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A Good Time

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"Ah!" Hat kid gasped as she shook with pleasure, jostling the whole bed frame. Her entire lower body was nude, with her panties hanging loosely from one of her ankles. Her shapely legs widened as they connected to a pair of large hips and a round ass. Hat Kid's jacket was unzipped and had fallen off her shoulders, just barely hanging on to her arms. It perfectly framed her budding chest, stiff nipples, and soft tummy. Her signature hat, sat ajar atop her messy hair. A light sheen of sweat covered her body, with droplets running between her breasts and down her legs. Nestled tightly between Hat Kid's legs was one of her countless pillows, which was pressing hard into her crotch. Hat Kid slowly gave another thrust into the pillow, the friction was like an explosion, bursting from Hat Kid's core and rocketing her entire body. Hat Kid let out a high pitched moan as she shivered at the stimulation.

"Why have I-I never tried this before? Ah!" Hat Kid pondered while she continued her tentative motion. Though she masturbated quite often, She never imagined that grinding a pillow would feel so good. She slowly sped up, her face scrunching up in pleasure as her jaw hung agape. She eventually achieved a nice rhythm, with her hips slowly, but continuously, gyrating into the wet pillow.

"Ah! Hell yes..." Hat kid squeaked between gasping moans. The otherwise smooth motion of her hips was interrupted by random twitches as the pleasure built in Hat Kid's crotch. One of Hat Kid's hands grabbed on to the pillow to stabilize herself, and the other slid slowly up her tummy, eventually reaching her chest. Her breasts were barely noticeable, though they made her chest quite soft. Her hand found its way on to her nipple, and she began to lightly pinch and prod it, adding even further to her pleasure. Hat Kid's pussy leaked more and more fluids, until the pillow was thoroughly soaked, this only helped to lubricate it as her slit dragged across it.

"Ah, oh my God... Oh my God..." Hat Kid's voice bubbled out with increasing desperation. The pleasure was building within her, Hat Kid was more than familiar enough with the feeling to know what was happening. She leaned forward, her large ass now jutting outwards. Once in position, she resumed her motion, now forgoing her gentle pace and thrusting her hips with reckless abandon. The change in angle insured that her clit was feeling the full force of her rutting. The stimulation was far too much for Hat Kid, her mouth now letting loose an incomprehensible stream of words and yelling moans. She felt her body going light as she was violently pushed towards the precipice of her pleasure. Her vision began to go white, and she let herself give in to the feeling.


Hat Kid yelled and jumped at the sudden noise, her heart racing due to the shock. Much to her dismay the knocking continued. Hat Kid seethed with frustration. she could feel that aching sensation in her core, signaling how close she was.

The knocks sped up, now sounding far more impatient. Hat Kid realized with an angry growl that she would have to see who it is. Not wanting to leave them waiting, Hat kid simply zipped up her jacket and pulled up her panties, her jacket was so big that no one could see her panties anyways, so it seemed fine enough for now. Just in case, she also slipped into her boots.

The knocking turned out to be a large muscular man who claimed to be part of the Mafia, and he demanded that hat kid pay a toll for passing over Mafia Town. When Hat Kid refused, her burst through the window, causing him, Hat Kid, as well as all of her time pieces to fly out and onto the planet below. Hat Kid could only watch as her ship powered down, and the strange blue roofed town got ever closer. She crossed her arms and let a scowl settle on her face at her situation. She had lost all of her Time Pieces, Stranding her on an alien planet, she was half nude and extremely worked up. Truly, things couldn't get any better.

After landing, Hat Kid found that the town was full of Mafia men, but there was a mysteriously mustached girl who seemed to be beating them up. After spotting her, the girl ran away, leaving Hat Kid no other option but to give chase. She wasn't entirely comfortable with the prospect of having to jump around this place, as the Mafia would simply have to look up to get a good view. However, she continued forward until the girl finally spoke to her from atop a bell tower.

"Hey you! Down there! Don't think I didn't see you stalking me!" The girl said, her voice accenting the last word of every sentence to drive home her point. Judging by her voice, she was a decent bit older than Hat Kid.

