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Boxing was natural for Diego. No one batted an eye when he trained, or when he was able to take down an opponent in the ring without breaking a sweat.

Diego was more than ready for his match today. He needed to let off steam, he needed a win, honestly.

He’d been searching for B, it had been a little over a month since their last encounter, if you could call getting a blowjob from some smoking hot criminal an ‘encounter.’ The search was damn near impossible, it was a needle in a haystack, he searched almost every pawn shop in the city to find anything B had stolen when Diego came across him, and it was zilch, nada, nothing.

So yeah, boxing.

His eyes scanned the small crowd, not really paying too much attention. Really, it didn’t matter, crowd or no crowd, he got paid pretty alright when he won, which was most of the time.

The ref called him in, his eyes already locked on his opponent, even from here Diego could tell his stance was weak.

He looked across the ring once more, the small crowd of people, mostly regulars at the gym who liked to support him, a few people who just liked to watch the fights, and then it was him.


Sharply dressed and his smile self satisfied. He was right against the ring, in Diego’s corner, arms propped up against the mat.

How did he get here? Did he look for Diego too?

He looked crisp, far from the flushed and disheveled man on his knees Diego last saw.

The bell rung, Diego recognized it in the back of his mind. What did his mind recognize was the strike right against his jaw.

Diego stumbled back, how could he let himself be distracted. He had to catch himself, he had to focus, focus on staying on his feet, because that motherfucker was a southpaw and he was busy staring at B.

“Get him, Diego!” He heard a voice cheer, B’s voice.

He wasn’t going to lose this fight, especially in front of B.

He picked his head back up, moving quickly and striking hard. Again, and again. He hit as hard as he could, the cheers of the crowd rising.

It felt good, eyes glancing over to B, smacking against the mat, yelling and cheering.

Diego moved closer, backing his opponent into a corner, exposing his vulnerabilities, making it easier for Diego.

As quickly as it started it was over, the man collapsed to the ground. Diego raised his fists in a guard as the ref counting the man out.

The small crowd cheered, some of the gym regulars crawling up into the ring, grabbing and shaking Diego. Diego sighed, taking deep breaths after the short but intense exertion. His eyes trailed down, smiling down at B as he smiled back.

Generally, after a winning match, Diego would go out with some regulars to a local bar, get a little wasted, come back and sleep it off.

Instead he just smiled, politely telling his acquaintances that he was staying in, despite their complaints and calling him a spoilsport.

His eyes kept flashing over to B, still by the ring, watching Diego with a pleased smile.

“Really, really I’m fine, come on, I want to clean up and sleep.” Diego said.

Slowly, yet surely, he was able to get everyone out of the gym, the only one staying behind and that Diego didn’t rush out, was B.

He still said nothing, sitting on the ring, watching Diego run through his nightly duties, swinging his legs like a child.

“You did really well,” B finally spoke, eyes trailing the ground as Diego swept.

“Yeah?” Diego asked, looking back at him, leaning on his broom.

“Yeah, but the dude looked easy to beat, his stance was weak, but I didn’t expect him to be a lefty.” B said with a shrug.

He was goading him, little shit.

“You think you could have beat him?” Diego asked, sauntering over to B.

He stood in between B’s spread legs, eyes scanning over him. B looked up at him through thick lashes, fucking hell.

“I’m saying I could beat you.” B said.

Diego laughed.

He’d seen him fight, hell, he’d fought him multiple times, but this was different.

“You’re on,” Diego said.

B crawled under the ropes, leaning over them, staring down at Diego, waving from the platform. Diego quickly made his way into the ring after him.

“How’d you find me?” Diego asked, circling around him, sizing him up.

“I got tired of waiting.” B said, feet subtly shifting into a better fighting stance.

“Well I tried to find you, ‘B’ isn’t exactly specific.” Diego said, moving closer.

“Billy is though.” B said, “my name is Billy, Billy Decker, and yours is Diego Hargreeves, I saw it on the flyer, cheered you on too.”

Diego liked how Billy said his name.

“How do I know that not a fake name?” Diego asked.

Billy huffed a laugh, stepping across the mat.

“You want my license and registration, officer?” Billy asked, grin wide and wolffish.

