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Croydon, England - 1868

Rain poured down from the heavens with no sign of stopping anytime soon. The young girl sighed as she leaned against a support beam, watching the rain hit the burgundy red carriage. She fixed her red coat and listened onto the ongoing conversation.

"I need two more weeks with the device," David Brewster insisted.

"Your questionable practices are beginning to draw unwanted attention. You've been given more than enough time to achieve results, Sir David."

"I was unaware that you expected me to perform like a cocker spaniel."

"Permit me to remind you of your obligation to the order," Lucy Throne said, turning to face the scientist.

"Miss Throne, you ride me like a racehorse!"

Carina grimaced. She wasn't liking the tone the scientist was using with her boss. She glanced over at the two templars, awaiting orders.

"Sir David, I will return tomorrow. If you have not unlocked the device's secrets, forget your dogs and horses, I will leave you to the wolves. Good day." Miss Thorne made her way around the scientist towards the carriage, signaling for Carina to follow. Carina pushed herself off the support beam, quickly walked to the carriage door and opened it. Carina quickly followed in after Miss Throne.

She sighed as she sat down opposite of Templar. "Well, that was... uneventful."

"He should have unlocked it by now."

Carina nodded in agreement. She would have argued but she already was on the Templars bad side, she didn't need to make it worse.

She looked out the carriage window and activated her eagle vision. "No sign of the assassins, Miss."

"Good. Once we get back to London, report back to Starrick immediately then return to your duties."

"Of course, Miss."

-End of Memory-

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“Any sight or mention of it?”

“Not yet, sir.”

“Keep her in there until you find it.”

“Yes, sir.”

Whitechapel, London-

Carina cursed under her breath as she stomped down the streets of Whitechapel. There was so much bullshit she could take, and it has finally reached its peak. "If Starrick expects for me to get along with Kaylock, then he's wrong. Very wrong," she murmured to herself. She adjusted the black leather bracer on her right arm before shoving her hands into her jacket pockets.

After arriving back from Croydon, Carina was immediately sent to Starrick's office. She had been there a couple of times, mostly when she was a teen, but now it felt more dangerous. Especially after she confronted him about her father's death.

She knew that her father worked for an organization of sorts and that she was supposed too also, but her father tried to keep her in shadows. It worked for some time, but that same secret got her in this position.

Carina sighed as she approached the station. As always the station was filled with civilians and Blighters. She flipped on her hood as she entered the station. She activated her eagle vision and quickly did a sweep of the building. Everything seemed fine until two golden figures appeared.

She made way towards them quickly stop when someone grabbed her arm. She unsheathed a dagger that was strapped onto her thigh and pressed the tip against the grabber's throat.

"Whoa, down girl it's just me," Abigail, Carina's friend said. Carina sighed, she put the dagger back its sheath and looked over her shoulder trying to find the golden glow. Upon realizing the targets happened to be nowhere in sight, she scowled.

She returned her attention to the Blighter in front of her. "Need something Abi?"

Abigail raised her hands in front of her and took a step back. "Kaylock was getting impatient, and you're never late. Something happen on the way here?"

Carina shook her head, "No, it's just a lovely day today. Thought I'd enjoy it before I die."

Abigail laughed as she motioned for Carina to follow her. "Always the pessimist aren't ya?"

"Someone has to be," Carina mumbled. Abigail rolled her eyes and led the young Templar to the correct train.

"No one will die. Hopefully," Abigail said, hopping onto a train carriage, "Besides, we're just looking for Henry Green. Nothing too bad, now is it?"

Carina followed Abigail onto the train. "Okay, fine. I'll stay my blade from Kaylock's face for now."

She heard Abigail chuckle. Carina smiled as she tightened her bracer. The first time she met Abigail was about a year after the Templars took her in. They wanted to test her abilities, and she did not disappoint until the last fight. One of the Blighters got pissed at her for beating up his friends. Abigail was the one to break up the fight and patch her up. Since then, the two have stuck to each other like two peas in a pod.

Carina made her way to one of the couches on the coach and let herself fall on one. She sighed, letting her head fall back on the couch. Henry Green, the only assassin in London. Could this be the Ghost? The assassin spy father told me about?

