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say goodnight and stay together

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It’s the touch on his left hip that wakes him. Keith makes a little noise as Shiro’s fingers curl around the shape of the bone and grip him tighter, holding Keith in place where Shiro wants him.


Keith’s eyes slowly blink open to the sight of the bedroom wall in the Captain’s quarters of the ATLAS, and his lips part on a gasp—the hard length of Shiro’s cock pressing against his ass is pretty noticeable too.

“Morning, baby,” Shiro whispers behind Keith’s ear, pressing a kiss to his hair. Keith has the worst bedhead, always a ruffled mess after sleep and sticking up everywhere, but Shiro nuzzles against it like it’s a soft satin blanket to rest his cheek on.

“Mm… mornin’.” Keith closes his eyes again and melts back against Shiro’s body, feeling Shiro’s left hand slide up his stomach to wrap around his chest, hugging Keith tighter. “What time is it?”

“Almost ten.”

“What?” Keith startles a little, looking over his shoulder at Shiro. “You serious?”

“Mhm.” Shiro chuckles, his white bangs hanging adorably tousled over his forehead, a warm smile on his face and eyes a little sleepy. Keith still needs a moment every time he sees him just to deal with the small shock his heart goes through. “God…” Shiro sighs, softly stroking his fingertips back and forth across Keith's skin, making him shiver. “When was the last time either of us slept this long?”

Keith looks forward again, smiling to himself as Shiro keeps up the slow grinding of his hips. “Morning after you kissed me for the first time probably.”

“If I remember things correctly, we didn’t really do much sleeping that night,” Shiro teases. Keith chuckles and moves one hand to hold the back of Shiro’s head, carding his fingers through the hair there that’s too short to grip. “And I do remember it. Happens to be one of my favourite memories, even.”

“Doesn’t seem like you’ve been doing much sleeping this morning either, though, Captain,” Keith whispers and pushes his ass back for emphasis, because Shiro’s acting touchy-feely in a way that suggests he’s already been turned on for a while; that he didn’t wake up hard just now and immediately decided to whisper words in Keith’s ear until he woke up too.

Of course, another, and maybe bigger, clue to how Shiro’s already spent some time awake would be how Keith feels pleasantly stretched and wet and ready, and Keith bites his bottom lip, considering what it means Shiro’s been up to.

Shiro presses his lips to Keith’s shoulder, kissing it softly. Ever the romantic, he murmurs, “Wanna fuck you,” before giving the skin a loving little nibble while thumbing over one of Keith’s nipples.

The laugh that leaves Keith is breathless, both from his own growing arousal and from how he’ll never get used to this—of having Shiro, sharing a bed with him, being held close to his naked skin. The way Shiro’s voice sounds when it’s sleep-rough and turned on, whispering the word baby in his ear.

Heat curls through Keith’s body, swooping through his chest and landing somewhere low in his stomach, so intensely specific and undefinable all at once with where it reaches. It makes him needy all over while still being impossible to pinpoint where it starts or ends—but Shiro still gives trying to find the home of it a go as he skates his palm down Keith’s body, wrapping his fingers around Keith’s cock, stroking him tight and slow.

Keith moans, tipping his head back further, biting his bottom lip around a whine from the feeling of Shiro’s big hand around him. “Shiro…”

“Love putting my fingers in you while you still sleep,” Shiro says. He moves to mouth at the side of Keith’s throat, letting out a little whine, like the memory alone of Keith opening up for him is the sweetest thing. “How you’re all soft and relaxed for me, but still so needy because you want it so bad. Should hear yourself when I touch you, baby… all those little noises you make.” Shiro groans and Keith gasps with him, because Shiro might always like talking when they’re fucking, but in the mornings it’s like sex is all he knows. “Can’t believe I have to have you still sleeping for you to finally be as loud as I know you wanna be… keep telling you not to keep it down when you’re awake. Love—fuck, love the sounds you make for me…”

Moving his hand from Shiro’s hair to grip onto Shiro’s forearm, Keith moans for him now as Shiro thumbs over the head of his dick. “Hah—

Shiro presses his nose against Keith’s temple for a moment before hooking his chin over Keith’s shoulder, looking down at his own hand where he’s jerking Keith off as he keeps talking. “Know what you do in your sleep, baby? Soon as I get a finger in you, you start rocking back against my hand, clenching around me and moaning because you want more. Always want more no matter what I give you, don’t you, Keith? So fucking greedy I’ll have you saying my name even in your sleep.”

