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C'mon (My Foolish Heart)

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“Fuck-” Lance groans as his back hits the wall, hard. It takes a moment for his vision to clear and become less disoriented. But- before he gets the chance Keith is already in his face.

“C’mon Lance, we gotta go.”

He feels his urgency and understands; this place could blow any moment. They got their intel, now they gotta leave no trace that they were ever here. Or more like they need to leave no survivors, because a blown up galra ship is a pretty clear sign that Voltron was here. Regardless, Lance wish he had a moment to catch his breath. But around Keith, he finds that near impossible.
Keith is a few paces ahead of him, having already taken down the sentry that sent Lance flinging towards the wall. His bayard is still ready in one hand and honestly Lance should probably be a little more focused on the mission at hand. And not, you know, the sweat dripping down Keith's neck, showed off as his hair is pulled back into a little ponytail. When did his hair get that long? Not to mention the way the paladin armor emphasizes his broad shoulders and narrow waist and his a- Enough Lance, focus.
Oddly enough the little voice in the back of his head sounds a lot like Keith. Something that he needs not to be focusing on right now because up ahead Red is tearing through the hull of the ship and he feels himself being sucked into space.
Honestly, it’s a feeling he thinks that he would have gotten use to by now. But the empty void of space around him always manages to pull deeply at his gut. Space is not as he once imagined it. In theory it was mystical and beautiful. In reality, it was dull and void and threateningly never ending. I mean the stars and galaxies were pretty, don’t get him wrong. But it’s hard to appreciate them when they’re just the backdrop to a war that seems endless.
As soon as he feels himself engulfed in space he hears the jaws of the red lion closing around them. He looks over to see that Keith is already standing, and glancing at Lance to make sure that he made it, and is in one piece. Lance gives him a half-hearted thumbs up from his place still on the floor.

“Shiro, we’re in Red, get ready to blow in 5.”

Lance would appreciate a little more than five minutes to lay on the ground and collect himself, but they need to act fast. They need as much time to put space between them and the ship before it blows.

“You coming Lance?”

Lance looks up at Keith and immediately finds himself getting lost in Keith’s dark eyes, full of concern. Enough of that, Loverboy, we gotta go.

“Yup, yup, all good, don’t wait for me, let's blow this place.”

He really has to figure out why his conscious is starting to sound like Keith. But he figures that he’ll get that sorted out as soon as he gets his all-consuming crush on his teammate sorted out. Seriously though, when did his rivalry with that mullet turn into a crush? Maybe he’d ask Hunk later. Except no, he could only imagine that conversation becoming incredibly embarrassing for him. He at least had a little bit of shame.

Okay, turns out he had exactly zero shame he discovers as he lays, head first on Hunk’s bed. Hunk is being scarily quiet, but Lance guesses that that is expected. He did, after all, storm in, declare that he might really want to fuck Keith, and then immediately throw himself on his buddy’s bed.
In his defense he meant to say that he loved him. But, he hesitated, worried that he might come off as too much of a love struck fool. What else is new Lance? So instead he found it appropriate to declare that he wanted to bone said teammate and leave it at that. And Hunks following silence only made the blush on Lance’s face grow.

“Uh.. is this suppose to be a new development?” Hunk asks.

Lance looks over at him, flabbergasted at the accusation. His blush going from one of embarrassment to one of anger.

“Hunk, my buddy, my pal. What are you saying?”

“I’m saying, that you wanting to “fuck Keith” is not exactly news.”

“Since when?!”

Lance was sitting up now; hands thrown exaggeratedly in the air. His hair was sticking up at awkward angles due to the sweat left over from the mission. He decided that this was more important than showering. It had been his first solo mission with Keith in a while, and lets just say his foolish heart couldn’t handle it.
Hunk just gave Lance a pitying look in response to Lance’s dramatics.

“Dude, you’ve been pinning after this dude since the Garrison.”

When Lance continued to just stare at him blankly he sighed and continued.

“You weren’t exactly subtle. Hell, even Pidge caught on the moment after we rescued Shiro. That whole rivalry thing you started was you basically just trying so say “no homo”.”

“What? Hunk I didn’t even think I was remotely not straight back then!”

“Really? Lance you sucked that guys- what was his name? - David? Derek?”

“Wait, you mean Devin?”

“Yeah, him! Hell you sucked his dick our 2nd year and bragged about it to me.”

“That wasn’t! We weren’t even a thing! We were just friends, yanno, just trying it out-” Lance tried to protest.

“Friends don’t suck each other’s dicks Lance.”

Lance slumped against the wall defeated. Hunk sometimes did not understand him. Obviously he’s accepted that he’s bi at this point. That’s what this whole thing with Keith was.

