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He Hit Me (And It Felt Like A Kiss)

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Steve learns quickly that Billy has no shame. Why would he? On top of the blond hair, blue eyes, and tan skin, he’s got the kind of body that would put Michelangelo to shame. The David never had any piercings or tattoos, Steve reminds himself. Or half-open shirts, or skin-tight jeans, or leather jackets, or indeed a man bun to end all man buns. 

But that isn’t what drives Steve crazy. 

See, it isn’t just that Billy’s attractive. Hell, it isn’t even that Billy clearly knows he’s attractive. It’s that he’s got a libido that would make a porn star blush. 

From the moment they met, Steve learned straight away that Billy was not shy. Granted, they were in high school at the time and who wasn’t a reckless teenager at some point in their lives? Certainly not Billy “I’m-from-Cali-so-fuck-the-world” Hargrove. Then graduation happened and they just had to end up in the same room in the same university. What are the fucking odds? Steve was willing to grin and bear living with Billy. The constant innuendos he’d come to know when they were in school together. The casual nudity is new, though, but with a body like that, who wouldn’t nonchalantly walk through his apartment in his birthday suit? When you’ve got it, flaunt it, right? 

Then Tommy comes along. 

Steve finds out Tommy the hard way. It’s morning and he’s making breakfast because the bastard in the other room is either too lazy or too hungover to make one himself. 

“Billy?” he calls. “Do you want some coffee?”

“Yes! Yes! Yes!”

“Okay, don’t get too excited.”

Billy doesn’t come out of the door. He only grunts and groans and curses to the point that Steve worries if he’s hurt himself. He does hear a cry of pain at some point. 

“Billy, are you okay?”

“Fuck yeah!”

He doesn’t sound okay, no matter how hard he tries to. Steve can’t take it anymore and knocks on Billy’s door.

“I’m serious, man, what is going on in there?”

No answer. Just another moan. Steve doesn’t realize his mistake until he opens the door.

“Billy, wha–Jesus!”

Laid down on the bed before him is not only a naked Billy but a naked Tommy laying spread-eagled on his stomach with Billy balls deep in his ass. The momentary look of bliss on both their faces suddenly vanish as soon as they see Steve. Oddly enough, neither of them scramble for cover. Instead, Billy turns to Steve, still inside of Tommy and tells him: “Either get in or fuck off, Harrington!”

Steve chooses the latter category, but only moments before he realizes that Tommy’s wrists and ankles are cuffed to the bed and Billy has something in his hand that looks like a cat o’ nine tails.

The following breakfast is awkward. Tommy leaves Billy with his phone number, which will never be used. They continue breakfast in silence as if nothing has happened.

“So,” Steve slowly begins. “Are we gonna talk about it?”

“About what?”

“You know, about the fact that you’re…well…”

“That I’m what? Tall? Rugged? Handsome?”

Annoying is on the tip of his tongue. “Gay.”

Billy chuckles. Honest to God, chuckles. “Y’know, I always forget about that one.”

Okay, so Billy’s gay. Cool.

Billy is also a Dom. Interesting.

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Steve never sees Billy with Tommy again, but he does see him with Alex, Ben, Charlie, David, and at some point Eric and Freddy at the same time. Good God, how many guys can someone sleep with in the course of one week? Even on the rare occasion that Billy is alone for the night, Steve can hear moaning…and he may or may not jerk off to the sound of that moaning but he doesn't dare mention that. 

“Are you serious?” 

“Dead serious,” Steve says to the pixelated image of Dustin. “The guy has cuffs on his bed and I swear he was holding some kind of torture device. Like a cat o’ nine tails.”

“Yuck! I don’t know what that is and I don’t think I want to.”

“Trust me, you don’t.”

“Does Max know about this? Actually, don’t answer that. I don’t wanna know.”

“Trust me, man, I already know too much. Christ, you should have seen…”

“I said: I don’t wanna know!”

Steve can’t help but laugh. “Sorry.”

“Son of a bitch, Steve, you’re not perving on this guy, are you?”

“What? No!” That’s a lie. “Actually, speaking of Max, how’s the rest of the party?”

Dustin’s answer suddenly goes in one ear and out the other. Something about high school being like another planet. Steve is too focused on the way Billy struts through the room to find a response. Much to his surprise, Billy is actually wearing clothes. Of course, they leave about as much to the imagination as his usual getup, or lack thereof, and Steve is rendered wide-eyed and speechless.

“Steve? Steve, can you hear me?”

Steve shakes his head. “Yeah, uh…sorry, man, I gotta go.”

Dustin’s voice is cut off without another word. Steve hates to cut his friend off so suddenly but he can’t risk Billy hearing another word of their conversation. He still blushes at the memory of his roommate topping his old high school friend to the ground. 

“Still hanging out with those brats?” Billy asks, rummaging through the cupboard.

“They’re not brats. Dustin’s a cool kid and they’re just getting into high school. I just wanna make sure they’re okay.”

“If you say so.”

Steve rolls his eyes. Immediately, he forgets why he’s even been looking at Billy. He was a prick in high school, why would he be any less of a prick in university?

“By the way,” Billy continues, as he takes a swig of orange juice straight from the carton. “If you’re gonna go blabbing to your kids about my sex life, at least know your toys.”

Shit! “What?”

“That wasn’t a cat o’ nine tails I was holding. It’s called a flogger.” 


Billy smiles through another swig of orange juice before slamming the carton onto the table. “Always willing to educate, pretty boy. Speaking of which, I got a lecture to go to.”

Without another word, Billy is out of the door.

Steve should be doing homework. He should be getting ready for his next class. Hell, he should be eating breakfast or something. But no, he’s staring at Billy’s bedroom door. A thousand questions burst in his head like fireworks. What’s behind that door? Who else has been in that bed? When did his roommate get into kink? How many kinky toys are hidden in that room? As hard as he tries to shake his head of all these questions and more, Steve can’t stop staring at that door. It’s almost as if the door has him hypnotized. 

Steve finds himself in the middle of a battle between the devil on his left shoulder and the angel on his right.

Don’t do it, says the angel. Billy may be a prick, but that doesn’t make him any less human. It’s his room and his privacy. What he gets up to in the sack is none of your business. Don’t you dare touch that door!

Do it, says the devil. If Billy cared about privacy, don’t you think he’d put a sock on his door or at least wear something? He didn't seem too bothered by you barging in that day. Just open the door and see what’s there.

This argument goes on for some time until Steve finds his feet. With each step, he comes to a compromise. He’ll take a look but only one. He won’t even touch anything. He’ll just take a quick look around, leave it as is, and never look back. Billy won’t even notice.

Steve regrets everything from the moment he opens the door.

On the surface, Billy’s room is like any other on campus: just a little room with a bed, a desk, a few posters on the walls, and a collection of books. A lot of books, actually. Steve isn’t all that surprised to find that Billy has so many books. He is an English major, after all. On his shelf are not only the basics–Austen, Brontë, Dickens, Shakespeare, Wilde, and the like–but names that Steve never thought he’d see in Billy’s collection, some of which he’s never even heard of: J.K. Rowling, Philip Pullman, J.R.R. Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, George R.R. Martin, Anne Rice, Stephen King, V.C. Andrews, and the list goes on. Man, does this guys read!

The rest of the room is basic: some dirty photos here and some band posters there. Billy sure likes his ‘80s metal, doesn’t he? Apart from a few rogue books and an unmade bed, there’s nothing all that remarkable about Billy’s room.

Except for this one photo.

