down on me, nearly knocking me out, but I regained my composure. “I’d never mistake you for one of my grunts. I wondered if you were onto me. Your friends are ‘safe’ with me, and they won’t bother me ever again.”

My eyes widened and I knew he had done something horrible to them, but what, I had no idea. Naomi’s eyes were wide and full of fear, but she said nothing. Cassidy looked shocked at what she had heard. I looked over at her and she shook her head and I knew she didn’t know where they were.

“Don’t you recognise me? You’re the kid that made fun of me when you beat me, all because you had an Alolan Meowth. Your Meowth defeated my Abra and you just laughed at me, telling me to just give up, and saying that my Abra and I weren’t friends. You also said I was too restrictive because of ‘friendship’.”

“F-Fabien…?” I looked up at him with disbelief.

“Yes, yes. It’s me, Fabien, the kid you made fun of in school!” he growled.

“So, you take out all of your anger on my colleagues? My colleagues have nothing to do with this! I was a bully in school, and I’m happy to admit it. That’s my battle strategy, because I want trainers to push themselves and try harder. Acerola says I shouldn’t be so aggressive, but I can’t help it, it’s because of my short-tempered personality and I tend to be cynical and sardonic, too. I love foiling my opponent’s strategies and catching them off-guard. It makes me happy, in fact.” I smirked.

It looked as if he was about to kick me again, but Blu hissed, her hackles raised, tail twitching, and claws semi-retracted. It looked as she was about to pounce. She looked over at me, hoping for some sort of command.

Blu, greife ihn an und lass keinen Körperteil unberührt; (Blu, attack him and leave no body part untouched),” I commanded to her in German, because I knew he wouldn’t understand me.

Blu yowled, leaping high and retracted her claws as far as they could go. Faba tried to knock her down, but her sleek design allowed her to avoid his punch. She clawed him, swiping across his back and ripping up his white lab coat as he screamed in pain. She wrapped her mouth around his arm, jumping up, easily carrying him. She jumped into the water with him still in tow, with a giant splash, and causing a bunch of Pokémon to flee. See Faba, you deserve that! There’s nothing you can do, you’re a Psychic-type user, you wouldn’t be able to touch me! She yowled, jumped out of the water and sat down on her haunches while looking over at us.

I swore I could have heard her thoughts, and I just nodded. “Good job, Officer Blu.” I smiled as she walked back over, shaking and spraying me with water. I didn’t really care.

Naomi and Cassidy’s eyes were huge, and they watched in silence. Guzma was silent too and came over towards us, mystified at what just happened.

Guzma was very tall at 6’5”, and a purple tattoo with Team Skull’s logo, both which made him look intimidating. He had platinum blonde, messy hair and steel-grey eyes. It looked as if Faba forced him to wear a white uniform too, because normally he would wear a black hoodie with Team Skull’s logo on the back. His gold chain with Skull’s logo was missing, as well as his gold watch and Z-Ring. He lacked confidence, hence why he often lost. His parents abused him with golf clubs until his face was unrecognisable, so he decided to run away and that’s why he created Team Skull, to escape from reality.

However, he had an apologetic look in his eyes. “I’m sorry for beating you up, Nanu. You pissed me off with your harsh words.”

I shook my head, closing my eyes in sadness. “I was pushing you to become a better trainer, so maybe someday, you could take my place as an Island Kahuna. You lack confidence, Guzma. I want to help you. I will be stepping down soon, so I can go back to my old job of being a globetrotting Interpol officer again.” I put my hand on my gun, hidden underneath the uniform.

He simply nodded understandingly. “Thanks… Nanu…”

“You’re welcome. By the way, where is my Rusty, Gemma and Flare?” I asked.

“They’re in the lab, in cages.” He shook his head.

“We don’t have access to that…” Cassidy had a blank look on her face.

“I’ll grab Faba.” Guzma smirked, walking over towards the water and grabbing him like a doll.

He was knocked out, but luckily the water wasn’t too deep, because I could see that he was still alive. He was sleeping peacefully, not even fully aware that Guzma had just grabbed him.

