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A Hurricane

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1922, June 10th.

A young, frail blonde boy sat on a curb underneath his apartment's fire escape. The boy had bruises on his face, and blood streaking down from his ear.
He presumably had gotten himself in to yet another fight against the two older alpha pups in the neighborhood.
The boy sniffs, holding back his tears as he stares down at his small hands; bruised and bloodied.

"Look out!" A voice shouts, as an older boy with dark hair, riding a bicycle rather half-hazardously through the path of almost hitting the small blonde boy.
The blonde dives out of the way of the bike, scraping his knees in the process. The blonde hisses, looking up to see the brunette rushing over to him,
" What'dya think you were doin'!?" The blonde struggles to get up on his feet. The brunette extends his hand out to the blonde helping him up. The blonde grumbles taking the taller boy's hand.
" Bikin'. What're doin' on the ground any how?" The boy deadpans. The blonde flushes, and mumbles, "Nothin'.."
"D'nt look like nothin'."
"Well, it was! Whats'it to you any ways"
The brunette scans the small skinny blonde, "Well, if I hadn't caused you 'nuff trouble," motioning to his knees, "I'da thought ya just got 'yer ass whooped."
"Did not!" The blonde flushes red again.
The brunette holds his hands up in mock surrender with a smirk played out on his face,
"Alright, Alright." He grimaces at the blood running down the blonde's knees, "Atleast 'lemme help ya out with 'yer battle wounds."
The blonde grumbles, "Don't need help."
"Wasn't askin,'" The brunette replies sharply.
The blonde whimpers a bit, "Fine." he motions the brunette to move along.
The tall boy nods, "My Ma can help 'ya out. She's got all sorts ah medical tools. Me 'n my kid sister, always in trouble." the brunette chuckles.
The blonde lifts his eyebrow, looking at the brunette with confusion.
"What'd they call 'ya anyways? Name's James Barnes, but everyone calls me Bucky." The brunette gives a toothy grin, as he rolls his bike along the sidewalk.
"Bucky? Hell kinda name is that?" The blonde asks, furrowing his brows. "Short 'fer Buchanan." "Yikes... 'm Steve. Steve Rogers."
"No kiddin'? Is 'yer ma a nurse? Short, blonde, sweet as can be, but sorta scary?" Bucky shivers at the last bit.
Steve nods, "Yep, that's 'er all right." he chuckles a bit.
"Ya think with a punk like yer'self wouldn't get so beaten up with 'yer Ma as a nurse." Bucky quips, as he opens a gate, leaning his bike against the fence.
Steve flushes red once again, "Jerk..." Bucky just laughs, leading Steve up to his porch.

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1943, June 7th.

"Daddy?" The small, pale, blonde-haired girl with big gray-blue eyes, asked up at her father. The scent of ginger, vanilla, and happy omega and pup were recognizable in the small bedroom.
"Yes, baby?" The male omega with different blue eyes, but same blonde hair asked, looking down at his little girl.
"Daddy... Could you tell me a story?" she asked with a toothy grin, her eyes full of wonder.
The man chuckled, "Of course, sweetheart..." The man put his hand to his chin, pretending to ponder on what adventures he could tell his little girl. He grins, "Once upon a time, there was a princess-"
"No!" The girl cries, rising up from her father's lap, she sets her small hands on either side of her father's face "The one about how you and Papa met!" the girl giggles, "Aah, that one..." The man smiles, kissing the tip of the pup's nose, knowing full well that was what his pup wanted.

"Yeah, Stevie, the one how you and Papa met!" Another man, gray-blue eyes that mirrored the small blonde girl's, his cropped dark brown hair was covered with a Sergeant's cap walked into the girl's bedroom, sinking down on to a chair beside her bed.
"Papa!" The girl shrieked hopping off her father's lap, just to run into her alpha father's arms. "You're home early," the omega smiles as he watches his alpha and pup.
"That's right, couldn't wait for my guy's bedtime stories," The alpha replies burying his smile in his pup's hair, scenting her, "Speaking of.." his eyes flick up to his omega's.
"Ah, yes." The omega nods, "C' mon baby, into bed, then your story." The girl sighs, she reluctantly squirms out of her alpha father's arms, and into bed huddled up next to her omega father.
"Now, where would you like me to start, baby." The Omega looks down at his pup, cupping her face lovingly with his right palm.
"The beginning!" The girl squealed. The omega hummed, remembering meeting his alpha quite fondly.

1922, June 10th.

A young, frail blonde boy sat on a curb underneath his apartment's fire escape. The boy had bruises on his face, and blood streaking down from his ear.
He presumably had gotten himself into yet another fight against the two older alpha pups in the neighborhood.
The boy sniffs, holding back his tears as he stares down at his small hands; bruised and bloodied.

"Look out!" A voice shouts, as an older boy with dark hair, riding a bicycle rather half-hazardously through the path of almost hitting the small blonde boy.
The blonde dives out of the way of the bike, scraping his knees in the process. The blonde hissed, looking up to see the brunette rushing over to him,
" What'dya think you were doin'!?" The blonde struggles to get up on his feet. The brunette extends his hand out to the blonde helping him up. The blonde grumbles taking the taller boy's hand.
" Bikin'. What're doin' on the ground anyhow?" The boy deadpans. The blonde flushes, and mumbles, "Nothin'.."
"D'nt look like nothin'."
"Well, it was! Whats'it to you anyways"
The brunette scans the small skinny blonde, "Well, if I hadn't caused you 'nuff trouble," motioning to his knees, "I' da thought ya just got 'yer ass whooped."
"Did not!" The blonde flushes red again.
The brunette holds his hands up in mock surrender with a smirk played out on his face,
"Alright, Alright." He grimaces at the blood running down the blonde's knees, "At least 'lemme help ya out with 'yer battle wounds."
The blonde grumbles, "Don't need help."
"Wasn't askin,'" The brunette replies sharply.
The blonde whimpers a bit, "Fine." he motions the brunette to move along.
The tall boy nods, "My Ma can help 'ya out. She's got all sorts ah medical tools. Me 'n my kid sister, always in trouble." the brunette chuckles.
The blonde lifts his eyebrow, looking at the brunette with confusion.
"What'd they call 'ya anyways? Name's James Barnes, but everyone calls me Bucky." The brunette gives a toothy grin, as he rolls his bike along the sidewalk.
"Bucky? Hell kinda name is that?" The blonde asks, furrowing his brows. "Short 'fer Buchanan." "Yikes... 'm Steve. Steve Rogers."
"No kiddin'? Is 'yer ma a nurse? Short, blonde, sweet as can be, but sorta scary?" Bucky shivers at the last bit.
Steve nods, "Yep, that's 'er all right." he chuckles a bit.
"Ya think with a punk like yer'self wouldn't get so beaten up with 'yer Ma as a nurse." Bucky quips as he opens a gate, leaning his bike against the fence.
Steve flushes red once again, "Jerk..." Bucky just laughs, leading Steve up to his porch.