Keith cries out as Shiro rocks more firmly against his body, moving his hips in a slow insistent grind—even though Keith knows that at this point Shiro probably wouldn’t mind just pressing Keith face down into the mattress, humping him frantically until he comes all over Keith’s ass before slumping down on top of him and falling asleep again.

The thought of it makes Keith’s fingers curl and clutch at the pillow next to his head; because wouldn’t that be nice. He’s tempted for a moment, to try and see what he needs to do in order to make Shiro lose his composure, how to get Shiro to stop pretending like his hard cock teasingly moving back and forth up the shape of Keith’s ass without sinking inside is enough for either of them.

…But if Shiro’s been awake and played with him for as long as he has, Keith’s sure that Shiro has plans of his own already, and he wouldn’t want to be the one to ruin those for him.

“You should,” Keith says instead and turns his head enough for his mouth to land on Shiro’s jaw. It's a little awkward with the angle, but he can’t be bothered by it, not when he gets to feel the slight scrape under his lips from Shiro’s scruff after he’s gone a couple of days without shaving. “Should fuck me, Shiro. Should’ve fucked me awake. Promise I would’ve moaned your name even louder for you.”

Shiro groans, tightening his grip on Keith’s cock. Keith’s mouth drops open and he whines against the skin under Shiro’s chin.

“Thought of doing that,” Shiro says, still keeping up the slow pace even as Keith starts moving with him, rocking into Shiro’s fist before arching back against him. “First I just didn’t want to wake you.” Shiro chuckles. “Then I guess I got carried away long enough that you woke up anyway. Just—god, Keith, I love you so much. Want you so much, all the time, always. Can’t keep my hands off you… you’re so fucking hot. So beautiful, so perfect.”

Keith lets out a ridiculous little giggle of his own in delight. He can’t help it how much he loves that Shiro loves him, face going red from his blushing as Shiro keeps kissing his cheek, his throat, the curve of his shoulder. The thought of Shiro waking up and wanting this, wanting him, every day—both now and going forward—is still so strange, even if it’s the most natural and most right thing he’s ever felt too.

Maybe that’s the reason for it, Keith thinks; how perfect it is, how it constantly has him wondering if love can really be like this, if it’s supposed to be this easy and amazing, while knowing better than anyone else, that yes. It can and it should.

It can and it should because it is.

But as much as Keith likes it when Shiro uses his body while he’s still sleeping, how comfortable and settled Keith feels in his trust for Shiro with his everything, taking Shiro’s cock is still something there’s no way for him to sleep through.

Keith murmurs, like a reminder for what they could—and should—be doing already, “’m awake now, Shiro.”

His boyfriend’s got a lovely personality, the sweetest soul Keith knows, and as much as Keith loves him for all of that alone—Shiro also happens to be beyond blessed with what he’s packing, and Keith will never get enough of having it in him.

“You are,” Shiro agrees. He lets go of Keith’s cock to slide his hand back to Keith’s ass, easily finding his hole and pushing two fingers inside. Keith’s body accepts them without resistance, but Shiro pushes in deeper, fucking Keith with his fingers lazily, like he still needs to make sure he’s prepped enough for him.

Since there’s no way Shiro doesn’t know that he already is, Keith suspects that more than anything, Shiro’s just missed having them in there.

“Shiro.” Keith sighs, his impatience growing the more determined Shiro gets in his touches. “C’mon. Don’t have to worry about waking me up anymore. Put it in me.”

“Put what in you?” Shiro murmurs, still keeping up the slow movement of his hand in time with the way his hips grind against the side of Keith’s ass, before he slips another finger inside along with the others. “This isn’t enough for you?”

