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Such a dad *Re-write*

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Peter's P.O.V

I can't believe this is happening.

Aunt May's staring me down looking utterly shocked at me whilst all I can do is stare back at her. Her hands clenched and unclenched as she seemed to be assessing the situation, her eyes boring into my own. A single breath could set her off right now and I didn't want to do that. "Get out." She mutters with such a monotone voice I felt my spine turn to ice.

"Aunt May-" I don't get much out before she stormed towards me and stops inches from my face.

"Don't 'Aunt May' me right now, I want you out of my apartment before I find a way to force you out. You have ten minutes, get what you need and get out." She turns on her heal and storms out of my room. I don't waste time, grabbing what I can, a small list in my head.

  • Clothes
  • Laptop
  • Phone
  • Chargers
  • Suit

It repeats constantly as I grab what I can and shove it in my duffle bag, making sure I have everything I walk out the room, taking a look around I spot Aunt May's door closed, deciding to leave her alone I left the apartment. I didn't know where to go so I started walking.
And I just kept walking.

I didn't know where I was going but I needed to get away from the apartment.


It had gotten dark now, it wasn't that long ago she'd kicked me out but the cold was picking up and I was finally feeling the gravity of the situation. I don't know what to do, I need help, I need-

Mr. Stark?

Tony Stark was standing in front of me, coffee in hand and a bag of McDonalds in the other, a look of guilt on his face. "M..Mr Stark?" I mutter confused, he passes me the McDonalds and tilts his head to some benches, it takes me a moment to realize I'd walked all the way to central park. With a small sigh, I walk over to the bench and sit down. Mr. Stark looks me over for a moment before sighing.

"Your Aunt called me." He mutters, sipping his coffee. "Well I say me, more along the lines of she called Happy who in turn called me. Said she found out you where Spider-Man and ran off?" He tries to make it sound like a statement but I knew it was a question. I sigh a little and shake my head.

"No...She walked in on me trying on the new suit." I gulp back a sob, I shouldn't be crying dammit. I'm better than this. "I-I tried to talk to her but she kicked me out. Said to stop calling her Aunt May." I mumble, I almost jump when I feel a hand brush my cheek.

"Kid, I'm so sorry." Tony's voice whispers and sighs. "Look, I'm not great at getting people to stop crying - half the time I make it worse by doing something idiotic but that's beside the point - If you want you can stay at the compound with me." He moves his hands and I glance at him, he's smiling awkwardly and his face screams 'please stop crying'. I take a deep breath and nod awkwardly.

"y-yeah, thanks, Mr. Stark," I mumbled, picking up my duffle again. Tony snorts a little.

"I got that kid, you eat that burger. Happy!" He calls over across the park, the man is waiting by the car. "We got a bag!" Mr. Stark shouts picking it up and awkwardly waving it, he pauses for a moment and a look of amusement shone on his face. "Hey come on be happy!" He grins. I snort a little and Mr. Stark gently bumps me with his shoulders. "By the way kid. It's Tony." He lets me know as Happy finally reaches us and takes my bags, stopping me when I attempt to take them.

"Don't even try it, kid." He mutters, turning around and walking away. I glance at Tony who just shrugs with a grin.

"You heard Hap, come on. We can chat in the car." He casually slings his arm around my shoulders and guides me to the limo. "Thought you'd wanna travel in style." He grins at me almost like he knows what I was thinking. I immediately climb into the car and wait for Tony to follow.

It's not so cold anymore.


I'm woken up by a gentle shake of my shoulders. Tony's voice echoing through the fog of sleep. "Hey kid, come on. I can't carry you, you need to get up kid" he mumbles, I whine curling in on my self a bit. Tony gives a sigh and I can almost hear him thinking what he's going to do, but I don't care. I'm too tired and comfy to move. "FRI anyone about that can lift a teenaged spider-brat around?" I hear him mutter. It goes quiet for a moment as he waits for an answer.

"Mr. Barnes is on his way down. The other Avengers are all either currently sleeping or are currently unavailable." The Irish voice chimes softly, Tony sighs a little as I curl up a bit. A small whine escaping me at the noise as I involuntarily curl into my self.

"Yeah fine, how long till Winnie shows up?" Tony questions softly, a hand brushing throw my hair. I can feel sleep tugging me back down now as I lean into the weight.

"First of all. Don't call me Winnie ever again." Bucky's voice carries through the room and Tony's hand stops for a moment. "Second of all, what's this about an 'immovable object' that you can't just move with the suit?" Honestly, if I was more awake I'd be having a small fan-boy moment.