The Templar was so lost in her thoughts that she didn't notice the looming figure above her. "Get off your ass you lazy, Ward."

Carina bolted off the couch, almost crashing into who she now realized to be, Kaylock. "Morning to you too, Sunshine."

"You know what you're here to do. So go do it," Kaylock said, shoving a grappling gun at Carina.

Carina glanced down at the gun, the fact that he had given her an object that could be used as a weapon surprised her. She shoved the gun into her pocket and made her way towards the coach exit. Time to hunt an assassin

Somewhere in London-

After weeks of searching, she found no sign of Henry Green, but she did find dead Blighters, and Whitechapel almost liberated. Not that she minded.

"Damn assassins!" Kaylock shouted. Carina leaned against the coach wall, ignoring his little tantrum, she understood why he was mad, but she was glad the assassins had liberated the children.

"Either you can stay mad at the assassins and do nothing or stop being pissed and do something." Kaylock turned to face her. He scowled, but said nothing, surprising the girl. "So?"

"This new gang, what are they called again?"

"Why the hell would I know?"

"It doesn't matter, I challenged them to a gang fight."

Carina's eyes widen in surprise. "Oh? A gang fight? First one in years."

Kaylock hummed in agreement. But something wasn't adding up. "Why are you telling me this?"

"The fight is today, stay out of the way," Kaylock demand. "Wouldn't want the boss to get mad, would we?"

Carina chuckled. "And here I was thinking you were worried about me."

The gang leader scoffed but smiled a bit. "Your stop is at Whitechapel, be off the train by then."

"Yes, sir."

Whitechapel Train Station-

A section outside of the station was blocked off from the public for the fight. A crowd had formed behind the fence - adults, children, anyone who had the time was there. It didn't help that it was pouring rain, but people were still there.

Carina sneaked onto the edge of the station's roof and crouched down. She pulled down her hood in an attempt to stop the rain from hitting her face, leaned forward a bit and did a sweep of the area with her eagle vision.

There were about seventeen gang members in total - ten Blighters and seven opposing gang members - not counting the leaders. The other gang might've had fewer men, but they overpowered the Blighters thanks to the assassin helping them.

"Looks like Kaylock will lose the train," she whispered, moving back from the edge.

As the fighting calmed down, Kaylock and several of his men climbed up top the roof of the train. He moved more towards the center and whistled to catch the assassin's attention. "Ah! There you are!"

"Son of a bitch." Carina quickly stood up as the train began to leave the station. She ran to the other side of the station but missed it.  "Damn it!"

Carina may not like Kaylock, but his death was just going to worsen her relationship with Starrick.

Deciding to take some good news to the Grandmaster, she followed the train until it stopped.

By the time she arrived, a crowd had formed around the assassins and the train. She approached the crowd stealthy, her hood still up, occasionally glancing up towards the train.

"Kaylock is dead!" One of the assassins declared. "Whitechapel is no longer in the hands of the Blighters!" The assassin threw down Kaylock's Templar pin to the ground.

She took this time to study the assassins. One boy and one girl, both equal in height...

"You now have the choice to join our ranks! We welcome all who would stand up to Starrick and his cutthroats!" The female assassin shouted. 

That caught Carina's attention. She watched as some of the Blighters accepted the proposal.

 She took a step back as the male assassin jumped down from the train. "Welcome to the Rooks!"

The 'Rooks' shouted in celebration as whatever was left of the Blighters left the area. Carina followed behind them, occasionally glancing over her shoulder.

There was something... odd about those assassins. Something familiar. And Carina was going to find out what.

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After the assassins took over Whitechapel, Carina returned to her duties of being Starrick's eyes and ears around the city. If something happened and the Blighters were hiding it, she would find out about it. But for now, she was to keep an eye on the gangs and make sure the Rooks weren't interfering in Blighter work. So far, everything was calm.

Pulling off her hood, Carina hopped down the carriage she was on and made her way into the alley. If anyone had any information, it would be Clara O'Dea.