Holding back a noise of frustration, Keith huffs out a breath. “You know it’s not.”

“No?” Shiro gives a comforting little hum, like he’s being sympathetic, before pulling his hand out to trace his fingertips teasingly over Keith’s empty hole. “Then what do you need?”

Keith tries hard, so, so hard, not to glare back at him or roll his eyes. There’s no point in arguing, no point in telling Shiro to stop acting clueless because he knows what Keith wants.

They both know what Keith wants.

And they both know that Shiro just wants to hear him say it, and the more Keith resists, the longer he’ll draw things out.

Sighing to himself, Keith licks his lips, making sure his voice is low and just a little raspy with desperation—the way he knows Shiro loves it—when he tilts his head back and says, “Want you to fuck me with your big cock. Shiro, please.”

“Oh, Keith…” Shiro breathes out, and as much as Keith loves the pet names Shiro calls him, no matter how special being Shiro’s sweetheart makes him feel, there’s still nothing like Shiro saying Keith’s name like this. When it sounds as if it’s punched Shiro in the gut with how much it means to him. “Spread yourself open for me, baby, and I’ll make that happen for you, give you what you need.”

Biting his bottom lip and hanging his head, Keith reaches back to do as he’s told. He grabs the side of his ass, hitching his leg up a little higher, presenting himself as good as he can for Shiro in their pressed up position.

“Fuck, Keith, look at you,” Shiro says, voice hoarse and awed, like maybe seeing Keith is a small shock to Shiro’s heart every now and then, too. Both of them make a noise when Shiro reaches down to take himself in hand, guiding the tip of his big dick to Keith’s hole, starting to push the head inside. “Need to fuck you more often in the mornings if it gets you to be this good for me so easily.”

“You—” Keith cuts off abruptly with a choked cry as Shiro thrusts into him and buries himself fully in one smooth movement, letting out a little hitched whine of his own in Keith’s ear as he does. Clenching hard around the intrusion, Keith twists his fingers in the pillow again, trying to relax and breathe through his body adjusting to having all of Shiro inside. God, it’s just so much, every single time he takes him.

Shiro strokes his hand up over Keith’s arm, down the side of his waist, and then grabs his hip again while shushing him tenderly, like Keith needs to be soothed through it. Nosing at his temple, Keith feels a smile against his skin when Shiro finally murmurs, “I’m sorry, what was that, baby?”

“I was—going to say, you say that like you’re not always horny and constantly fucking me first thing in the mornings.”

Shiro chuckles again, starting to pull out before he pushes back inside, setting a slow languid pace for them. Keith moans at how good he feels. As much as he’d like to say he finds it torturous, here, now, while still a little sleepy with no obligations for the day and being held in Shiro’s arms through their lazy fucking, everything is perfect.

No matter how infuriating it might be when Shiro’s acting so smug about it.

“’s not the mornings,” Shiro says, “it’s the guy who’s with me in my bed.”

That gets Keith laughing, and he looks over his shoulder at Shiro, scrunching his nose up at him. “Nuh-uh. Don’t try that. Waking up with a hard-on is just your natural state. It’s who you are, Shiro.”

“Yeah,” Shiro agrees, kissing Keith’s face, probably aiming for his nose but landing somewhere below his eye. “Because I have the most beautiful man in the universe offering up his ass for me to sink my morning wood into.” Punctuating his statement by thrusting in hard, Shiro pulls out to do it again, and doesn’t waste any more time now. He holds Keith close as their rhythm ups as good as Shiro can make it happen in their position, and Keith feels torn a million ways with his emotions while he tries to deal with the gravity of the sweet parts of the compliment, the ridiculousness of the end of the sentence, and how good it feels to get fucked so deep by Shiro.

“Shiro, god—”

“Can’t blame me for being turned on when I have you here,” Shiro pants in his ear, “when I know we finally have the whole day to ourselves. Just you… me… no interruptions. Could do this for hours and nothing or no one would stop us, baby.”