Diego shook his head, chuckling. He was close now, just barely out of Diego’s reach, pale and pretty face silhouetted by the dim after hour lights of the gym.

“I’m not a cop.” Diego said, shaking his head, meeting Billy in the middle of the ring.

“I’m well aware of that.” Billy said. “You’d fight like shit if you were one...well more so.”

Diego laughed, small and almost amused, knowing it was a ploy.

Billy just seemed to know how to press Diego’s buttons, flash that pretty grin and Diego was a goner.

“Yeah, well, you pull punches so you don’t get to talk shit.” Diego said.

Billy’s grin grew, his eyes wild. He swiped at Diego’s head, Diego quickly dodged, only to be met by Billy’s foot at his ribs.

Diego smiled.

“Why’d you start boxing?” Billy asked, side stepping one of Diego’s hits.

The question was a lot more than boxing. Why did he fight like this? Why did he go out in a mask and leather pants to fight crime? Who made him this way?

Did he not know?

After all those years of press and even Vanya’s stupid fucking book, he definitely would gave some idea.

“Eh, my dad made me.” Diego opted.

Diego watched as Billy moved, his long and lean frame made for agility, but he could topple with the right force, he would eventually tire out, Diego had to run the gauntlet until then. His heart beat a little faster look at Billy, how Billy looked back at him with the same spark in his eyes.

It would’ve been easy for the untrained eye to think they were doing anything but flirting, with grasps and holds that seemed unconventional and eyes that lingered for too long. Diego’s hits lacked effort and Billy’s strikes and dodges seemed slowed, choosing to use more flair than practicality.

“Mine too.” He said, narrowly missing Diego with a kick. “Though my mom was the one who signed me up for gymnastics.”

Diego smiled, a small but intimate detail. A camaraderie in shitty fathers.

“You did the whole bars and shit?” Diego asked, grabbing onto his wrist to pull him flush against Diego’s broad chest.

The fight stopped for a second, glint of pride in Billy’s eyes. Billy was warm against him, shifting his body to fit better against Diego.

“Nope. Floor and rings. Illinois state champ all through middle to high school, my mom still has the medals and trophies.” He said.

”Illinois?” Diego asked.

“I grew up in Chicago.” He said.

Chicago. Shitty dad, gymnast, state champion, from Chicago. Diego filed each tid bit away.

“What?” Billy asked.

Diego blinked, realizing he had fallen silent.

“Nothing, just like hearing about you.” He said.

Billy pressed away from him, taking his fighting stance again. He was getting tired, Diego was just warming up.

“What about you? Born and raised a New York boy or?” Billy asked, taking a small jab at Diego’s ribs.

Did he really not know?

“Don’t know where I was born, I was adopted at birth.” Diego shrugged.

“I was adopted too, just, later, after a year in foster care.” Billy said, dodging a swipe from Diego.

Foster care, later in childhood adoption, Chicago, gymnastic, state champ.

Billy rushed at him, brash and a desperate move. Diego grabbed his wrist as he passed, pulling his back flush against his chest.

“Do you really not know anything about me? Who I am?” Diego asked, low and into his ear.

“I know you’ve got some sort of daddy issues that makes you dress up in leather and chase bad guys like me. Should I know anything else?” Billy asked, breaking the hold only for Diego to grab him again, this time facing one another.

He guessed not.

It was somewhat of a relief.

“What makes you say daddy issues makes me do that? Why can’t it be some sort of sense for justice?” He asked, free hand pressing the small of Billy’s back closer.

“Because the same daddy issues shit that makes you go out and get the bad guys but let one blow you is the same thing that makes me steal shit and give blowjobs to pretty vigilantes.” Billy said, that soft pink mouth just a tilt of the head away.

Swiftly, Billy swiped Diego’s legs out from under him, sending him crashing to the ground, but Diego’s grip on Billy’s arm brought him down with him.

Together they laid on the mat, tangled up in one another, barely a breath apart. They laughed for a moment, something Diego realized they hadn’t done before.

Their laughter stopped, fading out as they looked at each other, so close, without worry or stakes.

Billy sat astride on Diego’s waist, Diego’s grip on his arm hand been exchanged for a grip on his waist.

“Diego,” Billy breathed, reaching out to hold his face. His fingers stroked the scar that ran across the side of his head and spilled onto the edge of his face.