We all walked back onto the platform, Blu right on beside me and sitting on her haunches; while Cassidy pushed a button on the lift’s computer.

The computer chimed and with a haunting voice said, “Access denied!” while the screen flashed red. Guzma noticed this, prying open his left eye and grabbing his hand and placing it onto the handprint scanner. Both scanners worked simultaneously. The computer said, “Access granted. Taking you to the lab now. Welcome, Faba.” The screen flashed green and the lift began to descend.

It took several minutes for it to descend. We all stepped off and looked around. It was eerily dark, with very few lights except a bit of light coming through a hallway. My eyes had gotten used to the dark and I knew I’d be able to see better than everyone else.

“I wonder which way?” Naomi asked, confused look in her eyes and she searched.

Nanu… help me! I’m in the very last room on the left!

“I-I think I have an idea where. I swear I can hear the thoughts of Type: Null. She said she was this way.” I pointed towards the left. “Follow me!” I began to run, Blu right on my side and everyone else tailing me.

We had made it to the very last room. I stopped, looking around. There, in the last room, was Type: Null. She was curled up into a ball, twitching a little.

She turned her head, looked up and noticed me. Her tail was wagging, and she closed her eyes happily. Nanu, you found me! Oh, I knew you’d find me! Her voice sounded relieved and happy. Everyone was pleased that I had found her and Blu let out a small purr.

“How do we open the door, Type: Full?” I asked, staring at some sort of locked door that had a computer on it.

Faba uses his hand and eye to open it…

“Hmm.” I nodded. “What attacks can you use? Can’t you just break the door down?”

I could try it. She slowly stood up, lowered her head and rammed into the door, denting it a little. A small crack showed on the helmet. We all back off away from the door, for safety’s sake.

“Try again,” I demanded. “Don’t be weak. Keep trying.”

“Try your best, Type: Null!” Naomi cheered her on.

“I believe you can do it!” Cassidy sounded enthusiastic.

“Do it, kid,” Guzma joined in on it too.

Even Blu yowled enthusiastically.

Type: Null sent out a small growl, lowering her head again, smashing the door enough that went flying off its hinges. A large crack appeared on the helmet – it was nearly smashed.

“What are you doing, Type: Null?” Faba’s voice was full of venom. Apparently, he had arrived without noticing. “You monster. You don’t deserve to be free, you deserve to be locked up where you’ll never be seen by the public! You horrible creature! Why did I even create you?” He had a disgusted look upon his face.

She let out an angry snarl. I am a Pokémon, and I deserve to live! Through sheer willpower and anger alone, the helmet smashed, revealing her beautiful white crest, grey eyes, red ears and beautiful, white tail. She looked pure and beautiful, despite looking like a Frankensteinian monster out of a horror movie.

“Look what you’ve done!” Faba pointed at me. “This is your fault!”

A small but odd-shaped disc fell out of his jacket pocket. It was mainly black in colour. Before he could pick it up, it went flying towards Type: Full, insert itself by the small, round part behind her eye. Her whole appearance changed, and we all watched in awe as her crest, eyes and tail all changed to black.

“D-did you do this for me?” I asked her.

Yes, because you told me you’re a Dark-type user. She turned her head to face me.

Faba’s eyes were as wide as pie pans, and he shuddered in fear at her appearance. “N-No! It will rampage!” He pointed at her. “It cannot control the RKS System and the Memory Discs! That’s why it had that helmet on! It is unstable and a monster!” He grabbed a Poké ball from his belt and threw it onto the ground.

A Bruxish materialised. It was mainly pink in colour, with some sprinklings of sky blue, purple and yellow. It had big lips with incredibly sharp teeth. It floated in the air using its physic powers.

“A 3-on-1 battle with Nanu vs Faba, start!” Naomi lifted both of her arms in a signal to ‘go’.

“Use Aqua Jet!” he commanded.

“What moves do you know?” I questioned her.

She easily dodged the Bruxish’s watery attack, jumping out of the way. I know Flamethrower, Dragon Claw, Shadow Claw and Crunch. and Steel Wing, Aerial Ace and a move Faba calls Multi-Attack.

