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pls come (i'm embarrassing myself)

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It wasn’t Jungkook’s real email, of course. Yoongi knew that. He probably had a whole team of people to check and reply to all his social media, including his inbox. But it was kind of fun to imagine the idol reading his stupid email. Well, to his alcohol hazed brain anyway. In the morning he’d probably be mortified and hide himself in his studio for a few days to get over it, but that was a problem for sober-Yoongi. In fact, drunk-Yoongi was quite proud of himself and his genius idea.

It had all started when Namjoon had dragged him out of his studio to “socialise” and “get some fresh air” and “I understand you’ve got assignments but you haven’t left this room in five days, hyung”. Which was how he and Namjoon had found themselves getting plastered at a bar near uni who’s only claim to fame was that it was cheap enough to drink enough to be able to ignore the taste.

The bar had started to reach closing time and most patrons were slowly trickling out. Yoongi thanked his high alcohol tolerance as he manoeuvred a half asleep Namjoon into the back of an uber. After making sure none of his ridiculously long limbs were sticking out, Yoongi slammed the door shut and stumbled back into the bar as the car drove away.

Without his friend to distract him, Yoongi’s thoughts quickly returned to his assignment and he let his head fall to bar with a thunk as he thought of all the work he still had to do. And he still hadn’t found anyone to sing for his track. Everyone was either busy, not interested, or their voice wasn’t right for the song. He didn’t know exactly what he was looking for, but he’d know when he heard it.

The next song playing in the background started and Yoongi immediately perked up at the sound of a man’s voice singing. That was it! That was the voice he needed. It sounded really familiar now, come to think of it. But as much as he racked his brain, he couldn’t remember who it could have been sung by. He quickly waved the bartender over.

“This song, who’s it by?” Yoongi said, and oops, maybe he slurred a bit more than he’d intended to. He tried to clear his throat surreptitiously. The bartender squinted at him as if trying to gauge whether or not he was too drunk to still be here.

“It’s Jungkook’s newest song.” She said, eyeing him skeptically. “Everyone knows that.” Yoongi could have slapped himself. Of course it was. Everyone knew the golden boy of South Korea’s idol industry. Even Yoongi who didn’t really keep up with new pop releases that often had heard of him and seen his face in countless ads.

Thanking her Yoongi quickly paid and stood up from his seat, stumbling only slightly before managing to leave the bar. Alright, maybe he was a bit drunker than he’d realised.  

It was only a short walk and a few Naver searches later that Yoongi found himself at his laptop with a draft open in his student email. He quickly typed out an appropriately professional email regarding his request.


Dear Jungkook-ssi,

I love your voice, can you pls come sing for my project for class?


Followed by his university email signature.


Nodding to himself with satisfaction, Yoongi hit send, promptly staggered to bed and fell asleep.

The next morning Yoongi was woken from a vague dream about some idol by his phone buzzing at him incessantly. It was too consistent to be texts so someone must have been calling. Everyone who had his number knew that Yoongi preferred to text, so it was the thought of someone having an emergency which had him reaching blindly for his phone, stabbing the answer button and grunting unintelligibly in the general direction of the speaker.

“Yoongi hyung! Why aren’t you in class?” Namjoon’s voice sounded irritatingly loud from the speaker. Yoongi groaned.

“We went out last night, Joon-ah. Why the hell would I be in class in the morning?” Yoongi rubbed his eyes tiredly with one hand.

“First of all,” Namjoon sounded amused. “It’s 1 in the afternoon. Second of all,” his voice grew louder with an emotion Yoongi had never heard from his friend before. “People are saying that Jeon Jungkook showed up to your composition class asking about you and saying something about you emailing for a collab!” Yoongi felt like someone had injected his veins with pure espresso topped with dread as Namjoon spoke.

“Oh, fuck.” Yoongi practically teleported to his laptop and unlocked it to see an open window with his student email open. He could hear Namjoon asking him something over the phone but he ignored him as his stomach fell even further. Clicking on Sent, Yoongi could only stare in growing horror at the evidence of his alcohol fuelled mistakes.

“Oh, fuck .” Yoongi swore.

“What? What’s wrong?” Namjoon immediately asked. “You didn’t actually do it did you?”

“Fuck,” Yoongi ran an agitated hand through his hair. “I’ll be there in a few. Thanks for calling me.” He hung up to his friend’s protests and quickly tried to make himself look presentable. Which basically involved brushing his teeth and pulling on a new hoodie which didn’t completely smell like he’d bathed in alcohol. Glancing at the mirror at his disastrous hair and enormous eye bags, Yoongi decided to just leave it. He’d already embarrassed himself enough, how much worse could it get?

