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HOLY HELL | Multi-Fandom Snippets

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From my OG Tumblr post:

HEWWWWWOOO PALS UR LOCAL MESS STOPPING BY TO SAY TY FOR 600+ (666 lmao) FOLLOWERS!! If it wasn’t for y’all I don’t think I would practice my writing as much and be much more stressed about school rn lol

the impact of all of your kind words and support carry me through these wack times and I always say this but it really means a lot to me :’))))))

but back to the part y’all probably wanna hear ajdjsksk ANOTHER ROUND OF DRABBLES AND ONE SHOTS BABEYYYY!!! Found a new writing prompts list so get ready to send in a character(or pairing) , number(s), and anything else 😭🥰🥰

ez link to prompts!