On Bertha (The train)-

The twin assassins were back to arguing with each other. And Henry was too busy setting up an assassination wall to stop them.

"We need to reclaim London from Starrick. Who are my targets?" Jacob asked impatiently.

"It's not time for that yet," Evie exclaimed.

"I didn't come to London to hunt curios!"

"'First understand the dance, only then become the dancer.'”

"Oh? So you're taking over where Father left off?"

"Someone has to."

Before things could escalate Henry jumped in, "Evie finding the Precursor artifact will give us an insight into what the Templars intend. Jacob, I have information about Starrick's associates that should be of use to you." Henry held out his hand towards the wall he was previously nailing pictures and notes too. "Here."

Jacob turned around and began analyzing the pictures and notes. There were ten targets in total, five of them were unknown, two were crossed out, and the last three were Crawford Starrick, Lucy Thorne, and someone wearing what resembled a hood. The final drawing caught Jacob's attention.

"Who's this?" He asked scrutinizing the drawing further.

Henry walked up next to him and looked at the drawing. "Ah, that's an associate of Lucy Thorne and a spy for the Blighters and Starrick. I haven't been able to figure out a name, but there are rumors..."

"Rumors?" Evie asked.

Henry sighed. There was no easy way to explain this to them. "What... What do you know of Sebastian Ward and his daughter's whereabouts?"

"Sebastian Ward? He helped train us," Evie answered. Jacob nodded. How long has it been since they last saw the Master Assassin and their friend, ten years? "Last we heard they left for America," Jacob added.

"Is that what Ethan told you?"

The twins nodded. "What are you getting at Greenie?"

"The Wards never left for America. Mister Ward was sent here, to London, by the council with his daughter."

The twins froze. They shared a look of confusion and hurt before gesturing for Henry to continue. "It would be better if you both took a seat."

Henry explained to them everything he had heard of from Sebastian and Carina. The twins paid close attention to every little word he told them. They still couldn't comprehend why Ethan would've lied to them until they put the clues together. "What- Where are they now exactly? And what do they have to do with Starrick's spy?"

"There was an ambush," Henry said locking his hands in front of him. "When Ethan and I... When Ethan and I arrived at their location, Carina was gone, and Sebastian was dead."

It wasn't difficult finding Clara, but it was difficult trying to talk to her.

"Please-" She ducked as a rock flew towards her. "I'm weaponless, and no one knows I'm here! I swear!"

The little group of urchins stopped throwing stuff at Clara's command. "What do you want?"

Carina sighed. Wiping off a bit of mud from her face, she smiled at the girl. "What do you know of the new gang leaders?"


Carina hummed. "How about a favor for a favor?"

Clara crossed her arms. "Why should I accept?"

"You get a favor, I get a favor, and everyone's happy," Carina said fixing her jacket.

Clara contemplated that option, but Carina was a Blighter. And she was working against Blighters. "What... kind of favor can I ask of you?"

"Any kind, no limits here."

"Can you make the Blighter's stop using children in factories?"

Carina grimaced. "That's out of my bounds."

Clara turned around, returning her attention to the game the rest of the urchins were playing. "Sorry can't help."

She sighed. Kids. "I can't stop them- the Blighters - alone. But what I can do is make sure they get paid more and get the appropriate medical treatment."

"What else."

"If they have any problems at home I'll deal with it." That was all Carina had to offer. Well, nothing else that doesn't involve almost dying. Threatening and using her connection with Starrick was the safest way to go.

She moved her hair out of her face as she glanced down at the urchin, "So do we have a deal?"

Clara hummed. Oh no. "Not yet. How do I know I can trust you?"

Carina clenched her teeth and attempted to hide her eye roll. "Two factories will be out of Blighter control by the end of the week. One in Lambeth and the other in Westminster. You have my word."

Clara nodded as she returned to her game. Carina sighed, wiping her hands down the front of her dark red jacket, she made her way out of the alley back onto the main street. Flipping on her hood, she whispered, "Time to get back to work."

After Henry explained the rumors and death of Sebastian Ward to the twins, he gave them some time before introducing them to their first targets.

