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“I’m not sad, besides, you’re a bigger pain in my ass than anyone else here,” Carol smiled into the towel before wiping her face down and sitting up to face you, obviously putting on a brave face for you, “I’ll be glad to be free from you.”

“If that’s what helps you sleep at night, then keep telling yourself that Danvers,” you held out a hand and helped her up, enjoying the lack of the usual snark and snide comments you threw at each other in the training room to egg each other on and work harder. “But, you know, I can stay if I wanted, maybe keep an eye on you for another year, make sure you’re not falling behind?”

You hoped your grin wasn’t too wide as you pulled ahead and opened the door for her, bowing extravagantly and making other ridiculous gestures so the pain of the news hurt less and less with each foolish moment.

And your plan worked about as well as you thought it would’ve. All she offered before rolling her eyes was a short groan before giving in and laughing. “It doesn’t matter to me, but if you stay back an extra year, I think that just proves you’re getting lazy.”

“You gonna cry when I go?” As you left the training center, the sun was setting on the horizon, a chilling breeze blowing through your core as the grin settled into a sad smile, not really expecting anymore answers from Carol, not to questions like this, where there wasn’t the usual teasing undertone.

You couldn’t expect her to understand everything that was happening.

Not when you didn’t even understand it yourself.

Her silence told you all you needed to know, leaving you with the best goodbye you could’ve gotten from her.

Rivals. Acquaintances. Unlikely friends. To something that always teetered on the edge of not enough and too much.

But maybe if she hated you, saying goodbye would be easier, without as much as a second glance. Maybe if she couldn’t remember all the times she spent with you laughing, arguing, fighting, and smiling at the end of each day.

But that’s all that remained.

The memories that haunted her every waking moment and the charred dog tags that dug into her hand as she collapsed at the empty grave your captain had ordered immediately upon delivering the tags to her.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” Carol’s eyes were puffy from all the days she spent in front of the still fresh grave, not sure who she was angrier at - you or her, “now you’re not going anywhere. How are we supposed to see the skies together if you’re lost somewhere on the ground.”

Seeing a slumped figure on the training mats, you couldn’t help but laugh, throwing the fresh towel you brought at her face. “Don’t be so sad, I could never leave you behind, how could I dare survive in life without my biggest rival?”


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“Alright, Cap, looks like it’s just you, me, and one ugly, giant purple toe,” you wiped the blood dripping from your nose with a tired laugh, leaning against the remains of the moon that fell on Tony, hoping the distraction would prove enough time for your friends to arrive. “Kinda not how I imagined our first date, but I guess it’s a meet-cute in its own weird way.”

You took a chance to glance over and flash a tired wink and grin at your new friend, knowing Thanos had too much confidence in himself to worry about two other heroes when he already defeated your friends once before.

It was the chance you knew was still safe to take.

So long as Tony was with the others, as long as they were finally working together again, the universe would win over the mad titan.

“If our kids ever ask how I first knew I fell in love with you, I’ll tell them the unabridged version,” Carol rolled her eyes quickly before the helmet of her suit rematerialized, signaling the next attack, “just you and me bonding over the body of a dead Titan.”

Thanos seemed almost amused at the tactic, the tiniest evidence of a smile peeping from below his helmet as he dodged both attacks from you and Carol and waved the burnt gauntlet towards you, using the Space stone to hurl shards of metal and rock from the previous battles into your body.

Carol was just quick enough to move you slightly out of the way with a photon blast aimed at your shoulder, slamming you into the planet’s rough surface with fewer cuts and bruises than what would’ve been left if you took his attack straight on.

“Should I be saying thanks for that?” You let out a low laugh as you pushed yourself up, clutching your stomach (staggering only slightly) as the comms went live with your friends’ frantic calls and formations for the last battle, trying your best to ignore the sharp pain in your abdomen. “Looks like we really lucked out, huh? I was hoping I’d get a second chance to take you on a better date than this.”

