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why him?

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I died. On that fateful day I died. Not literally but figuratively. I felt myself die. It was far worse than I could ever imagine. The pain, the anguish I felt. My soul was ripped out my body, yanked from my very existence. All of my will to live vanished into the world’s darkness along with my heart.

You fell to the ground, your legs giving out from underneath you, not having the energy to stand. The news had hit you like a truck, a rush of emotions invading your mind. You couldn’t hold back the sob that escaped your throat. The tears in your eyes overflowing like a waterfall. You felt your knees sting from the impact of the fall, but it was nothing compared to the mental pain you were feeling. Never in your life did you think such a day would come, when you would lose the last person you called family.

You were at the hospital. While you were on patrol around the city you had gotten an urgent call from the hospital; you rushed there as fast as you could. The news you received was something you never wanted to hear. You sat there on the ground crying as nearby nurses tried to calm you down and comfort you but they couldn’t help you either way. You had lost your younger brother, he had died.


He was murdered, murdered in cold blood by a villain that fed off of other’s suffering. A piece of scum that enjoyed watching people die in pain; satisfied with the chaos that death brings to those around them. His body was found in an alleyway by a couple passing by, brutally tortured and beaten. You never wanted to see his body, his small form so broken; he was only 11 years old. The two of you lived on your own ever since your parents died years ago. You took care of him, looked after him, fed him, and protected him in your parents’ place, but it seemed it wasn’t enough.

You had stopped crying abruptly, confusing the nurses hovering over you. The excruciating pain you felt only moments ago was replaced with emptiness, a hollow feeling filling your core. It clicked in your mind like a switch, he was never coming back. You would never hear his cheery laughter or dumb comebacks. You would never see his eyes sparkle in astonishment whenever he saw heroes in action. You would never play video games with him again or have takeout late at night. You had lost him forever.

You shut down in an instant; your senses becoming dysfunctional as you stared off aimlessly, unable to move. You snapped out of your trance when you could faintly hear a familiar voice roar behind you, “ GET OUT OF MY FUCKING WAY!”

You knew who it was without having to catch a glimpse of him. You felt two strong arms wrap around your body as they pulled you up into a hard, muscular chest. The act making you cry harder than before, a new wave of tears rolling down your cheeks. You clinged onto his shirt as you wrapped your arms tightly around his waist. You let your head fall into the crook of his neck, your tears dampening his black tee.

Bakugou used one hand to stroke your hair gently and the other to rub small circles soothingly into your back. You were barely able to stammer out the words with your sobs and hiccups interrupting you, “ H-he’s g-gone,”

“He’s gone.”

“My b-baby b-brother is gone.”

Bakugou felt his heart ache for you, but even he could feel a few tears prickle his eyes. He loved your brother like he was his own sibling. The two of them causing trouble like a couple of bandits; always laughing and smiling. How you would always get caught up in their shenanigans. Bakugou was never the type to like kids, but with him he was a different person. At first it was for you, but he began to admire the young boy, his attitude, and his determination. The news hit him hard, but he knew his sadness was nothing to the sorrow and grief you were feeling. Losing everybody you loved, your family all to the criminals of today’s society surely would put you in a dark place. The nurses who once stood around you had disappeared when Katsuki had shown up. He was the second person informed about Kaito’s condition, bolting to the hospital hastily.

“Katsu..” You sniffled into his shoulder, feeling tears drop onto your head. You gazed up into his crimson, vermillion eyes; their just like Kaito’s. You noticed a streak of fresh tears wetting his cheeks. You reached up hesitantly to wipe them away, your hand grazing his skin softly. You felt his larger hand catch yours onto his cheek, holding it securely on his face.

“(Y/N)... I’m s-so sorry.”

New tears flowed down your face at the sight of the ash-blonde man, you could see guilt, regret, and pain all etched onto his face clear as day. His eyes holding a sense of sorrow and pain you had never seen in the fierce male before. It hurt you even more to see him this broken.

You used your thumb to brush his cheekbone, as you gazed into his eyes, “ It’s not your fault Katsuki. If I hadn’t been working and had just picked him up from school, maybe, just m-maybe he would’ve lived.” You exhaled a shaky breath, your body still quivering from your previous sobs.

Bakugou leaned in and kissed the crown of your head, he pulled your head gently forward as he leaned his forehead against your own, “You can’t blame yourself for this, it was not your fault. But don’t you fucking worry I will kill the bastard who did this. They will be sent to hell with my own bare hands.” It was common for Katsuki to be violent and intimidating, but this was different. The look in his eyes were murderous and vengeful, his body pulsing with newfound rage, animosity you had never seen before.

You nodded your head slightly as you pulled yourself closer to Bakugou; his presence seemed to make you feel the tiniest bit better, even if it was merely moments. You knew with Bakugou you would get through this tragedy, exactly how you got through your parents death. You loved this man so much and knew he would always be there for you no matter what. If you ever lost him too you would have no more reason to live.