A lot worse, it turned out. Yoongi had a bad feeling as he saw an unusually large crowd around the music building. The feeling only got worse when he noticed the unusually high female percentage of said crowd. Ducking his head and navigating his way through to the entrance, he couldn’t help but overhear snippets of conversation.


“Is he really in there, you think?”

“My friend’s friend who’s studying vocal performance said she actually saw him, and it’s really him! And apparently he looks amazing .”

“I would actually die if I was within 100 meters of Jungkook right now.”


Yoongi tried to push it out of his mind as he hurried to his regular composition classroom.

The entire class became dead silent as he pushed open the door. He froze like a deer in headlights as his professor fixed him with a pointed stare.

“Nice of you to finally join us, Yoongi.” She said with a wry twist to her mouth. Yoongi’s ears flushed with embarrassment and he ducked his head to stare at his feet as he hurried to his usual seat.

It was only once he’d sat down that he realised the class was still silent, and that someone was sitting next to him in a spot that was usually unoccupied. Yoongi felt like the universe must have really hated him in that moment, as he looked up into the face of one smirking Jeon Jungkook. And fuck if he didn’t look amazing. Pictures and video definitely did not capture how bright his eyes were, or how dazzling his smile looked. His perfect no-makeup makeup face and elegantly put together clothes make Yoongi look even worse in comparison. How was a person even allowed to be so attractive? Surely it should have been illegal.

Yoongi quickly averted his eyes as if he could reverse time and pretend he’d never seen Jungkook in the first place.

The professor had started lecturing again, Yoongi dimly noticed. He should probably be paying attention.

“Hi,” Yoongi flinched at the whisper which sounded by his ear. “You must be Min Yoongi. It’s nice to meet you. I’m Jungkook, but you probably already know that since you were the one who emailed me and all.” There was a teasing lilt to the voice which probably meant he was being internally laughed at.

Yoongi wanted to die. He wanted the floor to swallow him up and crush him with the entire forced of the earth’s gravity until he disintegrated into his subsequent atoms so he’d never reassemble into a conscious being with some sense of free will who could make monumentally stupid decisions ever again. But that would mean ignoring the person next to him and that would be rude, so glanced at the person next to him out of the corner of his eye. Jungkook was still grinning, but it had softened around the edges to something less intimidating.

Yoongi opened his mouth to say something, what exactly, he had no idea, when the bell rang signalling the end of class. Yoongi stayed fixed in his seat and watched as the rest of the students filed out far more slowly than usual. The professor finally left after the rest of the students, giving them one last look.

Okay, attempt number two. Maybe try to have a normal conversation this time.

“Um… hi.” Yoongi felt his face turn red with mortification. Jungkook just smiled back at him, and huh. His front two teeth were slightly larger than the others, Yoongi noticed, unable to stop the mental image of a bunny from replacing his every thought.

“Hi,” Jungkook returned.

“Uh, yeah, I’m guessing you got my email?” Yoongi asked, trying to keep the humiliation from showing on his face. Better to get it over and done with, he supposed. “I didn’t realise you even read them.”

“Of course I do.” Jungkook looked offended. Way to go Yoongi, insulting him within three sentences. “Well I try to at least,” His expression turned sheepish. “Sometimes I get too busy.” No kidding, Yoongi thought. Jungkook probably had things scheduled for every waking hour of the day.

“Then why did you come?” Yoongi blurted out, unable to keep quiet. Because that was really the question, wasn’t it? Why would Jungkook, possibly the most famous man in South Korea, come to some random emailer’s university?

Jungkook shrugged.

“Your student ID was cute and I was free, so I thought, why not?”

Yoongi wanted to screech. His student ID picture was quite possibly the worst picture he’d ever taken since he’d gone through puberty. Seokjin had described it as what a gremlin would look like if it had been locked up for fifty years, fed only coffee and instant ramen, and then allowed to steal a homeless person’s body and run around in it.

“You’re joking.” Yoongi deadpanned.

“Nope.” Jungkook replied, all too cheerfully.

“So you’ll sing for my project?” Yoongi asked suspiciously. “Isn’t your voice copyrighted by your company for like, ten million won or something?” Jungkook let out a startled laugh. And wow. Um. Wow. What a laugh.

“Don’t worry, as long as it’s your own song you won’t have to pay any copyright.” Jungkook teased, his eyes crinkled to crescent moons.

Yoongi eyed him for a moment more.

“Okay, you know what, what the hell.” He eventually said, standing up and slinging his bag over his shoulder. “I’ve got an idol at my uni to sing for my composition project. Might as well make the most of it.”