“I definitely agree, and we’ll get our second chance, so just stay awake,” Carol skidded to your side as soon as the fighting ceased, not realizing how much you had bled out until the battle was over. “Listen to me, it’s not supposed to happen like this. I don’t just like you, okay? I love you. I love you so much and I - I don’t want our story to end like this.”

She managed to cauterize your wound, but there was no telling how much blood you had already lost, cradling you in her arms as you grinned all the while, barely conscious, “throw me in a Lazarus Pit and get me some tacos, and I’ll be good as new, do we have those here? If not, I’ll also settle for tacos, miracle doctor, and a rain check on our date.”

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From the first time you held clammy and shaky hands walking home from a party, to your first kiss on her doorstep, and the first time she let down her HBIC persona to laugh at your stupid joke. Even if it wasn’t easy, you were already so in love with her, you knew she was worth it.

It was worth keeping a secret if it meant you could be blessed with her smile every night.

At least, that’s what you thought.

Until you walked into the gym and the words hit your ears like a bad joke, their shrill laughs mixing with hers taunting you even further, it made you sick.

“So that’s all I am, huh?” You bit back the words you know would hit her hardest, and kept your head down, nails digging into your palms, “unwanted bastard loser from Greendale.”

Cheryl’s face dropped for a second before putting up more walls to hide the truth from her fellow Vixens, letting them throw snide comments your way as she kept quiet.

Secret relationship or not - she didn’t bother running after you, or even watch you leave, rubbing more salt into the wound when she chose to stay with the Vixens, without even a single call or text.

Even when Betty and Veronica tried to run after you, shouting for you to stop, it only pushed you further, wishing she was there for you instead. It was a whole week before Cheryl showed up in your life again.


When you expected Archie or Betty, or literally anyone but her, it did come as a shock to open your front door to find her looking less than her stellar self, just as sorry as you felt.

“You should leave,” the sight of her was enough to reopen the new wound, “don’t want to taint the Blossom reputation by being seen with me right? Some bastard child from Greendale?”

“Look, I didn’t mean it, okay? They were getting suspicious. I had to, you don’t have to be so pissed at me.” Hearing her own words parroted back at her seemed to hurt more than Cheryl expected, fighting back with more fire rather than owning up to her mistake. “I thought we agreed to keep this a secret.”

“I’m not pissed, Cheryl, I’m hurt…the fact that you were so quick to say those things about me? I can’t help but think if that’s what you really feel.” You couldn’t help but laugh as you took the papers from her hand, rolling your eyes at how she was so quick to act like the victim, “our friends were the ones that ran after me seeing how hurt I was, not my girlfriend, or should I be saying ex?”

She didn’t - couldn’t - say anything, keeping her head low as the weight of your words finally sunk in, feeling too guilty to do much else.

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Between her usual two sharp knocks and the clacking of her heels, it was almost too easy to turn at her arrival in the bar, greeting her with a small smile.

“Before you demote me or tell me I’m off the force for being reckless, I never meant to fall in love with you, okay? I just did.” You rolled your eyes as you took another sip from your drink, lifting up your shirt just enough to show off the bloodied bandage with a low laugh. “Never expected that meant I’d get shot for it either.”

For once, Peggy seemed almost afraid, her usual air of confidence missing as she stood before you fidgeting with her hands. “Agent, I -”

“What happened to the confident agent that said, and I quote: I know my value. Anyone else’s opinion doesn’t really matter?” A laugh managed to slip past your lips as you patted the empty seat beside you, hoping she would get the hint. “Relax a little Peggy, after all the things you’ve faced, I’m sure I’m the least intimidating one, talk to me.”

At your words, she managed to crack the smallest hint of a smile as she took the seat beside you, waving down the barkeep for her usual, eagerly finishing the first glass for some extra courage. “I suppose that’s the funny thing about all this, I don’t think I ever expected you to get shot for sharing the same feelings as I do either.”

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“C’mon you baby, pick yourself off the floor and let’s go.” The sight of Carol moping in bed would’ve been funny if the two of you weren’t already running late, slapping her butt lightly to try and get her moving, “you know I love how nostalgic you can be, but I hate seeing you like this.”

