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Sweet Dreams

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Edward and Bella sat nervously waiting for Harry Potter to return from Hogwarts.
Emerging from the smog the Hogwarts Express pulls into the station, signalling to Tomas & the Fat Controller.
As the smoke clears, a mysterious figure steps onto the platform, high heels clicking on the stone.
It was him... RuPaul!
He paused and smiled back at his friend and said: "If only you had hair."
His head shone in the light brightly, he announced suddenly "I am one punch man!"
"No your not!" Screamed Watson to Homes. "I told you not to take that powder a student gave you!"
Sherlock's eyes were pitch black.
"O Fuck he's blind." Watson Ejaculated.

With a start, Sherlock woke up. 'Thank god' he thought. "All of that inane shit was just a dream and will not impact the rest of this adventure."
John looked startled "Sherlock, are you okay?"
"I'm fine just had a weird dream."
"Was it good then?" asked John.
"Maybe, I already don't remember it."
"It couldn't have been that good then!" John smiled.
"I guess not."
"There's something I need to tell you, John," said Sherlock. "I'm actually not from London. I'm from Swindon."
"That doesn't make much difference 'Sher' your a London man at heart!"
"Fuck you!" He screamed, "At least bob the builder loves me!"
"No he doesn't." screamed Wendy "He's the father of my child."
Darth Vader lands his tie fighter. "Wendy, how is my child?"
"They're dead!"