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Tenzo and crew

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Tenzo often disagreed with his adopted mother about his choices. He may have studied and perfected tree manipulation, Tsunade dislikes whenever he uses them for combat. Tenzo, against Tsunade’s will, joined a secretive branch of the military called Root, with his friend Kakashi. Root often gets tasked with controversial missions. The leader of the organization, Danzo, believes it protects their country, regardless of the cost, eliminating the competition and so forth. Tsunade knows Tenzo will believe her sooner or later.
“Mom, I am thankful for all you have done for me. You and Uncle Nawaki helped me master my wood power. All those times I got hurt, you healed me right up and Nawaki cheered me on. You are an amazing mom, but now I think I can choose to go off on my own,” Timmy states.
“I have known people who have died because of this organization, Tenzo. They targeted powerful people that threaten their way of doing things. Root has gone after the Uchiha clan and Naruto’s family. Please reconsider your decision,” Tsunade replies, her voice shaking.
“I’m sorry, but Kakashi and I already planned this out. I’ll come to visit in between assignments. I appreciate your concer-” a knock at the door cuts of Tenzo’s thoughts.
He looks through the peephole and there stands Kakashi.
“Tenzo open up, it’s time to go” The white-haired man shouted.
Tenzo grabs his belongings and heads out the door to greet him. Now started his time in Root. Danzo requested him specifically because he could manipulate wood, and could be proven as a valuable asset to Konoha (The Hidden Leaf Village). He knew the training would be harsh, but Tenzo felt prepared. He managed to perfect a technique only Hashirama, the first Hokage, and grandfather of Tsunade could do. The Hokage, or Fire Shadow, led Konoha, a village full of ninja with extreme skill and part of the 5 great Ninja villages. Tenzo did not have many friends besides Kakashi, who often trained with him as a child. They both had powers that did not originally belong to them. Kakashi had the Sharingan, a visual technique present in the eyes of the Uchiha clan and nobody else. His teammate, Uchiha Obito, gifted this ability to Kakashi after a fight during the 3rd Great War. Fortunately, he survived the ordeal, and now Kakashi and Obito both have Sharingan.
When the two ninjas approached Root’s compound, they saw two masked men approach them.
“Which one you is Hatake Kakashi?” one of them asked in a stern voice.
“I am, but what does the Anbu (Secret Service) underneath the 3rd Hokage want with me?” Kakashi asked sternly, noticeably tensing up.
“Lord Hokage wishes for you to remain in the Anbu under him, and will not let you join the Root, as it may pose a security risk,” The one on their left replied, “Your visual prowess should not be taken lightly.”
“Tenzo, I’ll be fine. I’ll be back soon,” Kakashi told his friend, walking with the Black Ops to the Hokage’s offices.
Tenzo, unable to say a word throughout the whole exchange, stood there, dumbfounded. He then walks to the entrance of the building, worried about his friend, and begins his training. Thus begins his time in Root.