Keith laughs again, flushed and breathless from Shiro still making him take his cock while trying to keep up the conversation. “No, no—told you not to try blaming it on that,” Keith says. “You’re—ah, always like this in the—mornings. Whether we have five or fifty minutes to get ready. I swear—fuck, right there, oh, Shiro, do that again, please, I—I swear. We could wake up to an emergency and you’d still make sure I sucked your dick before we left.”

“I would never,” Shiro says, mockingly serious, and asshole that he is of course slows down their fucking when he’s the one talking. “I’m not that rude. I’d suck your dick before we left, and get myself off while doing it.”

“Such—” Keith’s chuckle turns into a little whine when Shiro gets his hand back around Keith’s cock as he fucks into him, hitting him just right. “Such a gentleman, babe.”

“Did—did you just call me babe?” Shiro says, pausing in his movement.

Keith makes an impatient noise, looking over his shoulder and pushing his ass back against him. “I… guess I did?”

“Huh,” Shiro says, an amused little furrow forming between his brows. “I really did loosen you up, didn’t I? Or is this just you being casual? Is this vacation Keith? Because he’s a whole new man.”

Keith snorts, hanging his head for a moment before twisting enough in his hold to look at Shiro more properly, suddenly annoyed with their position. As cozy as their drawn-out morning sex has been so far, they’ve been awake for far too long by now to not even have kissed yet. But Shiro frowns and pulls away when Keith cranes his neck to change that, much to his confusion.

“What?” Keith says, not bothering to hold back his pout. If he wasn’t literally being held in Shiro’s embrace, he’d almost be hurt.

As if it’s the most obvious explanation in the world, Shiro says, “Morning breath, Keith.”

For a long moment, everything freezes as Keith stares up at his boyfriend in disbelief. “Morning breath? You’ve got your dick buried in my asshole and I can’t kiss you because I might smell a little too much like sleep?”

“No,” Shiro pouts right back, “you don’t smell like anything. I don’t think you've ever had bad breath in the morning. It’s a little weird actually… but I haven’t brushed my teeth.”

Keith scoffs, rolling his eyes before grinding back against him. “No? What got you so distracted from getting up and doing that, Captain?”

“Got this hotshot flyboy in my bed.”

Laughing again, Keith reaches up to get his hand back in Shiro’s hair. It’s ridiculous how even the most silly things are so hot when it’s with Shiro. “And he,” Keith starts to say before letting his lips drag across the line of Shiro’s jaw, “doesn’t care about your morning breath. Trust me. Now kiss me.”

“It’s gross, Keith.”

“You’re a minute away from shooting your load in my ass, babe, don’t talk to me about ‘gross’.”

“You’re so…” Shiro starts, but Keith doesn’t get to find out what Shiro thinks he is, because the sentence ends with a growl. His hand grabs Keith’s chin instead, and Shiro kisses him, messy and wet from the start, licking deep into his mouth—like if Keith wants it, he’s going to get it, but Shiro has to prove to Keith just how filthy he is for asking for it in the first place while giving it to him. Except there’s nothing Keith loves more than having Shiro’s tongue in him—no matter which hole he goes for, really—and kissing Shiro is one of his favorite things in the whole world. He moans into it, opening up for him, getting even louder when Shiro starts moving again.

Yes,” Keith cries out against Shiro’s lips, unable to hold it back, his eyelids fluttering shut and his breath coming ragged again.

“Yeah?” Shiro says, still peppering little kisses over Keith’s face, across his lips parted from his panting.

“Mm. Hey, what are—… ah, Shiro—” Keith loses track of his sentence, trying to get his thoughts back on track as he tries to speak again. “What are we doing today? After—”

“Keith, oh my—fuck. Stop it.”

“What?” He opens his eyes with furrowed brows, finding Shiro’s own gaze on his as Shiro lets out a disbelieving little laugh. It’s not such a weird question; they’ve slept away the whole morning, and Keith has no idea how long it’s even been since he woke up by now.

“No planning.” Shiro ducks his head to hide in Keith’s neck, pistoning his hips up into him. “No talking about planning, oh my god. Especially not when I’m—trying to fuck you. Today’s just for this, swear I don’t even want us to leave the bed at all for the whole day. That’s what we’re doing today.”

