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Flowers of Flesh and Blood

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Nelly had always been a happy child. Her parents welcomed her into their marriage with more smiles and hugs imaginable. Nelly was born to happy, upbeat, father 2D and calm, sweet, mother Carmen. Both parents cherished their only child. Making sure that her childhood didn't match the tedious, hospital filled one of her father's, or the lonely, quiet one of her mother's. Nelly, as perhaps of a result of their love, was always a great ball of energy. She was all smiles and giggles and overall joy. She brought a great happiness to her family, one the PTSD ridden 2D and the stressed Carmen had a hard time bringing. Nelly was able to wipe away anyone's tears, to fill a room with lightness that wasn't even there in the first place. Even when she had to leave her parents side to live with Carmen's brother Michael (whom see called grandpa), she stayed happy. Her focus went to the weekend visits and phone calls her parents made. As they were determined not to let Murdoc of all people keep them away from there child. Now even as a hormonal 12 year old, Nelly stays happy and upbeat. Or, she did stay happy and upbeat. One day, the world changed for Nelly. And her happy self seemed to fade, for what her parents feared to be forever.