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it's not the waking, it's the rising

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“So, I got something,” Roxana is smirking as she leans against the wooden railing of the upper deck on the Adrestia. “And since we are here, on this ship, all by ourselves…I was thinking we could use it.”

Kassandra’s mind runs, tripping over itself as she tries to figure out what Roxana is talking about (slightly worried it was an olisbos; she still wasn’t fully recovered from that time with Alkibiades), but the other woman laughs at her expression and reaches over to smooth the furrow at her brow.

“Stop, stop, you look like you’re going to burst,” Roxana’s smirk turns into a full grin as she opens her pouch and pulls out a set of delicate looking orchids. “They’re called satirio…they are meant to invoke a certain mood, when eaten.”

She presses one of the purple flowers against Kassandra’s lips, watching her intently. Carefully, she opens her mouth and accepts the flower, chewing the petals. They’re sweet, and flowery of course, but not unpleasant at all. At her nod, Roxana does the same, leaning forward to kiss Kassandra as soon as she’s swallowed.

“Here?” Kassandra murmurs against her lips, hefting the other woman up in her arms, relishing the feel of her warm body against hers.

“Well,” she whispers, drawing her lips to Kassandra’s ear, scraping her teeth against the shell. “Below deck, preferably. I set up a little bedroll for us.”

“Sneaky,” she murmurs back, tilting her head to allow better access. For a long moment, Roxana stays pressed in Kassandra’s arms, licking and sucking at the spot just below Kassandra’s ear, where the earthy scent of her is strong. A sharp sting of suction spurs Kassandra to put her down, grab her hand and head below.

Laughing, Roxana tugs her between the rower’s benches, and Kassandra sees the soft bedroll tucked at the front, where there is the most space. Whirling around to face her, Roxana starts working on Kassandra’s armor, undoing the straps and buckles, the belt and pteruges, letting them fall to the ground and leaving her in her simple chiton. “Get on the bed, Kassandra.”

Her voice is a command, but it’s shaky with need. Still, Kassandra is willing to follow it, dropping to her knees before the woman, dragging her hands up the dark skin of her legs. Holding Roxana before her, she lifts one of her legs to settle on the bench beside them, spreading her legs for Kassandra to settle between.

She drops kisses along her thigh, sliding up under Roxana’s chiton, finding her bare underneath. Groaning, Kassandra turns her head, inhaling the scent of her, deeply. “Roxana,” she hisses, her fingers ghosting over her sopping folds. Snapping her eyes up to the other woman’s, she leans forward, “Tell me what you want.”

Roxana’s breath hitches and she bends her knee, dipping her cunt closer to Kassandra’s fleeting fingers. “Eat me out, Kassandra,” she says, bold. “Make me scream your name.”

Pressing up and forward, Kassandra laps her tongue along Roxana’s folds, dipping her fingers inside of her, crooking them, dancing her tongue over the swollen nub of her clit. Roxana’s hands plunge into Kassandra’s hair, holding her against her cunt, riding her face as she licks and nibbles at the delicate folds.

“Gods,” Roxana mutters, above her. “Kassandra you feel so good, yes, just like that–”

She breaks off in a low moan when Kassandra twists her fingers sharply inside of her, scraping her teeth against her clit. Her thighs tremble around Kassandra’s head and her knees threaten to give out. Withdrawing (and dragging a whine out of Roxana), Kassandra grabs her by the waist and tugs the chiton off of her on the way down. She presses Roxana down onto the bedroll, leaning in to kiss her deeply, fingers dragging down her side.

Kissing down her throat, Kassandra sucks a mark onto her skin just above her breast, lapping down and around her nipples, pinching, plucking and sucking until the nubs are pebbled and aching, until Roxana is moaning above her, grabbing at her head. “Kassandra,” she growls, her dark eyes darker with lust, “If you don’t start fucking me right now, I will–”

Kassandra cuts her off again, pressing her fingers up and inside of her in a smooth motion. Licking her way down to her hip bone, she sucks another mark into her skin there, moving her hand so her thumb rubs circles around Roxana’s clit. With her other hand, she reaches up and pinches her nipple again, drawing another moan from her lips.

“You are so wet, Roxana,” Kassandra murmurs against her skin, dragging her fingers in and out of her soaking cunt, faster and faster, then slow again, keeping her next moves a surprise. Roxana rolls her hips against Kassandra’s hand, fucking herself and it’s the most erotic thing Kassandra has seen in a while. “Gods, look at you,” she whispers, pinching her nipple sharply, drawing a sharp gasp from Roxana. “Fucking yourself on my fingers, soaking wet, just for me.”

She hums and draws back up to kiss the nipple she’d pinched, sucking the nub into her mouth to tease with her teeth. Beneath her, Roxana squirms, gasping and muttering soft curses as Kassandra fucks her. She kisses her way back down, desperate to taste her again, especially now that she’s getting close–she can tell in the way Roxana gasps for air, the way the muscles flutter around Kassandra’s fingers, her spasming fingers against Kassandra’s head, the incoherent curses and murmurs that replaced the confident orders from moments ago.

Still rubbing her thumb against Roxana’s clit, Kassandra replaces her fingers with her tongue, desperately lapping as deeply as she can, letting the taste of her flood her senses. She licks her way to her clit, sucking the nub into her mouth and worrying it with her teeth and with a final, low moan that sounds close to a sob, Roxana breaks.

Quickly licking her way back down, Kassandra lets Roxana ride her orgasm out against her mouth, lapping up every drop of her, relishing the burst of salty tang that comes with her finish, and keeps licking at her afterward, until Roxana pushes her away, overstimulated.

Sitting up, Kassandra wipes her mouth with the back of her hand and sucks the slick off her fingers, watching Roxana the whole time. The other girl grins, tugging her down for a kiss. “Oh,” she whispers against Kassandra’s mouth. “I love the taste of us.”

Rolling them, Roxana presses Kassandra to the bed and smirks down at her, pressing her thigh between Kassandra’s legs and rocking into her, drawing a low noise out of her. Bending her head down to her breast, Roxana winks. “Your turn.”