Most of Billy’s pictures are pinned to the wall and mainly consist of parties and one night stands. This picture is framed and rests on the bedside table next to a copy of The Three Musketeers and shows a young woman and a little boy on the beach. The woman, though beautiful, is pale and underweight next to the tanned and chubby ten-year-old in her arms. Her likely bald head is covered by a sunhat and her summer dress hangs closely on her frail body. Still, she smiles so brightly in spite of how sick she looks. Steve doesn’t recognize the woman at all but when he looks at the boy he’d know that smile anywhere. Billy was a cute kid.

Eventually, Steve decides that’s enough. Nothing to see here. He really shouldn’t be in here anyway. Time to go now. He should be heading to Anatomy class, anyway. 

Just one more peek. 

Steve’s eyes drop to the drawer of Billy’s bedside table. He really shouldn’t but he finds his hand being drawn towards the handle like a coin to a magnet. Once the drawer is opened, he knows there’s no turning back. 

His jaw drops to the ground.

Billy’s bedside drawer is full of sex toys. Dildos, butt plugs, ball gags, handcuffs, blindfolds, ball gags, masks, chokers, rope, riding crops, and so many others that Steve has never seen before. One looks like a pinwheel taken from a cowboy’s boot. Another looks like a string of little balls. Then there is a pair of leather gloves that look completely normal to Steve until he finds the little needles on the palms and fingertips. There is one that he recognizes, though: the cat o’ nine tails. 

No, he reminds himself. It’s called a flogger…I think. 

Steve feels the same magnetic force on the flogger that he did on the handle mere moments ago. Soon, he’s holding the device in his hand and finds it lighter than he expected it to be. He grips handle the way he imagines he would a sword–firm grip, loose wrist–and, in a moment of intrigue, swings the leather tendrils left and right. For a moment, he finds himself wondering what those tendrils would feel like on his skin, until…

Knock! Knock! Knock!

Steve feels a sudden jolt when he finds Billy at the door, looking less than amused. Oh, fuck! 

“I forgot my phone,” Billy simply says, as he grabs his phone from his desk. He does not take his eyes off of Steve. “You know, if you’re gonna keep invading my privacy, you could at least be subtle about it.”

“I…I’m s-sorry, I w-was just…”

“Curious? Yeah, I’ll bet.”

Steve’s only response is lost in a series of stammers. What the hell is he even saying? Why does he still have the flogger in his hand? What the hell is Billy smiling about? 

“Just put that back, Harrington.”

With that, Steve does as he’s told. He drops the flogger into the pile of other toys and slams the drawer shut. Before he can swiftly make his way past Billy and out of the room, he feels a tight grip on his wrist. He’s suddenly face-to-face with the other guy and so close that he can feel his breath on his lips. 

“Next time I see you in here,” Billy growls. “I’m gonna be the one holding that flogger. Got it?” 

Steve gulps and nods. It isn’t until he’s released from Billy’s grip that he realizes that his body is shaking, his heart is pounding, and his breath is heavy. Even when he’s alone he is still weak and yet he still can’t shake his head of the way his roommate looked at him. The strangely sultry sound of his voice still echoes in his mind.

Next time I see you in here, I’m gonna be the one holding that flogger. Got it?

I’m gonna be the one holding that flogger.

Got it? 

"Wait," Steve says to himself. "Was he just...? No!"

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“What’s it like?” Steve asks out of nowhere one evening. He isn’t quite sure why he’s asking the question or even how it managed to escape from his mouth, especially considering what happened just three days ago. Still, they’re watching Game of Thrones over beer and take-out and neither of them are as scandalized as smalltown folks probably should be by a love scene between two men. Steve knows that Billy certainly isn’t because he looks at him as if the answer to his question should be obvious. 

“To have sex with another dude, you mean?”

Steve nods. 

“Well, from personal experience I can’t compare it to having sex with a chick, but I can tell you that it’s more effort.”

“What do you mean?”

Billy looks Steve did straight in the eye as he takes a long swig of his beer. “Ever been pegged?”


Billy rolls his eyes. “I mean has a chick ever used a strap-on toy on you? Ever been fucked in the ass?”


“Have you ever fucked anyone in the ass?”


“Have you ever fucked yourself in the ass?”

“No! How is that even…?”

“They’re called toys, dumbass, you can get them at a sex shop.”

“I thought that was just for girls.”

“Nope. Guys too. You got sleeves, fleshlights, cock rings, prostate massagers, anal beads, butt plugs, dildos…”

“Jesus Christ, stop! I don’t want the mental image.”

“Yeah, I guess seeing me in action was good enough for you.”

Steve hopes to every god and goddess he’s ever heard of that the redness in his cheeks goes unnoticed. The memory of Billy fucking Tommy does no help.

“Anyway,” Billy continues. “There’s more effort put into it ‘cause there has to be. It’s not like in the porn videos where a guy can just suck another guy’s dick for a while and then suddenly fuck him. You gotta work at it.”

“So, how does it work?”

“Well, assholes don’t stretch or lubricate themselves, do they? You gotta stretch a guy open before you make your way in and you have to use a lot of lube. Silicone-based works best; the thicker, the better. Oh, and condoms are your friends.”

“What for? It’s not like you’re gonna get knocked up.”

Billy rolls his eyes again. “No, but you could catch something. You’re a nursing student, man, you should know this! Remember the AIDS crisis?”

Steve’s cheeks go red. Of course, he remembers the AIDS crisis. He just…well… 

“My sex-ed kinda sucked,” he explains. “We didn’t really learn much about safe sex in Hawkins, other than how to put on a condom or wait until marriage. We certainly didn’t learn much about safe sex with other dudes. How did you learn so much about it, anyway?”

Billy snickers through his next swig of beer. “It was different in California. We also have this thing called the internet, nowadays. You should try it sometime. Anyway, why do you care?”

Steve doesn’t have an answer for that. Billy doesn’t seem to need one by the way his eyes widen. “Holy shit!”

“I haven’t really figured it out yet.”

“That’s cool.”

“I mean, I still like girls, but…”

“But it never stopped you from checking out other guys in the showers after gym class. Certainly didn’t stop you from barging in on my scene or sneaking into my stash.”

Steve’s face is hot and is probably the colour of cherries by this point. 

“Don’t sweat it, pretty boy, I’m over it.”

His eyes are suddenly wide and there’s that jolt again. “Really? But you said…”

“Oh, I’m keeping that promise, trust me.”

“I trust you.”

Much to Steve’s surprise, Billy smiles.

The silence that falls between them is awkward. Steve finds himself chugging his beer faster than he should. He tries to focus on the show but can’t shake off the feeling of Billy’s eyes searching him up and down. He almost feels naked under his gaze. He takes another large swig.

“Slow down,” says Billy. It isn’t a suggestion. It’s a command. Steve obeys. “I’m gonna get you some water.”

Billy takes the bottle from Steve’s hand and walks to the kitchen. Steve follows soon after. 

“What about everything else?” he asks. “All that kinky stuff, I mean.”

Billy only laughs. “It’s called BDSM.”

“I know what it’s called, I just wanna know what it’s all about.” 

Raising an eyebrow, Billy fills a glass with water and hands it to Steve. “Drink this first.”

Once again, Steve obeys.

“First of all,” Billy begins. “It stands for bondage, discipline, dominance, submission, sadism, and masochism. Seems simple, right? It’s a little more complicated than that. Despite what you might have heard about or seen in porn, it’s not about pain. It’s about pleasure. The pain is just a means to that end. Make sense?”

“Um, I think so.”

