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Germany's Journal

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First let me start off by telling those who may not know me I am the Nation of Germany.
I am the Son of Germanic, the Nation.
Who is the Nation who gave birth to me?
I know not.
And yes the Male Nations can have Babies as well as the Female Nations, we are made of a little bit of magic after all, some of us loss our magic shortly after we are born, some of us keep our magic, so I have even less of a clue who gave birth to me.
All my older Brother Prussia, the Nation who raised me as his own Boy, only ever told me who our Father is, nothing about the Nation who had us, so I still, when I write down my thoughts here and now do not know, may be later I will learn who the Nation is who gave birth to us is.
Even though Prussia, my full older Brother as he tells me, and yes I am not the only one who has a hard time believing my Brother and I are full Brothers as he keeps telling me, because my Brother Gilbert, Gilbert is Prussia's Human name, I normally call my older Brother Gil.
Because it bugs him and I need to get him back some how.
Gil and I have very little in common, we are Brother's so we have a few things the same, mostly the thing Gil and I like, as for how we look well, Gil is as white as the snow, his hair white, skin white, the only thing that is not white are his very red eyes, Albinos are all white, which inclues the Albinos eyes, un like my Brother who has very red eyes, which make any one who see my Brother very scared, I think I am the only one who thinks my older Brother is awesome, I started calling Gil awesome when I was young as a Nation, I looked like a five year old Human Boy then. Nations age slower then Humans do so I looked like a five year Human Boy, even though as a Nation I was older then I looked, until I as a Nation reach my full growth, then I will stop aging and stay that age. I called him Awesome to make my older Brother feel better when he was upset, now Gil calls him self awesome, to reminded him self that I see him as awesome, so awesome Prussia is. Now how I look here and now I am not as tall as my Brother Gil, but I am working on being taller, and I think when I get to my full height, I will be taller then Gil, which I cannot wait, Gil is tall so being taller then my older Brother and to look down at my Brother and not the other way around, well he is older then me so as his young Brother, I need to look forward to that day, yes Gil is nice to me as a Adopted Father and a older Brother, Gil is as I started calling him, Awesome, now I call him other things he is my older Brother so it is my job to give Gil a hard time, I have blond hair, the older I get as a Nation, the blonder my hair gets, it is less white as my Brother, I tell Gil I am happy I look less like him, he tells me I wish I was as awesome as he is, and with my current behavior toward my awesome older Brother, I will be at least half as awesome as he is, personality wise we are a lot a like we spend a lot of time together arguing, but we have a lot of fun with giving each other a hard time, my eyes are blue, and the older I get the less white I am, I like my white as snow skin brother, but my barely there tan I think is cool as well, just enough to be noted, I hope when I am all grown up as a Nation, I will be very sexy, now I am in my teen faze, and as I look here and now, I do not feel sexy, so I am looking forward to being finished with my not sexy teen faze.
Here and now my Brother is with another Nation her Nation is Hungary I do not like her, I keep telling Gil how much better he can do then her, I think if Hungary hits Gil, one more time my Brother's girl or not I will do worse, Gil is my Brother, and I worry seeing him as he is because of Hungary's need to hit him, well more like Hungary is beating him, there is a difference between hit and beating and Hungary, is beating Gil, Gil will not hit Hungary back, his girl or not I will, Hungary hurts Gil one more time and Hungary will learn how much I will hurt her, and my older Brother will not be able to stop me, as I see it if Hungary acts like a Male as she does then she should be treat like a Male.
Should I not be able to beat Hungary like one?
Something else my Brother and I do not have in common, Gil see Females as less strong as Males are, Gil is nice to the Females, yes, he thinks they should have the same rights, he just has a hard time hitting one, as I see it if a Female hits you, you should be able to hit back blow for blow, if the Females are weaker then the Males, then the Females should not start it as Hungary does, if Hungary hits Gil first then Gil should be able to hit her back, I am not saying Males should hit Females first, never, I am saying if a Female hits a Male first then, he should be able to hit her back as hard as she hit him, if she does not want to be hit then she should not hit him, so when Hungary beats my Brother Gil again and Gil does not hit her back, I will find Hungary my self and make Hungary wish she never dressed as a Male, if Hungary is weaker then she should not dress as a Male, asking to be treated as a Male as she claims she does, when I beat her and if Hungary claims I am wrong, I will tell her she asked to be treated as a Male, clothing and all, if Hungary does not wish to be treated by me as a Male, then she should not act she as does and start acting like a Female, that simple as I see it.
I prey to who ever is listening my Adopted Father Gil would find some one, I did not care who just some one as Awesome, as my Adopter Father is, Gil should have that kind of happy, that kind of love.