"Us kids should stick together, not stalk one another. I mean, Mafia Town can be a really dangerous place! So whaddya say, wanna join my little rebellion?" Hat Kid had no other course of action right now, and if this mustached girl was against the Mafia then she's probably an ally, plus Hat Kid was thoroughly entertained by her over the top speech. Hat Kid nodded, the girl seemed quite happy with this. She preceded to tell Hat Kid about her Time Pieces, or what she called "junk", said she could point her towards one nearby if she joined her atop The tower.

Hat Kid climbed up with ease, and when she reached the top, Mustache Girl (which Hat Kid had learned was her name) seemed ready to jump out into the fray. However she stopped when she saw Hat Kid close up. Her eyes immediately jumped to Hat Kid's exposed legs, noticing how thick and soft her thighs appeared; looking up she saw how the Kid's torso poured into her wide hips, both leading to what she could only imagine is a plump ass. Mustache Girl quickly snapped herself out of it and approached Hat Kid, looking her in the eye. Hat Kid noticed the stares, and she would he lying if she said they didn't excite her. Now that she could get a good look at Mustache Girl, she was pleased with the sight. As suspected, the girl was definitely older than Hat Kid, being a whole head taller then the pants-less girl. While she was fully clothed, Hat Kid could nonetheless tell that she possessed a fit physique, with her broad chest and thin waist. Hat Kid quickly took a liking to Mustache Girl.

"Are... Are you alright?" Mustached girl asked with concern in her voice as she leaned down to be eye level with Hat Kid. Obviously referencing her rather disheveled appearance. "The Mafia didn't rough you up did they?" Hat Kid quickly shook her head.

"No, they didn't. I was just in bed is all." Hat Kid partially lied, not wanting to worry this beautiful new friend of hers. Mustache Girl pouted at her, obviously not convinced. She put her hand on Hat Kid's hair, noticing how it was matted with sweat, and looked at her flushed cheeks. Hat Kid understood the message, but was distracted as she felt her heart skip a beat at the caring contact.

"I wasn't born yesterday Kid, something's wrong with you, what happened?" Mustached Girl's voice was caring and firm at the same time. Hat Kid didn't want to tell her the truth obviously... Or did she? A mischievous thought popped into her head. It was so absurd and wrong, but if it worked, Hat Kid would get everything she wanted from this situation. Taking a deep breath, Hat kid set her plan into motion. She grabbed at the rim of her sweater nervously.

"W-well you see, I was..." she pulled up her sweater, "Interrupted." Hat Kid's heart was racing as she put her soaked panties on full display of Mustache Girl. Whom immediately flushed and looked away, mumbling a few words before responding.

"O-oh... Well if it's bothering you that much, this tower is about the most private place in this side of Mafia Town, so you can... You know..." Mustache Girl gulped as she couldn't bring herself to say the last words. "I'll just uh... Keep watch." She choked out and quickly turned, running out onto a bit of scaffolding attached to the bell tower, giving Hat Kid some modicum of privacy. Hat Kid beamed as her plan unfolded perfectly. She could finish from earlier and try to arouse Mustache Girl. She removed her jacket and laid it across the floor to sit on, she then kicked off her shoes and pulled down her panties, leaving her completely naked. She sat down and spread her legs, keeping Mustache Girl in full view.

Wasting no time, Hat Kid slid a hand over her woman hood, cupping her slit, her fingers brushing over her still sensitive clit as she did so. A choked moan escaped her parted lips, causing Mustache Girl to twitch in reaction. Hat Kid was pleased far more than she should have been at this. Since Mustache Girl could clearly hear her, she made sure to make plenty of noise. Hat Kid's free hand traveled to her chest, where it began playing with her nipples. At the same time she began to run her fingers up and down her slit, letting out shuddering breaths all the while. She slowly spread her labia and prodded at the opening, a slight whimper now sounding with each breath. Mustache Girl brought a hand up to her face, attempting to quiet a heavy breath that sounded out nonetheless. Seeing Mustache Girl getting so flustered at her lewd noises aroused Hat Kid even more.