“Good, ‘cause I’m just getting started. The second thing to know is that it doesn’t always involve sex. It can but that’s not always the case for some people. Think of it as a little bit like a massage; it may feel sexual and sometimes it is but it doesn’t always have to be. A massage can certainly lead to sex but sometimes it’s just a massage. It’s the same with BDSM.

“The third thing to know is simple: safety first. A scene can be as simple or as technical as you want it to be but safety should always come first. This is where you’re gonna want to do a lot of homework but to put it simply, know how to use your toys and be mindful of the damage they can cause. For example, rope play can be fun but if you don’t know how to properly tie someone up, you can cause damage to their circulation. If the pain ever gets to be too much, you can always use a safe word like ‘banana’ or something you get you out of the mood. When a scene is done, aftercare is a must, like you're comforting each other.

“Any questions?”

Steve doesn’t know where to start. With every second that passes between them, a new question sparks in his head. One in particular rests on the tip of his tongue: “Can you teach me?”

Billy raises an eyebrow. The slightest glimpse of that familiar smile plays at the corner of his lips. Steve remembers that smile from high school and was almost afraid of it. “Seriously?”


“I mean it, pretty boy, you gotta be sure about this.”

“I am sure. Like you said the other day, I’m curious.”

Billy’s tongue flickers between his teeth like a serpent, showing Steve the slightest glimpse of a tongue piercing that makes his cock twitch. 


Steve’s eyes are now as wide as saucers. “Really? You mean that? I mean, you don’t have to…wait, where are you going?”

“My room. You coming?”

“I, uh…”

Billy now leans against his bedroom door like a goddamn pinup. “I’m a man of my word, Harrington. Are you coming or am I going to have to change my mind?”

As soon as the door is opened, Steve knows his answer. Following Billy into the bedroom he already feels his cock fattening at the thought of being dominated. Strangely, the thought of being dominated by Billy Hargrove, of all people, only enhances his excitement. 

What the hell am I doing?

“Before we start,” Billy says. “I need to know what you like and what you don’t like, and what you’re interested in.”

Steve thinks for a moment. “Well, I’ve never done this before but I guess I’m up for anything.”

Billy shakes his head. “You’re gonna have to be more specific than that, pretty boy, ‘cause ‘up for anything’ could literally mean anything. Like, I could tie you up in a full body harness and hang you upside down while I've got my fist in your ass.”

The mental image makes Steve shudder. “Jesus Christ, is that even possible?”

“Yes but don’t worry. I know you’re new to this, so I think it’s best to start small and talk about what we’re into and what we’re not into. For example, I’m into rope play and I like to inflict pain and pleasure but I’m not into blood play, scat play, or water sports and I don’t like being hit in the face.”

Steve isn’t quite sure what half of that means but nods. “Okay, uh…I guess I’m into the idea of being tied up and played with and I’m not really sure what blood play, scat play, or water sports are but I’m pretty sure I’m not into them.”

Billy laughs. “Good to know.”

“Oh, and I’ve never really gone all the way with a guy before. Is that gonna be a problem?”

“No. Do you want to, though?”


Billy smiles and nods. “I can do that. Can you think of a safe word?”

“Um,” Steve thinks for a moment and looks around the room looking for something, anything, that will make for a good safe word. His eyes land on Billy’s bedside table, where his copy of The Three Musketeers still lies. “D’Artagnan.” 

Billy’s smile widens. “Excellent choice. Shall we?”

Steve nods.

“Good. Take off your clothes.”

Just as before, Steve does as he’s told but he struggles. His hands are shaking and he fumbles through button after button until he’s completely naked and hard. He’s never felt so vulnerable in his life. Billy, on the other hand, licks his lips as he sits down at the edge of the bed, still fully clothed but with his legs parted. Steve can just make out the outline of his cock through his jeans. 

“Now get on my knee.”

Hesitantly, Steve sits on Billy’s knee, feeling almost like a child sitting on a parent’s lap. Billy chuckles and runs a hand through Steve’s hair. The sudden tug makes his cock stir and sends a pleasant rush throughout his body. Within seconds, he finds himself on his stomach and splayed across Billy’s lap.

Billy raises his hand.

"You're not using the flogger?" Steve questions.

"You're not ready for that yet, pretty boy."

And then...


Billy’s hand strikes at Steve’s left ass cheek and then the right. The hollow claps echo through the room and leave his body shaking and his cock throbbing.

“Does that feel good?” Billy asks.

“I…” Steve struggles to find an answer until he feels those clever fingers raking through his hair for another sharp tug. “Oh, fuck! Yes!”

“Good,” Billy purrs. “Because I’m going to keep doing that. Ten spanks for all those times I’ve caught you staring. I know you’ve been looking at me.”

“Billy…” Steve almost manages to look back but is stopped by another tug at his hair.

“No talking back. Count for me.”

Steve gulps hard. “One–ah! Two–oh! Three–fuck!”

Billy’s hands are firm and clever. With one hard hand pulling at his hair and the other lashing at his backside, Steve his helpless to his touch. The sharp sting of each and every crude clap lingers on his skin, no doubt colouring the otherwise pale surface. He can already feel the bruises blossoming on both cheeks. No doubt, he won’t be sitting comfortably for a while. Strangely enough, the thought of that isn’t as dreadful as he might have expected. It’s as if he’s being marked. By Billy fucking Hargrove. 

“Seven–mmf! Eight–ah! Nine–shit!”

The final strike feels like a brand. Billy’s hand softens on the heated blemishes that he’s left on the now raw and tender skin, as if to reward such good behaviour. Steve feels held by the gesture, almost like a cat being stroked. Before long, he’s sitting back up and is wrapped around the other young man’s arms.

Billy Hargrove just spanked me, Steve can't stop thinking. And now he’s holding me.

“This is aftercare,” Billy murmurs, almost as if to read his mind. “You did well.”

Billy continues to whisper the sweetest things into Steve’s ear, telling him what a good boy he’s been and even calling him “darling” once or twice. Steve’s body is vibrating and he isn’t sure how much of it is from the endorphins rushing through him or the sound of Billy’s voice. All he knows is what he feels. Bliss is the only name he can call it. Everything else is lost to him.

The could be holding each other for ten minutes or ten hours before Steve is able to find his feet. Even then, Billy is gentle with him. 

“How do you feel?”

Steve sighs sweetly. “That was…fuck, that was incredible! It was almost like getting high. I felt like my mind went blank and all I could feel was my body.”

Billy smiles and it isn't the wicked smile that Steve is used to seeing. “That’s called subspace.”

“Does it always feel like that?”

“Sometimes. If you want, I can lend you a few books on it, that is if you want to keep doing this.”

Steve’s eyes widen. “You want to do this again?”

“Got a problem with that?”

Steve thinks a moment and finds that he really doesn’t. He shakes his head but can’t find it in him to argue that Billy is never with the same guy twice. Before he can so much as open his mouth, he feels the weight of a book in his hands. S&M 101: An Introduction by Jay Wiseman. 

“I’ve got a little homework assignment for you,” Billy tells him. “I want you to read this by the end of the week. When you’re done, I want you to find some other books to read on the subject and none of that 50 Shades shit. Understood?”

Steve nods timidly. “Yes.”

“Yes, what?”

“Yes, sir.” 

Chapter Text

Steve reads the book within three days. The rest of his week consists of studying more than just the human anatomy. When he isn’t attending classes and climbing mountains of homework, he’s reading book after book about all things BDSM. He learns about different kinks from A to Z, he learns the names of different toys and how to use them, he learns of the many different terms and phrases as if he’s learning a different language, and he learns more of what he likes and does not like to do and be done to him. Billy seems impressed by his dedication, which makes him slightly proud of himself. 

