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But with you I just go wild

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A week.

Josuke gets an entire week off of work at the hospital thanks to a very lucky shift rotation. It’s been months since he’s had more than a day off, so needless to say he’s excited.

He’s also horny.

Which is currently a problem, but thankfully not for long.

Okuyasu should be getting home from work within the next half hour and he plans on dragging him into bed the second he walks into the door. If he has anything to say about it, they’re not gonna leave bed for a few days except to go the bathroom and eat... hell, he may even bring food with them. They deserve it.

It’s been just over a year since the fateful day when Josuke’s car broke down and they went on their first dinner date and just under two months since they officially moved in together since they were spending most of their free time together anyway.

But with Josuke’s ever rotating schedule of day shift to night shift and Okuyasu’s slightly steadier but just as busy schedule, it feels like ages since they’ve had any extended length of time together, just the two of them and Josuke is more than ready.

He slumps on the couch, thinking longingly of Okuyasu’s muscular arms holding him tight, his strong hands gripping at Josuke’s hips as Josuke rides him into sweet oblivion. God... he’s wound up already, sighing as he presses his hands teasingly against his lower stomach. He loses himself to some more steamy daydreaming and is hard and wanting by the time he hears the familiar sound of Okuyasu’s bike pull up to their apartment building.

The opportunity to be suave, cool and collected could still be possibility, but Josuke is well past that point, if he’s being honest with himself. He bites his lip as he stands from the couch, pants tugging across his straining erection and makes his way to the door. Okuyasu’s key scrapes into the lock and he makes it in the door, sparing Josuke a quick glance and a grin.

“Hey, Josuke!” he says, shutting the door behind him.

The click as it shuts serves as a starting pistol as far as Josuke’s concerned. Shoving Okuyasu against the door, he forgoes returning the greeting in favor of pressing bodily against his boyfriend and tugging him into a searing kiss.

Okuyasu makes a strangled sound, body going temporarily tense as he’s pushed back into the door, but the reflex calms almost immediately and he sags a bit, arms wrapping around Josuke’s waist as he returns the kiss eagerly.

It’s so good. Josuke always loves kissing Okuyasu, but as turned on as he is right now, it’s making his head spin and his blood soar. He lets it linger a big longer, licking one last time into Okuyasu’s mouth before breaking away to suck and bite at his jaw and neck, pawing at his clothes as he does so.

Okuyasu huffs against his ear. “M-man, you must have missed me, huh?” he says, voice mostly breath. His hands are moving against Josuke sort of helplessly, clearly taken aback by the sudden but welcome turn of events.

Josuke nips at his ear lobe. “Bro, I’m so goddamn horny, you have no idea,” he answers. No use dancing around it. “I’m gonna get you into bed and I’m gonna fuck your brains out for a week.” His voice is nearly a growl as he reaches down to grope at Okuyasu’s cock through his loose work jeans. It’s nearly hard, so Josuke rubs and grinds his hand and leg against it to get it the rest of the way.

“Oh--” Okuyasu chokes out, hips jolting up into the friction Josuke’s giving him.
This is all well and good, but Josuke definitely needs more. He takes the time to give Okuyasu one last kiss and gentle bite to his lips before he sinks down to his knees right there in their entry way.

“Fuck, Josuke,” Okuyasu says on an exhale, hands thumping back against the door. “You... you ain’t kiddin’...”

“Nope,” Josuke has the presence of mind to confirm as he pushes Okuyasu’s shirt up and his waist band down. The pants are loose enough that it only takes one strong tug to bring them halfway down Okuyasu’s thighs. He watches hungrily as Okuyasu’s cock springs free, curving up towards his stomach.

Josuke’s head swims at the thought of what he gets to do to this man in front of him. Taking a moment for himself, he leans into the side, mouthing and tonguing against the smooth crease where Okuyasu’s thigh joins his torso. He smells a bit like grease and motor oil, as he usually does after work, but Josuke doesn’t mind, in fact he loves it. The way the smell of mechanics mixes with the clean sweat Okuyasu works up during the day, which then mingles more with the cologne he keeps in a work locker to spray on at times during the day when he needs to talk with customers, creates a thick, heady scent that Josuke can’t get enough of.

