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The Angelicus Betrayal

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“You can kill the Oni, but me, ME?! I AM A THOUSAND YEARS OLD!!! YOU CAN’T KILL ME!!!” yelled the oncoming fox demon wearing Stiles’ face.

“But we can change you.” replied Lydia, her voice weak and exhausted but with the hint of ice and fire that they had all come to fear, “You forgot about the scroll. The Shugendo scroll;

Change the host. You can't be a fox and a wolf.” her voice getting louder in anticipation of what was to come.

With a huge roar Scott came up behind the Nogitsune and bit into its right bicep, his alpha red eyes glowing in rage and triumph at the thought of defeating the fox demon. As soon as Scott had released his fangs from the Nogitsune’s arm Kira appeared behind it with her Katana and stabbed it through the abdomen. Cracks appeared around its middle and on its face as the body it had created from Stiles slowly crumbled. As one Stiles crumbled the other one collapsed against Lydia, unconscious as the strain of the last weeks hit him all at once, the world turning black to his eyes




“Oh, God, I fainted, didn't I?” was the first thing out of Stiles’ mouth, his words slightly slurred and groggy.

“Yes, yes you did,” was all Lydia had to say

“He is gone? He is finally gone?”

“Gone. Locked away”

“So, I am free? No more nightmares, no more evil fox dude in my head trying to control me and kill people?”

“Yes, you are just skinny defenceless Stiles, pack human extraordinaire” came a drawl from the dark room. They all knew that voice, the drawl, the sarcasm and the icy edge to it well known to both Lydia and Stiles.

“Well if it isn’t uncle creeper, how was your holiday whilst we were all almost dying? I hope we didn’t disturb it with our screams as we almost died.” deadpanned Stiles, somehow pulling off the dry humour even as Lydia helped him to his feet. Scott and Kira were nowhere to be seen, probably already gone and left. ‘Typical’ thought Stiles, and he could tell Lydia was thinking as much ‘the humans are safe so now is time to go and check on his beloved Allison’

“Most enjoyable actually, I went skiing in Colorado and then for a shopping trip to New York. You really must come next time, I am sure we can find something to improve your otherwise dismal wardrobe” snarked back Peter, watching as Stiles’ and Lydia’s eyebrows went up in surprise at his oddly genuine answer.

“Some of us care more than about our wardrobe Creep, some of us want to live” was all Stiles managed to say before his exhaustion once again put him out.

“Does he normally do that?”

“What? Faint? No. I would say that is a side effect of Nogitsune possession and physical abuse, mental anguish, exhaustion or maybe all of the above,'” growled Lydia back at the snarky werewolf.




It took a full week before Stiles was able to do more than shuffle around the house, not caring what he was wearing, often just in some pyjama bottoms and an oversized hoodie to cover his thin frame, thinner still since the Nogitsune. His father was pulling more shifts and was never at home, instead staying to sleep in his office, the few times he was home he was asleep and wouldn’t talk to Stiles and barely even glanced at him. Stiles knew that his father knew. He knew about the supernatural and had probably heard from Scott what the Nogitsune, what he had done.

’ Dad is ashamed of me, and he should be, I was too weak to stop it, almost got my friends killed, all because I am weak and human’.

The absence and silence from his father were one thing but the silence from the Pack was deafening. Not one text, not a call, not a Facebook message in sight. It was true radio silence, not that Stiles really wanted to talk to them still feeling fragile and upset since he found himself in his bed after defeating the Nogitsune alone and cold. He had at least expected a message from Scott or Lydia just checking in on him but nothing at all from them or any other member of the pack.

‘What do you expect? You’re just the pack human, no one wants you there anyway’

‘No, they are just busy, needing to recover and rest, that is why, they probably just forgot to call or their phones are broken, that’s why they didn’t call, they also want to let me rest’

That was the only thing keeping him sane, the thought that he was still important and part of the pack even if they were busy. Even though every day the thoughts and the worry got worse he wouldn’t let them overcome him; he could beat a Nogitsune and he could beat this doubt.




Peter was pacing around the loft.

“Something feels wrong, something is wrong, I know it,” muttered Peter

“I am sure it is just something you ate, my dearest uncle,” replied Derek from his place on the sofa, too busy reading Tolstoy to bother a glance at his uncle who had been pacing and muttering for the past few hours.