Above all things, Steve learns more from Billy more than he does from any book. 

The first time Billy ties Steve up, the scene is over before he can even finish what’s apparently called a basic box tie. Steve’s arms are tied behind his back in a box-like position and already he feels a strain on his muscles and has to say to Billy: “D’Artagnan.” He feels like a wimp for using their safe word so soon but is told to think nothing of it. It was his first time. The first time being tied up is always tricky. To make up for it, Steve offers to jerk Billy off. The offer, though appreciated, is refused and the rest of the evening is spent in bed. 

On their second try, Billy has Steve’s hands tied together in what’s called a double-column tie, which looks like his hands are cuffed by layers upon layers of rope. The position isn’t as awkward as the last nor is it as painful. Instead, Steve is strangely comfortable with the snug restraints on his wrists and fully at Billy’s mercy. “On your knees,” Billy demands. “Suck my cock.” Steve obeys and is successful, at first, until Billy begins to fuck his face too hard and nearly choke him. He apologizes profusely for getting so carried away and they hold each other for the rest of the night. 

Their third try is more successful. Steve lies naked and erect with his wrists and ankles tied to each corner of Billy’s bed. Single-column ties, this time, not too dissimilar to the last tie they had used. Steve has never felt so vulnerable and he loves it. Billy looks at him like he’s a feast. Crawling over him with the grace and predatory nature of a wild cat, he stops to kiss the weeping tip of his cock with teasing licks along the length, every now and then tickling the frenulum with the heated metal ball piercing on his tongue. “Please,” Steve only has to say once before Billy is taking him into his throat like a porn star. Steve is thankful that he isn’t wearing the blindfold. Billy looks good with his mouth full of cock. It isn’t long before Steve is coming and he’s pleasantly surprised to find that Billy swallows. The rest of the evening is spent with gentle caresses and whispered praises. 

Eventually, they bring toys into the mix. Billy presents Steve with his entire collection tells him to pick one. Remembering to start small, he reaches for something that he is vaguely familiar with, though he still finds himself drawn to the flogger. He reaches for the pinwheel.

“The Wartenberg pinwheel,” Billy calls it. “Good choice.”

It is a good choice. Steve bites his lip as he lies naked and bound. Billy lays by his side and holds the tiny torture device as delicately as he would a fine tip pen. The little pins seem to tingle on the delicate surface of skin, teasing and tormenting the most sensitive places from head to toe. 

“Low temperature candles,” they try next. “Think you can take it, pretty boy?”

He can, he’s sure of it. Steve lies on his stomach this time with his wrists and ankles bound to the bed. Billy hovers over him, tipping the lit candle and carefully dripping hot wax on the other young man’s back. The wax isn’t scalding but hot enough to make his breath hitch.

“Ice cubes,” after that. “Simple but no less effective.”

He isn’t wrong. Steve has his hands tied above his head. Billy traces every inch of him from head to toe with the ice cube. The cold on his lips, his neck, his chest, his stomach, and his thighs offer an oddly similar sensation to the hot wax though a no less thrilling one.

“Vampire gloves,” they try at last. “My personal favourite.”

That soon makes the both of them. Steve is blindfolded this time and is bound to the bed. Billy wears the gloves on both hands and uses them to gently pet his submissive’s body. Like the pinwheel, tiny pins and needles tease and tingle the sensitive skin enough to make him moan.

They try other toys for the spankings that Steve loves so much: the whip, the paddle, the crop, and then–finally!–the flogger. 

Steve falls in love with the flogger. Billy has him naked and gagged with his hands tied above his head, standing like a medieval prisoner in preparation of torture, and runs his hands through his hair. The first tug releases a muffled moan that almost sounds like: “Oh, shit!” Instead, through the ball between his teeth, Steve only manages to utter a weak: “O’h’it!”

“Are you gonna be a good boy for me?” Billy asks.

Steve nods. 


Billy takes three steps back. Steve refuses to look behind him. He feels a warm and rough hand on the back of his neck. It almost feels soothing until…


“F’ck!” Steve cries into the ball gag in his mouth, sinking his teeth into the rubber. It’s a different blow to Steve’s ass than Billy’s hand alone. The flogger’s tails almost feel like the needles on the vampire gloves. A similar tingle rushes through his body but this time with a more powerful force. He is already throbbing and begging without a word for more. It takes one, two, three lashes before he begins to feel as though his soul has left his body. Everything around him seems lost and all that is left of him is the the blunt force of those leather tendrils. 

“Look at you,” Billy’s voice growls. “All black and blue just for me.”

Steve opens his eyes to see Billy standing by his and he’s vaguely certain it may be the subspace talking but fuck, Billy is beautiful. He’d kiss him then and there if he wasn’t bound and gagged. 

Billy’s free hand moves to Steve’s cock, stroking him to climax with one hand and thrashing him with the other. 

When Steve comes with one last blow, Billy is as gentle with him as he would be to a porcelain doll. After untying his wrists, removing the ball gag, and tending to the bruises, he holds him so close. 

“You took that so well,” he whispers. “I’m so proud of you.”

When Billy isn’t tying Steve up and playing with him, he has him across his lap with one hand in his hair and the other slapping his ass. It feels good. Amazing, actually. Steve can’t get enough of Billy’s hands. He loves how warm and rough his palms are. He loves the way his fingers curl into his scalp. He loves the way his touch can go from hard to soft within mere seconds. 

But he wants more. 

“I want you to fuck me,” he says out of nowhere one day. It’s an unusual start to a lunch conversation but he has to get it off his chest. He’s been fantasizing about it all morning.

“You sure about that?”

Steve nods. “I’m sure. I’ve been doing a lot of reading about it, so I know that it’s going to take a lot of prep. I want to start with some toys first but I want you to fuck me.”

Much to Steve’s surprise, Billy smiles. Their scenes are not often sexual, apart from the occasional hand job or blow job. Hell, they don’t even kiss. Still, he smiles and accepts.

Billy starts by playing with Steve’s ass. While he’s spanking him, every now and then he will wet his fingers with lube and tease his hole. First with one finger, then with two, and finally with three until Steve grows adjusted to Billy’s clever fingers. Before long, he becomes addicted to the way those fingers touch him there

Later, when Steve has his hands tied and his legs parted, Billy not only uses his fingers to tease his ass but his tongue. Steve first notices Billy’s tongue piercing circling the wrinkled skin and then his warm lips kissing his hole. He wonders if he should feel disgusted by what is being done to him but as soon as he feels a clever tongue teasing his entrance, disgust is the last thing on his mind. 

Then they move onto toys. 

They start with anal beads. Steve is naked and spreadeagled on the bed with a hot mouth wrapped around his cock and a string of silicone beads lined up his ass. Billy starts to tug at the string when he’s close and pulls a hard climax from his body.

Next, they move onto butt plugs. Billy has an entire collection of them in many different sizes. He makes Steve wear the smallest one first, then the bigger one, and soon the biggest. Sometimes, he’ll even make him wear one in public.

The following week, Billy gives Steve a vibrating dildo to play with on his own. That evening, while Billy is away in class, Steve wonders if the entire campus can hear him screaming when he turns the level to its highest.

Finally, Billy decides that Steve is ready. 

“Tell me how you want it.”

Steve thinks a moment. For as often as he’s fantasized about being fucked by another guy, he’s never put in much thought to what he wanted his first time to be like. He isn’t a virgin. He’s slept with girls before. Nancy, in particular, springs to mind but he shakes his head of her. He doesn’t want to think about that tonight. Instead, he thinks about the first time he caught Billy with Tommy.

