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Written In The Fire

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Written in the Fire
Chapter 1
The Fire in Firewalker

"I still don't understand why we are here." Dana Scully said to her partner. They had come here on a case, sure. But, she wasn't quite sure what made a seemingly normal murder case an X-File.
"Look at the burn marks, Scully! It's clearly a case of spontaneous human combustion!" Fox Mulder said excitedly. Scully rolled her eyes.
"Come on, Mulder! Have you ever heard of something called the 'wick effect'?" she asked him, an incredulous look on her face. He nodded. "Good. Then it's safe to say that this is obviously *not* an X-File."
"Not so fast!" a voice behind them said. Mulder and Scully turned around simultaneously to see who this new person was. Dean Winchester stood behind them with his credentials in hand as his brother, Sam, looked around the crime scene. "We were sent here by the...uh...Sheriff to come and get you. They've found another body." Scully shared a skeptical look with Mulder. Neither of them thought Dean was telling the truth, but they didn't think he was lying either. So, they decided to accompany him to the Sheriff's office.