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Private Time is Essential for SpiderKids

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Laid out on his bed, Peter is breathing hard and running his fingers through the mess on his stomach when Tony opens a video interface, eyes trained on something out of frame as he immediately begins talking, only to be cut off by Peter’s shriek of alarm as he rolls off the bed. Tony’s focus is immediately drawn to the screen, which, to Peter’s horror and Tony’s dawning amusement, follows Peter’s movement. 

There’s a beat of silence as Peter curls into a ball on the floor to hide his nudity and... disheveled state, face boiling red from what Tony can see where he peeks over his knees, before Tony snorts,”Kid, it’s alright, everyone does it. Whenever you’re done, come on down to lab, I’ve had a breakthrough!” Tony is getting hyped up again, attention diverted from the screen once more as he starts to fiddle with whatever’s he has in front of him, and the video mercifully cuts out, the screen zipping away, leaving Peter mortified on the floor.

Yeah, everyone does it, but when you’re caught by your dad-.


Peter studiously wipes that thought from existence and stands up, slumping into the bathroom to shower.


Tony calls it a night around 6:30, knowing the kid needs food by the way his stomach has started howling like an alley cat.

As they trek up stairs and get situated, they make light conversation, ragging at each other, and they’ve both got smiles on their faces when Tony remembers,”Hey, kid, I’ve instated a new protocol with FRIDAY and KAREN, Keep Your Hands to Yourself Protocol, so that video calls don’t go through if you’re... otherwise engaged.” 

Peter, who had just gotten up to get a drink from the fridge, slams the door in surprise, thankfully not denting the handle in shock, before his face contorts into the classic Petulant Teenager visage, and he whines, at full volume,”Daaaaaaaaaaaad!” 


FRIDAY saves a picture of the moment, Tony, half contorted by laughter, face a mix of deliriously happy and struck dumb, while Peter is quite possibly redder than earlier, but still managing to glare at his mentor through the embarrassment.

Tony puts it on a bookshelf in the living room and mercifully doesn’t answer any questions as to the context.

Peter hates that he smiles every time he sees that picture. Really. He does. Just, maybe if hate meant that his heart felt three times too big for body.