Taking things up a notch, Hat Kid pushed an index finger into her opening. She let out a sharp gasp followed by low droning moan that seemed to reverberate through her whole body. It was clear that Mustache Girl was breathing heavily at this point, each labored rise and fall of her chest edging Hat Kid on. She pushed her digit as deep inside of her as she could before curling it to find just the right spot.

"Ah!" A full unhindered moan burst forth from Hat Kid as her finger brushed over her most sensitive spot. No longer able to control herself, she began mercilessly attacking the small nub. A cacophony of loud desperate moans filled the air as she gave in to her self pleasuring. A second digit joined the first so she could increase the pressure. Wet, slick noises joined her moans as her fingers worked away furiously. She began involuntarily bucking her hips into her digits. Her other hand abandoned its post and began rubbing her clit. She threw her head back at the extreme pleasure, her moans becoming louder and more desperate, barely comprehensible pleas and swears soon joined them as her orgasm approached her once again.

Hat Kid found the strength to lift her head and look at Mustache Girl one last time, only to lock eyes with said girl who as peeking behind her back. Her mouth was parted, and her cheeks were flushed, but far from being flustered, her eyes looked hungry, full of barely contained desire. The look penetrated Hat Kid to her very core, and she found herself unable to look away as she felt that coiling pleasure deep within her approach its zenith. Her fingers lost all coordination and whole body shook with pleasure, tears formed at her eyes, all the while Mustache Girl's gaze never faltered. Finally, all of her built up pleasure came crashing down as her orgasm overtook her. A desperate shriek filled the air and the streets below as wave after wave of pleasure wracked Hat Kid's petite, spasming form. Her hips lifted into the air and thrust erratically into her fingers, which never faltered in their frantic motion. Hat Kid yelled as fluids erupted from her vagina, coating her hands as well as the floor in front of her. Tears ran down her face as the rate of her spasms gradually decreased, her fingers slowing to a crawl, and her hips came falling back to earth as she rode out the last of her orgasm.

Hat Kid struggled to get her breathing under control as she lied there. She removed her fingers from her vagina, the stimulation after such an intense orgasm causing her to whimper pathetically. She shivered as a gust of wind blew sea air over her exposed sweat covered body. The sound of steps made Hat Kid realize that someone was approaching her. Looking up, she saw Mustache Girl walking to her, coming to a step in front of her, the same desire still burning within her Amber eyes. That look combined with her vulnerable state caused Hat Kid's heart to race, whether from fear or excitement she did now know. Mustache Girl removed her hood, letting her long voluminous hair free. She gently placed it over the shivering Hat Kid as she finally averted her gaze.

"One of your things crashed into the fountain in the shop district, once you're ready I can show you where it is." Mustache Girl spoke slowly and deliberately, the intense blush on her face indicating that she was still distracted by the event.

"Thank you." Hat kid responded between breaths, a huge smile on her face. She felt her heart swell at Mustache Girl's kindness. She could tell that this would be the start of a great friendship.

Hat Kid ran alongside Mustache Girl, the Kid now also wearing MG's hood. She had just retrieved the time piece and MG had invited her to stop in at her place before she went back to her space ship. How could she say no?

"If I didn't know the Mafia any better I wouldn't believe that a grown man would run away from a child after she stole his umbrella. What a bunch of losers." MG and Hat Kid laughed together at the memory. The two shared genuine smiles.

"You know what Kid, you're alright, you'll make a great ally in my fight against the Mafia." MG's bravado built as she spoke in a rehearsed manner. Leading Hat Kid to wonder just how long had MG been alone here.

"Ah! We're here, make yourself at home." MG said excitedly as she jumped and twirled into her home.

Hat Kid looked around Mustache Girl's home. It was built into a small cave, there was a large amount of wood piled up against the wall. In the middle of the space there was an ash pile with a log sitting nearby. There was also various bits and bobs scattered around the place, everything she'd need to take care of herself.

"I've didn't catch any fish today, the Mafia we're out there all day, but I did steal this can of peaches if you want some!" The offer broke Hat Kid from her thoughts, She smiled at the older girl and nodded.

