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Flowers of Flesh and Blood

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Normal life found it's way after many a hurdles.

2D was arrested for manslaughter, but was found innocent due to the circumstances he was in.

The world saw Nelly and her father as brave hero's for standing up to there abuse, even saying how 2D should've been rewarded for killing Murdoc.

After the trail, 2D quit music. He and his family moved to a sleepy small town far from the ocean, far from wobble street, and far from the remnants of Kong.

2D started up a law firm for defending victims of abuse, and spent the rest of his fame on speaking out against it. He wanted the world to hear the story he never thought he would be able to tell. The man was also finally able to receive proper therapy, and overcome a good part of his trauma. He stopped going by 2D, got his hyphemas drained and his teeth fixed. He was happy.

Carmen finally went to school and got a job as an elementary school nurse. She would too would speak out about abuse, although her focus was how to care for a victim. She would have two more children with Stuart. She was happy.

Nelly was able to make a full recovery from her trauma, the only lasting scar being an anxiety disorder. She never really opened up about her trauma, letting her parents tell the story for her. She went through middle and high school with little issue, and was able to fully return to her happy, bubbly self. She was happy.

Gorillaz spilt up permanently, and there music slowly faded into obscurity. People started to refrain from mentioning anything to do with it, as each song seemed to carry a memory of abuse. Radio stations scrubbed there songs from tracklists, games and TV shows stopped using the music in scores. It became known as “that band with the child rapist” or “that band with the history of terrible abuse.” Any company or celebrity that had anything to do with them issued an apology for overlooking the abuse.

Noodle went on to become a model for alt fashion brands, and have a mildly successful j-pop solo career. She would speak out about her child abuse at times, saying that it made her the strong woman she is now. She is happy.

Russell moved back to America to be with family. He settled down into a quiet, simple life as a middle school band director. He is happy.

Murdoc in the end did go down in history. Not as the world's best bass player or the founder as the world's best band. But as a violent pedophile who tortured everyone he worked with. His name was cursed when people spoke it, not a single person had room in there heart for him.

Normality found its way, excavated from under a garden of flowers of flesh and blood.


The End.