1943, June 7th.

The blonde girl is asleep soundly, cuddling up to her rather big pillows on her bed.
The omega smiles, he leans down kissing her temple gently, "G'night Willow Sap..." He slowly lifts off the bed, careful not to wake the pup.
The alpha just smiles at his pup, kissing her forehead as well, "Sweet dreams, babydoll." rising from his chair, holding out his hand to his omega to lead them out of the bedroom.

The omega closes the door softly behind them, " 'm gonna miss her... So much..." his voice cracks, as he blinks back a few tears. The alpha sighs and nods, he hugs his omega close to him,
"I know sweetheart... I know, me too.." He kisses the top of his omega's head, rubbing his cheek against the blonde hair.
"I-I don't think I-I can leave 'er, Buck.." Steve chokes back a sob, "I... I know Stevie... B-But we gotta. We-we're doin' this to keep 'er safe, yeah?" Steve just nods, hugging his alpha tighter.
Bucky rubs circles soothingly along Steve's back. He sighs parting his arms, stepping back to look into his omega's eyes. Both of their eyes are glassy, red, and full of nerves. "Buck... Buck, what if we don't... What if we don't make it..."
Bucky makes a hurt-sounding noise in the back of his throat, he sets the pads of his thumbs gently against Steve's face, "We just... We just gotta try, right Stevie? Someone's gotta kick Hitler in the ass." Steve lets out a weak laugh, nodding slowly.
"Y-Yeah.." Steve looks back at his pup's door, wondering if that will be the last time seeing her. He sniffs a bit, putting his hand over Bucky's. They hold each other's hand as they walk to their kitchen, to wait for Bucky's sister to come.


1943, June 8th.

"Thanks for doin' this, Becks." The alpha says softly, as he hugs his younger beta sister. "'Course, Bucky. Anything for my favorite niece. Oh, also for you, and Steve I s'pose." She laughs quietly, as she hugs Bucky back.
Steve smiles at the siblings, "Gee, Becca," the omega laughs, but face turning serious quickly, "But, really... Becca, thank you for doin' this for us... I-I couldn't imagine what would happen if-"
"Now don't talk like that, Steven Grant." Rebecca chided. Steve only nodded "Yes, ma'am..." Rebecca gave a warm smile, walking toward Steve giving him a hug, "You know I'd do anything for you three." Steve hugged Rebecca back, smiling, "Th-Thank you, Becca."

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1943, June 8th.

The small girl awoke from her slumber rather early in the morning. She sniffed the air, only to smell pancakes, coffee, and a warm lavender scent. The girl gasped as she hopped off her bed, swinging the door open to rush down the stairs.
The pup was still wearing her light pink night-gown, and her hair was a tangled mess, "Auntie Becca!" the girl cried as she ran into the kitchen, plowing into Rebecca's arms. "Hey, kiddo!" The beta smiled, petting the pup's hair.
"Good morning, Auntie Becca!" The small girl grinned, only for it to drop noticing her fathers were not present in the kitchen. She did not see her omega dad by the kitchen stove cooking, or her papa reading the paper by the kitchen table.

Willow looked back up at her aunt, "W-Where's Papa, and Daddy?" she said, her voice just above a whisper. Rebecca's face softened, as she opened her mouth, only for it to close again; she sighed, "Papa and Daddy had to go away for a while, honey."
"W-Why did Papa, and Daddy go away?" the girl said, tears welling up in her eyes, "W-Why didn't they say g-goodbye?" the tears were now falling down her rosy cheeks. The scent of the distressed pup was in the air. Rebecca frowned, pulling the pup into a hug, "They just had to go for a while, sweetie. B-But, they'll be back soon!"
Rebecca rubbed her hand softly against the pup's back "They wrote you a letter before they left, would you like me to read it, or-" "I wanna read it!" Willow cried, tears still running down, but she was a little excited knowing her fathers wrote her something just for her.

Rebecca smiled and nodded. She rose up off the ground to grab a small envelope that read, "Willow Sap." Rebecca handed the envelope to the pup, allowing her to open it.
Willow snatched the envelope, dashing to the kitchen table. She sat down on one of the chairs, and carefully unfolded the envelope only to reveal a folded up paper.
She unfolded the paper as she read the nice cursive handwriting aloud.

"Hey, baby girl,
We know that you must be upset that we aren't there to greet you this morning.
We're upset too, babydoll, but don't you cry about us. Smile for us, and keep smiling for Auntie Becca.
Even though we're not there to help when you fall, or to protect you from your nightmares, Auntie Becca will be there to protect you.
But, you also gotta look out for Auntie Becca, sweet pea, she's a bit of a clutz!"

Willow smiled at the last sentence, knowing full well her papa had said that

"Please be careful, sweetheart. We love you so very much, and we are going to make it back home as soon as possible!
Once we're home, 'ya know what we're going to do? We'll go to your favorite tree on the hill, and have cake and lemonade, just like you asked! We promise, baby doll.
We love you so much, sweet Willow sap, and we hope to see you soon. We miss you.
Papa, and Daddy."

Willow finished reading the letter, she sniffed a couple of times reading the last few lines over, and over again. She sighed, hugging the letter close to her.
"Honey, if you're done reading, would you like some breakfast?" Rebecca called from the stove. "Y-Yes, please!" The pup replied from the table; she folded the letter setting it back inside the envelope.
She then hopped off the kitchen chair to join her aunt in the kitchen.

1945, March 8th.

