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His thumb pushed against the thin metal for a few clicks.

“Not too tight…?”

You gave your hands a few quick wiggles and jerks. The cuffs held snugly against your wrists but caused little to no discomfort.

“Nope, feels just fine, Toshi baby. I'm not going anywhere.”

Despite the playful lilt in your voice, Toshinori's features stayed fixed.

“Having second thoughts?”

“No…! No, I'm fine. Everything's fine. It's just…” He paused and swallowed loud enough for you to hear. “Promise you don't think it's too weird…?”

“Toshi, honey, of course not! We talked about this, remember? I wasn't lying when I said I was completely on board. This is something we're doing for ourselves. No judgement, no criticism. Just a good ol’ time between us. Okay?”

Toshinori took a moment before breathing in deeply and nodding.

“Okay. Anything else you need before we start, then?”

You looked down and took a quick survey of your person. Mostly clad in black, you dawned a full-body latex suit with front zipper, heavy duty boots, and fitted gloves. All that was missing was the old biker helmet sitting on the table in front of you.

“Help me with this and I should be good.”

With tender regard Toshinori slipped the helmet on, mindful not to tug your hair. You smiled at him through the tinted visor and gave a double thumbs up before he left the room to get ready himself.

Your feet swung lazily a few inches off the ground as you waited patiently. Thoughts of how this all came about gave you a chuckle.

It did, in fact, start off as a casual joke.

Because of your work-from-home schedule, both of you suggested a studio would be a wise investment for the house. Within a couple week’s time, everything was squared away and constructed, much to your surprise. The room was vast with plain walls of eggshell white. Above crisscrossed ornate wooden beams that gave a lovely rustic feel. It was absolutely perfect.

You gushed all about it over breakfast one morning before joking:

“And hey. If all else fails, we could use it as our sex room.”

You knew it would undoubtedly fluster the man, but the spray of coffee to your face was impressive. After a million apologies and some cleaning up, you simply laughed it off and told him to forget about it.

A few nights later though, you were pleasantly taken aback when Toshinori had mentioned something… different.


He coughed into his fist away from you. Even in the dark, you could glean a hint of flush in his face and neck.

“It's a silly idea…”

“No way! I think it'll be fun!”

“I just… isn't that a little too…” He motioned widely before scratching the back of his neck. “Odd?”

“I could spend all night telling you about a thousand other things that rank way higher on the “odd” scale, Toshi-bee. This is what I'd consider dipping a metaphorical toe in Sex Lake.”

He gave a half relieved, half nervous chuckle that made you smile. “If you say so…”

It took a little more encouragement but soon enough Toshinori came around and a date was set. That's how on a beautiful Saturday eve, after a decadent dinner and movie, you ended up cuffed at a table in the middle of your dimly lit studio.

A knock at the door brought you back.

“I'm all set, love. Are you ready…?”

After leaning back in the chair and putting your heels on the table, you called back. “Ready, Freddy!”

You sat in silence for a few moments thinking he hadn't heard. Before you could speak up again though, the door slammed open, walls reverberating with a force you could feel through your chair.

“Hark, Villain! For I am here!”

It took every ounce of control not to burst out laughing as All Might fretted over the door hinges. Gathering yourself and adopting a gruffer tone, you slouched back in the chair aloof.

“Huh. Well, well, if it isn't Numero Uno, himself.”

All Might looked to you silently for several seconds. With a gentle smile, you whispered under your breath.

“Your turn, Toshi.”

“Oh…? Ah! Yes! That's me!” He paraded over stiffly with chest puffed and a handful of papers. “I've been called in for a special case involving you, Fiend!”

“Is that so? You came all the way down here for little ol’ me? How sweet.”

“Hah! Don't flatter yourself, Villain. The only one here that desires you is the swift Hand of Justice!

You doubled over to hide your snickering. During so, All Might tapped the papers against the table and cleared his throat before reading aloud.