"So our little spy is Carina," Jacob whispered. Evie nodded. They didn't know what was more shocking Ethan lying to them, or Carina working with Templars.

"We still need to hear her side of the story," Evie answered.

"And what side is that, Evie? Hmm? What are we supposed to do? Go to Starrick and ask him to let us talk to her?"

Evie stood up from her seat and walked to the board. "If she's an associate of Lucy Thorne then there's a chance I'll run into her."

"And she works spying jobs for Starrick. The gang leaders hire her to spy around the boroughs," Henry added. "In the meantime, we need to get Starrick out and learn the whereabouts of the precursor site." Henry held out a vial of something and showed it to the twins.

"This Soothing Syrup has become the only medicine available in Lambeth. It bears the Templar Grand Master's name."

"About time for a visit to the doctor."

"I don't see that cure arriving any time soon."

"And what will you be doing, might I ask?"

"You know very well, tracking down the Piece of Eden."

"Enjoy your studies. I'll be out killing Templars."


Carina walked out of the cotton warehouse as Rooks checked and helped the children. She glanced over her shoulder before scaling up the closest building. Once at the top, she sat down at the edge and looked at her work. The rooks were doing a great job of helping the kids and making sure the Blighters knew that was now Rook territory.

She pulled down the mask and took a deep breath. Her cover was close to being exposed, but luckily it wasn't. Sighing, she unbuckled her bracer and unsheathed the blade. She grimaced as she wiped the blood off her blade onto her jacket.

Did she regret killing the Blighters? Yeah, she did, but not that much. She didn't know them well, no doubt one of her associates in the gang did. But that wasn't her problem at the moment.

Taking one last look at the warehouse, Carina stood up and left the area.

Later that day Carina joined Lucy Thorne in retrieving a shipment of sorts. Most likely a Piece of Eden. But instead of being down on the street helping, Carina was watching from the rooftops.

Pulling up her mask and hood, Carina leaned back onto a chimney. Using her eagle vision, she did a quick scan of the area, tagging all the Templar guards. But out of the corner of her eye, she caught a faint glow. Turning off her eagle vision, she pushed herself off the chimney wall and investigated the area.

Spotting two figures nearby, she kept herself out of sight and climbed down the building. Her original plan was to stick to the shadows, stay out of sight, but where's the fun in that?

Running up to a Templar guard, she tapped them on the shoulder and whispered, low enough so only the two of them could hear, "Double the guard. There's assassin's nearby."

The guard scoffed as they brushed the young girl off. Carina took a step back as the guard pushed past her. "Fine, don't double the guard," she murmured. If the guard wasn't going to believe her, then that was fine with her. Pulling her mask on her face, she leaned on the warehouse wall and glared at every passing Templar.

Carina wasn't sure if she was prepared to deal with the assassins. Her entire life she was sheltered, she had no experience dealing with assassins. She snapped out of her thoughts when she heard someone shout. "There he is!"

Snapping up from her daze, she cursed at herself for being distracted. "Come on!" Lucy shouted. She jumped onto a carriage and took the reins from the driver, pushing him over to the passenger seat, "Let's go!"

From where she was she could hear the two assassin's bickering like children. Snapping the reins one more time, she handed them over to the Templar next to her, "Get as close as you can." Climbing up onto the carriage roof, she prepared to jump.

"If you really want to fight, come over here!" The male assassin shouted. Holding on tightly to the edge of the carriage, she watched as the female assassin took down any approaching Templar and Blighter.

Once her carriage was close enough she jumped. "Have room for one more!"

"Dammit, Jacob go faster!"

Carina smirked as she dodged the assassin's attack. The assassin and the Templar landed some hits on each other before the horn of a nearing train distracted her. Using this to her advantage the assassin grabbed a hold of Carina's mask and yanked it off. "Carina?"

Carina froze in her spot. "How'd you know my name?"

She never got an answer from the assassin as the cart hit a stone fence causing her to lose balance and fall off the cart. Taking one good look at the assassin, her ocean gray eyes widen upon realizing who it was. "Evie?"

The last thing she saw was Evie's panicked face as she hit the ground.

----- desynchronization complete -----

"What's going on?!?"