“I want you to use the flogger on me while you fuck me.”

There’s that smile again.

“I can do that,” Billy says softly and lays a hand on Steve’s cheek. For a moment it looks like he’s about to kiss him but instead he whispers in his ear: “Strip.”

Steve obeys. Billy does the same. Steve doesn’t always see Billy naked when they’re at play.  Usually, the submissive is stark naked while the Dominant is fully clothed. Billy only undresses when things get interesting and things are about to get interesting.

Steve knows that as soon as Billy grabs a condom, a bottle of lube, and the flogger.

Once they’re both naked, Billy has Steve by the hair, bent over the bed and presented to him. A free hand palms at his ass, careful with the bruises from only a day ago. It’s an unusually gentle touch from the clash that he’s grown so accustomed to. Still, those clever hands alone make his cock twitch and he hasn't even been touched there yet. No sooner does the thought enter his mind does he feel a hand on his cock. It isn’t the touch alone that makes him gasp but the hard cock teasing his entrance and the hot mouth warming the back of his neck.

“I’m gonna ask you one last time,” Billy says softly. “Are you sure you want this?”

“Yes,” Steve groans. “I’ve wanted this for a long time.”

“Good, ‘cause so have I.”

Before Steve can ask what Billy means by that, his voice is stolen by the sudden grip around his cock stroking him ever so slowly. Soon, he feels a pair of dry lips trailing down his spine until they reach the crack and a warm tongue brushing against the hole. The first finger that follows steals the breath from his lungs. The second finger easily finds his prostate and makes him whine. The third stretches him so wide open that fingers and tongue simply isn’t enough.

“Please,” he groans. “Please, Billy.”

A tug at his hair, hot breath on his neck, and sultry whispering: “Please, what?”

“P-please, sir, fuck me! I want your cock!”

“That’s what I thought.”

Billy stands behind Steve. Sheathed and slick, he ever so slowly makes his way in. It isn’t too painful, certainly not as painful as some of the toys were, just odd. Neither of them are sure how long they stay that way. It could be seconds, minutes, or hours before they become adjusted to one another. Once Steve is ready, Billy starts to move slowly. As they pick up the pace with each thrust, the pain seems to melt away in the place of pleasure. 

The first blow of the flogger pulls a pleasant yelp from Steve’s lips, the second pulls a more animalistic groan from Billy’s, and the third, fourth, fifth…God! Steve begs: “Harder!” Billy obliges: “Fuck yeah!” 

Steve could do this forever. Billy feels like heaven inside of him, nudging at his sweet spot, flogging him raw, and whispering the filthiest things into his ear. 

“You like that, don’t you, pretty boy?” he growls. “Taking my cock so well, like a good little slut. Fuck, you’re so tight! So warm! You love this, don’t you, slut?”

Steve does love it. He just wishes Billy were facing him.

“You gonna come for me, slut?”

He is going to come. He can feel himself getting closer and closer with every nudge on that sweet spot. He can feel his balls tighten and his ass clench around Billy. 

“Touch me,” he begs. “Please.”

Thwack! “What was that?”


Thwack! “Please?”

“Please, sir!”

Thwack! “Please.” Thwack!  “Sir.” Thwack! “What?”

“Please touch me, sir!”

The flogger drops to the floor with a dull thud. Billy leans over to Steve, takes his cock in his hand and…fuck, Steve's never come so hard in his life! Billy follows soon after with what almost sounds like a lion’s roar. 

They collapse onto the bed, limbs entangled, drenched in sweat and semen. Steve is still shaking like a leaf even after Billy slips out of him but is soothed by the gentle praises and soft caresses. 

He's almost certain he feels kisses on his skin.

Chapter Text

Steve met Billy on Halloween. He’d only ever heard of the guy before since everyone and their grandmother was talking about the new kid from California. People talked about him like he was Hawkins’ shiny new toy. What with his cool hair, his cool clothes, and his cool car. It was when he championed the keg stand that he was crowned king of the school. That crown was once Steve’s. Billy was more than willing to taunt him over that, of course, all whilst calling him “pretty boy.” A few pranks here, a few nick-names there, and Billy became more than just an annoyance to Steve. He became the bane of his existence. 

And here I am, he thinks, not only living with the bastard but pressed against the wall with my arms tied together and said bastard himself balls deep in my ass. 

It’s true. As Billy continues to pound into him, Steve finds himself wondering if they should be celebrating some sort of anniversary. He isn’t sure how things between them started to change but going to university and living together had to have changed something between them. Maybe Steve has grown used to the casual banter. Maybe Billy has simply grown up. Whatever it is, they can at least admit to being something resembling friends. 

Friends with benefits, technically. 

They have their rules, of course. Rule #1: Keep it in the bedroom. None of that romantic shit like dinner and movies. Rule #2: Always use protection. Steve doesn’t know where Billy’s been and, frankly, doesn’t care to. Rule #3: Tell no one. No one needs to know. Plain and simple, right? Well, the first rule does get tricky when Steve sees Billy with other guys, the second rule makes him wonder what being barebacked feels like, and part of him–though a very small part–wishes he could talk to someone about his situation.

Just having fun, right? 

God, do they have fun! In the past week alone, Steve has been bound, gagged, and fucked to his heart’s content. Billy has practically used every toy under the sun on him: whips, crops, paddles, ticklers, handcuffs, blindfolds, mouth gags, ball gags, nipple clamps, butt plugs, cock rings, vampire gloves, and–of course–the flogger. 






The leather tendrils are blunt on Steve’s tender skin. Billy has one hand holding Steve by the hair, the other holding the flogger, and his cock nudging against that sweet spot at a punishing pace. 

“Fuck, I’m gonna come!”


“You close, pretty boy?” Billy growls. “You gonna come for me?”

“Yes.” Thwack! “Ah! Yes, sir!”

“I want you to come with me. Think you can hold on a little longer?”

“Fuck! Yes, sir!”

“Good boy.”

Billy picks up his pace. Steve tries not to move against him for fear of coming too soon. Closing his eyes, he tries to think of less arousing thoughts. Nothing works, of course, as everything seems to turn back to Billy. He then tries biting his lip to the point of pain. It only reminds him of how Billy sometimes likes to bite him. 

“You feel so good, pretty boy. Could fuck you all day, you feel so fucking good!”

This does nothing for the tightening in Steve’s balls. He wonders if Billy knows what his voice and praises do to him.

“Come with me,” Billy demands. “I’m so close, pretty boy, come with me!”

And it happens. Steve feels Billy twitching inside of him and even feels the warmth of his climax through the condom. It’s enough to trigger his own climax. Ropes and ropes of come burst from his cock and stain the wall.

“That was great,” Billy says once he’s seemed to have caught his breath. “We’ve never come together before. I like it like that.”

“Yeah,” Steve agrees but bites his tongue. I still wish you’d face me. 

The aftercare is nice but doesn’t last long. Billy stays inside of Steve for some time until he softens and slips out. Turning his submissive to face him, he carefully unties knot after knot. Steve still feels lighter than air and finds himself staring at Billy. Secretly, he likes looking at him in general but it’s the details of him that seem to have him hypnotized by the way his hands work their way around the rope with an effortless display of grace, the way the piercing on his tongue clicks between his teeth when he’s thinking, the way he ties his hair up when he’s doing something, the way his tattoos scatter across his body, and…wait.

“What’s that?”

There is a small circle of raw skin on Billy’s forearm. Steve wonders why he had never noticed it before but then thinks it so small that he probably wouldn't have unless he was looking for it. It’s barely even the size of the tip of his little finger. 