“Go, use Shadow Claw! This is in honour of my daughter!” I commanded, pointing at the Psychic-type fish.

Both of her claws began to glow purple and a black aura in the shape of claws formed in front of her. She ran up to the Bruxish, slashing it and hitting hard. It fell onto the ground.

“You’re such a weak trainer. Surely you have a strategy to defeat me?” I smirked.

Faba’s face turned a bright red in anger. “S-Shut up!” he hissed. “Bruxish, use an Aqua Jet!”

Water formed around its body as it flew. The attack almost landed, but she moved the last second, landing another Shadow Claw onto the fish. She held it down, stomping on it and creating a sulcus in the concrete. A purple aura surrounded her body and her claws began to glow purple.

I assumed it was Multi-Attack. “Use Multi-Attack!” A small smirk appeared on my face as she slashed the Bruxish. It fainted, so she walked back over towards me, rubbing her head against my cheek.

“Bruxish is unable to battle, Nanu is the winner. Faba, let out your next Pokémon, please,” Naomi commanded.  

“Good job, Type: Full.” I smiled. I looked over at Faba. “Is that honestly the best you can do?” I sneered.

“W-why is it following your commands? This thing doesn’t listen to me!”

 “Because I’m an actual trainer that she’s deemed worthy?” I snapped.

“He’s a kind trainer that cares about other Pokémon!” Naomi hissed, her eyes slits. She started to pet her on her side.  

“He’s a highly respectable trainer. I’ve seen him in battle.” Cassidy stood up for me. “This Pokémon seems to care about him greatly.” She reached out her hand and began to rub her head behind her eyes.  

“Nanu is my friendly rival for a reason.” Guzma stared at him. “He gives me advice and how I can become a better trainer.” Even he started to pet her.

Type: Full loved the attention she was getting, closing her eyes and purring, relaxed. Even Blu was rubbing her cheeks against her legs.

“Why are you calling it a she?” he growled. “It doesn’t have a sex, it’s called an it!”

Type: Full turned around, snarled at him. I’m not an it! The word it is so degrading! I have a sex now! she stated proudly. The feathery hackles along her back raised as she gave him a death glare, holding her gaze with her beautiful black eyes, looking intimidating. She walked back to the middle.

Faba backed off a tiny bit and growled a little. “I-I can’t believe this!”

“Are you going to send out your next Pokémon, or do I automatically win? Are you even a worthy opponent?”

“Faba, if you don’t let out your next Pokémon, Nanu wins,” Naomi teased.

“F-Fine!” Faba stomped, grabbing his next Poké ball. He growled a little and tossed it.

A Drowzee materialised. It was mainly yellow and brown in colour, standing bipedally and had a long truck in front of its face. It was eerily human-like.

Type: Full’s eyes became filled with rage when she saw it.

“What is going on down here? We heard an explosion!” a feminine voice yelled. I could hear footsteps approaching, becoming louder and louder. Out of breath, she stopped and looked at what was going on. “T-Type: Full! What is going on down here?” She bared her left incisors. She was short in stature, around 5’5” tall. She had purple hair and green eyes. She too, was wearing a white jacket and shin-high boots, but with a pink sweater underneath. Perched upon her nose was a pair of pink glasses. “Why is it Type: Full again?”

“You’re just in time, Wicke.” Faba looked over at her. “We were just battling, you should join us.” He looked over at Naomi.

She just simply nodded. “A double battle with Wicke and Faba vs Nanu. Start!”

“I’d be happy to battle.” A smirk appeared on her face. She grabbed a Poké ball off her belt, tossing it. “Go, Bewear!”

The giant, bipedal Pokémon materialised. It was mostly black in colour, with a pink head and pink paw pads, the lower half of its body was black, with white ears and nose. Its tail was long and bushy, with darker pink stripes. Its black eyes glared at me.

“You think I’m intimidated by your Bewear?” I sneered. “Just because it’s a Fighting-type? You can’t fool me. Go, Blu.” I pointed.

Blu leapt towards the middle, growling and hackles raised. She was ready to battle.