He takes his time breathing him in, mouthing at the quivering skin of Okuyasu’s stomach and thighs, working them both up into a panting frenzy before he finally allows himself to take Okuyasu’s cock between his lips. The weight and taste of it against his tongue forces a deep moan from his throat, his eyes rolling and fluttering shut as he licks and sucks at the head.

Okuyasu curses above him hands scrabbling against the door before he brings them to hover over Josuke’s head. “Jo-- can I?” he stutters out.

Josuke gives him a particularly sloppy suck along his entire length before he hums in affirmation, still endeared that after all this time and all of his blanket permissions that Okuyasu always asks to mess up his hair.

Rough fingers push into his pomp and drag and tug their way to the back of his head, the sensation making him groan around the flesh in his mouth. Okuyasu’s hips buck involuntarily and Josuke presses his hands hard into Okuyasu’s thighs to hold him for a moment, allowing him more time to savor bobbing his head along his length.

He digs his thumbs and fingers into Okuyasu’s thighs, enjoying the slight give of the skin and muscles beneath his hands. Lingering a bit longer he slides his one hand down between Okuyasu’s legs, tugging and thumbing at the soft skin of his balls as he pulls back to flick his tongue hard and quick beneath the ridge of the head of his cock.

Above him Okuyasu groans through his panting, trying his hardest to keep upright against the door as he tugs more and more of Josuke’s hair loose. Josuke sinks the entire way onto his cock, letting it slip deep into his throat, he breathes heavily through his nose as he lets it sit there before letting out another satisfied hum and swallowing. Okuyasu curses, fisting his hands tightly into Josuke’s hair. It’s overwhelming and the heat of what they’re doing goes to Josuke’s head, nearly making him come in his pants untouched.

But he can’t stay like that for long. He pulls back, breathing heavily as he feels drool start to spill down his chin. He sits for a moment with just the head in his mouth before he reaches forward, tugging at Okuyasu’s hips in permission for him to start thrusting on his own.

Okuyasu groans and holds still for a moment, letting one of his hands slide down to caress Josuke’s cheek. He cups his jaw softly before he begins thrusting into Josuke’s mouth on his own terms.

Josuke sighs through his nose, all too happy at feeling the slick in and out of the cock in his mouth. He looks up at Okuyasu through dazed and slightly watery eyes to find his boyfriend looking at him with tense wonder.

“I... m’close, Josuke,” he says through gritted teeth.

Josuke hums again, settling himself a little better on his knees as Okuyasu reaches down to take his own cock into his hand. Josuke pulls back and lets his mouth drop open, his tongue sticking out slightly. With a few frantic pumps of his hand, Okuyasu comes with a choked groan, watching as he coats Josuke’s tongue.

Josuke moans himself, closing his mouth as Okuyasu finishes, swallowing everything and giving the head of Okuyasu’s cock a final sucking kiss.

Okuyasu sags against the door as Josuke stands, pressing against him once again.

“Holy fuck, dude,” he breathes out with a little laugh as Josuke surges forward to kiss him hot and slow. Okuyasu gladly returns it. A pleased hum of his own escaping as he tastes himself on Josuke’s tongue.

They kiss for awhile as they calm down, before Okuyasu gently pushes Josuke back to nuzzle at his forehead. “Thought you said we were gonna do this in a bed?” he chides, coyly pushing a leg to the front of Josuke’s pants.

Josuke gasps and grinds against him. “Couldn’t wait...” he answers. “Though if you’d like to continue there, please, be my guest.

Okuyasu shrugs, tugging his pants back up. “Well, I suppose we can,” he grins, surging forward and surprising Josuke by hauling him up over his shoulder to carry him to the bedroom.

Josuke’s torn between laughing and groaning at the pleasing feeling of being manhandled. “You better be ready,” he finally manages to say.

“For a week of getting it on with you? How could I refuse?” Okuyasu asks with a playful grab at Josuke’s ass.