Billy’s hands start to shake, losing touch of the last knots. Quickly, he reaches for the scissors in his drawer and cuts through. Steve furrows his brow. You only use those in emergencies. 

“I had a mole removed,” he says abruptly. “You should probably get your costume on if you’re heading to the party.”

“Uh…yeah. You coming?”

Billy’s devil-may-care smile quickly returns. “Free booze and hot guys in costume? Wouldn’t miss it for the world!”

Steve rolls his eyes. Leaving his roommate to change into his costume, he finds a way to prepare his own. The jeans, jacket, and flannel shirt were easy, though he still can’t believe it took him seven tries to find a red puffer vest. Still, once he’s got the watch on, he’s ready to go. 

Once he’s out of his room, he finds Billy on the sofa with a box of Chinese food in one hand and a book in the other. Interview with the Vampire, appropriately enough. He looks vaguely the same, save for the blood dripping from the corner of his lip and the way his hair is tied back to resemble what Steve thinks is supposed to be a mullet. 

“Hey, McFly, Where’s the time machine?”

“Parked outside. Planning on turning anyone tonight, David?”

Billy’s eyes widen. “You’ve seen The Lost Boys?”

Steve shrugs. “It’s an ‘80s classic. Of course, I have.”

“Ha! I gotta say, Harrington, you’re full of surprises. Speaking of which…”

Billy reaches into his pocket and pulls out a black butt plug, not too dissimilar to the many that Steve’s had inside of him, though made of silicone instead of metal. 

“Really?” Steve raises an eyebrow. “We just fucked, like, five minutes ago.”

“Exactly. You still loose?”

“Yeah, I think so.”

Billy smiles, flicking his tongue between his teeth and flaunting what looks to be a pair of fangs. “Turn around.”

Steve does as he is told. Within seconds, Billy is undoing his jeans from behind and tugging them down to his knees. His tongue slithers its way into the hole without warning. 

“Jesus Christ,” Steve groans. “Billy, I–fuck!–as much as I’d love to, I’m still wiped from…oh!”

The plug slips in easily and is strangely heavier than what he’s now grown used to. Once his jeans are done back up, Steve turns back to Billy, who is still smirking. 

“So, that’s it?” Steve questions. “You’re gonna make me wear a butt plug for the party?”

“Oh, that’s not all.”

“What do yo–holy shit!”

A strong vibration shoots through Steve’s body from the inside. It renders his knees weaker than they already are and he has to hold onto the nearby counter to keep his balance. Until it stops. Billy stands before him with a Cheshire Cat grin on his face.

“I know we agreed to keep this in the bedroom,” Billy says. “But I wanna try a little something. That little beauty inside you has seven settings and ten speeds but that’s not the best part. The best part is that while you’ve got that inside you I’ve got this.”

Billy pulls a small black device from his pocket.

“What is that?” Steve asked.

“I’m glad you asked. This, Harrington, is a remote control. The remote control that I am going to hold onto throughout the entire party, so that I can torture you whenever I want.”

“You’re evil!”

Billy only winks. “It’s fun to be a vampire. Let’s go.”

The frat building is filled with devils, angels,  heroes, heroines, villains, witches, ghosts, vampires, werewolves, and he could go on. Beauties and beasts alike dance to The Monster Mash while drunk on what’s supposed to look like a witch’s brew but tastes and smells like fruit juice and fuel. Pranks riddle the room from jumping spiders in the candy to rubber snakes in the coolers. Steve barely recognizes a single face at the party but for masks and painted faces. 

He recognizes one face, however. Tommy is dressed as Daniel from The Karate Kid and chats with a pretty redhead dressed as Daphne from Scooby Doo. Steve feels his cheeks go red when he thinks of the last time he saw him; naked, bound, and fucked. He shakes his head of the image. Tommy, distracted from his conversation with a pretty redhead, smiles when he sees Billy, who ignores him entirely. When Steve sees Tommy’s smile fall, he doesn’t have to be a detective to deduce what happened between them after that day. 

In a way, Steve finds himself mentally thanking Tommy. He would never have shacked up with Billy had he never caught them in the act. Thanks, dick! 

Steve manages to squeeze his way through the maze-like crowd towards the snack bar, where the witch’s brew bubbles in a large cauldron. Even there, he’s almost suffocated by the people around him until he nearly trips on someone.

“Watch it!” a feminine voice cries.

Steve apologizes several times until he catches a glimpse of the owner of that voice. A pretty blonde just a head shorter than him does her best to wipe a stain of witch’s brew from her Daddy’s Lil’ Monster t-shirt. Her blue pigtail seems to have seen the worst of it while the pink goes untouched. 

Quick on his feet, Steve grabs enough paper napkins to fill his every pocket and offers them to Harley Quinn, who smiles at him. Shit, she’s got a gorgeous smile. 

“Thanks,” she says. “Time-travel here often?”

Say something smart. “Only when the future is history.” What the fuck does that mean?

Thankfully, Harley Quinn laughs. 

“So,” he clears his throat. “Plan on terrorizing the party?”

“Depends,” she shrugs and adopts that adorably psychotic high pitch. “If it’ll make the party more interesting.”

“I imagine your–ahem–‘Daddy’ should take care of that.”

“Oh,” Harley’s pitch drops back into her natural sultry voice. “I actually don’t have a Joker with me. I just really like Harley Quinn as a character.”

So she’s single. 

“Good! I mean, that’s…actually, that’s probably a good thing ‘cause the Joker’s not the best example of a Daddy.”

She furrows her brow. “What do you mean?”

“Well, in the kink world, a Daddy’s supposed to take care of little or their sub. I don’t really see a psychotic clown taking care of his ‘little monster.’”

A seductive smirk plays at the corner of her full red lips. “Is that so?”

“Yeah, it’s actually kind of a healthier dynamic than–oh!”


The vibration inside of Steve is sudden but strong. It only lasts a moment yet still causes blood to fill his cock. Silently cursing, he looks around the crowd until he finds Billy. The bastard is on a couch sharing drinks with a guy in a generic werewolf costume as if nothing had happened. You fucker, you better not ruin this.

“Are you okay?” asks Harley Quinn.

“Huh? Oh, yeah. Just got a bit of a kick from that witch’s brew, I guess.”

She raises an eyebrow. He thinks nothing of it until he realizes he hasn't even poured himself a glass. Say something. Anything! “I’m Steve, by the way.”

Harley Quinn smiles sweetly and shakes his hand. “Robin.”

Steve spends much of the party with Robin. They tell stories and jokes over candy and drinks. and, naturally, heavy flirting ensues. Every now and then, he’ll feel her hand on his arm and he’ll lay a hand on her thigh, which neither of them seem to mind. Robin, apart from being very pretty, turns out to be a cool girl. She watches scary movies and listens to rock music, which makes her pretty cool in his eyes. She has a dry wit, which he likes. She’s a fine art student, which he thinks is awesome. All in all, Steve quickly decides that he likes Robin.

If only Billy would knock it off with that damn toy.

Every now and then he’ll feel that spontaneous buzzing inside of him. He tries his best to ignore it but then the speed changes. It feels incredible and he’d love it if he weren’t trying to flirt with a pretty girl. Every time he feels that damned toy vibrate, he looks around to find Billy in the crowd. Whenever he does, he finds that wicked grin growing weaker and weaker. Soon, Billy only looks to Steve with a cold stare. 

The fuck is his problem?

Before he can even think of an answer to his question, someone proposes a game of Seven Minutes in Heaven, which Steve is more than happy to play. He and Robin sit side-by-side in the circle, only to be shoved apart. 