Keith holds back another moan, trying to keep it together long enough he can squint his eyes at Shiro and pretend he’s still annoyed. “See? I told you, you can’t talk to me about how you don’t want to be ‘gross’ over some simple kissing, not when you always—”

He’s cut off with a startled squeak when Shiro suddenly rolls them over, his heavy weight settling on top of Keith, pressing him face down into the mattress. There’s the familiar whirring of Shiro’s Altean arm coming back to life from where Shiro keeps it on one of the dressers in his bedroom, and then it zaps through the room to settle back at its natural place at Shiro’s right side. Two palms get planted next to Keith’s head, and Keith stares open-mouthed as Shiro’s fingers grip the sheets when he hoists himself up to brace himself on his hands.

Then he starts fucking Keith again without warning, hard and unrelenting enough that Keith gets thrust up the mattress from the force of it, giving it to him so good now that Keith can barely breathe from it in no time. Panting, all Keith’s able to do is spread his legs and whine while he tries not to drool all over the pillow he bites into to muffle his loud cries.

“There we go, you little brat,” Shiro hisses in his ear, out of breath as well but clearly with a smile in his voice. “That’s so much better, isn’t it? Just shut up and take it like I know you want to.”

“—I’m just saying,” Keith gasps out as he lifts his head. He would’ve been happy to forget about all of this and let himself get lost to how amazing Shiro makes him feel, but now Shiro’s turned it into the kind of thing that Keith loves to tell himself he refuses to let Shiro win. “You’re the one telling me morning breath is gross one moment, then suddenly you’re talking about not moving from this bed, even though I know you plan on getting me all messy—”

“How come—you’re… so fucking mouthy and good with your words—in every way, every situation, except when I’m actually trying to get you to talk dirty to me?”

“I’m just confused… aren’t you going to fill me up with your come?” Keith does his best to fight back his whimpers and sound as unaffected as he can with Shiro pinning him down and driving into him like this. “But you—you want me to just stay here in bed with you once you’re done? Is that not fucking filthy to you, Sir?”

“Mm, don’t you worry about that, baby.” Shiro moves his left hand to give Keith’s ass a hard slap before he grabs Keith’s side, tilting his hips up for a better angle as he drapes himself across his back. The fingers of his Altean hand grip Keith’s hair, tangling in the strands, before yanking Keith’s head back sharply. Shiro presses his mouth to breathe hotly in Keith’s ear, murmuring there, “I’ll make sure to personally clean up any mess I make in you.”

So fucking gross.” Keith gasps, laughing again over how Shiro really does more than willingly dive in to lick his own come out of his ass, but still worries Keith might wrinkle his nose at Shiro’s mouth tasting a little too human in the morning. “Shiro. Shiro, fuck, you’re so—I love you.”

“Love you too, Keith,” Shiro breathes out, nuzzling at his neck. Keith really can’t hold back much longer, but Shiro doesn’t seem to be done with him just yet. “God, Keith, you want plans? I’m going to fuck you all day long. That’s what we should do. Once I’m done with you after this, I’ll make us breakfast in bed, then get you hard again so I can suck you off while you try to eat. Maybe—fuck, you feel so good, sweetheart—put on a movie after, just. Get to hold you in my arms, knowing you’re here, and jerk you off when you get a little sleepy. Just fall asleep with you, no alarm set, not caring about what time it is, then wake you up again to—”

“I’ll wake you up in some—creative way I haven’t decided on yet,” Keith manages to cut Shiro off and get out, despite how his breath is getting fucked out of him and it’s hard to focus on anything but how hard and perfect Shiro is as he thrusts back inside again and again. How Shiro is always so talkative the more turned on he gets, Keith will never understand, but he still appreciates it with all his heart. And his dick.

Especially his dick, right now.

“Fuck, Keith,” Shiro groans as he moves to grab Keith’s hips with both hands before he straightens up and settles back. He tugs Keith with him, getting Keith on his hands and knees properly for him.