"Well, not an object per-say. More like a person?" Tony says unsurely, moving away from me. All I can hear is some grumbles, and as time goes on I feel my self fully slip back to sleep. Only just making out the slight feeling of cold metal on my legs.


Tony's P.O.V

I stuck close to Bucky as he carried Peter through the halls, he looked curious as to why I - Tony Stark - brought home a teenaged boy at three am. But he was thankfully smart enough not to ask whilst he held Peter. "He's not mine. Just so you know." I mumble as I open up what would have been Peter's room if he'd said yes not even a week ago. I smile taking a look around the star wars themed room with a small smile. Bucky snorts a little.

"No shit? kid's got your puppy dog eyes." He mutters and I scoff a little.

"You haven't seen his eyes," I mutter and that bastard just scoffs at me, like I don't know what I'm talking about.

"Don't need to. The kid has a baby face so he's bound to have puppy eyes like you." He smirks at me as he sets Peter in the bed, tucking the covers around the kid like an overly attentive nanny.

"So what's the story, Tony? You don't tend to kidnap people....well not that I've seen, for all I know you could have a secret building full of people." He awkwardly jokes and I snort at the idea.

"No, this kid's my intern. His aunt kicked him out for something he couldn't control and he'd been wandering around since like four this afternoon? it's a bit jumbled from there but I got a call from her saying he ran out. I got to separate stories and because I know this kid better than I know her I can tell you he wouldn't just run away. Not from her." I go to continue but realize I was over-sharing again and Bucky was just listening. "Right, sorry. You're probably tired, don't mind me." I mumble, Bucky snorts a little.

"Tony, calm down. I'm not really tired, I'm used to being up by this time. Come on, I was gonna bake. How about I make a hot chocolate and some cookies then get you to bed." Bucky calmly tells me, before I can even argue he's got me over his shoulder and walking out of Peter's room.

"You know I can walk right?" I mumble as he walks slowly down the hall.

"Yeah, but you'll just run if I set you down. Like a child not wanting to go bed yet, I'm not in the mood to chase you around like that." He teases me a little and I scoff.

"Am not" I mumble and Bucky just laughs at me.

I won't admit it but the hot chocolate was great and the cookies were delicious...I did fall asleep not long after that.


Peter's P.O.V

Someone was staring at me.

I could feel eyes on me as I faked sleep, keeping my breathing pattern normal I wait for whoever it is to leave. A voice whispers into the room. "Nat, what are you doing in here?" The voice asks softly, the question is met with silence for a moment before a woman's voice answers.

"There's a kid in here. You know anything about this?" the woman's voice - who I assume is this Nat woman - asks, silence envelops the room for another few minutes and then I feel a hand gently tap my cheek, I scrunch my face up and roll over to avoid the touching. "Clint." 'Nat's' voice warns lightly and I hear a chuckle above me.

"Relax, I'm just waking him up." 'Clint's' voice mutters above me. "Hey kid, come on up you get." He comments shaking my shoulder, I give a small groan and decide to test something.

"Tony stooooopppp" I groan pulling the cover over my head tiredly, the shaking stops and the room goes quiet.

"Fuck" Clint mutters above me, I hear hurried footsteps leave the room and decide to give it a few minutes before I slide out of bed with a groan.

"Good morning Mr. Parker, If you'd like to shower there is a bathroom connected to the left of your room and a wardrobe equipped with clothes of preference chosen out by my self and Mr. Stark based on your personal clothing choice." Friday's voice goes off above me and I flinch at the noise and mumble an awkward 'thanks' and walk into the bathroom, I sniff some of the sprays Tony had grabbed for me as well as some of the shampoo's and conditioner. Deciding to get it over with I strip down and jump into the shower.


I give a sigh as I put on a plain black t-shirt, a flannel shirt over the top and then some jeans. Getting some socks and shoes on I follow Friday's directions to the kitchen and was honestly surprised at what I saw, the Avengers where eating together (minus one Bruce Banner who was cooking said food) the moment I stepped in two of the worlds best agents - Clint freaking Barton and Natasha Romanov - Look away so fast you'd think they'd never learned what being inconspicuous was. "Peter!" Tony's voice echoes through the silence, as the billionaire walks over to me. "Guys, meet Peter. Peter the Avengers." Not giving me or the others a chance to actually talk he drags me over to the kitchen aisle and hands me a plate of pancakes.

"Tony..." I glance up to see Dr. Banner standing in front of us, he's wringing his hands and awkwardly tilts his head towards me. "So um...the kid?? you said his names, Peter?" He glances at Tony and it takes me a moment to realize that he probably feels uneasy about a 'child' (I'm not one but I guess in his eyes I am) living in such a close range. "Sorry, how long are you staying here?" He questions. I gulp back lightly and before I have a chance to answer, Tony is already answering for me.

