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hell is a talking tide.

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You weren’t sure how you had befriended this man.

Of all the oddballs that had crossed your path in life, this fiery haired, even more fiery tempered man had to be the weirdest. Nearly seven feet tall; all thick muscle and pure rage, with the kindest eyes you’d ever seen on a man his size, well, shit, if he was a saucer of milk, you were a kitten looking for a sweet drink.

He was hard to approach the first time you saw him, hesitation filling you as you weren’t quite sure how to handle the situation that caused you to look for him in the first place. The original problem was a man closer to your own height, but he just wouldn’t leave you alone, to the point that you had stopped frequenting your favorite bar because of him, only to find that he waited for when you came in, no matter the day. You were sure he was following you to your day job, too, and even following you home.

You had heard Jack tell you to stay away from the big man when she first introduced herself, telling you he was truly nothing but trouble. However, as dread filled your chest, trouble is what you needed to correct the current issue; his name was Howard and you were not in the mood to have Jack escort you to your car with her shotgun any longer.

(That was putting her in danger, too, and leaving the bar unattended for what felt like a few minutes too long.)

It was time to ask Trouble for a little help, no matter what happened to fuckin’ Howard.