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Germany's Journal

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After one of our very short meetings, the Nation England had walked over to me, with a football under his arms, his hands up.
"Want to play?" England asked.
"No flowers this time?" I teased.
"You wish."
"You took Russia from me." I started the verbal argument as we kicked the ball back and forth.
"You took Japan from me."
"He came crawling to me, he heard I was that good."
England got me in the head with the ball over that.
"Of course you know how good I am England, admit it you miss me."
"If I did would you come back to me?"
I did not expect that. "You are married to France. The Nation I hate the most."
"I am trying to leave him." England told.
I crushed England's ball in my hands throwing it back at him. "Try harder." I turned on my heel, and left.
I had to get a way from England fast the longer I was near him the more I wanted him, listening to his hard breathing made my penis hard, I had gotten my self here I needed to keep my self here, I could not let my self get lost in him again, he was all that was wrong for me.