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Germany's Journal

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I was out side still at the Nation England's Island, I was enjoying the feel of the warm spring rain, England was in side his Home at that moment with my and Italy's Twins Boys Dracula Romania, and Wesley Moldova, as well as my, and England's Boy Cal Bulgaria, I was now with Child with my, and England's Nation, I am sure at this point every one knew about England, and I, being lovers, the other Nations were just going a long with the lies they were told by both England, and I, I let out a scream of pain, labour fucking sucks, England appeared out of no where I am sure he had been using his magic to do that.
"The Baby is coming." I had told England.
He had nodded his head at me, and used his magic to get both England, and I in side his Home, at that point I was thank full my beloved Captor had every thing ready for me in one of the rooms, and he had enough sense to get me to that room, if I did not love England so much I really would have killed him for the magical jump, now I was in labour pains, and dizzy from the magic, I love to hate England so much at that moment, but not enough to go though with any of my threat towards him that he was busy not listening to.
"You love me to much to do any of that to me Germany." He had told me as he placed a light kiss on my forehead.
The Human Nurse had finally shown the fuck up.
"Another little Nation to cut out?"
I just glared at her as though I wanted her dead.
"I think it best you cut out the Baby now." England had told the Human Nurse.
"All right I will do just that."
The Human Nurse had cut me open where the old scares a long my belly was from when I had given birth to our first Boy Bulgaria, the Human Nurse had handed our newest Boy to England, so he tended to our Boy's needs, which also include cleaning him off, the Human Nurse had cut, and tied the umbilical cord before letting England feed our Boy, he really is a wounder full Dad, moments like this all ways made me fall in love with England all over again, he made it very hard to hate him, my Death is not even Family for my Twins Boys, yet he has all ways been there for my Boys as though he really is, the sad thing is he has been in those Boys lives more the Nation Italy who is the Twins own Birth Nation, at first I was scared to do the single Parent thing all by my self, and happy at the thought while I was with Child, with my Boy Bulgaria, the longer I was all a lone the more I was able to talk my self in to the fact I would be fine, and every thing would be fine, I fell more in love with England the moment he had shown up at my own Nation, and took us back his Home Island, he had every thing ready for us, he claimed him self Daddy of my Twins Boys even though that is among the arguments we have, he did not stop me from leaving with Spain, stupidly I could not stay a way for long, and England knew that, and here I am again, my longest enemy England holding our second Boy as he shows our older Boys their newest Brother telling them to be gently they do not what to hurt their Baby Brother.
"You are very lucky." The Human Nurse had told me after she was done stitching me up.
"Yes I know." I had said to the Human Nurse, as I continued to watch England, he was now feeding our youngest Boy.