Rebecca was sitting in Steve, and Bucky's kitchen, reading over scattered bills, and textbooks.
She had moved in not long after Steve and Bucky were shipped out, leaving her small apartment not far from Queens. Willow had gotten off winter break, and is now back in school.
Willow enjoyed school, she always came home with a bright smile, or a letter and drawing in her hands for either Rebecca or Bucky and Steve.
Rebecca was just about to pour herself some more coffee from the kettle until she heard a knock from the door. Rebecca thought it was odd; Willow wouldn't be back from school for roughly another hour.
She walks slowly to the door, seeing a silhouette of a man in uniform. She opens the door only to be greeted with an alpha male with tired, red-rimmed eyes; he's holding a small bunch of papers in his hands as he looks at the woman in front of him.

Rebecca's eyes widen as she thinks the worst, she opens her mouth to speak but the only thing that comes out is a soft, "Y-Yes?" She closes her eyes shut as she listens to the man to speak, "Rebecca Barnes?" Rebecca nods, clenching her fists behind the door.
The man sighs, "Ma'am, my name is Colonel Chester Phillips." the man says. "No," Rebecca breathes out. "I'm sorry," he says. "No," Rebecca repeats. "No, no, please no! There must be a mistake!"
"Sergeant James Barnes and Captain Steven Rogers are missing in action," Colonel Phillips tells Rebecca. "They are presumed dead. I'm sorry." "Oh, god!" Rebecca cries, dropping to her knees, "No, please, no! It can't be true, sir!" the beta sobbed.
Colonel Phillips crouches down to help Rebecca up, "I'm sorry, ma'am." Rebecca only nods "They have a child.." she says weakly, holding back sobs, tears streaming down her face. Colonel Phillips looks at her sadly, like he knows. "I'm sorry, ma'am." He repeats. Colonel Phillips hands over the small bunch of letters; the alpha sighs as he looks at the beta with a sorry look. He nods his head and leaves the front porch.

Rebecca stands there numbly, sifting through the letters. They're all for her and Willow. Two of the letters being their death certificates; Rebecca chokes on a few sobs as she starts crying again, "I'm so sorry." she whispers.
She walks back in the house after about fifteen minutes, she sniffs setting the letters on the kitchen counter delicately. She looks at the clock next to a small family picture of Steve, Bucky, and Willow on Willow's first Christmas.
Rebecca blinks back tears as she sees the picture, she sighs, "She'll be home in half an hour.." She whispers to herself. Rebecca heads to the stove to start on a small pot of soup and starts a kettle for some tea. She sniffs again, as her shoulders slumped; she drops the wooden spoon in the pot, "Damn it!" she cries, "Why'd you have to do it, Buck, why..."
She wipes her eyes furiously, "Damn it, you two.."

1945, March 8th.

"Auntie Becca? I'm home! I made Papa a birthday card at school today! I also drew Daddy something so he wouldn't feel left out!" She giggles. She slips off her shoes by the door, setting her backpack on a nearby shelf.
She sniffs the air only to smell the soup, tea (But, she wasn't sure what kind of tea), as well as a distressed beta...
"Auntie Becca?" The girl asks now concerned. She walks into the kitchen to see her aunt serving the soup, "Oh! Hey, kiddo." Rebecca gives a weak smile, but her eyes are red-rimmed and glassy.
"A-Are you okay, Auntie Becca..? You look sad." Willow says warily as she walks up to give her aunt a hug. Rebecca sniffs, setting down the pot and spoon, she hugs her niece, "I... I-I am sad, honey."
Willow's eyes widen a bit, she looks up at her aunt, "W-Why are you sad, Auntie Becca?" Rebecca sighs, 'such a simple question' she wonders, "L-Let's sit at the table, sweetheart. I... I have something to tell you."
"Oh, Okay." Willow nods, now nervous. Willow climbs up on to one of the chairs next to Rebecca's spot, she watches her aunt sit down with a worried look.

Rebecca takes a deep breath, holding back tears. She takes Willow's small hand as she manages to speak, "L-Look, sweetie... Sweetheart, Papa and Daddy, They're- They aren't going to be coming home for a while..."
Willow's expression becomes shocked, then disbelief, "W-What..? Auntie Becca, w-why?" her voice trembles as she squeezes her aunt's hand. "Baby, they're... Papa and Daddy, they passed away."
"Passed away...?" Willow looks away, her eyes welling up with tears, "But. They- No!" she cried, looking back at her aunt "No! They're coming back! They-They promised, Auntie Becca! We-We was s'posed to have cake 'n lemonade! They-They promised! Papa never breaks promises!" Willow began to sob as she fell into her aunt's arms.
Rebecca holds Willow, hushing, and whispering, 'it's okay' and 'I know,' Rebecca starts to feel tears running down her cheeks. Both girls hold each other, crying together, mourning together for their family members.
"They promised..." Willow sobbed.

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1945, September 12th.

Willow didn't take the funeral of her fathers very well. She had clung to Rebecca's side all the way through; she held on to her like a lifeline, afraid that she'd disappeared like her papa and daddy.
Willow spent a long time after the funeral at her fathers' graves, saying 'you promised,' 'I love you,' and finally, goodbye.'

After the funeral, she wasn't the same little girl as she was before her fathers left. She spent most of her time reading in her bedroom and helping Rebecca cook.
Rebecca's mother, Winifred, came to the house a couple of times a week after she heard the news that her two boys had died. Willow tried to smile more as she had promised years ago, but it seemed very hard to keep smiling for her Auntie Becca, and Nana Winnie.
As time went on, Willow began third grade; she had made a few friends, but she still didn't smile as much. She was always kind, and more than happy to help, but she only gave small, sad smiles.
Rebecca was still in college, and finding it harder and harder to afford for both her, and Willow; as well as groceries, textbooks, and the house. Winifred had offered to help, but Rebecca declined. She couldn't allow her mother to pay for her needs.
Rebecca came up with the tough, but the best decision, into letting someone else take care of Willow. Someone who can afford to support her, protect her, and supply for her.
Rebecca sighed, as she began to write a letter to a good friend of Steve's. Before Steve and Bucky had been shipped out, they had left a list of names for Rebecca if something were to... happen, to any of them. The top of the list was Rebecca, then the next was Peggy Carter.
So, Rebecca decided it was best that she wrote to Ms. Carter, it's what is best for Willow right now...