“Now, let's see here! Armed robbery, affiliation with gangs and otherwise criminals, breaking and entering, assault, unlicensed use of a weapon… and that's just to name a few.” He placed a hand on either side of the table. “Quite a list you've racked up, huh?”

“I dunno what you're talkin’ about, Chief. From what I've seen you and your gaggle don't got nothin’ on me. Just false accusations.”

“I beg to differ! The evidence we've gathered is more than enough to lock you away for a long, long while.” Crossing his arms, All Might encircled the table slowly. “But… I'm a reasonable man. Should you confess today I could have a word with the judge. Lessen your sentence to, oh, maybe 20… 25 years?”

“Hah! How generous!” You lifted your legs to rest on the table with a scoff. “But no cigar. You'll get nothing from me, Mr. Goody-Good Boy. You're wasting your time and mine.”

All Might had stopped pacing and sigh from behind. “They told me you'd be stubborn. Well fortunately for me - but not so much for you - I've been granted special permissions to get what I need.”

“Tch. You can threaten me all you like, big guy. I can call your bluff from a mile away--”

You squealed when the chair swivelled suddenly to face All Might's broad abdomen. A shiver of excitement prickled your skin when you looked up into his piercing blue eyes and wide grin.

“I suppose then you leave me no choice. I'll have to do things the hard way.”

You swallowed dryly when a large finger hooked underneath your helmet and lifted it off with ease. It clattered to the floor leaving your flushed face completely exposed.

“Oh…? My, what a beautiful woman. It's a shame you waste it all on crime and villainy.”

“Go dry up.”

All Might gave a rumbling, deep-chested chuckle before leaning down. Reaching up and gently holding your chin he smiled. “And such a sharp tongue, too.”

You scoffed and went to rebuttal. However, the words cut short when All Might's lips met with yours. The force behind the kiss came as a surprise; nothing too rough or strained, but further from his usual gentleness.

It was nice.

God, you loved him. How his pillowy lips conformed to yours and tongues joined with greedy fervour. It wasn't long before you melted into him, nearly forgetting your role as an adversary. Though to be honest even as a real villain you probably wouldn't have the will to resist this.

The kiss broke all too soon as a string of saliva pulled and met your chin.

“W...what kind of investigation is this? You're doing nothing with such - ah!”

Teeth grazed your neck followed by slick warmth. A shiver made your body twitch involuntarily. Small moans and whimpers went unchecked when suction was added to the tactical love bites. It was hard to worry about potential marks when a hot breath tickled across your throat.

“I told you. I was granted special permissions to handle your case.”

Hands slid to grasp and lift you up by the waist. You feigned struggle before being laid down the length of the table, forced to stare up at All Might's formidable stature.

“Are you willing to cooperate now?”

You gave an indignant look, turning your head away with a huff. All Might simply sighed and shrugged.

“I suppose it can't be helped.”

One of his massive thighs was enough to part your legs. As a hand moved to secure your wrists, the other stroked the curves of your body. Thighs, hips, waist, and breasts - not missing an inch. You bit your lip to hold back a whine when he teased your zipper.

“Is something wrong, Villain? Perhaps you're ready to talk?”

“Never, you… you scum.”

His smile deepened in a way that made your heart double take. A single motion brought the zipper down to expose your lacy bra and matching underwear. The open air tickled your suddenly bare stomach, but it wasn’t long before All Might’s wandering hand rubbed circles into the plush skin.

Your breaths came shallow as fingers easily slipped under your bra to pinch and twist the perky bud beneath. Warmth and need spread hot between your thighs until you were squirming visibly. However, All Might did little more than watch with delight as you grew further restless.

“Oh? What’s with that look, Villain?” He chuckled when you glared daggers at him, eyes clouded with frustration and yearning. “Is there something you’d like to tell me?”

Before you could retort a pressure between your legs made you yelp. All Might’s large finger pushed and rubbed against your damp clothed slit, grinning menacingly when you attempted to squeeze your thighs shut.

“My, my… Aren't we excited?”

“Nnn… Never! Not for the - ah! - likes of you!”