Carol pushed herself up and pouted at you before pulling you into a hug, hoping it would give her some sympathy points, “I know…but she -”

“I get it, Lieutenant Trouble will always be a little girl in your eyes, but she’s graduating top of her class at the academy today. How do you think she’ll feel if her aunty Carol doesn’t show up?” You pulled away from the embrace to cup her (still pouting) face, blowing a wet raspberry onto her cheek before kissing her. “Get dressed, captain, just think about how much you can embarrass Monica once everyone’s at Maria’s house to celebrate afterward.”

Your wife groaned one last time before letting you pull her up towards the closet, somewhat pacified by the idea of embarrassing her favorite niece in front of all her friends. “How late are we?”

“Late enough on my standards to be on time for normal people.” It took Carol a few seconds to realize what you were saying before you laughed and blew her a quick kiss, running away to the safety of the living room to avoid the tickle monster you knew, loved, and feared.

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When they got back from the mission, you could tell something was off, as they all got off the jet, no one was smiling or talking, hell, even Peter noticed the massive tension from the rest of your friends.

But your eyes were glued to Natasha the whole time, watching as she stormed off as soon as they were given the okay, not wasting any more time in waiting around to wonder why Bucky didn’t follow her, and went after her yourself.

Even though her door was still open just a crack (which was unusual for her), you leaned on the doorframe and knocked twice, waiting for her to tell you it was okay for you to come in, which usually came in the form of a quick grunt.

When nothing came from her after a couple minutes of waiting, you let yourself in, cursing as you saw her hands covered in blood trying to stitch herself up.

“Shit Natasha, stop, let me help you before you let yourself bleed out.” You ran over at the sight of blood and moved her hands so you could get a closer look at the wound, wiping as much blood from it as you could with the nearby cloth before grabbing the alcohol. “Hate me later, but I have to make sure this is disinfected before I can close it.”

“If you want to help me, then hurry up and do something.” Natasha winced at the pain as spoke through gritted teeth, her glare worsening as you poured the alcohol over the large gash. “Now why are you being so kind to me?”

You focused on treating the injury in front of you and avoided eye contact with her, though you wanted to stare right back at her. “We’re still teammates, alright? I still care about you, I worry. Even if you don’t want anything to do with me anymore.”

Natasha didn’t say anything as you continued to work, watching you silently, not helping the tension that followed from the jet.

“They don’t deserve you, you know that right?” Your voice was low as you finished and gave the wound a cursory wipedown to make sure it was clean. “He was supposed to have your back, how did this even happen?”

She scoffed and rolled her eyes, pulling away as soon as you were finished, her voice cold and distant as she ignored your second question, “yeah? And who says you do?”

“Listen, I’m not trying to question you or anything, I know when I’ve lost, Natasha.” With a sigh, you pushed yourself up and walked towards the door, not looking back to see if she was following you. “And no matter how much it hurts, no matter how much I hate how things are now, I’ll still care about you, and I’ll still worry. Even when I don’t want to.”

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“Do you think this is easy for me?” Carol whispered just loud enough for you to hear and put on a brave face for everyone watching, but her clammy hands gave her away, turning away to try and hide her blush, “I was too nervous, I couldn’t figure out what I wanted to say.”

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Knowing Carol was never one to miss a party (or know her limits), you finished your work a few hours early and got ready to stop by your best friend’s house, sure she was still in bed recovering from the night before rather than doing anything to aid her hangover.

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“Welp, I guess my job is done here,” Tony clapped his hands together with a wide smile before jumping up and gathering his things as fast as he could, “you two always find a way to surprise me, have fun, and invite me to the wedding first or ask me to be the best man or officiant, I don’t have a mind either. Okay, bye ladies!”

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To pass the time after a reconnaissance mission, the two of you took up the habit of asking each other random questions to get a better read on the other, growing closer with each little shared confession, eyeroll, and laugh.

