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Life Knowing the Kaibas

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You’d been at the orphanage for two years already by the time the Kaiba’s arrived; you felt sorry for the boys because you knew what happened to fresh meat. Children could be mean if they were left to their own devices, especially kids that were that had been hurt in the past, and there was no way the limited staff could keep up with the fifty orphans that lived here at any given time.
You watched from a tree as a group of older boys circled the Kaiba’s like sharks, giving vague threats about ‘The rules’, most of which involved some level of obedience to the older kids at the orphanage, but there was the occasional ‘protection fee’ thrown in as well.
A different group had tried to pull the same shit on you, but they learned quickly that even if you were only a small child you had claws and you weren’t afraid to use them, that was the only gift your assassin mother had given you.
At first, you remained passive about the Kaiba brothers’ troubles; the hazing was traditional anyways, a way to test the kid’s mettle. Most of the orphans balled up and cried, but some of them bucked up and refused to cooperate, but not many tackled the leader and broke his nose like the older Kaiba had when one of the sharks went to touch his kid brother. It was that moment that you decided that you’d befriend the brothers.
Hopping down from your spot in the tree you casually strolled over to the group and pulled a paring knife you stole from the kitchen out of your boot. “Back off Rick, I like the new kid he’s got nerve, more than I can say for any of you.” You watched as everyone’s eyes focused on the knife in your hand.
“One of these days (Last Name) we aren’t going to listen to you anymore.” One of them said as they stopped off.
Concealing your knife again you approached the Kaiba’s, “Hello I’m (First Name) It’s nice to meet you.”