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Lucky Love

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It's a slow night for Yoongi, the kind when he's trying to compose a track due a month away, and inspiration bursts very few at a time.

He rereads the verses on his notebook, alternating between tapping his pencil against the desk and downing the dark red liquid that stings his throat. Although he knows drinking creates a buzz in his head, he still does it in a rather desperate attempt to allow creativity to pour out.

Half an hour passes with him blankly staring on his scrawls when a 'ping' comes from his phone. Yoongi breaks out in a smile, opening up a message from his favorite person in the world.

> i did it, Yoongi-chi! I got the lead actor role!!

                                 > congrats, hyung! I'm proud of you!

> thank youuuu!!

> i was shocked when they called me. manager Park said everyone at the studio was ‘greatly impressed’ with my portfolio

> and ‘Kim Seokjin is perfect for this.’

> can you believe it?!

Yoongi chuckles, imagining Seokjin right now in his RJ pyjamas, walking back and forth in shock and excitement around his apartment complex. Yoongi calls him and upon connecting, says the first thing in his mind.

“I’ve always known you're good, hyung. Been watching you for a long time, remember?”

Albeit seemingly opposites, friendship manifested between the stoic, passionate Yoongi and the cheerful, smart Seokjin in high school. They became a pair bonding over their love for music and frequent shenanigans their mutual friends dragged them in.

In between sleepless nights, countless cups of coffee, and the occasional parties, the pair found themselves chasing their dreams in college. Yoongi pursued music and Seokjin with theatre arts. It’s in the creatives field their relationship blossomed into romance in Yoongi’s third year, one not explosively sweet but one quiet and steadily growing even three years after graduation.

The stutter in Seokjin’s reply is enough for Yoongi to know the elder’s blushing. “T-that’s--ah, thank you.” The tall man softly says and ‘cute’ is all Yoongi can think about.

“Let’s celebrate, then. I’ll call your manager to free up your whole Saturday.” Yoongi says as he clicks open a new tab and books tickets to a place he knows Seokjin have been wanting to visit only if time is in his hands.

“Why? What’re you doing?” The slight increase in pitch of Seokjin’s voice hints at curiosity and anticipation.

Yoongi only hums in response as he finishes the booking and leans back on his seat. “It’s a surprise, hyung.” He can almost see Seokjin’s pout at this point before the latter replies, “Okay. It must be good, Yoongi-chi!”

The dark haired man puts his arms behind his head, looking forward to the weekend. What he’s planning to do may not be as romantically cheesy as those depicted in books and films but he knows Seokjin will love it. It’s his way of showing his love and how proud he is of his boyfriend, after all.


Saturday comes and Yoongi wakes up late. Inspiration decided to hit him on full blast past midnight and had him occupying his chair for a long time once more, writing lyrics like a mad man.

While dressing up after a quick shower and frying eggs, his cat Shooky wanders out the house. Yoongi runs and calls out after the feline, bringing the bowl of pet food with him.

The two incidents are only the beginning of the many others to follow in this seemingly accursed day. In finding Shooky, Yoongi forgot to bring his phone charger, leaving his mobile with 32% battery. He then got caught in traffic and almost bumped into the car in front of him.

The ominous feeling didn’t reach Yoongi until he meets with Seokjin at the entrance and passes under the huge, blue arc of ‘Coex Aquarium.’

“Sorry, hyung. Had to deal with things along the way.” Yoongi says in between catching his breath.

“Do I have the right to get mad when you paid for this?”

Yoongi glares at Seokjin whose signature windshield wiper laugh ignites chuckles from those passing by them. The younger speeds up his walk but eventually slows down when he holds out a hand for Seokjin to take. It’s rare for the couple to display affection in public. They’re simply not the type to do so but when one of them initiates it, Yoongi secretly wishes they can do it more.

As they stroll through the aquarium, things turn worse for Yoongi: he slips on a small puddle near the touch pool, Seokjin’s shirt gets drenched when a kid accidentally sprays his toy water gun on him, and the main event they're looking forward to suddenly cancels due to technical issues.

They eat lunch at a diner near the aquarium and the staff gets Seokjin’s order wrong while Yoongi has to wait a long time for his.

By evening, Yoongi is in a foul mood. Saturday was supposed to be a special date to celebrate Seokjin’s deserved promotion. But the universe chose to steer things into a disastrous course.

On the train ride home, Yoongi had stopped speaking, his eyes rapidly following the passing buildings. He’s holding Seokjin’s hand again and occasionally squeezes it when he remembers the mishappenings that occurred earlier. He notices Seokjin’s grip get tighter and sees from his periphery the older man angling his head to take a better look at the younger.

“I really enjoyed today, Yoongi. Thank you.”

Yoongi glances at Seokjin, pink dusting both their cheeks. He knows if they’re alone right now, a chaste kiss will follow those words. It’s a missed opportunity but he brushes the thought off, knowing he can get it later in a more private and intimate setting.

He doesn’t reply, but stands a bit closer to Seokjin who does the same, letting the younger man slightly lean back on his broad chest. The subtle action is enough to comfort Yoongi into dissolving his lingering disappointment.

The way to Seokjin’s home is something Yoongi has learned by heart. The older man’s modest apartment complex is down a street littered with tiny shops and a park in front where presently, a small open area concert is on its full swing. The lineup are local bands, ranging from the confident ones about to start their tour around the country to the anxious ones fresh from their garage phase.

The evening breeze is cold but the lanterns lighting up the area offer a sense of warmth. People are milling about, enjoying the music and free drinks, talking in low voices and the occasional outburst of laughter.