Diego sighed at how he said his name, filled with adoration. Their sparring was over now, Diego could sense the energy shift, less chaotic, air thick.

“You’re so beautiful.” Billy said.

The complement struck Diego differently. Diego couldn’t count how many times people called him hot or handsome, or even Billy calling him pretty, but beautiful felt different.

Diego reached for him, pulling him down into a deep kiss. Billy licked along the seams of Diego’s mouth with that pierced tongue, Diego sighed in response. All the hurried and anxiousness of their last kiss was gone.

Billy’s wide and warm hands slid up Diego’s frame, catching at his jawline, holding him steady. Diego held his hands over Billy’s. He quickly flipped him and Billy over, Billy’s hands pressed above his head.

Billy pulled away from the kiss, smiling up at him.

“I didn’t know we were still going.” Billy said.

“We’re not, I just wanted to let you know I won.” Diego taunted, sticking his chin out. “Not bad for an ex cop.”

“Not bad for an ex pig.” Billy said, trying to break the hold on his wrists.

Billy struggled against him, trying and failing to push away from his grasp, but it was no denying that Diego was stronger, bulkier, had no issues pinning down his lithe body down.

“Yeah, yeah alright. I wave my white flag.” Billy said, lamely mimicking waving a flag as Diego held his wrists.

Diego smiled, dipping down to kiss him, light and playful, then his cheek, then his temple. He pulled back, admiring how flushed red Billy was.

Diego let go of one of his wrists, reaching down to trace the small black bar between Billy’s eyes.

“How many more piercing do you have?” Diego said, smiling down at him, hungry and wide.

“You’ll just have to find them.” He said reaching up for Diego.

Diego let himself be guided down, kissing over his jaw, down his pale and bare throat. Billy drew in a sharp breath, his free hand carding through Diego’s short hair, scratching over his scalp lightly.

Diego’s hands roamed lower, sliding under the edge of his shirt again, feeling the warm and lean body beneath him. Diego let go of Billy’s other hand, winding his fingers through his soft, chestnut hair, like he did in that alleyway. Billy rolled his hips up against Diego, grinding their hard cocks together in a moment of sweet friction.

“Do we need to call a cab and get outta here, pretty boy?” Billy asked, pulling away just barely.

“Actually, you’re in luck, I live in the back room.” Diego said.

Billy smiled up at him, amused and wide.

“How convenient.” Billy said.

Diego pulled himself away, hating to be apart from Billy, how easily and well they fit together. He got to his feet, Billy propped on his elbows as he watched, eyes blown wide and hungry. Diego reached a hand out to him, Billy took it letting himself be pulled up by Diego, bringing them chest to chest.

Billy pressed a kiss to his cheek before stepped back, wordlessly saying “lead the way.”

They crawled out of the ring and made their way back to Diego’s room wordlessly, Diego’s hand still in Billy’s.

Once inside the small confines of Diego’s room and the door pushed shut, barely even after he had time to toe his shoes off, Billy pulled him close, kissing him again. Billy slotted his leg between Diego’s, grinding against his erection, drawing a sharp breath from him.

“Bed.” Diego grunted, pulling away.

Billy discarded his shirt as he followed after Diego to the small bed, kicking off his shoes on the way.

Diego’s eyes scanned over his slender and pale body, dotted with faded yellow and green bruises, on his jutting and sharp collar bones two black studs stuck out, more piercings.

“Are those the last of your piercings?” Diego asked, fingers brushing over the piercings.

“Nope.” Billy said, grin wicked as be pushed Diego back onto the bed.

Billy crawled onto him, his legs straddling Diego’s wide torso. His hands ran up and down Diego’s muscled chest, stopping at his pecks, thumb circling his pierced nipple. Billy’s eyes had a glint as he leaned down, gaze kept with Diego as he licked a long, slow, stripe over his nipple. Diego let his eyes slide shut, head lull back onto his pillow.

His bed was far too cramped for this, it barely fit Diego himself, but he didn’t care. All he cared about was Billy moving against him, his mouth was and skilled. Jealousy sparked somewhere, the idea of Billy learning from other people, being with other people, burned deep and annoyingly.

It was useless, this man was not his to claim, he had no right to be upset over him with some nameless face in this world.