"She's having a panic attack, sir."

"Well then calm her down!"

"I-I can't! I need to pull her out!"

"If you-"

"If I don't, she dies and all of this would've been for nothing!"

The shouting was loud enough to awake and calm the girl. A faint beeping could be heard from somewhere in the room and it was annoying her. "Someone turn that off," she slurred, squinting as the bright white light hit her eyes.

Someone sighed in relief as Ezra tried to sit up. "No- don't. Stay down for a bit."

Ezra nodded reluctantly but listened. "The minute she starts feeling better, she goes back into the animus," another voice said. Ezra rolled her eyes as she heard the person stomp out of the room.

Propping herself up onto her elbows she glanced around the room. "Where am I?" she asked the lady next to what seemed to be a computer.

"I'm not allowed to say," she replied. Ezra took in the lady's appearance. A white coat of sorts, light brown hair pulled up in a bun, light green eyes smudged with eyeliner and... a Templar necklace.

Ezra groaned in realization. Of all the trouble I could've gotten in to, it had to be Templars. If the Templars don't kill her, her mentor would.




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April 18, 2019 - Somewhere in a lab in Spain

Ezra didn't know what hurt more, her head or her arm. While attempting to sit up and run, she fell off the animus and landed on her right arm, which had an IV. Now she was sitting on the floor glaring at nothing, in silence while cradling her arm and pouting.

"Are you done acting like a child?" Alicia, the kind doctor that pulled her out of the animus, asked. Ezra glanced at her before sliding down onto the floor. "I'll take that as a no."

Alicia picked up a notebook up from the animus and walked over to a desk and sat down. "If you need anything, like sleep or use the restroom, your room is over there," she pointed across the room at an open door. "And there are two guards outside the main door so don't try anything stupid."

Ezra said nothing as Alicia sighed and opened the journal. She brought her arm up to her face and studied her arm. The injury wasn't bad, but a bruise was starting to form. Sighing, she sat up and took in her surroundings.

The room they were in was spacious and empty, besides the animus, the desk, and several more machines. The walls were white and void of decorations. It looked like a hospital room, but brighter.

Standing up, she dragged herself over to her new room. Once she got into the room, she tried to find an exit but found none. The room was like your average bedroom but colorless.

Sighing, she made her way to the adjacent bathroom, just like the bedroom, the bathroom was void of colors. But thank god for the huge mirror.

Standing in front of the mirror, Ezra took in her appearance. Her long auburn brown hair was out of the braid and was now all over the place, and her eyeliner was smudged all around her eyes. She also noticed the dark purple bags under her gray almond shape eyes.

Turning on the faucet, she grabbed a white washcloth and put it under the running water. Not caring if the washcloth was soaking, she brought it up to her face and began wiping off the eyeliner then her injured arm.

Once she finished, she went back to the main room, ready to bombard Alicia with questions.

"So, Ali, what exactly am I doing here?"

Alicia looked up from her journal. "We are attempting to locate a key."

"Oh?" Ezra ran up to the desk. "What does this key unlock? Treasure? Narnia? The secrets to the universe and why humans exist?"

Alicia laughed. "Nothing like that, no. We don't know yet. That's we need it."

Ezra hummed in disappointment. She got excited for a minute. "Maybe if you tell me how this key looks like, I can find it faster."

Just as Alicia was about to answer someone else entered the room. "You'll know when you find it, Miss Aras."

Ezra's eyebrows knitted as she glanced at the stranger. The man was pretty tall and good-looking, dark brown hair was slicked back, he was wearing an all-black suit with a red waistcoat, and on his left ring finger, there was a Templar ring. She frowned as her grey eyes met his stormy eyes.

"And you are?" Ezra inquired.

"Alexander... Smith."

"Smith? Generic last name and you hesitated," Ezra said walking towards him. "Lemme guess, you didn't like your og last name."

Alicia chuckled as she stood from her seat, "Alex, I just finished analyzing the data we gathered."


"We found nothing."

Alexander glared at Ezra as she avoided his gaze. "You look fine, get in the animus."

Ezra snorted. "Make me bitch boy. And don't threaten me I have no problem dying."