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It was like watching a miracle unfold in front of your eyes, the battlefield that took your friends’ lives in exchange for dust and regrets so many months ago, now welcoming them back to the world of the living their bodies reappearing in the same spots they were last seen.

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After Asgard was destroyed by fulfilling the prophecy of unleashing Ragnarok on their home, the final explosion shocked her brothers and the other refugees as she was blasted all the way to Midgard, for what is the Goddess of Death if she couldn’t survive a simple explosion?

The force from the blast was strong enough to propel her to Earth, where the goddess crash landed right in your backyard, leaving a perfectly human-sized crater right at the epicenter, a fun addition that your dogs enjoyed when you woke up at the commotion and followed them to investigate.

Exhausted from being launched from her home all the way to Earth, Hela let her defenses down, sighing to herself as she woke up to you standing over the crater she had made.

“Excuse me miss? Do you need help? You kind of crash landed in my yard.” You couldn’t hold back your laugh as your youngest puppy hopped into crater without fear and began to attack the stranger with dog-breath and kisses. “And please don’t hurt my dog, I’m still training him, he just loves people.”

“You will have nothing to fear if you help me up and get your mutt off of me.” She groaned and lifted your puppy from the scruff of his neck so you could grab him before holding out her hands to help her up.

If you weren’t afraid of how she was dressed and the fact that you were sure she just fell from space, you would’ve made a joke at her expense, instead playing it safe and smiling as you reached down and pulled her out of the crater.

Intimidating as she was, you let her inside after she dusted herself off, running back to your room to grab some clothes you thought would fit her better than whatever she was wearing and a glass of water, smiling all the while, “I grabbed some clothes and water, whatever you just went through, I’m sure you must be tired.”

“I suppose I’m thankful for your assistance after my loss, human,” Her eyes were dark as she accepted the clothes and began to change before you, “er- I mean, what exactly is your name, may I ask?”

Her awkward attempt at politeness was almost cute, the smile on your face apparently never leaving so long as you were with her, “(Y/N), and you?”

“Hela…Odinsdottir.” Her voice cracked as she forced the name past her lips, the weight of her actions finally hitting as her anger and dreams were destroyed along with Asgard.

“You’re Thor and Loki’s sister?” The familiar surname made you jump, memories of the battle of New York ruining your vacation years prior finally killing the smile you had. “You’re not here to try and take over the Earth too are you?”

The bluntness in your voice as you spoke to the goddess made her laugh, imagining the fight her brothers must’ve had to make someone as kind as you were so mad. “I don’t want you to contact them if I say yes, so I have to deny our relation for now. And rest assured, Earth will suffer no harm from me. I need you to believe me.”

You watched her carefully and sensed no hidden intention in her words, trusting her to be another semi-peaceful refugee from Asgard after whatever battle she fought, flashing a smile before settling in beside her, “then I guess, here’s to second chances? A new life?”


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You knew her long enough to that she was never the materialistic type - sacrificing anything she could for her loved ones rather than do things for herself.

The others called it silly, but you had fun taking the time to learn and understand her love languages, and seeing how your own lined up against hers. Of all the things you had under your belt by working for SHIELD, love languages seemed unreal.

Of course, given the circumstance, seduction and sly looks were necessary during a job, but you knew that could never carry you through the meaningful relationship you wanted with her.

From spending long nights together helping Peter with his projects, having private movie nights while he stayed over at Ned’s, and helping with her seemingly endless list of chores, May appreciated the effort you made and loved you, even more, showing her thanks by drowning you in kisses or “purposefully” losing rock-paper-scissors so you could choose where to get dinner or what movie to watch.

But some occasions did call for the rare present - especially when it was your five-year anniversary, and everyone was waiting for you to pop the question.

“Peterrrrr,” you smiled as your ears honed in on his familiar footsteps, turning with open arms to see him running across the courtyard to hug you, “how goes your semester so far? Your aunt told me you’ve been too busy to stop by.”