"Coming right up." MG opened the can of peaches and set it on the log nearby Hat Kid.

"Just make sure to leave plenty for me." Mustache Girl said with a smile, Hat Kid nodded and sat down. She dug a few peaches out of the can and tried them out. Though the fruit was unfamiliar to her, they were quite good.

Mustache Girl looked towards the sky and saw that it was just about starting to be sunset. She quickly set to work piling wood up on the ash pile and used an old knife and piece of Flint to get an ember going. Soon enough a modest fire started. Casting it's gentle orange light on the two girls. Mustache Girl sat across from Hat Kid, the smaller girl watching intently as Mustache Girl untied the ribbon around her waist and pulled her dull-red dress shirt over her head, revealing a tight-fitting, thin, white undershirt that was underneath. Hat Kid felt her mouth water as She saw Mustache Girl's toned body slowly being revealed to her, that slender waist and toned stomach slowly swaying from side to side. Topped off by Mustache Girl's A-cup breast's, which evidently weren't covered by a bra, her broad muscled shoulders, and her strong arms. The Kid blushed unabashedly at the display, mesmerized by her new friend's body. Mustache Girl hung the garment up on a nail and rejoined Hat Kid on the log by the fire. Neither of them spoke for a moment as Hat Kid stared at the rising and falling of Mustache Girl's chest, enjoying how little the shirt left up to the imagination. Taking a breath, Hat Kid spoke first.

"Thank you for everything today." She said softly, being entirely genuine. Mustache Girl looked over and smiled.

"Eh, it's nothing. I know what it's like for the Mafia to take your stuff, so I'll always be willing to help." Hat Kid didn't appreciate the dismissive statement, so she scooted up closer to Mustache Girl and leaned towards her.

"I appreciate that, but I was talking about this." Hat Kid tugged on the red hood resting upon her shoulders. Mustache Girl blushed as she understood the implication.

"A-ah, yes, of course." The older girl mumbled out, not sure how to respond. Hat Kid took this as an invitation to continue.

"You seemed very understanding of that too. Do you ever have... The same problem?" Hat Kid's heart began to race as she asked the fatal question, no doubt Mustache Girl was in the same boat judging by her expression.

"I... Uh... Most of the time I can, you know, just do it here, or find a good spot, stuff like that." Mustache Girl spoke, sneaking glances at Hat Kid's legs, which were unhidden by the red hood. The Kid dropped to the ground, crossed her arms on Mustache Girl's lap, and rested her head upon them as she stared up at the girl.

"How about today?" The question combined with Hat Kid's position left no question as to what she was really asking. Mustache Girl seemed engulfed by nervousness.

"T-today? Well, I..." She petered out, unable to respond. Telling Hat Kid all she needed to know.

"You've been so nice to me. Now, I want to return the favor." Hat Kid spoke low, and tugged gently at the waistband of Mustache Girl's pants.

"You... You don't have to do that." Though nervousness tinged every word, Mustache Girl dared not move to stop the Kid. Unable to deny the desire bubbling within her.

"No, but I want to." Hat Kid hummed as she spread Mustache Girl's legs and pulled her pants and underwear down just an inch. Simultaneously lifting up the older Girl's undershirt and placing a kiss just beneath her belly button. Mustache Girl quivered at the sensation, her expression softening as she couldn't hide how much she enjoyed the attention. But a realization made her nervousness return in full force as Hat Kid tugged her pants down further.

"Wait! Kid, I'm... Not like other girls." Mustache Girl admitted, her tone full of shame. Hat Kid didn't listen as she gave the stubborn garments one last big tug.

"What do you mea-" Hat Kid's question was answered before she even finished as a dick flew up from Mustache Girl's pants. It brushed past her lips, leaving a dollop of precum behind, and fell back down, landing on her cheek. Hat Kid looked towards the unexpected guest, staring at it for a short time before hesitantly licking her lips, tasting the precum that was left there. She turned her attention up to Mustache Girl, who looked on the verge of panic.