"He's staying here indefinitely either until he chooses to leave or other arrangements are made." I look at my hands and start to quietly pick at my nails. I could feel all the Avengers staring at me in silence.

"Kid talk or is he mute?" A voice asks from across the room. I hear the wearing of metal plates and realize that it was The Bucky Barnes. His metal hand rested on my shoulder and a quick glance at Tony told me he was watching for any kind of aggressive movements. "Ignore the rest of these guys kid. Guarantee you that by the end of the day you'll have us all fussin' over you....'specially Stevie." He mumbles, I glance at him and he winks a bit at me whilst I hear Steve grumble to himself.

"You know what'd be great? Not having my best friend call me out like that. I feel attacked." Steve's voice filters through and the group chuckle. I smile slightly and start to quietly eat. "But seriously, are you mute?" Steve asks and I almost choked from the sound of people smacking their foreheads in annoyance. "What?"

"....I see you weren't exaggerating about him being a clueless puppy." I mumble to Tony, who just laughs at that, I hear Steve splutter and my face goes red. I forgot about his enhanced hearing.

"Nice," Bucky mumbles ruffling my hair, I feel my self scrunch up into my self and flush red at the affection. Tony's own eyes were nothing but amused and loving.

"Come on, eat up and then I'll take you to the lab and we can science!" Tony tells me excitedly and I wince a bit from his enthusiasm, as much as I want to go down to the lab I'm just not in the mood for it.

"Yeah, sure Mr-I mean Tony...I just gotta..." I trail off for a moment and think for a moment. "Finish unpacking. I dunno, I feel like someone was in my room earlier so I just want to get it away." I mutter and I hear Clint stand quickly.

"Oh wow, look at that I forgot to.....urm...Tighten my bowstring! Can't fight with a lax bow string now can I? alright bye guys!" He's out the room in minutes and I snort a little at that. Tony scoffs.

"So you guys couldn't even wait for him to wake up?" Tony questions and I watch not only Natasha but Steve, Sam and even Bruce bow their heads in shame. "Did you all seriously go through his stuff?? Shame! Captain America such dishonour!" He points his finger at all of them and I can't help my self.

"Dishonour on you, dishonour on your family and dishonour on your cow," I whisper, I hear both Bucky and Bruce snort at my remark whilst Steve looks at me confused. Tony's got that 'I didn't hear what you said to look' and I just awkwardly shrug a little. "Made a Disney reference?" I say awkwardly and Tony just rolls his eyes.

"kids." He snipes ruffling my hair, I scoff rolling my eyes. "Alright, eat and go do what you want just don't go blowing anything up. I mean it Parker" He warns and I grin at him, looking as innocent as possible.

"Alright, no accidental explosions," I promise and Tony moves to leave before pausing.

"No blowing anything up on purpose either!" He warns and I groan. "Peter. I am literally the adult version of you, I know you'd blow something up for shits and giggles." He says shrugging. I watch Steve's face contort as he points to Tony.

"Watch your language there is a child." He warns Bucky snickers and grins at me.
"Would someone please think of the children!" He chimes in, his voice high and overly dramatic as he rests his flesh hand to his forehead and rests himself against Steve. Said man glared daggers at his friend.

"You're banned from all tv programs and internet access is revoked." He threatens.
Yeah. I think I'll like it here.


3rd Person P.O.V

Wanda watched from the corner of the kitchen as Peter interacted with the group, her temper becoming ignited as he almost immediately starts to get along with the group. Her eyes darkened as she watched Steve especially get along with him. Only one thought was going through her mind as she left the room.

'I'll make him leave.'


Peter's P.O.V

It's been a few hours since breakfast, I was currently curled up in the library and I could feel eyes still on me. I knew it was Natasha as I could smell her vanilla and lavender scent hanging in the air. "Is there something you need miss Romanov?" I question and I hear her scoff.

"I don't know, maybe I do and maybe I don't." She mumbles in a coy tone, I glance over at her and sigh. Placing my book down I look at her.

"Look miss Romanov, if there is something you need to talk about can we get it out of the way as I can and will have an anxiety attack from someone just staring me out like that." I'm not usually this confrontational but she'd been doing this since I woke and she'd taken my favorite shirt (A soft light blue flannel shirt) and was currently wearing it.

"Y'know, I have to wonder why Tony would take in a twelve-year-old out of the blue." She starts and I roll my eyes with a sigh.

"I'm sixteen actually," I mumble and I feel her eyes rake over me. I continue before she has a chance to talk. "He took me in because I had family drama, he needs his intern in top form to help out. That's it. No big reveal, no random 'oh my god you're his biological son' I'm literally his intern and that's it." I stress to her.