“Sorry, folks,” Billy smirks. “This seat’s taken.”

Robin only shrugs at this but Steve can’t hide the frown on his face. 

Seriously, dude, what the fuck is your problem?

He bites his tongue to keep from asking the question. The game is about to begin. Billy asks–demands, more like–to be the first to spin the bottle. Of course. With a quick wink in Steve’s direction, he takes the empty wine bottle in hand and spins it round and round and round. 

It lands on Tommy. 

Cat-calls and wolf-whistles echo thoughout the room. Steve wants to laugh at the irony but can’t help but notice than neither Tommy nor Billy are amused by it. Tommy doesn’t even smile when he stands up. He only gestures Billy to follow him and Steve is almost certain he hears a vague: “We need to talk, anyway.” 

About what?

He decides that he doesn't want to know.

After a couple of other spins, it’s Steve’s turn. With a flick of the wrist, the bottle spins and spins and spins until it points to Robin. Someone up there loves me. 

With a smile on her face, a twinkle in her eye, and a drink still in hand, Robin stands up and leads Steve into a nearby closet. Once the door is shut, the tiny space seems almost suffocating. The coats stink of mothballs and stale perfume. Robin’s perfume smells sweet and spicy like whiskey and roses. 

I am in a closet with a pretty girl, Steve thinks. And the best part is that there’s no roommate to bug me.

No sooner does the thought cross his mind than he feels the toy buzzing inside of him. This time, however, the vibration is stronger. Much to his chagrin, his jeans are suddenly tighter. Billy, you bastard!

“You okay?” Robin asks, placing her drink to the side. “You look a little tense.”

Buzz. “Uh, yeah, I’m fine. I just–mmf!”

“You just never played this game before?”

Buzz. Buzz. “No, uh…oh, I-I have.”

“You seem nervous. I don’t bite, you know.”

Buzz. Buzz. Buzz. “I, uh…”

Without another word, Steve’s back hits the wall. Robin has her body pressed against him. For a split second, he’s hoping against hope that she thinks nothing of the raging hard-on but then sees the smile plays at her full lips as she whispers: “Unless you like that.”

Steve returns her smile and closes the gap between them. Robin’s lips taste of cherries and her tongue bittersweet with the witch’s brew. Her hands are softer than what he’s grown used to and as her clever fingers run through his hair he almost expects a sharp tug to send chills down his spine. Instead, he only feels a slight scratch at his scalp and a small palm stroking his length through his jeans.


The toy’s vibration grows faster and stronger than ever before. Already, Steve can feel himself leaking and Robin’s hand does no help. Still, as he sneaks one hand around her waist and the other into her top, he tells himself: Don’t come. Don’t come. Don’t come.

Until he comes.

Robin steps back. Steve is still twitching even as he shuts his eyes, unable to look at her or the obvious stain on his crotch. Billy Hargrove, I am going to kill you!

“Did you just…?”

“I’m sorry,” Steve stammers. “I told you, it’s been a while, I haven’t been with a girl since my ex, and I think you’re really…”

“Easy, tiger, ” Robin laughs. Is she laughing at me, or…? “I don’t mind.”

Steve just barely manages to open his eyes “You don’t?”

“I know it sounds cliché but it really could happen to any guy. Besides, we can always try this again some other time.”

“You…you want to try this again?”

Robin smiles and nods. “I like you, Steve, and judging by the state of your jeans I’m gonna go on a limb and say that you like me too. Am I right?”

This, at least, makes him laugh. “Yeah.”

“Then do you want to get together for coffee sometime this weekend?”

“I’d like that.”

“Great.” Robin’s smile widens and she kisses Steve. It’s a chaste kiss this time, not at all what he’s used to. When it’s over, she checks her watch. 

“I think our time is up,” she says. “But before we get back out there…” 

Picking her drink back up, she tips it over and splashes it all over Steve’s pants.

“What the fuck was that for?”

“So it doesn’t look like you’ve just creamed your pants,” she explains. “I’ll just tell everyone I got a little tipsy and spilled the witch’s brew. You’re welcome.”

Steve suddenly finds himself wondering if they should just skip the coffee and start planning the wedding. 

When the party is over and everyone leaves, Steve exchanges phone numbers with Robin.

He doesn’t see Billy watching them. 

Chapter Text

The rest of Steve’s week consists of three things: slaving through classes, hanging out with Robin, and having kinky sex with Billy. On Monday, he meets Robin for coffee and then goes home to get tied up and sucked by Billy. On Tuesday, he’s texting Robin when he should be attending classes, doing homework, or sucking Billy’s cock. On Wednesday, he takes Robin to see a movie and goes home to take twenty lashings from Billy’s flogger. On Thursday, he’s holding hands with Robin after he’s just taken Billy up the ass. On Friday, he is still texting Robin over homework while Billy sends him dick pics. Over the weekend, he finds himself alone and yet still in between the two. 

For once, he has some time to himself. Robin has a class and Billy has a lecture. Steve, on the other hand, pays a visit to the library where his only friends are the pile of textbooks on one side and the other pile of notebooks on the other. Since some bright spark next door thought it would be a great idea to get together with a few friends and get so high that they felt the need to shout out just how high they were, he had to escape. Finally, he’s alone and has some peace of mind.

Well, he’s not entirely alone.

For a moment, he’s distracted by a noise that he’d rather not hear. As hard as he tries to focus on microbiology, the sound of and smacking lips and lewd giggling echoes from behind a bookshelf. Leaning in for a better look, he manages to find a glimpse of a couple kissing in a corner. Tommy has a familiar face up against his own and it only takes a moment for Steve to recognize her as the redhead from the Halloween party. 

You moved on from Billy pretty quickly, he almost wants to say. Does your new girlfriend know you like to be tied up and fucked by other dudes?

Steve bites his tongue. A not-so-subtle cough seems to get his message across all on its own. Tommy looks up and his lipstick-stained smile falls flat, as he redhead proceeds to pepper kisses on his neck. Steve imagines a halo floating above his head when he returns to his homework as if he’s seen absolutely nothing. 

The next few minutes are peaceful until he hears the shuffling before him. Steve spots the pretty redhead walking away. Tommy sits before him with a stone cold gaze. 

Steve clears his throat. “Hey, Tommy!” 

Tommy says nothing. All that can be heard is the ticking of a nearby clock. Tick-tock. Tick-tock. Tick-tock.

“Did you have a good time at that party last week? I know I did. I’m still feeling bits of that hangover, I got so smashed after that game.”

Tick-tock. Tick-tock. Tick-tock.

“Isn’t that the same girl you were flirting with before the game started?”

Tick-tock. Tick-tock. Tick-tock.

“She’s cute. What’s her name?”

“Harrington, I know about you and Hargrove.”

Steve’s heart stops. Tick-tock. Tick-tock. Tick-tock.

Tommy still continues to stare. Tick-tock. Tick-tock. Tick-tock. 

Act cool, Steve tells himself. “That we’re roommates? I’m surprised it took you…”

“I know that you’re fucking.”

Shit! “Is that so?”

Tommy nods as if it’s the most casual thing. “He must be having a lot of fun with you if he’s kept you for this long.”

“What are you talking about?"

“You live with the guy, Harrington, you know what he’s like. He doesn’t always play with the same guy more than once, does he?”

Steve only shrugs. “I asked him to show me the ropes and that’s what he’s doing.”

Tommy shrugs back. “Whatever he’s doing, I just hope you know that you’re one lucky son of a bitch.”

He’s jealous. “Is that what you wanted to talk to him about at the party?”