He let you lift him off the ground twirl him in a wide (and dangerous) hug, laughing as he realized how shocked the passerby must be, “my classes are actually challenging, it’s been so fun! But I do miss both of you, I was gonna try to finish my homework early to go home this weekend.”

“Well if that’s the case… would you maybe want to help me propose to your aunt?” His face turned from excited to see you, to shocked, and back to being excited, jumping excitedly and slapping your arm as you pulled out the ring you had chosen for her.

“Ohmygodyou’regonnapropose?!?” Peter took the box from your hand to get a closer look at the ring, his smile and excitement growing without an end in sight, speaking without even a breath between his words, “Ican’tbelieveyougotaringohmygodI’msohappyIloveyoubothsomuch.”

You laughed and put on a hand on his shoulder to try and calm him down, “can I take that as approval for me to propose and that I can count on your help?”

Rather than letting himself continue to babble, he handed you the box and nodded happily, a permanent smile on his face as he thought of the three of you (and the rest of the Avengers - of course) as a giant family, wondering how fun the wedding would be with everyone.

Now that Peter knew your basic plan and saw the ring, you let him in on the more complicated details (minus the fact that you had spent the past half year planning it all to perfection), both of your nerves threatening to overflow from the excitement of it all, hoping it would all work out.

When the day finally came, you prepared a special homemade dinner under the guise of celebrating Peter’s first homecoming since the semester started, hiding the bulkiness of the box in your pocket with your phone and covering both with your apron as you worked in the kitchen, whistling a light tune as she hummed along and wrapped her arms around your waist.

“Miss Parker, you better be careful, I’m cooking in here.” You turned and met her halfway for a quick kiss before you focused on the food again, letting her hang onto your back as you worked, a content smile on both of you as she continued to hum. “You ready to suffocate. Pete in all this affection when he gets here?”

“Oh no doubt, I’m just practicing my hugging on you,” May pressed a quick kiss on your neck before nestling into the crook, watching your hands do their magic. “How is it? Think he’ll feel the lorb?”

You hummed affirmatively as you shut off the stove and moved the pot off the heat, when Peter burst through the door, dressed in his nicest casual clothes and widest smile, “I’m home!”

The reunion was short-lived as he picked the two of you up in a tight hug and his stomach grumbled louder than his college life updates, quieting and letting himself be led to the dining table as you and May laughed at his sudden shyness.

“So, I gotta ask, how’s the food?” You watched the two Parker’s stuff their faces and grin happily in response, holding back a laugh to keep your nerves steady for what you were about to do, “oh wait, there is something I forgot, though.”

Almost instantly, Peter’s phone was out and recording you from his seat between the two of you (or maybe he sensed you were about to ask and was already recording), the infamous Parker’s blinding smile on his face as May watched you with a gaping mouth as you dropped to one knee in front of her, holding the ring out for her.

“Do you like it?” You watched she tried to process what was happening, immediately following you to the floor as soon as she saw the ring, ignoring the pain of falling back and hitting your head onto the floor to kiss her back to her senses, “should I take that as a yes?”

“Of course!”

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You knew it wasn’t your place to get in between them, but watching them verbalize their fears of going off the grid and hiding from their friends after Steve came back for all of you, you couldn’t help it. The fear and uncertainty in their eyes were more than enough to convince you to step in.

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“You think this is easy for me? Watching you suffer like this?” Your fingers traced the light burn marks surrounding the device on her neck, that shocked her out of bed, “I get it that the Starforce gave you a purpose and life, but seriously, Vers? I’m no scientist, but this can’t be helping you.”

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Between the dirt, rubble, and other dangers of the fight blurring together with the ache in your side, you were eager for a moment of rest, skidding to the safety of a semi-destroyed car as the final orders were yelled in the comms.

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“Well, you sure smell nice,” you laughed at the sight of her on the floor behind the couch with a small pool of your favorite amber liquid around her, “what perfume are you using today? Jack Daniels?”

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It had been years since she left the whole “Goddess of Death” part of herself behind to start a new life with you, and to reach out to her brothers that she was still alive and had no plans of making the same choice of total domination as their first meeting.