"Dear, Ms. Carter,
I apologize if I am imposing, but I am writing to you in need of a favor.
My name is Rebecca Barnes, I am James Barnes' sister, and for the past two and a half years now I have been their daughter, Willow's, guardian.
I know we haven't formally met, but I have heard much about you from Steve. He spoke fondly of you, and I'm aware that you are as well a godparent of Willow
I am hoping to ask if you would come to see us; Finances have come hard ever since James and Steve died; I would appreciate it if you could care for Willow until I am more financially stable.
We still live at the same address, James and Steve's home. If it wouldn't be too much trouble, would you come for dinner with us next week?
It would be very much appreciated.
Thank you,
Rebecca Barnes"

1945, September 19th.

Rebecca had heard from Peggy Carter soon after she had sent her letter. Ms. Carter would be coming over for supper tonight, and Willow was excited to meet her. Willow was setting the table, as Rebecca finished up cooking a roast.
Rebecca had mentioned to Willow that she might have to stay with Ms. Carter for a while; there were tears when Willow found out she might have to leave her aunt, but she weakly smiled when Rebecca said she'd visit as many times as she could.

A soft knock was heard at the door, Willow looked up from where she was sitting at the table, "Sweetheart, could you get the door. It must be Ms. Carter," Rebecca said as she pulled the roast out the oven. Willow nodded, then sprung out of the chair, and straight to the door.
Willow looked up to see a kind face; An alpha woman with auburn hair, fair skin, and bright red lips; She smelled of rich non-threatening alpha, and jasmine

The woman smiled down at Willow, "Hello, Dearie. You must be Willow, my how beautiful you are. I'm Peggy Carter, but you can call me Peggy if you'd like, dear." Her voice has a rich English accent; she held out her hand to the small pup.

Willow blushed at the comment, and shook the woman's hand, "Hi," she said softly, "I'm Willow, would you like to come in? Auntie Becca is making dinner!" She said with a small grin. Peggy stepped in the house, it smelled of pleasant home-style roast, and vegetables, "Thank you, Willow. Now, where might your aunt be? I must speak with her."
"This way!" Willow said as she walked to the kitchen, a small skip in her step. "Auntie Becca! This is Ms. Cart- Carter! But, she says you can call her Peggy." she giggled. Peggy smiled down at Willow, she raised her hand toward Rebecca, "Yes. Hello, you must be Rebecca Barnes?"
Becca nodded, as she shook the other woman's hand, "That's me, but you can call me Becca if you'd like. Dinner will be ready soon, won't you sit? Would you like a drink or anything?" Peggy smiled again, "I'm fine dear, but thank you." Rebecca nodded, sighing in relief that Peggy seems to be a very nice woman.

During supper, a pleasant conversation was made. Peggy went over the addresses, schools, and activities that Willow was able to do in Peggy's small apartment. Her apartment was on a military ground so it was private, but she was sure to add Rebecca to her guest list.
Willow talked about her school, and how she loves to read; While Rebecca asked more than once if it was okay for Willow to live with Peggy for a while. Peggy always replied with a warm smile, and 'Dear, don't you worry. It is perfectly fine. Willow is a lovely girl."
Rebecca smiled as she stood from her chair taking their dishes to the sink to be cleaned, "So, well um.. When would be a good time for Willow to join you?" She asked rather awkwardly. Peggy always gave a kind smile, she nodded, "Well, would you like to try by the end of the week? If that's alright with you, dearie." She said toward Willow.

Willow only nodded, she was nervous about living with Peggy, but she was also nervous about leaving her aunt. She promised her papa that she'd look out for her. "Sweetheart, are you alright?" Becca asked worriedly, "Y-Yes, Auntie Becca. I- 'm just gonna miss you 's'all." Becca only smiled sadly, "Honey, I'll miss you too, so so much. But, Peggy here is nice, yeah? I will always get to visit you as much as I can, right?"
Willow nodded again, then hugged Rebecca tightly "Woah there, kiddo" she laughed, "You're not leavin' tonight. Remember, the end of the week?" Willow nodded again, sniffing as she parted with her aunt, "I love you, Auntie Becca" she whispered. "I love you too, kiddo" Becca kissed her temple.
Peggy smiled at the two, "I should be taking my leave now, darling. But, thank you for dinner, it was lovely. I should be here by Friday, yes?" Rebecca nodded, "Yes, we'll see you on Friday. And, thank you, Peggy." Peggy laughed, "Remember, dear, don't you worry." she smiled, then walked down the porch.

1945, September 21st.

Friday came sooner than expected, and Willow was again, excited and nervous.
They spent the last few days packing Willow's clothes, books, letters, and dolls; also doing many board games together. They sat together on the front porch step waiting for Peggy to arrive; Willow sighed, leaning her head against Rebecca's arm. Becca threw her arm around Willow's shoulders, planting a kiss on top of her blonde hair.

"Auntie Becca?" Willow asked softly, "Yes, honey?" Rebecca responded looking down, "Do you... Do you think Papa and Daddy miss us as we miss them?" Willow asked, her voice cracking a bit as she looked up at her aunt.
Rebecca cleared her throat, and nodded slowly "Yes, baby... Yes, I don't just think they miss us, I know they miss us..." she rubbed Willow's arm gently. Willow sighed again and nodded, "Do you think they're looking after us, like... Like our guardian angels?"
Rebecca gave a weak laugh and nodded again, "Yes, sweetie I know they're going to be looking after us... Like our guardian angels." Willow smiled at her aunt's response. Both the girls looked up as they saw a car pull up their driveway.

"There's Peggy, sweetie" Rebecca nudged toward the car, Willow just nodded slowly standing up. She picked up her small backpack as she waited for her aunt to grab her two suitcases. "Hi, Peggy" Willow waved as Peggy got out the car, "Good morning, dearie." Peggy smiled at Willow and Rebecca.
Peggy opened the trunk of her car, walking toward Rebecca helping her with the suitcases. "Thank you," Rebecca said as they shut the door to the trunk, "You don't need to thank me, darling," Peggy said with a sad smile. Rebecca nodded, then hugged Peggy, "I do, I really do" Rebecca said with a soft laugh.
Willow looked up at the two women, she looked down as tears starting to pool up in her gray-blue eyes, "Oh, Honey..." Rebecca said as she looked down at the girl.

