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The faces of love

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Gently emerging from the land of dreams, Aomine stretched like a majestic panther. He removed the sheets from his naked body and discovered a beautiful morning erection. The young man sketched a smile. It would be a real waste not to take advantage of it! His boyfriend would see him and jump on him to make him scream with pleasure! This prospect excited him more. An idea came to his mind.

With a carnivorous smile, he came out of his lover's room and entered the room in front of him. He opened all the drawers in search of massage oil. With his find in hand, he poured the product over his chest and stroked himself. Under the light, his caramel skin shone delightfully. A real piece of chocolate that his companion would enjoy!
The panther took the opportunity to slide her blood-soaked limb between his agile fingers. Weak whining escaped from his throat. Raw, sensual.

After a few comings and goings, he reluctantly released his sex. He wasn't supposed to come, not now. It would be his lover who would make his enjoy pure pleasure. The young man admired himself proudly in the mirror. If he could split up, he'd fuck himself right now! He thought he was incredibly handsome! His shiny, pulsating tail, his glans were crying with desire and her erect nipples were waiting for their sweet torture.
In his most glorious beauty, Aomine joined his lover in the living room.

- Baby, look at the delicious dessert waiting for you...
- Hello, Aomine-kun.

Aomine petrified. Sitting on the sofa, his old shadow was, it seems, spreading notebooks and leaves on the coffee table. The cerulean eyes drifted on his virility.

- Indeed, Aomine-kun, it looks like a delicious dessert to me," he says, "not the least disturbed by his friend's nakedness.

The latter suddenly realized the situation he was in and hid his anatomy with his hands.

- Damn it, Tetsu! shouted the swarthy man. What the hell are you doing here?!
- We plan to do our homework together with Kagami-kun.
- Yeah, well, where is he anyway?!
- Kagami-kun has gone to buy drinks. Apparently, Aomine-kun emptied all his stock.

The troublemaker frowned, growled in his beard. Suddenly, the front door slammed before the owner of the premises appeared in the room.

- Sorry, Kuroko, I made it as fast as I could... Daiki? You're already awake... 

The tiger looked down. He seemed to notice Adam's outfit of his boyfriend and frowned, angry.

- Can I ask you what the hell you're doing naked in the middle of the living room in front of Kuroko?!
- Ah uh...
- Aomine-kun brought you a dessert and, in case Kagami-kun didn't understand the hint by himself, he is the dessert.

The incriminated man's cheeks blushed furiously. Embarrassed, he gave a little pat on the back of the head of number eleven.

- Ow! Ow!

Ignoring his friend's pain, the older one turned to his companion who had not moved a bit.

- You could have told me Tetsu was coming!
- And you, you could have told me that you were coming by unannounced last night and that you would sleep here!
- Oh, excuse me, I didn't know I had to make an appointment to see my boyfriend!
- It's cute how you two are fighting.

The bluish received a black look from the swarthy.

- Shut up, Tetsu!
- You really don't look very credible in that outfit, Aomine-Kun. Moreover, your hands don't hide much," said the smallest, leaning his head slightly to the side to better observe the toy his friend was trying to hide as best he could.

Irritated and cheeks on fire - and more - the boy threw a cushion at the other high school student's head before turning his heels, offering his pretty butt to the sight of their house host.

- I'll leave you to your homework, I'll empty my balls alone since my boyfriend prefers to take care of his books!