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There was screaming.


Familiar screaming.

And then there was eerie silence.

Park Jimin then realized whom the screaming belonged to and never had he jumped up so quickly from his bed, sprinting towards the grand mahogany door. His small hands stretched towards the shiny golden handle before he had even arrived at his destination. And yet

Yet it took so long to release the barrier from its clutches of the lock, too many moments of fumbling around and distressed actions. Why didn't he just focus?

Then there was the hallway shrouded in darkness, and perhaps the young princes thoughts were as well. Her door was to the right, he knew deep down that it was to the right.

Despite his clouded senses, he ran towards the right, his chest heaving as he arrived at the intended spot.

Glass floral pattern littered the large door. The pretty pink roses prided themselves on their lack of transparency. The lack of transparency that never allowed the full truth to pass through and instead it allowed lies to flourish in every corner of the castle. Their beauty, though, reminded the boy of his sister whom of which lived most of her life on the other side of this very door.

He brought his small fist upwards and gave several knocks.

No response.

Again, the knocks echoed through the deserted hallway and then came

No response.

"Chaeyoung!" Shouted the boy ,who so seemingly forgot that it was the dead of night.

Much to his demise there was no response once again.

Fed up with the silence and maybe his foolish mind games, he grasped the door knob that as located too close to the doorframe and turned it ever so slowly, carefully moving it one centimeter at a time.

His dilated pupils were not ready to meet the bright light that shone aggressively from the crystal chandelier, so as would any other, he flinched.

After the dark brown eyes adjusted to the light, footsteps sounded throughout the large space.

Where is she?

Her bed was empty, yet the sheets were messy. Had she been about not long ago?

"Chaeyoung, where are you?" He questioned louder than most would deem appropriate for this hour of night.

No damn response.

Footsteps quickened, his pace became frantic. Anxiousness increased by the second as she was nowhere to be seen.

That was until the boy entered the beautiful girls bathroom and a gasp fell through his plump peach lips.

There lay Park Chaeyoung on the stone cold white tiles of her bathroom, drowned in a pool of her own blood with a large gash upon the base of her neck. Splatters of red littered the off-white walls of the space and at that moment reality hit Jimin.

The prince who believed he was brave harshly threw himself to the ground. He hurriedly made his way over to his older sister, his twin who lay there silent.

Jimin tried so desperately to hold onto the hope that she may still be alive although it was known that the princess held no chance at survival. For as she was long gone and had been for at least a few minutes or so.

A quiet sobbing noise was the only sound to be heard in that space then, coming from the body hunched over the lifeless one. The body's tears dropped into the dark red substance making it  litter his hands.

A person's blood, the very essence that fuels their life, does not feel right to be in another's possession. In fact, it made the one possessing it feel like their mind was caving in. Too many emotions allowed that feeling.



And guilt.

"Please don't leave me here alone."