The couple walks in slow strides until they take a seat on a bench a bit far from the concert.  Yoongi couldn't pinpoint but perhaps, it’s the beautiful surroundings and how Seokjin is beside him that Yoongi feels a lot better now. He inwardly smiles, happy they don’t have to talk or do anything to enjoy themselves. Being with each other’s presence is enough.


Yoongi hears a new band setting up and after a while, a familiar song plays. It’s one he believes is a fruit of pure serendipity while he was searching for new songs. Albeit slower and different from what he normally produces, he considers using it as an inspiration for a track.

“This reminds of you high school, doesn’t it? Prom?” Seokjin suddenly interrupts his reverie.

“I wasn’t there.” Seokjin’s eyes brighten in realization. “Right! You went to that underground rap performance.” He shakes his head. “Too bad. If only we’re together back then, I would’ve dragged you back to school.”

Yoongi can almost hear the ‘if only we’re not pining idiots’ underlying the other’s regret for lost time and chance. But it’s alright, Yoongi thinks. They did get past the awkward fear of losing friendship over the hopeful promise of a brave confession. They’re together now, in the right time, and they intend for things to stay that way for a long time.

He sees Seokjin swaying to the song. Back then, Yoongi chose music over a formal gathering like prom. He doesn’t see the necessity in the latter. He remembers everyone’s excitement over it, even Seokjin who got asked to be Hani’s partner. Yoongi did feel a bit jealous but that’s all in the past. He can change things at present.

Pushing aside the awkwardness similar to that of a teenage boy, Yoongi stands up and holds out his hand to Seokjin. “Will you dance with me, hyung?”

It’s a good thing the lights don’t reach much of this area or Yoongi wouldn’t have the courage to ask and do something out of character. The sudden offer takes Seokjin by surprise but he laughs it off, the tips of his ears blooming red. “Sure, Yoongi-chi.”

They hold hands with Yoongi leading them to the center of the street then places his left hand on the older’s shoulder. Seokjin splutters when Yoongi gently pulls him closer, guiding his right hand on the younger’s waist. Yoongi is a bit nervous as his right hand encloses Seokjin’s left, the contact emanating warmth between them.


Hold my hand feel my love

But understand it's all just luck


They start swaying to the music and while neither of them are familiar with any proper dance steps, at least they both know how to enjoy a beautiful moment like this.


No such thing as true love

It’s all just luck, Lucky Love


Giggles spill from Seokjin’s mouth, embarrassed at his awkward and stiff dancing. “Stop it, hyung.” Yoongi groans. “Be serious. This is my first slow dance.”

It only urges Seokjin to burst out laughing and never hears Yoongi mumble, “Hope my last is with you, too.”


But that don't make love weak, it's unique

The chances that we'd meet and just speak

A million ways they give just to live

And i'm just lucky this is it, this is it.


The couple moves from side to side, with Seokjin occasionally spinning Yoongi and the latter is quick to enclose the distance between them. They don’t pay attention to the people around when some have stopped to watch them, a few women sighing at the romantic sight. This may look sweet to anyone but it’s beyond that for the couple. This is a special, wonderful moment they share, though it simply started off as Yoongi’s first of slow dancing experience.


Plant your feet, take this dance

In the grand scheme, it's all just chance


Yoongi looks up to Seokjin whose eyes glimmer from the lights around them. It’s amusing his first impression of the older is a quiet, extremely kind boy straight out of a shoujo manga. While it’s true, Seokjin is so much more than that.

The universe thinks it's funny to let them meet, be friends, and grow into something more when they seem to be complete opposites. But in truth, from the times they’ve hung out as naive, curious, high school boys eager to enjoy life, to the times they struggled as ambitious, hardworking college students to the present time they are slowly carving out their paths as mature grown men, Yoongi and Seokjin share the same heart all along.


But that don't make love weak, it's unique

The chances that we'd meet and just speak


They’re witnesses to each other’s joy, tears, anger, and disappointment. They’ve been through a lot and both are more than happy to be there with each other for all of it.

“Congratulations again, hyung.” Yoongi speaks in a low voice.

“Thanks, Yoongi. Wouldn't have gotten it without your support."

The younger remembers how Seokjin's tight schedule didn't deter the rookie actor from intensely practicing for the auditions of the lead role in the hottest upcoming romance/thriller drama series. 

Yoong witnessed his boyfriend's hard work and acting skills improve through the years that it's no surprise for him when Seokjin achieved the beginning of his many dreams.

“You’ll be more famous now.” The brown haired man starts. “I mean it’s good. I’m looking forward to it. I just won’t be able to see you. Soon you’ll have an even busier schedule and we won’t do things like this anymore and--”

“Whoa. Slow down, Yoongi-chi.” Seokjin laughs, seeing Yoongi pout. “Things will change but we’ll always find a way to be together.”

It’s Yoongi’s turn to snicker. “Nah, just messin’ with you.” Seokjin smacks his shoulder. “I know our love is strong enough that nothing can tear us apart.”

“Stop it.” Seokjin groans this time, hiding his face on the shoulder of Yoongi who’s shaking in quiet laughter.


A million ways they give just to live

And i'm just lucky this is it, this is it.


Their audience has long dispersed, and the two are left swaying to the music. As they stay close to each other, Yoongi thinks he’s lucky to have this beautiful evening, something he will always treasure. He’s lucky to share his love to Seokjin. He’s lucky he crossed paths with him.

It’s all just unique, lucky love.