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Drive Into My Heart

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I have been racing since I was seventeen, practicing and working towards the goal of racing in Formula One. I've gone to a school, ranked up time in kart racing, and now that I have a team and am being sponsored, all I needed was for the F1 to admit my license as eligible and I'm able to reach my goal.

"I got it! Oh my gosh, I really got in!" I jumped up and down in joy, speeding into the large living room, in my mansion, where my four parents were conversing. "Guys! I got in!" My parents looked up, surprised at the sudden outburst, before engulfing me, as I panted from running, in a hug with proud smiles.

"We knew you would, dear."

"We're so proud of you."

"Congratulations, son."

"You earned it."

I beamed at my parents before my eyes went wide.

"Oh, I've got to tell Andi!" I rushed out of the room and up the stairs, picking my cell phone off the bed and dialing my best friend and official mechanic once I reached my bedroom. "Andi!"

"Hey, let me guess. You got in?" I pouted, even though she couldn't see me.

"Kill joy." I grumbled before grinning again. I sat on the edge of the bed and tapped my fingers nervously. "But yes! Can you go?"

"I told you three times before I could, Cy." She breathed a laugh.

"Okay, good. Just making sure!"

"I don't think you sound very excited."

"What?! I am too very excited! You're just-" I furrowed my eyebrows and sighed as the realization hit me. "Being sarcastic."

"Yup! Now, get ready! You know they're strict about when you get there."

"See you in a few days!" I ended the call and began packing immediately.


"Cyrus!" My best friend squealed, squeezing my side with her arm that was around my waist. "We're here!"

"Wow." I looked around the extensively decorated, huge hotel all of the racers were staying at. I beamed, grabbed Andi's hands and started jumping up and down with her. "We're really here!"

When we got to our suites, we quickly threw our luggage in, took a short look around, and bolted out of the hotel in search of food. It was a long flight, after all. We found a decent-looking restaurant with a sports bar, and immediately noticed several tables pushed together with the other race car drivers sitting. I would have much preferred to sit at a quiet table away from my young, noisy, soon-to-be competition. But Andi dragged me over to them, insisting I needed to know who I was dealing with.

"Hey, you guys are racers, right? I'm Andi, and this is-" She paused to grab my arm and lurch me forward dramatically, as I was cowering behind her hoping to pass as her shadow. "Cyrus."

"Hi Andi, hi Cyrus." The whole table chorused, before a curly-haired girl spoke up.

"I'm Buffy Driscoll, and this is TJ." She threw a careless thumb in the direction of the tall, thin, blonde boy slouched arrogantly in the chair beside her. Very attractive tall, thin, blonde boy. He locked eyes with me, and my breathing hitched. His tired, miserable, absolutely stunning, green eyes stared at me, then searched my face before darting to Andi's, but for much less time before returning his gaze on me.

"Are you two dating?" Andi's voice effectively snapped me out of my stare, both of us focusing between my best friend and Buffy.

"Ew, gosh no." Buffy scowled. "He's my mechanic."

"I think I'ma be sick just from you implying that." And oh. The boy, TJ, had a beautiful voice. It was filled with emotion but void of it at the same time. Buffy slapped him on his shoulder.

"Shut up, I'm amazing."

"Yeah. That, along with every other possible positive quality, I've never seen. And I've known you since eight grade." She hit him again, and he smirked.

"You're such a jerk."

"Yup, I am. What's your point?"

"You guys are like siblings." This time it was another boy that spoke. He had messy, light brown hair and was sitting across from Buffy. TJ snorted.

"Then she's the evil twin."

"Shut up." TJ then turned his attention to me, occasionally flicking his eyes to Andi.

"Are you two going to stand there all night, or...?" My eyebrows shot up. I had completely forgotten we were just hovering there.

"Oh, no. Sorry." Andi, of course, sat in the seat next to a blonde girl, which was only one of two seats left. She pointed subtly to the only chair left, which just so happened to be directly next to TJ, and smirked knowingly. I was having trouble breathing because of him already, and I was standing on the end of other side of the table! I groaned quietly before taking my seat and trying my best to melt into the chair. And for a while, everyone enjoyed separate conversations and ignored me. And then he ruined it and looked at me.

"So, are you Andi's mechanic?" I sighed. He wasn't the first to think outgoing, strong-willed Andi was the driver, considering how I'm quiet and obviously insecure.

"No, the other way around." TJ's eyebrows shot up, a soft smile on his face.

"You're a driver? That's so cool! I love driving, and I'm not too bad at it, honestly. I just don't have nearly the kind of money to race like this." I smiled. He didn't seem like that much of a jerk to me.

"Oh, I'm sorry. Maybe one day you'll get your chance."

If only I knew how true my own statement would be.