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“How could you do this? You’re not supposed to be here.” She looked at you like you were a ghost before her eyes, shaky hands tracing your jawline lightly to make sure you were really standing before her, “this is supposed to be my punishment…I failed…I -”

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From the moment she returned to the battlefield, Carol’s eyes were drawn immediately to the red wisps flying across the sky like some kinda art, a little surprised to see one of the recently un-dusted members of the Avengers at the source of it, not a single hair out of place as her hands danced with the red energy.

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Red lights flashed all around you as you kept a tight grip on the yoke, trying to keep the jet steady above the last bits of farmland and civilization and ignoring the fearful calls in your ear.

Chapter Text

Between your friends being overly affectionate and awkward when you went out to lunch, and training before that, and your girlfriend not responding to any of your messages, you definitely knew something was up. Whether it was good or bad though, was still debatable.

Chapter Text

The fundraiser gala was never a fun event to prepare for, it was all getting too dressed up, trying to make pleasant small talk with government officials, and always being on edge with at least one weapon on you because you weren’t a god or used nanotech for your clothes and suit.

Chapter Text

Even in the midst of a group training exercise (with grade-A steaks on the line) Carol winked at the other woman, knowing full well that she could be knocked down (or out) within seconds if she pushed her luck too far and ruin her team’s chance of winning. “Don’t worry, Tasha, I’ll keep you safe from any harm, I’m Captain Marvel, I’m like the O.G. Avenger.”

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Your first mistake was letting her go.

Chapter Text

It was an awkward, chaste kiss that opened your eyes to the whirlwind that was Cheryl Blossom (you know, that one that happened at the first party you ever went to in high school).


Chapter Text

Carol was never the jealous type, as were you, both of you trust each other enough to stay faithful to the other without sweating about other people. No matter how many people flirted with your girlfriend, she never paid them too much attention, and you? You were much too lazy to act familiar with strangers if you didn’t have to.

Chapter Text

Natasha watched you with a careful eye, ready to jump up to come to your aid as you groaned to yourself and pushed yourself off the bed, clutching your bandaged waist. “Why’d you have to jump in front of me like that? What if your injuries were worse? I hate seeing you like this.”

Chapter Text

A low burp pulled you from your thoughts as you looked up to see Carol walking into the common area with a beer in her hand, moving carefully to keep her dress clean and avoid getting scolded by Pepper or Maria before the party.

Chapter Text

The news of her assignment halfway across the universe hit you like a brick, barely a week after she came back from her last mission, and she was needed again…this time for months, even years if the situation called for it.

Chapter Text

Ever since you were demoted to desk duties while you were going through physical therapy, Carol made it her job to keep you company and make sure you weren’t going to die from boredom while you couldn’t go on missions or train.

Chapter Text

The sound of your glass shattering made her jump up, eyes widening and filled with guilt as she tried to push off the faceless politician or whoever she snuck off with, trying to get you to stop so she could explain how she was caught red-handed with another person in the midst of the party.

Chapter Text

Carol’s heart dropped as she watched you laugh and wrap your arms around your best friend, blowing a glaringly wet raspberry on Wanda’s cheek before resting against her.

Chapter Text

It took no less than five minutes of you walking into the common area for you to be tackled by your girlfriend, who was waiting in the dim lighting to surprise you right when you got home.

Chapter Text

For once, Vers and Yon-Rogg weren’t the first two at the training hall, but yours and Minn-Erva’s, settling in before the sun even touched the horizon. It was a soothing morning considering the nightmares you were suffering from as of late, just you and your reluctant friend, going head to head for old times’ sake, though you were horribly out of shape, and unprepared, thinking she would be the same since her position as a sniper.

Chapter Text

It took about three weeks for Kara to stop sprinting out of the room yelling excuses whenever you walked in. Then another for her to actually tolerate your presence during meetings, another after that for her to make eye contact with you, and another to actually talk to you. But that could also be contributed to you cornering her in the elevator of CatCo, fed up that she refused to be friends with you for some reason.