“I’ve just never had an actual crush on a guy before, or a crush this hard in general. I mean obviously I get a little crush on a girl everywhere we go. But this- this is different. And I just don’t know how to deal with it. I mean Keith, he’s so out of my league it’s crazy. He’s all macho-mr. Cool guy and I turn into an absolute fool every time I’m around him. Like I swear I’m not this much of an idiot! I just can’t think straight around him. And stupid Keith has to be so good at everything it drives me insane.
I just, I don’t know. I want to impress him I guess? I think that’s how the whole rivalry thing started. I just got so frustrated because he never seemed to notice me. I mean we were neck-and-neck for fighter class and he has the audacity to not even remember my name! Who does he think he is?”

Hunk stared at his friend, wide eyed. Lance jokingly called himself loverboy, but for him it was never really serious. He just flirted like it was no big deal. Hunk had never expected him to catch feelings this bad.

“Lance, you ever think that maybe Keith is just a little aloof?”

“Whaddya mean?”

“Like maybe he’s just a little socially awkward? Like he probably didn’t forget you, just maybe your name and was too embarrassed to admit it. I mean I think his im-too-cool-for-you auro is just a mask, honestly. He’s just not the best socially and is a little bit of a hot head.”

A little bit, Hunk could not under exaggerate any more.

“Sooo. What are you saying?”

“I’m saying just talk to him! He probably doesn’t hate you, and I think your pining might hurt less if you knew that.”


“So,” Lance paused, “What you’re saying is become friends with the guy I’m head over heals and my unrequited love might hurt less?”

“I mean-”

“That’s an awful idea, Hunk.”

“Well pretending to hate him isn’t any better.”

“Nope, I think it’s much better. Much much better. He can’t find out how much I want to kiss his stupid face if he thinks I want to punch it.”

Hunk just gave him that look. The look that says he was being pathetic. Hell, he probably was, but he didn’t have time to dwell on that. So without another word he got up and left.


Lance wasn’t intentionally looking for Keith, but the fact that he ended up outside the training room wasn’t a coincidence. Sure enough, Lance heard the sound of swords clashing together from the otherside of the door. Of course, Keith would be here, stupid dude probably hasn’t even showered after the mission. He opened the door with such confidence and little bit of anger. Like he was gonna give this guy a piece of his mind. Remind him to take a break and take care of himself or- something like that. But Lance froze the minute he walked in.
Keith was giving the training-bot just about everything he had and it was just a little bit too much for Lance to handle. He, of course, was wearing that god-forsaken Blade of Marmora suit. And it was the type of suit that was just a little too tight and all the right places. God, please strike me down right now.
Keith made eye contact with him at that moment and he held it as he pulled his sword back and collided it with the training-bot, bring it to its knees. Jesus, it’s like he was waiting for Lance to show up to pull that move.

“Lance. What are you doing here.”

“Uhhh, just thought I would come train.”

“Eh, could’ve fooled me. Don’t see you here much unless Shiro is dragging you by your ear.”

“Hah, very funny. Maybe I just don’t train when you’re here.”

“Oh really now?”

“Yeah, don’t want to embarrass you with my wicked skills.”

Keith didn’t even grant that a response. Instead he just gave Lance a once-over and a little smirk that left the tips of Lance’s ears pink.

“All right, well we’re both here right now. Lets see what you got loverboy.”

Oh god, that nickname from Keith’s mouth did very bad things to Lance’s heart. But Lance was definitely not one to back down from a challenge.

“Okay! You’re on! What did you have in mind samurai?”

Keith froze at the nickname but then dropped his bayard to the side and pulled his arms forward, stretching a little bit.

“How ‘bout some hand to hand?’

That, was totally not fair, and Keith knew it. Of course he’d pick his biggest strength. But there was no way Lance was gonna back down. Not even in the face of what would sure be the end for his poor little lovestruck heart.

“Okay. lets go!”

“You’re gonna spar in that? Jeans?”

“Hey! I could you beat you wearing a clown suit!”

That one brought a laugh out of Keith. A good, honest laugh, a rarity for him, especially amidst a war. And Lance’s heart skipped in beat to it, like it was music for his soul. Good, god he really was a lovesick fool.