Rebecca crouched down so her eyes were level with Willow, "Honey, don't cry." she rubbed Willow's shoulders.
Willow gave a weak nod, she sniffed then "I-I'm going to miss you, Auntie Becca," she threw herself into Rebecca's arms, hugging her tightly. "And I you, baby," she said with tears welling up in her own eyes. She hugged Willow tightly, then letting go of her to look into her eyes.
"You are such a strong girl, Willow.." Rebecca smiled, kissing her forehead, she looked into Willow's eyes again "You have your Papa's eyes." She laughed softly, petting the girl's hair. Willow smiled, "Thank you, Auntie Becca... I love you." "I love you too, kiddo." Rebecca nodded, standing up.
Peggy opened the back car door for Willow as Rebecca helped her in the car. Willow waved at her aunt through the window as the door shut. Rebecca hugged Peggy again, saying a thank you and goodbye.

"We'll keep in touch, darling!" Peggy said through her window, as she started the car up, "I'll try and visit soon, goodbye! I love you!" Rebecca replied watching the car slowly drive away. Willow watched as her aunt grew smaller, and smaller until she doesn't see her anymore.

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1945, October 6th.

Willow looked at her reflection through a small mirror in her new bedroom.
The small room was nice, it smelled of evergreens, protection, and love even; the room has pale yellow walls, and wooden panel floors, with a light pink rug in the middle of the floor. The overall apartment was small and pleasant; one floor, two bedrooms, a kitchenette, and a living room.

Willow sighed as she looked at her tangled bedhead; she grabbed her small comb off her dresser, and worked on taming her hair. "Willow, darling, are you almost ready?" Peggy's rich English accent called from the kitchen.

"Y-Yes, Peggy! Be right out!" Willow replied quickly, shaking her head clear. She gives a small smile at her mirror, before skipping out of her bedroom.

"Hello, darling! Breakfast will be ready soon; would you get the dishes out, please?" Peggy said warmly from the stove.

"Of course, P-Peggy!" Willow replied with a smile; she sat down at the table, waiting for Peggy to start on her meal.

"Peggy?" Willow looked up from her plate after a while, looking at the alpha woman in front of her with big eyes.

Peggy hummed a response as she took a sip from her tea. "W-Well, um... D-Do you think, maybe I could come with you to your workplace today...? In-Instead of going to Ms. Charleston's?"
Willow whispered her question, as she gazed down at her hands; her face coated with bright red blush.

Peggy only nodded, "Well, darling. I will have to see first, but I can't see why not. Is there any particular reason, dear?"
Willow's eyes flicked up from her hands, "N-No! W-Well, yes... I... I just wanted to come to see what you do is all..." Willow sighed.

Peggy nodded again, she laughed a little, "Dear, you could have just asked sooner, I would have been more than happy to show you." she said with a warm smile.
Willow sighed of relief again; she always enjoyed Peggy's words. They only ever seemed nice and welcoming. Willow smiled, "Th-Thank you, Peggy."

1945, October 6th.

"And this, Willow darling, is Mr. Stark's office! Now, be very careful, his work is very important to him." Peggy chuckles as she allows Willow to explore the office. There are multiple desks drowning in papers in the room, as well as small inventions, mugs, and boxes scattered along the walls.

Peggy had introduced Willow to almost the entirety of S.H.I.E.L.D. HQ; Willow absolutely adored every bit of Peggy's work, she even wants to become an agent when she is older. Peggy had introduced her co-workers to Willow as her own niece, to keep Willow as a less of a target; considering she is the daughter of two war heroes.

"Peggy? If I can ask, where is Mr. Star-" Willow was cut off by a loud metal clatter against the floor.

"Peggy? Is that you? I told you to knock!" a man's voice said coming closer to the two.
Peggy sighs, and chuckles "Yes, Howard. It's me, as well as my nie-"

Howard laughs, raising a hand waving it off, "Yes, yes I can see the small pup next to you, no need to expl-" he pauses, staring more intently at the blonde girl.
"Hey… Hey, wait a minute! You look familiar, squirt. Have I seen 'ya before?”
Howard sticks out his hand to the pup. Willow giggles taking the taller man's hand, shaking her head she replies, "N-Nope!"

"Huh. Hey, Pegs, who'd 'ya say this lil' lady is again? She don't look like a Carter." He examines the poor girl's hair, raising her arms in a joking manner, the girl laughs feeling ticklish. Peggy rolls her eyes, "Well, you'd be correct. She's not a Carter; however she might as well be my niece. Howard, I'd like you to meet Willow; James and Steven Rogers-Barnes' daughter."

Howard's jaw drops, in an over-dramatic manner, "No kiddin'? Ain't you a beauty." he taps her little chin. The girl gives a bright grin, "Did you know my papa and daddy, Mr. Stark?" The beta man laughs, his eyes softening a bit feeling sorry for the little pup.

"Hey now, 'Mr. Stark' is much too formal, we're pals now aren't we? You can call me Howar- No, better yet, Uncle Howard!" the man chuckles, "But, I did squirt. I did know your fathers. Two of the kindest men I've ever met." he sighs, smiling.

Willow nods, still smiling brightly "I'm sure papa and daddy think you're the kindest man too!" she says in a sing-song voice.

Peggy smiles, humming a laugh in thought, "Hm, Howard? Would you mind watching Willow for a little while? I do have some paperwork to do, and I'm afraid it might bore the poor child. I won't be long."

Howard's eyes brighten up, "Boy, what I! C'mon, squirt! 'Lemme show you the ropes, if you're lucky you might just be the first to invent a fully functioning flying car!" he holds the little girl's hand as they both walk to the back of the room laughing.

Peggy smiles at the two, "You should be here, Steve. Watching your little girl grow up." she sighs before walking out of the office.

1945, December 16th.

The blonde pup woke up with excitement; she jumped off her small bed, and ran straight for the kitchen. She didn't smell the usual coffee, pancakes, or early morning paper, but she was certain today would be a good day.

When she entered the kitchen, she saw that it was dark and empty; she was confused until she realized she wasn't in her own home. Willow stared at the empty room with wide, round eyes; tears began to burn in her eyes, "I-" she sniffed, shutting her eyes tightly.

"Willow, sweetheart, is that you? Why are you awake this early in the morning?" Peggy said from behind Willow, she turned on the light walking slowly toward the small pup. "I-I thought... M-Maybe…" Willow shakily turned around to look at Peggy, "M-Maybe they'd… That they'd come back t-today" she choked out.