"Fine," Alexander said, fixing his tux jacket. "I'll just send a group to hunt your friends."

Alicia sighed as Ezra scoffed. "What friends?"

"Ezra, Alexand-"

"Elizabeth and Elijah Thompson- twin assassins, college dropouts, and former interns at Absertgo in America. Jean and Leo -"

"Right-o! Carina Ward, my dumb Blighter ancestor it is!" Carina shouted interrupting Alexander. She skipped over to the animus and popped on the headgear. "Hey what animus is this?"

"It's the, uh, Animus HR-8.5," Alicia answered as she ran to Ezra's side. "There's been some modifications to make sure you don't bring yourself out."

"Why are you telling her this, Miss Alicia?"

"It's the patients right to know what the frickle frackle is going on Lexi," Ezra answered laying down on the bed.

"Estas probando mi paciencia nina*."

"Eso me recuerda*, the next time you threaten Leo, I'm blowing this place up."

"Just Leo? What about your other friends?"


"They're big kids. They can take care of themselves."

Alicia smiled as she glanced up at Alexander. He seemed pissed but was trying hard to hide it.

"Find the amulet then we'll talk," Alexander said nodding his head at Alicia. Alicia nodded back before returning her attention to Ezra.

"Right, if you start feeling nauseous tell me alright?"

"Whatever let's get this going."

Alicia turned on the animus and Ezra was back in London.

Three days knocked out, seven more spent in recovery. When Abigail found Carina knocked out in the middle of the street, she was worried, but when she found out she fell out of a moving cart for being distracted, she was mad. And no one and nothing could prepare Carina for Abigail's wrath.

"You're a bloody idiot! That's what you are!" The Blighter shouted as she paced around the small room. A pissed off Abigail was a scary Abi, and that's what concerned the injured girl.

Carina groaned as she propped herself up onto her elbows. "You've been telling me that since I woke up."

Abigail stopped her pacing. She clenched her fists and held herself back from punching the girl. "Yes, but now I can shout it!"

"Ugh," Carina let herself fall back onto the bed, clutching her pounding head. "Can you shout it a bit quieter?"

Abigail shook her head as she approached the bed. She picked up her jacket from a nearby chair and shrugged it on. Sighing, the Blighter sat at the foot of the bed. "What happened?"

Carina shrugged. She wanted to tell her the truth, but even she didn't even know what it was. She was confused by everything. She moved her head to the side to get a better glance at her friend. "The assassin knew who I was."

Abigail hummed. "And how do you know the assassin?"

"What makes you think I know them?" she chuckled. Abigail shrugged. She didn't, just a lucky guess. The Blighter stood up, patting her friend's leg before making her way to the door. "Going already? I thought you were going to yell at me some more?"

Abigail chuckled. "I would, but I'll leave that to Starrick."

Carina started shouting protests as Abigail closed the door behind her. Her friend might be an idiot, but she was her idiot.

Starrick's Office-

Carina was not ready for Starricks anger. The minute Carina entered his office she was met by yells. Some were of concern, but the rest were for being reckless and letting the assassins escape.

"I'm sorry, sir. It won't happen," Carina said bowing her head in embarrassment.

Starrick sighed, "It better not." He stood from his seat and approached his window, "I expect you to help Miss Thorne recover the lost documents. you may go now."

"Yes, sir." Carina nodded and promptly left his office.

After leaving Starrick's office, Carina immediately made her way to Babylon Alley to confirm what she saw the previous week. She was sure that was Evie but it's been ten years, and she did hit her head pretty hard. She needed confirmation.

Once she spotted Clara, she made her way over to the young business girl. Upon realizing that the kids were in the middle of a game, Carina stopped and decided to wait for them to finish. Busying herself with her bracer, she leaned against one of the alley walls and observed the kids.

They look so happy and carefree. Carina smiled as she heard them cheering. Her smile fell upon remembering her childhood, or part of it. Young, free, carefree and careless. Her only concerns back then were getting herself and Jacob out of trouble and making it back home in time for their studies. Now her problems were if she was going to live to see the next day or not.