"I... W-wasn't born a girl." Mustache Girl stuttered, attempting to explain. "I… um…"

Her thoughts were interrupted as Hat Kid slowly lifted the half hard phallus from her face and examined it. Mustache Girl was uncut, her head was poking through, gently cradled by smooth fore skin. It was very well kept, and even partially erect stood 5 inches. A droplet of precum appeared on the tip. Hat Kid gave it a lick before pressing a kiss to the moist head. Mustache Girl gasped at the unexpected stimulation, looking down at Hat Kid with disbelief. The Kid slowly stroked the organ and pressed it against her face as she looked up at Mustache Girl.

"I understand, and I don't care about it one bit." Hat Kid said, her voice full of sincerity. "Because everything about you is beautiful." She accentuated the point by placing a long line of kisses down the shaft. While she continued to stroke it. Mustache Girl stared in disbelief, pleasure slowly overtaking her features.

Mustache Girl gasped when Hat Kid's lips reached all the way down to her balls. She gave the sack a few hearty licks while her stroking hand traveled further up the shaft. Gently placing her lips over one of the balls, Hat Kid created a gentle suction, and her hand stroked heavily over the tip. Mustache Girl moaned lowly, her hips twitching slightly as she grew accustomed to the sensation. As Hat Kid switched to her other ball Mustache Girl eventually relaxed, slouching backwards and reveling in the attention.

Hat released the ball and slowed her strokes, placing her tongue on the bottom of the shaft, she placed on long lick all the way to the tip, making Mustache Girl shiver. Giving the entire length a few slow pumps, Hat Kid leaned back to observe her handiwork. Mustache Girl's cock had grown to it's maximum of 6 inches, which considering Hat Kid's stature, seemed quite large to her. It was also completely slicked with her saliva, including the balls. The smooth glistening skin made it look all the more attractive to Hat Kid. She watched as the foreskin glided over the swollen head with every stroke. Pulling all the way back, she leaned forward began to place swirling licks around the glans. She poked her tongue into the small slit every few licks to collect the precum being deposited there.

"Kid... It feels so good." Mustache Girl practically moan in a breathy voice. Hat Kid placed one last big lick before looking up at Mustache Girl with a gentle smile.

"It's about to get even better." The Kid whispered, causing Mustache Girl to shiver in anticipation.

Hat Kid place her lips on the tip, her tongue darting it to give it some last few licks. She pushed forward, her lips slowly stretching to accommodate the respectable girth. Before long the entire head was in Hat Kid's mouth. The warmth caused Mustache Girl to let out a low moan and shifted her hips.

"Oh wow..." Mustache Girl crooned as Hat Kid's hand resumed stroking the shaft. She smaller girl taking special care to let her thumb glide along the underside of the shaft. Somewhere in Mustache Girls mind was the question of how Hat Kid is so good at this. However it was buried deep as Hat Kid started to apply some suction. Mustache Girl threw her head back as the pleasure burned through her body like wild fire, overwhelmed by how the Kid's mouth convulsed around her glans as she sucked. Hat Kid slowly pulled her head away, maintaining the suction as she did so, causing it to audibly pop out of her mouth. Mustache Girl groaned at the loss of stimulation, Hat Kid intensified her stroking and added a second hand to try and compensate. She looked uncharacteristically nervous as she prepared to speak.

"Can you... Take your shirt off, and put your hand on my head?" Mustache Girl's heart fluttered at the request, and she happily obliged.

She pulled her shirt up over her head, and felt Hat Kid's gaze follow it as she pulled it up her body, From her toned flat stomach which had a hint of abs, to her broadening chest and moderately small breasts which were topped off with perky nipples. Once the garment was removed Mustache Girl's torso was completely naked. And if it's at all possible her blush increased upon seeing the wonder and admiration in Hat Kid's face.

"You're so pretty" Hat Kid said quietly, her voice full of such admiration that Mustache Girl found it completely adorable. The older girl removed Hat Kid's top hat and placed her hand on the Kid's hair.

"Now..." Mustache Girl gently grabbed at Hat Kid's hair and moved her head to press her cheek into her dick. "Back to work." Her tone was soft, but commanding. Hat Kid's heart was pounding so fast in her chest that she had no choice but to obey.

