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Germany's Journal

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After a very long grounding I was finally able to leave my older Brother Gil Prussia's the Nation, I had to walk though, Gil had taken his horse with him, so I had no other chose but to walk, I had been told by my Human Weapons Teacher that Hungary a Nation had beaten Gil again, and very badly, so I was walking with my Human Weapons Teacher, so my no where by my self rule was not broken.
After I found Hungary I hit her knocking her out with one hit, putting her over my shoulder carrying back to her own Home, I waited for Hungary to wake up.
"Germany what is wrong with you?" Hungary spoken to me in a ton that clearly said I was in the wrong and not her.
I held the frying pan Hungary liked to beat my Brother Gil with, every time from what I heard, I faced the very pal Hungary, waving the pan in front of her face.
"You hurt my older Brother Gil for the last time. I am not as nice as my red eyed older Brother, and my seeming more innocent self is far more evil, Gil might not hit back, but I his baby Brother will, and seeing how you like to dress and acted like a Male it is time I treat you like one, I will beat you as you do my older Brother, with same pan you beat him with, I will give you until the count of ten to run, and it better be a good run, I will catch you and beat you as you do my older Brother Hungary. This is what is wrong with me." I turned my back to her. "Run I am going to start counting."
I counted loudly, I found Hungary, beating her as she did my Brother, I beat her so she could not hurt my Brother again, I broke her hands with her own pan as she did Gil, I left the want to be Male on the ground broken, bleeding, a lone, as she did Gil.
Before I left I told her. "Hungary if you dress and acted like a Male, I will treat you like a Male, this includes being beaten like a Male." I dropped her beat my older Brother with pan in front of her and left her Home and Nation.
Gil was hurt when she stopped dressing as a Male, married our Cousin Austria a Nation, while Gil was a way fighting a war for her, I really hated her, I was thank full she had done that, leaving Gil was the nicest thing she ever done for him.