Without another word, Lance dropped his jacket to the side and rolled up his sleeves. He was not the best at hand-to-hand but to hell with it if he wasn’t gonna give it his all. And Keith, he was built like he was made for this. His hair pulled back out of his face, he’d grown taller recently and that marmoran suit really showed off all his greatest assets. God damn.
Keith gave Lance’s heart no time to recover before he moved and dear god this was a bad idea on Lance’s part. He was rarely this close to Keith, and the scent of his sweat really should have been more of a turn off for him. He wasn’t going to go down without a fight though, no matter how badly he wanted to be pinned to the floor.
Keith still had the upper hand and one flying kick to his side brought Lance to the ground.
“Oh c’mon, don’t go easy on me Keith. “

“Heh, doesn’t look like that from up here, given that you fell pretty easily.”

“Hey, watch it, we’re just warming up.”

“Well better get fighting, you might actually manage to get a hit in if you could keep that mouth shut for longer than a second.”

“Make me, samurai.”

And dear god, that was the wrong thing to say. It only led to a smirk from Keith and a weak feeling in the knees for Lance.
They continued to dance around each other, not holding back in their hits. And Lance, was anything but a weakling. He may not have gotten in fights back in the Garrison, but the previous year on the castle might as well have been boot camp.
Despite what Keith said, their bickering didn’t stop. In fact, Keith seemed to enjoy egging Lance on with every snarky comment. Especially when he got the upperhand, which was often. He’d even manage to pin him to the floor. Straddling his hips just barely and holding both his hands above his head with just one hand.


“Heh, what happened to those wicked skills Lancey lance?”

“Oh shut it, Kogane. You know this isn’t my strong suit.”

“Whatever you say McClain, but it looks like I have the upper hand right now,” Keith leaned down closer, so close he might as well have been whispering against his ear and the heat of his breath caused Lance to squirm.

“Careful now, wouldn’t want to hurt you.”

Now that was whispered directly in his ear and Lance had suddenly gone very still. He kept waiting for Keith to move, but instead he had let his hips fall and he was definitely straddling Lance now. His mouth moved closer to his ear and suddenly his lips were there, nibbling on the lobe before leaving a wet kiss on his neck. A weak whine left Lance’s mouth, and holy shit that was embarrassing, but Keith didn’t stop. His mouth moved farther down, kissing and biting at his neck like this was normal. Fuck this isn't normal. Friends don’t do this.
Keith didn’t let up, his mouth proved to get more aggressive and Lance’s mouth didn’t know how to shut up either. His gasps and whines only seemed to encourage Keith until Lance was pretty sure he left a bite mark on his neck.

“Oh Fuck, Keith.”

That caused him to draw back and he stared into Lance’s eyes. Lance moved his hands to Keith’s hips, just now realizing that they weren’t being restrained anymore.

“Keith please-” Lance gasped and Keith quirked his head to the side and dragged his hips against his.

“Kiss me please.”

Those words seemed to be all he needed to hear as Keith leaned down and suddenly all rules were off. Any notion of being rivals or teammates, or even friends flew out the door the minute Keith opened his mouth in a gasp and their tongues collided together.
Keith kissed him without abandon and Lance held nothing back either. It was messy, and unpracticed and Lance began to question if this was Keith’s first kiss. But oh god, it was good. Keith tasted so, so good against him and Lance didn’t seem to be able to get close enough. He needed to have his taste in his mouth forever, have the imprint of his body against his. And holy shit they were holding hands now. Keith had both of his hands in his and held above his head, pinning his whole body to the floor with his own.
Lance pulled back, nearly out of breath, and Keith, Keith let out a godforsaken whine at the loss of contact.

“Lance, mmm-” He proceeded to shove his nose into the crook of his neck and continued with his attempts to leave permanent marks on Lance’s neck.
Lance had never heard his voice go so soft, especially not when using his name. And it did things to him.

“Keith- what. Stop, what are we doing?”

Keith pulled back, confusion on his face, and his hair a mess and threatening to fall out of his band. Lance vaguely remembers running his hands through it.

“I thought I’d have a bit of fun.”

And that, that was it wasn’t it? This didn’t mean anything to Keith. He’d just gotten horny and figured he’d jump whoever was decent looking and the closest to him. This was just for fun.
Lance shoved him off.

“Welp, fun’s over buddy”

Lance stood up, trying to hide his hurt, completely missing the pout on Keith’s face. Lance walked over to where he had discarded his jacket and threw it back on, straightening out his clothes in the process. He gave Keith one last look.
“Go take a shower, buddy. You need it,” Lance said before he turned and left, not letting his shoulders slump in disappointment till after he walked out the door.

Keith was left there on the floor, stewing in confusion, wondering what he had said this time. Had he really read the signals that badly? Did Lance really not understand what that kiss meant to him?
Keith let out a loud groan and fell against the training floor in annoyance. He stewed there, wondering how the fuck he was going to ignore those hickeys for the next few days.
Nice going there, Kogane, nice.