“This will be interesting.” I heard Cassidy whisper.

Glad Blu can join me, this will be fun. Type: Full crouched down, ready to lunge at any second.

“Show me what you’ve got! Go first,” I commanded.

“Bewear, use Low Sweep on that Persian!”

“Drowzee, use Ice Punch on Type: Full!”

Drowzee’s hand began to glow blue, forming ice in its hands. It only managed to get a tiny bit of ice on her, and she shook if off like it was nothing. Bewear rushed up towards Blu, almost landing an attack but managed to miss. She made a quarter turn, facing the Bewear. Her claws began to glow a light purple, slashing the Bewear. The giant bear snarled at her, swinging its arms at her, striking her in the back. She recovered quickly.

Prove to me you’re a worthy opponent.” I glared at Faba, not breaking my gaze. “See, I am in sync with Blu, I don’t even need to command her. She knows exactly what to do!”

I want to be in sync with you. Tell me what to do!

“Type: Full, whatever move is on your mind, you attack without hesitation!”

I-I think I get it! She nodded, her claws beginning to light blue with a blue-green, claw-shaped aura. I knew it must have been a Dragon Claw. She smashed her claws into the Drowzee. The yellow and brown tapir went flying into the wall, it had fainted.

“Drowzee is unable to battle. Nanu is the winner.” Naomi grinned.

“Nice! You got it, Type: Full!” I smirked. I turned my attention back towards Faba. “You aren’t proving to me that you’re a worthy opponent, yet. Humph. This battle is actually quite boring.” I pretended to yawn but cracked a smirk.

Naomi giggled, knowing that’s exactly how I battled. “This is why I love you,” she whispered, but I could hear her.

Faba stomped on the ground, grabbing another Poké ball. “You! I’m going to kill you and piss on your grave!”

“You’ll never get to me, actually.” I smirked, putting my hand on my holster. “I got the codename Triple Sec for a reason, not from my favourite liqueur.” I laughed a little. “So, it would be me pissing on your grave.”

“I named him that for a reason: he can withdraw his gun within three seconds,” Naomi told him.

Faba snarled, tossing the ball. An Alakazam materialising.

It was mainly yellow and brown in colour, with a long, yellow moustache and in its hands were two, large spoons. It had tiny black eyes that stared at me, not breaking its gaze while it floated in the air. It was eerily human-like like Drowzee.

“Alakazam, Miracle Eye!” he commanded.

Its eyes began to glow purple; I knew it would allow it to use Psychic-type moves on my Dark-types.

“This is the battle I’ve been looking for.” I cracked a smirk again. “You are showing me you are worthy.”

“Now, use Psychic on Persian!” he commanded.

Its eyes began to glow, lifting Blu into the air. She yowled in surprise, not expecting a Psychic-type move to be used on her. It smashed her against a wall behind me. I had to jump out of the way to keep from getting hit by her body falling. She slowly stood up, shook it off like nothing happened. Her fur was dirtied, and I knew damn well she didn’t like that. Type: Full had a shocked look upon her face as she ran up to her, carefully scooping her up in her mouth, placing her on her back. She carried Blu back to the middle. Blu jumped off her back, snarling at the Alakazam.

“Bewear, use Brutal Swing on Persian!” Wicke commanded.

The bear’s arms began to swing violently at her, nearly hitting her. At the last second, however; Type: Full jumped in front, her lithe design being able to fit despite her height. She got the brunt of the punches. We all looked at her in shock. She had just sacrificed herself to protect Blu. She collapsed onto the ground, unable to move. She had fainted, unable to take the super effective Fighting-type move.

“Type: Full is unable to battle. Wicke is the winner.”

This is the battle I was looking for.” I grinned. “Type: Full, come back, please. You can watch.”

She jumped over towards me, lying down next to me, her head leaning against my leg. I simply smiled and started to pet her head. She purred, looking relaxed and closed her eyes. I looked at the white Z-Ring on my wrist. It had become a habit to wear it that it was just… there. I unhooked the Darkinium-Z from my necklace, placing the Z-Crystal into the Z-Ring, twisting it.