Peggy's face softened as she sighed, "Oh, honey..." she raised her arms out, as Willow ran into them sobbing. “I-I'm s-sorry, Peggy. I-I thought, m-maybe they... Th-that they would try a-and be h-here today...” Peggy stroked her back, cooing gently at her, her lips moving in her hair as she whispered soothing words to her, pressing her lips into her hair.

"I know, baby. I know... Don't apologize, it will be okay."
They stayed in the kitchen until Willow's tears slowed, and her sobs became sniffles. "I'm sorry..." Willow said again,

Peggy only shook her head gently, "Don't you apologize, dear. It will be okay, you hear dearie?" she said tilting Willow's chin up slightly. "How about, you go get yourself cleaned up. And, I will make us some special birthday breakfast, hm?"

Willow sniffed, and nodded, "O-Okay, Peggy. Th-Thank you...” she said softly. Peggy kissed the top of her blonde hair, "It's going to be alright, sweetheart..."

1945, December 24th.

Willow stared out her window, sitting on her bed behind the light pink curtains. Willow's bed stood next to the window, small pictures, and trinkets on the windowsill.

Willow sighed as she pulled the blankets around her closer, she looked up at the moon, "Papa, it's Christmas Eve," she said fondly, "usually, you and Daddy would tell me the story of your first Christmas together, or maybe m-my first Christmas... I miss yours and Daddy's stories."

She rubbed her eyes a bit, "Aunt Peggy is nice, and she lets me go to work with her. She introduced me to a man; his name is H-How..." She pauses trying to think of how to pronounce the name

"Howard! He's very nice; I get to build things with him. He also lets me call him Uncle Howard sometimes." She giggles, "Did you know him well?" She asks, looking back up to the moon.

She sighs again, "It was my birthday a few days ago, did you remember? I remember you always pretended to forget, and then Daddy got upset. Daddy used to say,"
She clears her throat, preparing her best impression of Steve, “‘that’s not nice, Papa! Never tease a lady.' then you would laugh, and you'd both hug me... I miss your hugs...”
she whispers, pulling her knees up to her chest, hugging them tightly.

"Auntie Becca says you both miss us, but I-I don't think you miss us as much... as m-much as we miss you...” She sniffs, rubbing her eyes again. She pulls her blanket up to her chin, flopping down on to her pillow. She looks at the photo of her papa and daddy on the windowsill, they're both smiling.

"Goodnight Papa, Goodnight Daddy. I love you both" She whispers as she drifts off to sleep.

1936, December 24th.

Steve was on the couch asleep; listening to the fire crackle, and smooth quiet Christmas music playing on their record player. It has been about 9 days since he had given birth to his little girl; despite the super soldier serum, his body hadn't taken a liking to the pregnancy. He was easily fatigued, fainted a few times, and he couldn't think, or even talk clearly. Not to mention the morning sickness that he never seemed to shake.

But, it was all worth it because now he had his own perfect little family. Bucky had been supportive, and so proud of Steve. It amazes Bucky on how perfect and inspirational Steve is to him. Bucky was sitting in his recliner, his tiny pup in his large arms asleep. He lifted the pup up more closely, landing a soft kiss on her forehead, "I love you babydoll" he coos, "and your daddy." Bucky smiles, looking up to see Steve still asleep,

"You both are so beautiful, I am very lucky to have you both" he continues, looking down at his pup. Bucky always enjoyed having his little conversations with his baby girl; he was excited until she could actually respond to him. Bucky sighed happily, enjoying the scent of his omega, newborn pup, and home.
Steve began to stir, shuffling a bit on the couch, his eyes fluttered open as they landed on his alpha and pup. Steve gave a tired smile, "Hi" he said groggily. Bucky hummed, and smiled back "Hi, sweetheart. Sleep okay?" Steve nodded while yawning, he shuffled to the other end of the couch, his head leaning closer to his alpha and pup, "How's the baby?" he asks softly.

"Just perfect," Bucky replies still smiling. Bucky leans over toward Steve, pecking a kiss to his soft blonde hair, "Have I ever told you how much I love you?" Bucky whispers. "Might've mentioned it," Steve replies quietly, his eyes falling shut as he continues to smile. "Go back to sleep, my omega," Bucky says into Steve's hair, "Yes...Alpha...” Steve responds as he nods off to sleep.

Chapter Text

1946, March 8th.

The sun is shining beautifully, birds are singing a wonderful melody, and the scent of spring is slowly welcomed back is in the air.
Despite the bright surroundings, it contrasts the feeling that lives within the blonde pup that sits in front of two headstones that day.

"Hi Papa... Hiya, Daddy..." The pup smiles sadly at the stones; she's sitting in the grass, her legs folded underneath her blue polka dot dress, her white-gloved hands resting on her lap. Her now shoulder length thick, blonde hair is slightly flowing in the gentle wind.

"It-It's been a year, y' know that? I-I still really miss you... N-Never stopped missin' you...' the girl sniffs, looking down at her hands.

"A-Auntie Becca and Aunt Peggy came along too! Th-they'll be here to say hi a-a bit later though..." The girl says softly, looking up behind her to see two women on a bench chatting quietly.

"A lot has changed since you left, Daddy..." she sniffs, wiping her eyes, "I-I live with Aunt Peggy now... Sh-she says the, um..." she pauses, knitting her brows together, "Th-The war is over... I-I'm nine years old now! Auntie Becca says I look just like you, Daddy. But, e-everyone still says I have Papa's eyes, and ch-charm." she giggles softly.

She fiddles with the fingers of her gloves, "O-Oh! I brought something for you both!" she grins sticking her small hands in the pockets of her dress Becca had given her; she pulls out two rolled up pieces of paper, and two small sunflowers.
"D-Do you remember we used to have these flowers in our backyard, Papa? You and Daddy planted them..." she says, gently setting the flowers and papers on the headstones.

"I-I drew all of us on the papers. I-I drew two, be-because I know Papa liked putting one in his big jacket pocket. A-And Daddy liked putting one on the fridge..." her hands are shaking a bit, "I-I just... r-really wish you both were here..." Her eyes start to burn with tears, "I-I really miss you; N-Nana Winnie, Auntie Becca, Aunt Peggy, Uncle H-Howard. E-Everyone misses you..." she chokes on her words, "I-I just want you back..." she whispers, looking down at her gloved hands, now slightly stained with her tears.