But now looking at the kids in front of her, she realized she didn't have a normal childhood. Her dad did keep a lot from her. Assassins, Templars, ancient artifacts, family secrets..

She snapped out of her thoughts when she felt someone tugging on her black jacket. "Clara is waiting for you."

Carina nodded as she pushed herself off the wall. Pulling out some coins from her pocket, she handed them to the urchin. "Go buy yourself a treat."

"Thanks, miss!"

She smiled as the urchin left. Straightening her jacket, she approached Clara. "As you can see, I did what I promised."

"So I heard," Clara said. "Fine, I guess I can trust you."

Carina kept her eyes on the girl as she walked towards the Blighter. "The gang leaders are Jacob and Evie Frye, but it's mainly Jacobs gang."

Carina hummed. So she was right. Huffing a laugh, she nodded. "That's all I needed to know. Thank you."

Clara nodded, "Anything else?"

"No, that was all." Carina flipped on her hood and pulled out her grappling gun. "If you ever need anything and can't find me, ask for Abigail Summers."

Pulling up her mask, she shot her hook up onto the top of the building. Once Carina was out of sight, a figure approached Clara.

"Thank you, Clara."

"No problem, Miss Frye."

Chapter Text

Kenway Mansion, Queen Anne's Square, London

After Jennifer Scott's death, the Templars bought Kenway Mansion, which Miss Thorne used for her work. It was now a Templar stronghold.

Carina had been there a couple of times, mostly when her boss wanted her to focus on locating and studying Pieces of Eden. But the history of the place never failed to amaze her. Whenever she could, she would investigate the mansion.

But today she had no time for that. Today she had to focus her time and attention on reading books. And so far, she had found nothing of interest.

Sighing, Carina tossed the book in her hands across the couch. Throwing her head back, she groaned. There was nothing of interest in those journals, so why was she in charge of reading them.

Carina reached over for another book but stopped upon noticing Abigail and a Templar, Jonathan, carrying a crate into the room. Sitting up, she glared at the box before sliding off the couch.

"Let me guess," she said, walking over to the two Templars. "More books."

Abigail rolled her eyes as she chuckled, "No, it's body parts."

"That would be more interesting," Carina replied, clearing the table for the crate. "Anything is more interesting than books right now."

"Is that complaining I'm hearing?" Jonathan asked jokingly.

Carina scoffed, "Hey, you should listen to what everyone else is saying."

The Templar shook his head as he pried open the crate. "These are books, journals, and documents are from an assassin stationed here in London a couple of years ago."

Abigail picked one of the papers from the box and read from it, "Sebastian, an assassin from America, stationed in London. While his time in London, the Order found that he was investigating several Pieces of Eden."

Carina took the paper from her friend and skimmed through it. "Apples, shrouds, temples... Lady and gent, we may have found something."

"We? You didn't find anything!"

"No, but I'm the one reading them so out you go," Carina said, waving the duo away. Jonathan scoffed as he followed a laughing Abigail out of the room.

"Remember to report everything back to Miss Throne," he said before closing the door.

Carina mumbled a "sure" as she searched the box. Taking some books out of the crate, she quickly skimmed through them but putting them to the side when they proved not useful.

As she sorted out some documents, an emblem caught her eye. Taking everything out from the crate, she carefully picked up the journal. She ran her fingers over the design, a feeling of familiarity coming from the journal.

Opening the journal, she gasped upon reading the name of the owner. Before she could read any more, the distant sound of music stopped her.

Shoving the journal into her inner jacket pocket, she approached the door and opened it a bit. Peeking out into the hall, she squinted upon noticing the patrols were missing.

Pulling the door open, Carina stepped out into the hall. Following the music downstairs, she made her way to the right wing where she bumped into Lucy and another Templar.

"Miss Ward, shouldn't you be working?"

Carina nodded, "Yes, ma'am, but I heard the music, and the patrol is missing from the second floor."

Lucy hummed. "You heard the music come from this room?" she asked.

"Yes, ma'am."

The Templars entered the room and immediately noticed something out of place.

"That opening wasn't there before."

As Lucy finished speaking, the opening began to shut itself.