“None of your beeswax. Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that you’re a lucky son of a bitch.”

“I’ll bet you did, Hill.”

Tommy frowns and huffs before marching away. Steve half-expects to see him push a chair down or break something. Still, he can’t help but smile at himself. It’s petty but it makes him smile. 

With the better part of his homework done, Steve spends the rest of his afternoon cleaning the apartment of whatever Billy has littered across the floor. Every now and then, he’ll stop to text Robin. Every other time, he’s sweeping the apartment of scattered clothes and rogue sex toys.

“What’s up with you?” Billy asks. “Is the queen coming to visit?”

“We’ve already got a queen in this apartment, Billy, there’s no need for that.”

There’s a glimpse of pride in Billy’s smile as he turns a page of The Age of Innocence. 

“Actually,” Steve continues. “Robin’s coming over and I don’t want her thinking I’m living in a sex dungeon.”

Billy’s smile falls and his body appears to stiffen. “You’re really getting cozy with this chick, aren’t you?”

“Yeah, I like her. She’s really cool.”

Billy only huffs and turns the next page. 

“She is. Maybe if you gave her a chance…”

“Maybe I don’t want to give her a chance.”

Steve stops to stare at Billy, who has his jaw clenched and his eyes locked on the book in his hand. “Well, you don’t have to be an asshole about it.”

Billy turns another page. 

Steve has to ask: “Are you jealous?” 

“Fuck off, Harrington. I’m not jealous.”

“Bullshit! If you wanted to move on from being friends with benefits and start something else with me, that’s fine. You could just ask me out. It’s not that difficult.”

“I don't want to ask you out, Harrington.”

“Like hell, you don’t. Even if that’s the case, which I really don’t think it is, you were the one who said to keep it in the bedroom, remember? Plus, it’s not like you’ve never fooled around with other guys since this thing started. You don't get to act like a jealous prick just because I happen to find someone else that I like.”

Someone else? Steve bites his lip and almost wishes he could go back in time and break those two little words apart but he’s stopped by a slamming noise that makes him jump. Billy’s book is on the floor and he stands tall with his fists clenched.

“I’m not fucking jealous,” he growls. “Like I even have anything to be jealous about! You think I wanna go out with you? You think I spend all night jerking off thinking about you and me getting married and growing old together with a couple of brats and a dog in the suburbs behind a white picket fence? You’re just a warm mouth and a tight hole to me!”

Steve only shrugs. “I dunno, Hargrove, that was an oddly specific fantasy.”

“Fuck you!”

“Be my guest. At least when you are fucking me, you’re honest.”

Billy cackles like a witch over a cauldron. “Oh, that’s rich!”

Steve furrows his brow. “What’s that supposed to mean?”

“Does your little girlfriend know that you like dick?”

“Robin’s not my girlfriend and no, I haven’t come out to her yet but…”

“But you’ll be coming back for me when she can’t tie you up the way I can or when she won’t pull your pretty hair or spank your cute little ass the way I do. I bet she doesn’t even know you like all that kinky shit.”

Steve’s cheeks go hot. “Fuck you!”

“Be my guest. You know she can’t fuck you the way I can.”

“You sure you aren’t jealous? Because it sure looks like you fantasize about me a lot.”

“For the last time. I’m. Not. Fucking. Jealous.”

“Then what the hell is your problem?”

Billy breathes and takes a step back. Picking up his book and dusting it off, he casually shrugs before leaving with a simple answer: “I just don’t like her.”

Steve only partially believes that.

Robin arrives at four with a bottle of wine. Steve is more of a beer-drinker by nature but thanks her with a kiss. He manages to keep Billy at bay while they turn on Netflix.

Steve isn’t paying attention to the movie they’re watching, something about a killer art gallery. It kinda sucks and one character looks annoyingly like his ex but he doesn’t care. He’s too focused on the way Robin wraps her arms around his waist and leans her head on his shoulder. She feels nice in his arms and her breasts feel especially nice when they nudge against his chest. He finds himself ignoring the movie altogether to the point that they may well be watching nothing at all. All that he can hear is her sweet sighs when he sneaks a hand between her legs.

Until a door opens. 

Billy only wanders through the kitchen to grab a snack Nothing to worry about. At least he’s wearing something. Steve thinks nothing of it until he hears a sharp crunching noise. The prick really thinks that now is a good time to snack on chips? Then, snap! A beer? Really? Snap! Another one? Seriously?

Now he’s walking towards them.

Don’t you fucking dare!

Billy dares. He slumps right next to Steve, ignoring Robin’s gaze. They share a look and shrug as if to agree to ignore him. He can take a hint. Can’t he?

At least he gave me the second can of beer.

Steve doesn’t know how long Billy stays by his side. Long enough to chug down a whole can of beer and belch every few minutes. Disgusting. It’s no help that he feels the need to riff on the movie they’re watching like he’s a fucking critic.

“Am I really watching this shit,” he chuckles. “Or am I imagining it?”

“You don’t have to,” Steve says with a forced smile. “You could always leave.”

“Nah, I’m enjoying this. You know I love a so-bad-it’s-good movie. Actually, that chick looks kinda familiar.”

“Billy, could you just shut up and let us enjoy the movie?”

“No, really, she does! Doesn’t she look like that chick you were dating back in Hawkins?”

Steve stiffens. He can feel Robin’s gaze on him already. 

“You know the one I’m talking about. You guys were serious. What was her name? Niki? Natalie?”

You fucker. “Nancy.”

“Yeah, that’s right! Boy, you were crazy about her.”

“Were you really serious?” Robin asks. Steve can’t speak. The only words in his head are shit, fuck, and bastard.

“They sure were,” Billy tells her. “They were gonna get married, run off to the suburbs, have a dozen kids, and everything. At least, they were until he dumped her for another guy. Jonathan, wasn’t it?”

Robin’s eyes go wide. It takes all of Steve’s strength to keep from grabbing Billy by the neck and choking him to death. Instead, he can only say through gritted teeth: “Billy, I think you should go.”

“What? I’m just being friendly.”

“I’m serious, Billy…”

“Actually,” Robin interrupts. “I’ll go.”

Robin slips easily from Steve’s arms and just manages to slap his hand away when he reaches for hers. When he follows her, he’s almost certain he can see a glimpse of Billy grinning through his next swig of beer.

“Wait,” Steve begs. “Robin, I…”

“It’s okay, Steve, I actually just remembered that I have an early start tomorrow.” That’s a lie and he knows it. 

“Just let me explain.”

Robin shakes her head and wraps herself in a jacket. “You don’t have to explain, Steve, I don’t mind. If you’re into guys, that’s great. I just wish you’d told me about it earlier.”

“But I’m into you, too. Robin, I like you.”

“I like you, too. I just don’t like the idea of being dumped for a dude.”

Steve could kill Billy. “Okay,” he seethes. “I need to straighten that story out.”

Robin only sneers. “Given the situation, I’m not sure if that’s likely. I’ll see you later, Steve.” 

“Robin, wait!”

But it’s too late. The door shuts in his face. Robin is gone. Steve’s feet are suddenly too heavy to follow her. He’s almost certain nothing would come of it if he did. Instead, all he can do is drag himself into the living room where Billy lays on the couch staring into space. The movie that still plays may well be nothing but white noise. Steve finds one of Billy’s books–Pride & Prejudice, of all books–on the nearby counter and throws it at his roommate’s head. The bastard barely even flinches.

“That was low even for you.”

Billy looks Steve dead straight in the eye. There’s almost a hint of remorse in his big baby blues. Almost. “Yeah,” he says. “I know.”