The girl feels a gentle hand on her shoulder, the scent of alpha rolling over her. She gasps looking up, only to see her alpha, and beta aunts smiling sadly down at her. "Hey, 'kiddo..." Becca says softly, sitting down in the grass next to the pup.

The girl blinks quickly, rubbing the tears out of her eyes, "O-Oh! H-Hi Auntie Becca; H-Hi Aunt Peggy." she says quietly.

"Hello, darling... Are you alright, sweetheart?" Peggy says sitting on the pup's other side, her hand still gently on the girl's shoulder. The pup only nods slowly, then she shakes her head quickly after, "I-I miss them so much!" she breaks out in a sob, falling into Becca's arms.
Becca closes her eyes and kisses Willow's hair, "It's going to okay, Hun..." she says softly, rubbing circles along the girl's back.

Peggy gives a pained expression, as she too softly pets Willow's shoulders soothingly. The two women give an expression of sadness; they both nod standing up slowly; the pup still in Becca's arms, holding on to the woman for dear life.

Peggy lets Becca walk in front of her, as she looks back at the two headstones, she leaves a small white rose in between the two, “We love you both, dearly... Goodbye, you two. Rest well..." she says softly before catching up with the beta woman and pup.

1947, February 18th.

"Again." Peggy says sternly to Willow; they're both currently in the shooting range of S.H.I.E.L.D.
"But, Aunt Peggy! I got it! Straight through the center!" the pup jokingly whines.

"Are you sure you can get it 'straight through the center' more than once?" Peggy questions, a playful smile forming on her lips.
The girl grins, and nods, "Yes, Peggy! I can! I know it!"
"Then prove it." The alpha's eyes stare intently at the small pup.

Willow sighs, as she reloads the small pistol on the table. She stares straight at the target; she corrects her stance as she points the gun in the right direction. She takes a deep breath, letting it out slowly. She shoots three times, each one hitting the same spot in the center.

The alpha smiles, "Well done, Willow dear!" the girl looks at Peggy with pride, "Did 'ya see that! Did 'ya see me? I did it!" she sets the gun down carefully on the table before running into her aunt's arms.

"I did see it, darling. I am so proud of you!" Peggy smiles as she kisses the pup's hair.

1948, September 22nd.

"Uncle Howard? W-Where's the screwdriver?" Willow calls out from behind her own desk.

"Which one, squirt?" He shouts back from underneath a car. "The green one!"

"Didja check the mug?" "Yeah, I did! It's not there!" she giggles back, as she looks at her small invention. It's a small picture frame that holds multiple photos. It lights up on the corners when pressed with a button in the back.

Howard groans as kicks out from underneath the car, "Where'd it run off to this time, peanut?" the girl shrugs, but continues to smile.
She checks under the desk, as Howard checks his pockets and his own desk. He smirks when he finds it in his desk drawer;
"Didja check the toolbox?" he asks setting the screwdriver in his sleeve.

"Mhm! I just saw it yesterday!" She answers with a pout. "Huh, that's odd." Howard frowns playfully, he walks up to the girl grinning, "Hey! What's this?" he places his hand behind her hair, swiping out the screwdriver.

"Found it, squirt." He says with a smirk, holding it in front of the girl's amazed eyes.

"Wow! Thank you! How'd 'ya do that, Uncle Howard?" She gasps, clasping her hands around the screwdriver; "A magician never tells his secret!" he answers with a grin, tapping her nose.
Willow smiles at the beta man, "Well, however, you did it. Thank you, Uncle Howard."
"It was my pleasure, squirt." He ruffles her hair.

1949, November 3rd.

The twelve-year-old girl skips down the halls of S.H.I.E.L.D. straight to her aunt's office; Peggy's shift is just about over, and Willow has finished her training for the day.

Since the girl was ten, she had begged her aunt to teach the things the woman does for a living. Peggy reluctantly agreed, and Willow had exceeded her expectations greatly. If Willow were to work at S.H.I.E.L.D. at some point, she'd easily earn a place in level 6, due to her skills.

The girl reached the door to her aunt's office and knocked softly on to it. "Come in!" Came the rich English accent of Peggy; "Hi, Aunt Peggy!" The girl chirped, smiling brightly, "A-Are you almost done? It's just about time to go." she giggles, walking into the office.
"Hello, Willow dear. I actually still have some work to do, I'm sorry darling." Peggy sighs, standing up from her desk. She walks toward the girl half-way,
"Oh! Th-That's okay, Aunt Peggy!" the girl smiles, "I'll just go see Uncle Howard, is that alright?"
Peggy laughs softly, "Yes, dear. That's quite alright with me. I'll see you down there once I'm finished, okay?" The girl nods, giving her aunt a hug, "Yes, Peggy! I'll see you soon then. G'bye!" she smiles before leaving the office.

The girl walks quickly to the elevator that leads to her uncle's office. She was excited to see him, he had just come back from a short business trip, but she still missed him nonetheless.

She pressed a button to summon the elevator to her floor; as she waits for the lift, she can't help but feel as if she's being watched. She looks to her left and sees a small omega man, with round glasses staring right back at her.

She tilts her head, but smiles kindly "C-Could I help you with something?" she asks, slightly feeling on nerve now.
"Hm? Ah, yes, Ms. Carter! You actually can!" The man says, now walking up closer to her; his voice had a thick Swiss accent, his eyes were rather small, and he gave an odd smile to the small girl.
"O-Oh! Of course! What could I help you with, Mr...?"
"Zola. Dr. Zola." the man replies with a smug look.
“‘F course! Dr. Zola, what could I help you?" the girl asks again with a smaller smile.
"Walk with me, would you fräulein?" the man holds out his arm, still giving her that odd grin to the girl.
"Oh, um..." Willow looks back at the elevator door, "Y-Yes, of course, Dr. Zola." she smiles, avoiding the man's arm, she motions for the man to lead her.