Still it bubbled in Diego like tar, overcoming him with the idea that Billy could leave, would leave. Diego needed to make his mark, if he was going to be a notch in a bedpost he’d be a deep one. He pulled Billy up to him, hands lacing through his hair, kissing him deep.

Diego’s blunt fingernails dragged down his back, Billy took in a sharp breath. Billy pulled away to smile down at him.

“Lube? Condoms?” Billy asked.

Diego sat up, reaching over to his shelf, grabbing the bottle lube and pack of condoms there.

“You just have those out in the open, huh?” Billy asked, examining the half empty bottle of lube.

“Easy access, baby. Who am I hiding it from anyway? I’m an adult.” Diego said, settling back underneath him.

Billy shrugged, his face saying “fair enough.”

Billy sat back on his heels between Diego’s legs. Long, skilled fingers pulling down the edge of Diego’s boxing shorts as well as his briefs underneath, exposing his hard cock to the cold air of his room.

Billy smiled, bending over to kiss along the exposed shaft as he continued to pull his pants off, throwing them off the bed. Diego groaned, watching wide eyed as Billy placed open mouth kisses along it, hands smoothing up and down his thick and muscles thighs.

His breath was shaky, eyes following Billy’s every move. Billy broke away, only to flick the cap off the lube bottle with a gratuitous ‘pop’, slicking his fingers up before sinking back down again, kissing over his Adonis belt.

Billy slung one of Diego’s legs over his shoulder, giving him better access as those long fingers traced over his hole. He turned his head, pressing a kiss to the inside of Diego’s thigh, sucking down to leave a bruise as he pressed one finger inside. It was slow, gentle, Diego rocked back against it.

“There we go, pretty boy, so good.” Billy purred, honey sweet praise dripping from his tongue again.

Diego gripped his sheets, trying to steady himself as Billy curled his finger, pressing against him in all the right ways, only the appetizer for the main course soon to come.

Billy continued to pepper kisses across the inside of his thigh, his freehand working small circles into the flesh of his other thigh, working out the stress from the fight. It was good, so good.

“You fought so well today,” Billy stopped to punctuate his point with a kiss to so far untouched flesh, “you were fantastic.”

He sighed, reaching for for Billy’s shoulder once the sheets seemed useless, needing to touch him, feel him. Billy took the cue to add a second finger, sliding in with barely any resistance, the small stretch welcomed.

Billy scissored his fingers back and forth, pressing deep into Diego, forcing out small, rasping gasps. Diego couldn’t help as his thighs began to shake, tired and spent from the day, overwhelmed by pleasure.

Diego cupped Billy’s face, his grey-white eyes flashing up to meet his, small smile on his face.

Billy eased Diego’s leg off of his shoulder, moving back up to kiss the waiting Diego. Billy licked along the inside of his mouth, swallowing down the breathy moans as Diego let go.

Diego jolted as Billy brushed over his prostate, making his stomach slick with precum. Diego swore he could feel Billy smile in the kiss, his fingers stroking over it again and again, sparks lighting at the base of Diego’s spine.

Billy reached between them, hand wrapping around Diego’s hard cock, using his own precum as lube to guide his hand along as he pumped in time with the thrusts of his fingers.

Diego moaned, low and breathy, pulling away from Billy’s kiss, it was too much. He was going to come if he kept this up.

The pressure was mounting, it hurt to be this close, to have all that pleasure pent up with no release, so much all at once.

“Billy, I’m close.” Diego said.

Billy twisted his fingers, pressing a third one in. Diego rocked back against it, wanting more, more more.

“I know, you can do it. Come, Diego, come for me.” Billy said.

So Diego did, head thrown back, arching up into him, coating both of their stomachs and chests with his cum.

“So good, you did so good.” Billy whispered, pressing a kiss to his cheek.

Diego panted, hands still gripping Billy’s shoulders tight. He buried his head in the crook of Billy’s neck, eyes closing as he took a moment to just breathe.

He needed Billy, needed him inside of him as soon as possible.

“Billy…” Diego trailed, hands skimming lower, pressing against the small of his back, urging him down.

“I know, I know, pretty boy, just a second.” He said.