“You should be more honest, Criminal. You've already racked up enough offences to be put away for good.”

His fingers slipped with ease under the band of your panties to tease your soaked sex. Slowly your hips matched the rhythm until soon it became unbearable.

“Please,” you gasped. “No more. Just touch me already...!”

“That's awfully demanding for an interrogatee.”

You hummed softly with relief when his thumb circled your aching bud. Adding to the delicious torture, a large finger slipped it's way past your opening to curl and rub your sweet spot. It was enough to drive you wild. Your nails dug into the end of the table above while you tried reminding yourself to breathe. Gasping and moaning and trembling, you felt yourself losing control in the best way imaginable.

“God… God yes, yes, just like that…!”

You'd gotten so riled up climax was just around the corner. Hips bucking to press harder into All Might's thumb, you rode your way closer to the end. But, just as you felt yourself approach the edge - his fingers were gone.

You looked up in utter dismay and whined.

“Did you forget this was an investigation, Miss? You still haven't told me what I want.”

His thumb reappeared with double enthusiasm. You writhed and keened, but once again just as you felt yourself tipping over his hand retreated.

“No…! Please, don't! I… I need it.”

“And I need information.”

Again with his fingers. This time pumping in two while bending down and assaulting your clit with his slick tongue.

“Oh, God…! Oh, please!”

You screamed in pure delight when he suckled on the bud, driving you to near madness. Seconds later he stopped again and you could've cried.

"This...! Is cruel! You call yourself a hero!?"

"We heroes must do what we can for the sake of justice, Fiend. Of course, you wouldn't know that."

Grasping your knees and spreading your legs further he leaned in to assault your aching sex once more. You writhed under him as his skilful tongue repetitively brought you closer. Yet each time he'd stop and leave you right at the cusp. You did your best to "resist" but it became all too much and soon you were screaming his name, begging a pleading wetly.

“Will you confess to the crimes you've committed, Villain?”

“Yes,” you exclaimed breathlessly, hips moving in rhythm with his pumping fingers. “I confess...! I confess my crimes - I did all of it! Oh, please, please let me cum now! I can't take it!”

All Might's smile widened and pressed his thumb yet again on your clit. “Very well. I suppose it's only fair.”

Just seconds later you came hard enough to rattle the table. Your back arched and a wail escaped your parched throat. Nails dug marks into the table whilst tingles cascaded throughout your body and limbs in flutters. When it was over you lay there gasping for air and swimming in dream-like warmth.

“I'm glad you've finally come around - no pun intended. But it's far from over, unfortunately.”

You felt yourself being lifted to a sitting position. All Might's large fingers, the ones previously inside you, slipped into your mouth as he held your chin.

“I'm going to need a little more info, of course. Who you work for, where the other members of your little gang are, yadda yadda. Can you tell me that, sweet girl?”

You shook your head away from his fingers and feigned a scowl. “That's all you're getting, Mr. Hero. I've already confessed. I'm done talking to you!”

All Might sighed. “You're only making this harder on yourself, you know. But I suppose you've made your decision.”

Everything happened so fast by the end your head was spinning. Using a small key, All Might unlocked the handcuffs. From behind he reached into his belt for a soft, red rope that he wrapped around your wrists. He'd clearly studied up on knot tying judging by the clean work he exhibited. Once done, he tossed the other end up and around one of the wooden beams above.

After confirming the strength, it took only a single pull for you to be hoisted up and hanging. Before any real discomfort settled in, All Might tethered the rope and supported you with on large leg under your butt.

You swallowed nervously as a thrill prickled your gut. “W...What is this?! Let me go this instance!”

“No can do, my dear.”

You felt a tugging from behind on your suit. The snipping of scissors travelled all around your body until the latex costume fell to ribbons on the floor.

“I've been pretty nice this entire time, Villain..." There was a rustling of his own suit being pulled off and tossed to the side. "But it's clear I need more… intense measures to get you talking.”

You growled and pulled against the restraints. “You'll pay for this, Hero! I've got people!”