Moving one of her hands on to the taller girl's thigh. The Kid took the head into her mouth once again, this time adding her tongue back in as she sucked on the organ. Quiet swears joined the crackling of the fire as Mustache Girl gently caressed Hat Kid's head. Hat Kid stuck her tongue between Mustache Girl's foreskin and her glans, adding pressure as she circled her tongue around it's girth. Mustache Girl involuntarily bucked her hips and moaned. Eliciting a surprised noise from Hat Kid as the member was shoved deeper into her mouth. Mustache Girl looked down at the Kid, worried for a moment before she saw Hat Kid's pleased expression. The smaller girl slowly sank her head down on the heavy organ. Helped along by Mustache Girl as she gently pushed on the Kid's head.

"Fuck!" Mustache Girl crooned as she felt herself hit the back of Hat Kid's throat, desperately wanting to push further. Hat Kid looked up at Mustache Girl's face, enjoying how beautiful it looked framed by her rising and falling breasts. Apparently Mustache Girl's inner thoughts were readable on her face as Hat Kid adjusted herself.

"Wait, what are you- Oh! Holy shit!" Mustache Girl yelled out as Hat Kid made a swallowing motion and took her cock into her throat.

Gurgling noises bounced around the small cave as Hat Kid quickly took in the last few inches. Mustache Girl moaned and locked eyes with Hat Kid as she pressed her lips against the base of her cock. The hand upon her head kept her in place while Hat Kid held her breath. The gentle convulsions of her throat messaging Mustache Girl's dick while her tongue swirled around the base.

Mustache Girl eventually relaxed her grip, allowing Hat Kid to pull back, the member violently being pulled from her throat and exiting her mouth with a loud *POP* she gave a whimpering gasp for air. But was only allowed to rest for a few moments before Mustache Girl shoved her cock back into Hat Kid's mouth. Loud gurgling noises mixed with breathy moans filled the space as Mustache Girl's cock plunged into Hat Kid's throat with increased ferocity. The older Girl held her head in place as she gave a few shallow thrusts into the Kid's throat before relinquishing partial control.

Between the two them they set a brutal pace. Hat Kid grabbing on to Mustache Girl's thighs for support as she sucked and bobbed up and down as hard as she could, with Mustache Girl making up the difference to efficiently fuck the Kid's throat. High pitched whimpers were mixed in with the gurgling as Mustache Girl drowned out both with loud moans punctuated by screamed swears. Mustache Girl's dick pulsed in Hat Kid's throat, telling them both what was about to happen.

Their pace reached a new extreme as Hat Kid was forced to hold her breath, feverish slaps rang out as Mustache Girl hilted herself over and over in Hat Kid's abused throat. She felt her balls tighten as Hat Kid moan around her cock. The vibrations pushed her over the edge, and she screamed Hat Kids name as she gave her last powerful thrusts into Hat Kid's face. The Kid felt a few hot spurts go down her throat and she pulled back, fearing she'd choke. A crazed mix of swears escaped Mustache Girl while she filled Hat Kid's mouth as she pulled out. Her cock popped out of Hat Kid's mouth just as the Kid released a yelling exhale. Mustache Girl shot her last few Jets of cum on to Hat Kid's face, releasing shuddering breaths as the final pulses of her orgasm dribbled cum from her glans, which dripped on to Hat Kid's thighs.

Mustache Girl eventually came down from her orgasm and looked down to find Hat Kid staring up at her with a devious Expression. The Kid opened her mouth to reveal that it was full of Mustache Girl's cum. She played with it using her tongue, the older girl was captivated by the display. Hat Kid closed her mouth and swallowed in an exaggeratory manner, she looked back up at Mustache Girl and opened her mouth to show that she had swallowed it all. The smaller girl chuckled upon seeing Mustache Girl's reaction.

"Now we're even." Hat Kid said with a happy smile. It was Mustache Girl's turn to chuckle as she scratched her head, her blonde locks bouncing as she moved her head.

"I dunno Kid, I'd say that more than made up for it." She said honestly. Hat kid smiled and leaned down to lick some rivulets of cum that remained on Mustache softening member, causing the taller girl to shudder. Once Hat Kid was finished she placed a small kiss on organ, she looked back up at Mustache Girl.