Billy climbed off Diego, off the bed entirely, fiddling and messing with the buckle of his pants, finally getting them off, kicking them to the side. Diego’s eyes trailed over the bulge in his underwear, admiring the size from there.

So Diego was a bit of a size queen, sue him.

Diego propped himself up, watching eagerly now as Billy shucked his boxers, his erection bobbing free.

The first Diego noticed besides the size of him was the piercings. There were three rungs of piercings, little barbells like the one between his eyes. Diego had no idea what they were called, all he knew was that they were hot.

“Those better be the last of your piercings.” Diego said.

Billy laughed.

“What? You don’t like them?” Billy asked, preoccupied with opening the packet of the condom.

“No! No, I just wonder what they’re gonna feel like.” He said.

He watched as Billy took his time rolling on the condom, pouring a generous amount of lube on his hand, watching him stroke himself to distribute it evenly across himself.

“You wanna hurry up?” Diego asked.

Billy huffed a small laugh, crawling back onto the bed on top of Diego, that welcomed weight and warmth on him again.

Billy lifted on of Diego’s legs again, Diego took the hint and wrapped it around his waist. Billy leaned down, pressing a kiss to the column of Diego’s throat, nipping there as he pushed three fingers into him with ease.

“Fuck,” Diego groaned.

His thighs began to shake again, his body otherwise pliant, just wanting to be filled, he knew he needed some time to recover but fuck. He felt his cock getting hard again, so sensitive it almost hurt when Billy brushed against it. It was perfect.

Billy pulled his fingers out, leaving Diego frustratingly empty. Diego bit back a sob when he felt the blunt head of his cock press against his hole. Billy pushed in slowly, little to no resistance as Diego took each inch.

“You’re taking me so well,” Billy cooed.

Diego whined wordlessly when he felt the first piercing breach him, the others soon following. He was full, so goddamn full. He swore he could feel Billy in his throat when he bottomed out, those piercings pressing in the right places.

Billy’s hands held Diego’s hips, holding him steady as he began to rock his hips back and forth, letting Diego get used to it.

Diego grabbed him by the hair, wrenching his head up to look him in the eye.

“P-ple-ase, just fuck me.” Diego said.

Billy nodded, smiling. He pulled out almost entirely, sliding back in with a sharp snap of his hips. Diego gasped, rolling his hips, his mind already blanking out, the only thoughts left being “more” and “Billy.”

Billy’s pace was almost brutal, each sharp thrust forcing another grunt out of Diego. Billy cradled Diego’s jaw, pressing kisses along it, breath hot against his flushed skin.

Diego knew the sight of him must’ve been obscene, mouth agape, eyes blow wide, helpless moans falling out, hands frantic for purchase in Billy’s silky hair. Billy leaned back enough to admire him, thumb passing over his swollen lips, white eyes almost black with lust.

“Ah,” Diego whined, his cry for Billy dying in his throat.

Billy nodded, eyes fluttering shut as his pace became shorter, sharper. He pushed his thumb past Diego’s lips, Diego’s tongue chased out to lav over it.

“Feel so good for me, Diego, so wet.” Billy praised.

Diego melted at the praise, at his name rolling off Billy’s tongue so easily.

“Say my name again.” Diego said, voice failing him, more of a beg and less of a demand.

“Diego,” Billy cooed, bending down to catch his earlobe between his teeth.

Diego arched at the sharp, sudden pain, a perfect blend to the white hot feeling in his gut.

“Diego,” Billy repeated in his ear, “Diego, Diego, Diego.”

Diego could feel the pleasure mounting. It was the kind so intense you felt like you had to crawl away from it, escape it before it swallowed you whole, licking at you, teasing you.

“Buh…” the word faded from Diego’s brain, his grip on the name weak, “B-Billy…”

“I’m here, I have you.” Billy reassured.

It must’ve been some shift in angle, something or another, but when Billy brushed over Diego’s already abused prostate he wailed out, eyes screwed shut. Those fucking piercings, how goddamn big he was, the stretch, the everything was perfect. The way he fucked into him, forcing Diego to let go, was perfect. Once Billy has found his spot, it was so easy to just let go, his pace picking up again to hit it over and over.

Diego had fucked guys, sure, but something about this was different. He felt...considered, not simply a tool to get off with.