“Can you not feel it? The bonds, the Pack. Something is happening with the bonds” snapped Peter, “Call a pack meeting!”

“I can feel it, something is wrong, the balance is out but that is Scott’s to call not mine,”

“Well then tell that idiot to call a pack meeting, and tell him to have it here, I can’t be bothered to drive”

“Lazy bugger…” growled Derek under his breath as Peter stalked up the spiral staircase, no doubt to be able to lurk in on their pack meeting like the creep that he was. Despite it all he still got his phone out and sent a message to the group chat




Stiles was on his laptop researching about water nymphs when he heard the howl nonfiction of the pack group-chat. He didn’t really need to be looking up water nymphs but he guessed it was never too early to start preparing for the next monster or creature to come their way, and given the pack’s luck it was only a matter of time before an angry water nymph headed their way. He continued reading the article he was on before turning to look at his phone that he had discarded on his bed:


Sourwolf: Pack meeting in 10 @loft


‘Short, to the point, very Derek’ thought Stiles with a slight snort ‘Sent 10m ago’. Realising he had to get dressed and have a shower before going anywhere near the sense enhanced Weres Stiles ran to the bathroom and 7 minutes was bounding down the stairs barely dressed and hair wet, he was already late so what more did it matter being a bit later to have a shower? Getting into his baby blue Jeep Stiles started to drive over to Derek’s loft in the industrial quarter of Beacon Hills ‘Seriously someone needs to teach Derek about suitable residential quarters’




Derek waited for in the living room, standing facing the large window that looked out over the downtown area of Beacon Hills. First came Kira with Malia, both chatting amicably and not noticing the tense atmosphere emanating from Derek. Next came Scott with the puppy that was Isaac trailing after him, looking lost as always. Finally, came Allison with Chris walking in behind her, hand on his side, no doubt on his gun in case he needed to defend his daughter from any of the werewolves present, even as unlikely as that was.


“Derek? Why did you call this meeting? You aren’t the alpha anymore, you don’t get to call a pack meeting,” growled Scott from his position on the sofa next to Isaac and Allison.

“Something is wrong with the pack bonds, you as Alpha should have called a pack meeting by now to check on everyone is okay and why the pack bonds are no longer stable,”

“What the hell are you talking about, I am the true alpha if there is anything wrong I would be able to feel it. This is my pack and I would know if something was up, everyone is fine apart from Allison who still has her injuries but she is healing!” shouted Scott straight back at him, already starting to flash his eyes at the beta wolf.

“Put your eyes and fangs away before I burst your eardrums as punishment for being an idiot,” hissed Lydia as she strode in, 5”3’ frame perfectly encased in a blue summer dress and 6-inch heels clicking on the solid wood floor. “What kind of alpha are you if you can’t even listen to your betas, extremely more experienced betas mind you?”

“I don’t have to listen to a failed alpha who can’t even keep his own pack together. What would he even know? His pack left him because he was so bad at it.”

“AHHHHHHH!!!!!” screamed Lydia, aiming her Banshee scream at the alpha, all of the wolves in the room wincing at the assault to their senses. “Have you finished yet? Good. Now listen, before I decide that I like the look of red lipstick and want to use wolf-blood to line my lips to make it pop. Now, Derek is right, the voices are louder, something is wrong with the pack or the Nemeton. The balance is wrong,”

“Deaton said that was just a residual from all the chaos energy from the Nogitsune,” countered Scott

Lydia rolled her eyes at this statement ‘Could this boy be any thicker?’ Lydia and Peter had been doing research and had started to look into the Druid Emissary, there were simply too many loose ends with that man, far too many.


“Talking of the Nogitsune, where is Stiles?” spoke Peter, suddenly appearing from the shadows behind the staircase that he had descended without a single sound or any other than Derek noticing “Shouldn’t he be here for the pack meeting?”

“This is a pack meeting, Stiles isn’t pack. Thus, he isn’t here!” replied Scott in a bored voice and he nuzzled into Allison.

