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Leah and Rosalie

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No one really expected them to get together. They met while preparing for the newborn battle, and neither wanted to admit the attraction they felt for each other. Leah refused to phase as much as she could, and then would force herself to think of something, anything other than Rosalie. For her, it was more difficult, as Edward could read her mind at any time. She forced herself to never think of Leah when he was around. It was hard, but she succeeded… most of the time.

After the battle, the werewolves had a bonfire to celebrate, and invited the Cullens as a show of goodwill. They all came, and had a good time. It was at the bonfire where Leah and Rosalie realized they couldn’t ignore each other anymore. They spent the whole bonfire talking, bonding over their shared interest in cars and mechanics, and talking about their lives. They exchanged numbers at the end of the bonfire, before the Cullens went home. Rosalie went hunting that night so she could be alone; it was the only way she could be. She couldn’t get Leah off of her mind.

When she got back to the house that afternoon, she had a text from Leah inviting her over to look at Leah’s garage. Rosalie texted her back “yes” as fast as she could, and immediately grabbed her car from the 1930s that she had fixed up to show Leah. they spent the afternoon looking at the motorcycles Leah was currently working on, and talking about Rosalie’s cars. They sat in the backseat of Rosalie’s car and talked, before sharing their first kiss (and second, and third…)
From that day on, they just knew they were together without ever really talking about it.

Leah became a constant fixture at the Cullen house. No one really minded having her there; she clearly made Rosalie endlessly happy, and they weren’t about to argue. The rest of the Cullens found that, once they got to know her, she was generous, smart, and fiercely loyal. She fit right in with Emmett and Jasper, play fighting and kicking their ass at video games. Her and Bella bonded over their creative connections: Bella with writing and Leah with woodworking. Carlisle and Esme were always happy to welcome anyone into their homes and lives with open arms.

As a couple, they loved to attend car shows together. Rosalie would spend nights looking for shows they could attend all over the country, and would happily drive them wherever. She would take any of their cars, or one that Leah and her had fixed up together. Rosalie drove through the night, and then Leah took over once she had gotten enough sleep. They’d happily show off whichever car they brought, bragging about how they did the repairs. Then they would spend the rest of the time walking around, admiring the rest of the cars and getting ideas for their next project.

They spend nearly every night since the garage together. Sometimes Rosalie would go to the Clearwaters’, sometimes Leah would go to the Cullens’ place. It didn’t matter as long as they were together. Leah slept better than she ever had when she was in Rosalie’s arms; one of the downsides of being a wolf is that it was incredibly easy to get overheated. But not with Rosalie around. Rosalie kept a blanket nearby in case the night got cold, but otherwise they didn’t need one. Rosalie would wait in the bed while Leah got ready, and then they would curl up together, Leah’s head on her chest, arms tightly around each other. It was the best way to sleep. Rosalie would watch Leah as she slept, timing her breaths to match. She couldn’t sleep, but this was as close as she could get and she never felt safer.

Whenever Leah had late patrols, Rosalie offered to keep her company. She often did, helping her keep track, and keeping her from getting bored as they rarely found anything. They raced each other around the perimeter, seeing who could finish it first. It was often a tie. Leah had to stay in her wolf form the whole patrol, so whenever she and Rosalie stopped for a break, she couldn’t phase back. Instead, she’d lay down as a wolf, letting Rose curl up into her side. Sometimes Rosalie would sit on Leah’s back while she ran the perimeter, enjoying the feel of the wind rushing past without being in control.

Whenever Leah had to patrol alone, Rosalie would make sure that she had a warm welcome when she came home. Esme taught her how to cook, so she’d make one of Leah’s favorite dishes for dinner whenever she could come home. Rosalie tries to change it up every night, giving Leah plenty of options. Along with dinner, she’d run a warm bath for Leah, so she could wash off the sweat and dirt of the night’s patrol. Leah would happily pull Rosalie into her arms as soon as she got home, greeting her with a kiss. They would go eat and bathe, before instantly falling into bed together to sleep the day away.

They tended to live separately from the Cullens after a while, wanting more privacy than they could otherwise find in a house full of vampires. Every day when she gets back from her mechanic shop, Leah brings home a flower for Rosalie. Tulips, lilies, poppies, a different flower every day. But never roses. “Too easy,” Leah had said when Rosalie asked why. Rosalie liked to respond with different things she’s coded - simple animations or a beautiful digital card for her to look at. Leah’s saved every single one on a rose-shaped flash drive. Rosalie’s pressed every flower Leah has given her and keeps them all in a special book Leah made, the covers carved out of wood.

After a few years of dating, they both decided to get married. They had discussed it previously and then Leah proposed on the La Push beach where they met, while they were back for a visit.They kept the wedding small, inviting Seth to lead them in their vows, and having Leah’s mother and Carlisle and Esme act as witnesses. Leah wore a tux, and Rosalie wore a soft pink, simple wedding dress. They spent a month honeymooning, hiking through various state parks and spending as much time together as possible, the way they always wanted to.