"Well, that just means you owe me sometime." Hat Kid hopped on to Mustache Girl's lap, Wrapping her arms around the girl's shoulders. "I certainly wouldn't mind." Hat Kid said in a low voice, accentuating her point by licking some of the cum dripping down her face.

Hat Kid let her hands loosen from around Mustache Girl's shoulders, and slowly travelled down the girls body. Mustache Girl watched with half lidded eyes as Hat Kid's hands reached her breasts, gently cupping the soft mounds. Hat Kid bit her lip as she kneaded the older Girl's breasts, enjoying how the supple flesh gave way as she pressed them. Mustache Girl's breath turned heavy while Hat Kid prodded and teased her perky nipples. Satisfied with her work, Hat Kid allowed her hands to slide further down the girl's body. Her right hand gripped on to Mustache Girl's side, while the other traveled down the older girl's toned stomach, her index finger following a line passing through girl's navel. Hat Kid's hand eventually reached Mustache Girl's smooth cock, which was partially erect, her fingers dragged along the hairless shaft, lifting off of it just before reaching the head. Mustache Girl looked confused for a moment, but quickly realized what Hat Kid was doing as the younger girls hands reached her own legs. She gently pressed into her meaty thighs as her fingers scooped up the ejaculate that was left there. Bringing them to her lips she licked the digits sexily before placing them into her mouth and gently sucking what was left on them. Hat Kid wore a self satisfied expression, clearly happy at how much she was able to work up Mustache Girl.

"I'll even let you mess me up again." Hat Kid added, she thrust her head forward, pressing her lips against Mustache Girl's, stealing a kiss. Before the taller girl could react, Hat Kid pulled away and smirked at her. Mustache Girl was speechless, awestruck by how Hat Kid was able to play with her desires so easily and coyly.

"Sadly I have to get back to my ship." Hat Kid announced, breaking Mustache Girl out of her stupor. The taller girl stared in total confusion as Hat Kid jumped off her lap

"Wait what? You can't be serious!" Mustache Girl asked, unable to believe that after all that, the Kid was going to leave her half-mast.

"I need to put this Time Piece away and clean myself up." She raised her eyebrows and pointed to her cum streaked face. She removed Mustache Girl's hood and laid it across the log before turning around to head out into the open.

"I hate to leave you hanging, but like you said, you owe me at this point" Facing away from mustache Girl, she bent over slightly and stretched her arms, causing her Jacket to ride up her behind. She looked behind herself, smirking upon seeing Mustache Girl's bemused expression and fully erect cock.

"Whatever the case, I know you're fully capable of taking care of it yourself. Unless…" Hat Kid bent over all the way, causing her jacket to slide up her body, outright flashing her ass at Mustache Girl.

"You want to leave some for me?" Hat Kid lifted her underwear, tightening them between her cheeks. She winked at the gaping Mustache Girl and pulled the Time Piece out from her pocket. Just like that she suddenly zoomed into the air, out of sight.

Mustache Girl stared after her for awhile, before turning her attention to her own predicament. Her cock was painfully erect, the head swollen and angry, oozing precum at a steady pace. Her mind was a battle ground as she considered the two options Hat Kid gave her. She was so aroused that she felt like she was going to crazy. It wouldn't take long to satisfy herself and soil the cave more than it already was. But the other possibility was so sexy that she couldn't take her mind off of it. As the precum dripped in between her thighs she finally reached a decision.

"Fuck it." She cursed and grabbed her hood, throwing it over her head. She winced as fabric brushed against her stiffened nipples, more annoyed than pleasured at the sensation. She pulled up her pants, smothering her erection, though the wetness surrounding her cock told her she would have to do some washing tomorrow. She climbed into her hammock and stared angrily at the ceiling. If Hat Kid wanted to play this game then fine, Mustache Girl would play along. Through her frustration she couldn't help but smile, that Kid had quite the attitude, she could see them being good friends. Mustache Girl's thoughts meandered, until she eventually drifted off into sleep.