“Excuse you?! Stiles isn’t Pack?! Have you taken leave of your senses?!” Derek suddenly re-entered into the conversation yelled at the Alpha who currently seemed more interested in the huntress beside him rather than the fact that he had just blasted a metaphorical bomb into the pack meeting. “ I knew you were an idiot but even you cannot be this idiotic! You can't exile Stiles!”

“I can and I will. HE IS NOT PACK.” roared Scott in Derek’s enraged face.

“Well I don’t think you told him that now did you, considering his heartbeat is just outside the door” sneered Peter as he turned to the door just as it slid open.




“This is a pack meeting, Stiles isn’t pack. Thus, he isn’t here!” was the first thing that Stiles heard as soon as he got to the door of Derek’s loft. ‘What? I’m not pack? But I am right? I am the pack human yeah but I am still pack.’

“Excuse you?! Stiles isn’t Pack?! Have you taken leave of your senses?! I knew you were an idiot but even you cannot be this idiotic! You can’t exile Stiles!” replied Derek, his voice almost a full wolf growl already.

“I can and I will. HE IS NOT PACK.” roared Scott straight back

“Well I don’t think you told him that now did you, considering his heartbeat is just outside the door”

‘Okay going in,’ Stiles thought to himself as he slid open the door.

All eyes were looking at him as he walked in, he had never felt so uncertain in his life, ‘Okay ‘Stiles, play dumb, don’t let them know you know’

“Hey guys, Derek said there was a pack meeting, what is it about? Have we got a new baddy for the week?” said Stiles as he wondered in in his usual jovial tone of voice, even if he knew that Derek and Peter could already smell his hurt, sadness and betrayal.

“Why don’t I let the ALPHA explain that to you?” seethed Derek, Peter and Lydia nodding beside him and glaring at the tanned alpha.

“So, Scott what is the problem? Have we got another Wendigo? What’s the problem?”

“You. You’re the problem. You’re no longer part of this pack. Get out,” was all Scott growled out his eyes flashing at the human.

“I’m not part of the pack? why? Tell me why Scott! Why am I being thrown out? What did I do?” Stiles was barely stopping himself from crying or yelling or both at the same time. He could feel his heart breaking inside, a pain in his chest as his brother was throwing him out of the pack, out of his family.

“You betrayed us. You betrayed all of us. You sided with that monster. You are disturbing the energy of the pack. It is your fault the pack is injured, you nearly killed us all. You wanted to be with that demon, you wanted its power, that’s why you let it in, that why you became fused with that demon. You’re jealous of me, you always resented that I got the bite and that I am the true alpha. Now, you are nothing, you are not pack, now GET OUT!!!!” Scott all but roared at the now trembling human. Stiles was many things and intelligent was one of them, he turned around and all but ran from the loft even as his chest burst into agony as he felt his faint pack bonds be ripped from his chest.




No one said anything until they heard Stiles’ Jeep tear out of the gravel parking lot. Scott was already not caring about anything apart from kissing Allison, the fact that he had just ripped a pack member out of their pack didn’t even feature on his mind.

Derek, Peter and Lydia on the other hand were in shock. The two werewolves felt their bond to Stiles shatter and the agony of losing a pack bond bringing back memories of the night of the fire as they last felt their pack bonds to each member of their family shatter as the fire started by Kate massacred their pack and their family.

“What did you just do you fool?! You just exiled the most valuable member of your pack,” Peter could barely get through his gritted teeth, his anger almost a shimmering aura in the air around him. “I refuse to be in this pack anymore, you do not deserve to be an alpha. Stiles is the most brilliant and important person in this entire pack, hell you wouldn’t even be a pack without him.”

Derek just looked at Scott with his blue wolf eyes,

“You are going to regret this, you have just lost half of your pack, I choose Stiles over you, you are an idiot to ever think that Stiles would ever do anything to hurt anyone without reason and he would die before he would ever harm any member of the pack. Hell! He almost did kill himself to save you from the Nogitsune. You are blind.”

Lydia didn’t even deign to give Scott a vocal response at first, she simply lifted eye perfectly manicured eyebrow at the Alpha,

“You ever cross me, my pack or Stiles again and you will learn why the Banshee is the harbinger of death.” Without a backwards glance she strode out of the loft, Derek and Peter behind her, one thought in her head ‘We are coming Stiles, your Pack is coming for you.’