Diego pried his eyes open to see Billy staring down at him, some of his perfect little ringlets of hair stuck to his sweaty forehead, eyes wide and adoring.

“Billy,” Diego said, reaching for him, bringing them clashing together.

The kiss was messy, needy, conveying what Diego wanted to say.

He wanted to cry out ‘thank you.’

Instead Diego kept kissing him, biting on those sinfully pink lips. He reached between them, taking his own cock in hand, sticky with cum, already weeping again.

They worked in tandem, Diego pumping his hand in time with Billy’s thrusts, throat closing around a sob when he came. Stars lit behind his eyes as he squeezed them shut, his whole body shuddering as he came, shaking and writhing as Billy came with a low, muffled moan.

Diego’s breath shook like his leg, leaning back down onto his pillow, releasing his tight fist in Billy’s hair.

Their kiss slowed, tongues dipping shallowly, bodies coming down from their high.

“Whoa,” Diego said.

“Yeah.” Billy agreed.

They laid there, bodies still entangled. Diego smoothed his hand up and down Billy’s nape, Billy’s thumbs working those small circlings into his shoulders.

Diego wanted to sleep, wanted to sleep next to somebody.

Not somebody.


He wanted to feel his weight, his long limbs around him, his knowing touch holding him through the night.

Could he tell him?

Was he going to stay anyway?

“Diego?” Billy asked, breaking him away from his thoughts. “Is there anywhere I can get a towel for you?”

Diego blinked at him for a moment, processing the request.

“Yeah, there’s towels in the locker room, down the hall to the left.” Diego said.

Billy nodded.

Before he got off of Diego he pressed a kiss to his temple, pulling out of him and leaving Diego achingly empty.

Diego watched as Billy tied off the condom and dropped it in the trash bin in his room before pulling his boxers back on, before leaving through the doorway, listening to his footsteps fade down the hall.

Then he was alone.

Why did Billy come looking for him? Why did Diego go looking for Billy? Did he really feel something for Diego? Could Diego allow himself to feel something for him?

He couldn’t.

He was morally opposed.

His opposition, his nemesis.

But Billy really wasn’t.

Billy looked at him with sincerity, something Diego knew couldn’t be faked.


He was cold, he wanted to cover up but he was covered in jizz and Diego hated doing laundry as is.

Diego jolted as Billy opened the door, making his way back to him absentmindedly.

“Hey, pretty boy.” Billy greeted, kneeling down next to the bed.

“Hey,” Diego responded, his voice was definitely fucked.

Billy wasted no time to clean him off, the rag damp with warm water, scrubbing the night’s activities away.

“Thanks.” Diego said.

Thank you for coming to find me, thank you for the proper fuck, thank you for being more than I first thought you were.

“No problem.” Billy said with a wave of his hand.

He cleaned Diego with care, but it was over too soon, standing up.

“Is there any place I can throw this away? I’ll buy you a whole new set, I just don’t think this should be back in circulation.” Billy asked holding up the rag.

Buy him more.

He’d be seeing him again.

Thank god.

“Uh, very end of the hall is a big trash can.” Diego said.

Billy smiled and nodded, leaving once again.

Once Billy was gone through the doorway Diego sat up, searching for his discarded pair of underwear and whatever shirt seemed to by laying around, he wasn’t picky.

He pulled them on, the shirt felt a little small but it didn’t matter, probably shrunk in the wash.

He laid back down on the bed, so tired he felt like he could fall right through it.

He barely recognized the sounds of Billy shuffling around, picking himself back up to see Billy pulling his pants back on, then his socks and shoes.

He was leaving.

Billy paused as Diego looked at him, staring back with the same lonely gaze.

“You’re wearing my shirt,” was all Billy managed.

Diego looked down.

That’s why it was so small.

“Oh, sorry. Here, shit,” Diego said reaching for the hem, going to pull it off.

Billy put his hands out, shaking his head.

“No! Wait,” He said, stepping closer. “Keep it, for tonight.”

Diego paused.

“Then you won’t have a shirt,” Diego said.

That was pretty damn obvious, nice going idiot.

“I know.” Billy said.

Diego smiled, now understanding.

Billy was close again, kicking off his shoes.

“Then you’ll have to stay,” Diego said.

“I know.” Billy said.