Damn...I might actually be committing to a death sentence. Maybe I do need to sleep more?

"Mhm." She hums a little and smirks a bit at me. "Defiantly just an intern." She comments and pats my lap gently. "So, what school do you go to?" She asks tilting her head. I look at her unsure but she genuinely curious so I sigh, giving up reading my book and allowing myself to be interrogated.

"I go to Midtown tech," I answer calmly and she nods a little, an almost knowing smile on her face.

"Another scientist." She mutters and shakes her head a little. "Tony seems to be able to sniff you guys out. First Bruce, then Harley and now you? I think he's secretly trying to make a team of science nerds." She jokes and I snort a bit, I know who Harley is as Tony's looked after him on and off at the tower since I met him - I'm pretty sure he's trying to adopt him - and I nod a bit and smirk.

"Careful, you'll reveal his plan of attack next." I joke, Natasha chuckles a little.
"Oh good, I love finding out secrets." She winks at me a little, and I roll my eyes. "So, got a girlfriend? Boyfriend? significant other?" She questions and I roll my eyes.

"No, I don't besides-" A loud alarm sounds in the room and I wince. "What's that?" I ask curious, Natasha glances at me. "Avenger alarm, stay here." She orders running off out of the room. I sigh a little with an eye roll, just as I'm getting up Tony walks in quickly pointing at me.

"Nope. This one is a no Spider-Man job. Stay here, read your book. Netflix is up and ready for use just no porn alright? Alright. See ya." He comments patting my shoulder and running out of the room. I glare a bit and sigh.

"Friday? Any precautions to stop me from-" I don't even get to finish my sentence as metal blinds slide down on the windows, clearly made to stop me from leaving. "Alright, I get it. Don't go out and fight whatever they're fighting." I hold my hands up. Leaving the book on the table I walk to the common room, deciding to watch something on Netflix.


Tony's P.O.V

I'm flying to the fight scene when I hear Natasha click onto my coms. "So I see your collecting spiders now?" she questions and I internally sigh. Of course, she figured it out already.

"What will it take for you not to squeal spider-mom?" I question and I can hear the grin on Natasha's face as she is quick to answer.

"Accept that date with Bucky." She was quick, like a gun being shot with her answer.

"I'll accept when he asks." I retort and sigh, hanging up. This was going to be a long fight.


Peter's P.O.V

I hear the elevator doors open and the sounds of tired feet shuffling across the floor, I lay in my half asleep state, listening for any noise or sign of who it was. "Fucking hell that kid can sleep through anything." I hear Clint's voice near me.

Seriously? What's with it always Clint who finds me asleep.

"Barton, leave the kid alone. He's still exhausted from the last few days." That was Steve's voice, closer as well. "...Should we move him?" He questions, I hear small murmurs before hands reach under my sides. I flinch away, opening my eyes tiredly and hear Steve trying to calm me down. "Sorry Peter, I-I was just trying to get you to bed." He stutters out awkwardly and I wave my hand.

"No it's fine just gave me a scare is all." I slur out and rub my eyes with a sigh. "You guys ok?" I ask looking at them all.

"Yeah, was just a small tentacle monster." Clint answers quickly and I look at him in shock. "Nope, you'll see it on the news tomorrow. You need to sleep, bed mister." He orders sternly and I roll my eyes. "I'll get Tony, I mean it!" He teases cheekily and I huff standing up.

"It's not even seven yet." I mutter in annoyance and Clint points to the hallway again. "Alright Mr. Barton I'm going." I grumble shuffling off down the hall. Before I get chance to enter the bedroom I'm grabbed by familiar hands. "Tony!" I squeak, he just laughs a little.

"Sorry kid but come on, I need to test some stuff out and I need you to help me." He all but drags me into the elevator, I chuckle shaking my head a little and allow him to drag me off to the labs.

It wont be long....right?

Wrong, I was so wrong.

By the time me and Tony left the lab the sun was back up and most of the Avengers where either out or in the kitchen again. Bucky and Steve take one look at us and both sigh. "Don't tell me. He took you down to the lab?" Steve asks and once I nod he shoots Tony a glare. "He's a child Tony. He needs to sleep." He starts lecturing Tony on the importance of sleep whilst I shuffle over to the coffee pot and pour myself the largest cup of coffee I could. As I'm drinking I notice Bucky's staring at me silently.

"....What?" I ask, the solider just shakes his head and smiles a bit, waving his hand in a 'it doesn't matter' way before going back to watching Steve lecture Tony. I continue to sip my coffee, a smile on my face.

I could get used to this.