"It's closing!"

"No shit," Carina mumbled.

"Look for another opening! Now!"

Carina and the Templar ran out of the Mansion and searched but found nothing. Cursing under her breath, she returned to the Mansion with the bad news.


After getting orders from Lucy to keep an eye out for the assassins, Carina made her way home. Home, a small apartment she shared with Abigail in Southwark. And that's where she would've been if Abigail and Jonathan didn't drag her away.

She loved her friends she did. But recently, they were all starting to annoy her a bit.

Ever since Carina encountered the assassins, Abigail was acting strange. And it worried her. Jonathan, on the other hand, was showing a lot more interest in Carina; whether it was asking her about missions and such or keeping an eye on her. It was strange.

But now that she had both of them in front of her, she could tell they were scheming something. She glanced at them as she took a drink from her bottle. Raising her brow as she caught Jonathan's eye, Jonathan just shrugged as a drunk Blighter fell against him. Choking back a laugh, Carina lowered her drink and leaned across the table and flicked his nose.

"What are you? Five?" he asked as he pushed the girl back into her seat.

Carina snorted as she fell into her seat. "No, but I'm bored. And tired."

Jonathan laughed as he nudged Abigail with his shoulder. "Your child is bored."

"My what now?" Abigail asked as she glanced over the crowd in the pub.

"Your child," Johnny answered as he followed Abigail's gaze. Carina huffed. She alternated her gaze between her friends before pulling out the journal from earlier from her jacket. Sliding the now empty bottle across the table to Jonathan, Carina placed the journal on the table and opened it.

The journal was like any other; the only difference is that this one had the assassin emblem on the cover. Tracing the words on the first page, Carina started reading its contents.


First day in London. Carina is upset, but there isn't much I could do. I've met with Ghost and Ethan and talked about our plans. I am to continue Carina's training in secret here while also keeping an eye out on our targets. I'm also to search for Pieces of Eden. I wished Sophia were here. She has more knowledge of those that came before than I. I should've paid attention to my lessons with Grandma Alexis. I should've apologized before leaving. In the morning I'll go over my notes on-


Carina jumped from her seat as Abigail waved her hand in front of her. "Jesus Christ, what?"

Abigail rolled her eyes as Jonathan took the journal from Carina. "We've been trying to get your attention for a while. What were you reading?"

Jonathan picked up the journal and began flipping through the pages. "This looks familiar..."

"It's nothing! Just a book from home!"

Abigail narrowed her eyes at Carina before taking the journal from Johnathan. "Our books don't have assassin emblems, Cari."

Carina's eyes widened. "I have no clue what you mean..."

Jonathan put the journal back on the table as he leaned forward, and said low enough for the three of them to listen, "You stole this from the mansion, didn't you, Cari?"

"Stole it from the crate I bet."

Her face paled as she shook her head. "Nope, I wouldn't steal from Miss Throne."


Carina gulped as her friends leaned back into their seats. Side-eyeing Carina, Abigail leaned over to Jonathan and whispered something to him. Jonathan shrugged. Carina knew she was fucked. Either they told Lucy about the journal, or Carina would have to. She would rather die.

She could lie about that journal, but if Lucy found out, then she would be truly fucked.

After a while, Abigail and Jonathan stopped their whispering and turned towards Carina. Jonathan leaned back and pushed the journal towards his friend. Carina gave him a puzzled look but took the journal.

"We won't tell the boss," he started. Now Carina was even more confused and scared. "We won't tell them if-"

"You come with us to Whitechapel Station," Abigail finished.

What are these two planning, she thought. She thought about the proposal. After a minute, she nodded. "Fine, when?"

Jonathan and Abigail smiled. "In two days. Bring your blade thingy and wear your black jacket. Don't need anyone ratting us out."

Carina nodded her gaze on the table. Sliding out of his seat, Jonathan ruffled Carina's hair as he made his way to the pub's exit. "Remember our deal!" he shouted over the noise.

Sighing, she let her head fall onto the table, causing Abigail to jump back a little. "What are you two dragging me into?"

Abigail smirked. "It's a secret."