“I didn’t know I was going to need this.”

“Meeeeow!” she mewed in happiness. She knew exactly what was going on.

I spread my legs, crossed my arms in front of his face; then placed my arms at an angle, precisely at a 70-degree angle; I straightened and crossed my arms in front of my chest. I bent over with my hands on his side, nearly touching the ground. I then steadily stood up and then reached up towards the ceiling. A purple aura surrounded our body. A giant black and purple orb appeared on the ceiling. It changed to a swirling red. “BLACK HOLE ECLIPSE!

The black hole sucked up both Pokémon, disappearing inside it. The black hole imploded, disappeared and both Pokémon fell to the floor. They had fainted.

I smirked. I had won the battle.

Naomi said nothing, but she smiled.

Faba and Wicke were shocked at what they had just seen.

“Wicke, let’s go! We have to get out of here!”

“I don’t think so. Blu, go get them!” I commanded.

Blu growled, running up to them within two seconds. They tried to run away but she easily caught up to them. She tackled them, knocking them down as Naomi and I caught up to them.

“Good job, Officer Blu,” I complimented her as I grabbed my handcuffs. I handcuffed Faba. “I’m coming for you later. I have to find my friends.” I looked at him intimidatingly.

“Your friends are on Mount Lanakila,” Wicke commented as Naomi was handcuffing her. “We didn’t strand them or anything, they’re in a cabin somewhere at the summit.”

Cassidy looked at Naomi and I. “You go find your friends and your Pokémon. I’ll take care of these two. I have to find Émile anyway. I’m not sure where he is.”

“I’ll help you look for your Pokémon,” Guzma offered. “If that’s okay with you.”

“Of course, it is; let’s go.” I nodded.

I know where they are. Type: Full looked at me. Follow me. She began to run off. I started to follow her, with Blu at me heels, and Naomi and Guzma tailing me. We walked down a very long hallway. It was dark save for a few lights. It was eerie and strange. It was like a horror movie. I brushed off the eerie feeling, looking up at Type: Full. We stopped in front of a door like the one that she was held in. Looking through the window, we could see all my Pokémon lying down, listless. All of them looked up at us.

Flare howled in delight. He was a shiny Growlithe, with a yellow coat instead of an orange one, but with the same black stripes and cream-coloured tufts on his head and chest and cream-coloured tail. He was different though, because some poachers had snared him. In retaliation, he had almost chewed his leg off, henceforth, he was missing his left back leg. A giant scar went across his back, how he got it, I wasn’t sure. I had happened upon the snare and saved him using my quick thinking. I brought him to a Pokémon Centre. A Nurse Joy saved him and amputated his nearly chewed off leg. He wasn’t a Dark-type, but I felt like it was my duty to save him.

Rusty wagged his tail, happy to see me. He was a Krookodile. He was mostly red in colour, with a white belly and long black stripes almost wrapping around his body. One black stripe circled around his long snout and three encircling his tail. He had small black eyes, but they sparkled when he noticed me. He stood bipedal but wasn’t human-looking.

Gemma’s eyes sparkled and jumped up and down. She was a Sableye. She was purple in colour, with two gems as eyes and a red gem on her chest. She stood bipedally too and looked like a small child, which was creepy, but I loved her anyway. She had razor-sharp claws on her hands, trying to scratch open the door, but with no luck.

“Get back!” I commanded to them. They all moved backwards as Type: Full readied herself. Her claws began to glow blue-green with an aura in the shape of a giant claw. She slashed the door, causing it to go flying, bending in half.

All of them were free and rushed up towards me. Flare jumped up, nearly knocking me down, but I recovered quickly, catching him in my arms. He started to lick me in my face. I chuckled because it tickled. Rusty wrapped his arms around me, like a hug. Gemma wrapped her arms around my left leg, hugging it.

“I’m so glad everyone is okay!” Naomi smiled.

“Meeeeoow!” Blu mewed happily. She too, was happy to see everyone.

“Let’s not forget your colleagues.” Guzma looked at me.

“Yes. Let’s go look for them.”