Shiro.” Keith whines as soon as Shiro starts pulling him back onto his cock over and over again. “I—oh, please, I can’t—I’m gonna—”

“Yeah, god, come on, Keith, let me feel you. Show me how good I make you feel, baby,” Shiro gets out and slaps Keith’s ass again before he reaches around, closing his fist around Keith’s cock. He jerks him in perfect time with his hips, until Keith can't hold back any longer. Fingers grappling for purchase against the sheets, Keith’s back arches as his mouth drops open and he cries out embarrassingly loud when he comes, hard and overwhelming.

Shiro moves the hand not on Keith’s dick to press between Keith’s shoulder-blades, holding him in place as he fucks him through it the way Keith loves it. The pace of his hips and the tight grip of Shiro’s hand doesn’t let up, not until Keith’s slumping forward—practically sobbing with his face pressed into the mattress and his ass still up for Shiro to use, despite the oversensitivity setting in.

Maybe Shiro decides to take mercy on him quickly because he thinks that Keith’s been good enough to deserve it, or maybe Shiro just can’t hold back anymore either. Whatever the reason, Shiro lets go of Keith’s dick and smears the come on his hand all over Keith’s skin when he slides his palm back to Keith’s hip. Holding onto him tightly, Shiro fucks him even faster to his own release, grunting with it before he spills inside with a loud moan not much later.

Keith’s still gasping open-mouthed once Shiro’s hips slow down, weakly thrusting into Keith a couple more times like he’s not willing to stop just yet—until he finally stills, slumping forward and catching his breath against Keith’s neck for a moment. Then he pulls out, both of them practically toppling over onto the bed once he does.

“Baby,” Shiro gets out, and Keith feels Shiro's heavy hand on his head, stroking his palm down Keith’s hair. “God, baby boy…”

Keith huffs out a breath where he’s still resting on his stomach, eyes closed and feeling boneless, before he laughs. Using what little strength he can muster up, he rolls over to face Shiro, and smiles at him. “Fuck, that was—so good. So, so good, Shiro. Holy shit.”

Shiro nods, still panting a little, but preening as a grin spreads on his flushed face. Keith can’t keep away, scooting in even closer, snuggling in next to Shiro’s side and reaching up to hold his face as he kisses him. Moaning softly, Shiro kisses him back, lazy and sweet and thankfully not bothering with trying to object to it anymore. The kiss ends with a little smack’ing noise and Keith lets his eyes slip shut when Shiro kisses the tip of his nose. He quickly opens them again when he feels the comforter being pulled up, like they’re in any state to actually go back to sleep like this.

Shiro. We’re literally both disgusting right now.”

“Mm. Just—shh.” Shiro wraps his arm around Keith’s shoulders, tugging him closer and pressing a kiss to the top of his head. “Don’t say that when I’m trying to snuggle my sweetheart.”

Keith laughs, letting himself rest his head on Shiro’s sweaty chest, settling in and relaxing as he focuses on the way Shiro’s body moves with his breathing.

Just for a little while.

“So,” Shiro murmurs after a moment, sounding more awake now. “You, uh. Excited for our first day off since getting back to Earth?”

“Yeah.” Keith glances up at him, fighting back his grin, because Shiro’s a fool if he thinks that Keith’s going to forget about anything he said just because Shiro’s not sleep-horny and thinking with his dick anymore. “Sounded like you’ve got it all planned out pretty nicely for us, hm?”

Shiro laughs self-consciously and doesn’t respond, instead grabbing the comforter and pulling it up even further, covering both of their heads with it. Keith’s about to say something right as Shiro kisses him again, everything warm and dark where they’re hiding under the covers. Smiling and sighing into it, Keith kisses him back lovingly, letting Shiro be shy if he needs to, just because he’s so cute. Keith wraps his arms around Shiro’s shoulders when Shiro rolls them over, allowing himself to forget about any sticky mess they’ve made as they both hug each other tightly.

Keith can be a little gross and disgusting for a moment longer.

They have a whole day to themselves, after all.