“Hm… Well, why don't we let you call them over then? I'm sure they'd have some vital intel for us.” The sound of a bottle opening echoed in the room.

You shut your mouth but gasped when slick cold fingers inserted into your exposed pussy. Despite being completely drenched it was always nice to get a little more help from lube, especially since you knew what you'd be dealing with. All Might paused for a moment to prep himself while you feigned struggle. Once done, both hands held your hips firmly. His cock lined with you and began rubbing the length of your lips.

“Now, then. Shall we get started? Who do you work for?”

“Eat dirt, Hero.”

“Wrong answer.” All Might's voice lowered menacingly. Hands gripping tighter, he pushed against your opening slow and steady. The pressure made you squirm.

“What's your plan?”

“Get bent!”

He chuckled darkly and inserted himself further, sawing in and out to test the waters. Though you'd had sex many times before it was still something you felt you'd never get used to. A loud whine escaped your lips as his head popped passed your opening, already stretching you taut. Reaching around All Might's two large hands massaged and rubbed your breasts.

“Where's your hideout located?”

“I… I don't know!”

“What did I say about lying, Villain?”

In a single motion, nearly the whole of his cock was inside you. It was too much too suddenly, the fullness making your body quiver and a choked gasp trap in your throat.

“Now who do you work for?”

“Ah-! I-I don't…!” He pulled out slowly only to thrust into you once more. “Ahhh…! Oh, God! It's so much…!”

"What are you villains planning?"

You could hardly get intelligible words out. All too soon his pace was increasing and churning your insides. Your hands tugged and twitched against the rope but to no avail, completely and utterly at his mercy.

“T…Toshi…!!" Your eyes rolled back during a particularly hard thrust. "Toshi, oh God…! It's t-too…!”

“Hah! Who's this Toshi, Villain? It's just you and me here!”

When he added a hand to reach around and rub your clit you lost it completely. Drool fell from your lips along with broken words. Electric shocks spread from your gut out your limbs, All Might's laboured breath and the wet slapping of thrusts music to your ears. Less than a minute later your second orgasm was approaching fast.

“A-All Might…! Toshi…!! Please, don't s-stop-! Don't stop! Oh, God, I'm gonna…!”

“Hah… You want to cum, Villain? Will you tell me what I want?”

“Yes!!” You belted at the top of your lungs, gasping for air. “I'll tell you-! I'll tell you everything! Oh please, please keep fucking me! Fuck me!!

“Ha ha ha! That's what I like to hear!”

He lifted you up by the thighs only to slam you back down on his dick. You screamed in pure delight as your insides tightened around him, crying and sobbing his name like a prayer. Before you could register your orgasm hit like a truck and colours exploded in fireworks behind your eyelids. Body arching sharply, you bawled out whilst wave after wave crashed through. During so you faintly heard All Might curse and feel his movements become erratic. A moment later he was huffing something unintelligible as his arms wrapped around your stomach. Teeth gnawed into your shoulder and sure enough, with a sharp grunt and a couple more thrusts he came inside you. Warmth flooded your abdomen and you sighed with contented relief. The both of you stood there in blissful numbness, hardly noticing that you'd slackened up and the rope was pulling tight on your wrists.

It wasn't until All Might stood up straight and saw your hands tinged a reddish purple that he gasped and quickly yanked down the rope. He carried you to sit at the table whilst he examined your hands.

“Oh, sweetheart...! I'm so sorry!” He tenderly kissed your red, chafed wrists with fret in his eyes. “I didn't... I'd lost control.”

You pulled him down suddenly into a kiss, nipping his lip. “Don't be. I'll be fine! That was great! You did great!”

“Hah… you think so?”

“Oh yes. I know so,” you rubbed his arm reassuringly. “We're definitely doing something like this again.”

His face flushed, a smile playing at his lips. "Really...?"

"Of course! But next time, we should switch."


You nodded with a cheeky grin. "Oh, yeah. I think you'd make a great villain."