Chapter Text

The sight of her quiet and bloody on the couch made your heart drop, rushing over to check on her to find out what happened and if you could make her feel better.

Chapter Text

Even if you were only her best friend, you couldn’t help but worry about her all the time. Between her finally breaking it off with Vision and getting in trouble with Clint and Tony for being careless the past few weeks, you definitely weren’t catching any breaks with her either. And whether she was doing it on purpose or not, Wanda was definitely taking her feelings out on you, and you weren’t sure if your heart could handle it.

Chapter Text

“You know, for someone that’s supposed to be the best match for me, you’re the literal worst, and I cannot wait for this assignment is over.” You groaned as you nursed the wound on your arm from when she “accidentally” grazed your arm to stop an enemy from getting the jump on you. “You’re supposed to be the best sniper on the team, and you literally shot through me. Who does that?”

Chapter Text

Her breath was hot as she nuzzled closer to you, giggling into your neck like a madwoman all the while, the rest of the car grinning and snickering at the sight. One very sober Kara, huffing behind the wheel as she continued to drive along the empty streets, wishing your friends had gone to the alien bar so she wouldn’t be stuck being the designated driver.

“Lena, uh, maybe don’t move so much, it’s dangerous, you might get hurt or the cops might pull us over if they see you without a seatbelt,” not quite sure on where to look or put your hands as she continued to squirm and giggle on your lap, her collar stooping dangerously low, you settled on hiding the blush behind your hands.

The camera still trained on you recording the incident, Alex laughed as she leaned against the window of the car, two whole wine bottles past her record, “yeah, Luthor! Settle on a spot already and make yourself comfortable, I don’t think they’ll be able to survive you on top of them for much longer.”

From what you could tell from behind your hands, Lena did exactly that, humming happily into your ear as she wrapped her arms around your neck, readjusting her body to suit the position her arms wanted to have around you.

Which, now trapping you completely meant that if you wanted to remove your hands to see what was happening, you’d be greeted instantly by her face or an awkward movement of your hands dangerously near her chest.

But luckily enough, the drive to Lena’s place came sooner than you expected as Kara pulled over to the front of her building. “Do you need help with her? I can put the blinkers on and help you.”

“And leave the rest of these hooligans locked in the car? Don’t worry about us Kara, just a little help opening the door though?” You peeked behind your hands to mirror the smile Kara flashed as you nudged Lena, “hey, drunk, you’re home, you gotta help me out a little.”

Without much thought, Lena peeled her arms off of you and let herself become a human ragdoll, giggling happily as she watched you and Kara struggle to get her out and secured for the trip upstairs.

“Are you sure you don’t want me to fly her up?” A snort escaped Kara as she watched Lena boop your nose.

“Trust me, it’s so tempting, but isn’t her place ridiculously secure? Bad idea for Kara Danvers to be flying into the security cameras.” You kicked the door shut and made sure the grip you had on her was tight, flashing one more smile to your friend, “if I give up, I’ll text you, but for now? Try and survive the rest of the drunks.”

Once you said goodbye to everyone else, the trip up to Lena’s place wasn’t as bad as you expected, the elevators in her building much faster than any other one you’ve been in, and she was basically as light as a feather in your arms and she had already “drunk-proofed” her place in preparation for the moment.

It wasn’t until you already wiped off all her makeup and put her to bed that she woke up again, beaming at you with a goofy, too-drunk grin, “you know, you can stay if you want to…in fact, I think I need you to. What if some villain or my mother tries to kill me in my sleep? I’m too drunk to protect myself.”

“Don’t worry, Lena, or should I be saying Miss Luthor since you want to give me orders?” You laughed at her small pout at the accusation before kissing her lightly, “no matter what, I’ll keep you safe, whether it be an alien, your mother, or even a nightmare. I’ll be by your side forever.“

Chapter Text

She stood in awe at the doorway, not quite sure if she wanted to laugh or cry at the wreckage you called your bed.