Dr. Zola leads her down a rather long hall, making a few turns here and there. They end up in a rather small office scattered with screens, papers, and bottles. It smelled strongly of bleach and pesticides; the girl scrunched up her nose in disgust.
"You see, my dear, I need assistance with a recent study I am working on. The study of how exactly a child; such as yourself, can focus on a mission."
"A-A mission? Dr. Zola what do you mean by tha-" Willow was cut off by a sting in her neck. She lets out a hiss as she drops to the ground.
Her eyes beginning to feel droopy, "P-Peggy..." she wheezes out before her head hits the ground as everything goes black...

????, ?? ???.

The girl's consciousness slowly comes to, but she keeps her eyes shut. The room she was in was cold, the stench of blood, alpha, and other unknown scents are first what she detects.
She notices she is tied down to a cold surface; her wrists, legs, and ankles are bound down. She can't seem to move her head comfortably, but she tries to remain calm. She opens her eyes slowly to take in her surroundings.

First she sees blacked out windows with bars on either side of them, the only door in the room is metal, locked down with flip switches and bars. The overall room is small, a table on one side of the room full of pesticides, serums, and other chemical liquids; she then concludes she is in a testing cell of some sort.

She lets out a shaky breath as her eyes land on her ankles; her boots had been taken off, as well as the sleeves of her shirt. She sees dried blood on her forearms and calves. She shuts her eyes tightly, as she tries to hold back whimpers.

"Good morning, fräulein," Came a familiar, venomous, Swiss voice over the comms. Willow's eyes snap open, they land on the now lit windows; she can just barely see the silhouette of Zola.

"Z-Zola..." She spits, trying to sound calm and collected. Zola lets out a breathy laugh, "Now, now my precious. Don't want to strain that pretty voice of yours."

"W-What are you d-doing? W-What are you doing to me..." She demands, her arms slightly moving in the restraints. The omega man laughs again, "My dear, I am only making sure the best get what they deserve. And if following a bloodline is the best, then so be it..."

The girl screws her brows together; "Following a bloodline...?" she became confused, her statement coming out more like a question. The man gives a freakish grin, "Yes, my dear; the strongest omega known to man; as well as our very own prized possession."
"W-What are you talking about? I don't understand!" the girl shouts, now agitated.
The man continues to smile at the vulnerable girl, "Soldier!" he shouts.

Willow begins to become more anxious and confused as she watches the door slowly unlock. The locks echoing in the cell, she starts to whimper and shake.
The door opens; the silhouette of a tall broad-shouldered man stands in the doorway. The man's hair is knotted around, it's longer than most of the men's hair back home. He is clearly an alpha, but he gives no scent, only striking fear into his prey; what stood out the most was the large, metal arm.

"The Girl." came Zola's voice over the comms. The alpha grunts, his boots heavily pounding against the ground, as his body is carried closer to the girl. His eyes staring into nothing, but with the little light in the room, it's clear to Willow to whose incredibly familiar grey-blue eyes they are.

"P-Papa...?" She says, her voice hardly above a whisper, her shocked state forcing tears down her face, her skin flushing white. The man stiffens hearing the small girl's voice; his eyebrows furrowing, but his gaze remaining on the wall.
"Y-You're dead No... P-Papa... A-Am I dead..." She whispers, "Zola! What is this! Stop it!" she cries, screwing her eyes shut.

"I'm afraid your eyes do not deceive you, little one." The omega snickers lowly, "Y-You're lying! Th-This is all a lie!" she shouts as she thrashes around in the restraints. "S-Stop it; please!"

"Stop Her." Zola says darkly; the alpha harshly places both of his large hands on the small pup's shoulders. The girl screams, "P-Papa! S-Stop you're h-hurting me!" she forces her eyes open to look at the alpha, her eyes red, puffy, and glassy; tears flowing down her face, "P-Please! I-It's me! D-Don't you remember...?"

The alpha stares at the girl with a blank face, his familiar grey-blue eyes glazed with clouds. "It is no use, fräulein, he has been wiped clean." The girl screams again as she feels the alpha's grip tighten, "You're lying! Th-This is all a lie! P-Please stop! P-Papa... I-It's me, y-your babydoll" she sobs.

The alpha's eyes widen, his grip starting to loosen slightly, "P-Papa, please" the girl begs through her tears, looking up at the man.

The alpha thins his lips, his eyebrows screwing together, "Babydoll...?" he whispers, his voice hoarse from disuse.

The girl's mouth drops open slightly, she tries to nod, "P-Please r-remember me..." she whispers. The man's eyes seem to be less foggy, and glassier even; a tear falls down his cheek, "B-Babydoll...?" he whispers again, unsure if the girl is real.

"Th-That's me..." she whispers, attempting to give the man a smile; his hands dropping from her shoulders, his flesh hand cupping her cheek. ”O-Oh fuck... W-What have I done... W-Who... God... Babydoll...?" he starts to ramble, his eyes now filled with tears.

"Y-You're alive..." She whispers, her voice still unsure of him being there. "P-Papa, h-how are you alive... P-Papa, I missed you, w-where's Daddy? Is Daddy alive...? Papa what happened?" She sobs, staring up at the man as she struggles to raise her arms to hug him.

The alpha, Bucky, stares down at her arms, legs, and ankles. His fingers fumble to unhinge the locks; raising her up off the table he hugs her tightly, his hand cupping the back of her head, "O-Oh babydoll...! Oh dear god," His voice shaking, tears running down his face, "I'm so sorry. Papa's here now, P-Papa's here." he rushes through his words.
He tries to figure out what to say but ends up allowing muscle memory do the work.

The girl sobs, her hands fisting at the leather vest around the man, "P-Papa... I-I missed you... A-Are you..? Am I? A-Are we dead, Papa? What's going o-on..." she mumbles into his shoulder. Bucky rocks his little girl in his arms, "Shh. No no, babydoll it's okay. W-We aren't dead. W-We're okay."
"P-Papa..." she pauses, "W-Where's Daddy...?" she asks again, her sobs slowing down, but her voice weak from crying. ”D-Daddy...?" Bucky asks, his mind buzzing of memories of his little girl, and a faceless blonde. "B-Babydoll... I-I don't know..." He admits, rocking her back and forth slowly.
Willow's tears start to form again as her body shakes in his arms, "I-I'm so sorry, babydoll..." he whispers into her hair.

Behind the glass, the omega man stands, a smirk forming on his lips, "Absolutely incredible..." he says as he turns off the
light of the room.