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Saying that Riku was a Drama Queen was an understatement. He sometimes wondered if he was the only person with logical sense in here. Like Kairi was pretty much cool, she was a little too much of a Princess. Yes, Riku still loved her – since they were friends, but Kairi was sly. He had to be careful around her.

And there was Sora… Oh god, do we even need to describe that always happy, cheeky and goofy-boy? We really need to address his personality just a little bit… Really? Since Riku was easy to make frustrated… maybe too easy.

“I told you numerous times Sora, that just shut your mouth, sit down, and listen to me or else I am going to shove down your Keyblade into your esophagus.” Riku said with the calmest voice he could master. He was slowly losing his temper over the hyperactive best friend of his who ran around in the room like he just went crazy. Which was true… Sora was everything but crazy.

“I just can’t Riku!” he whined, pulling on his strands. “I want everything to be perfect!” Sora was distressed. He already took three tranquillizer – they all worth nothing. Even… He was more frantic about the whole thing. “I checked the list the third time now. I even redid all the gift wrapping. Kairi is still doing some cookies… I got all the decorations and—”

Riku put his hand on Sora’s mouth and dragged him out of the room. “For god’s sake! Rest already!” he shoved the boy into his bedroom – a little too harsh than he wanted to but at this point he was just uber annoyed. No… He was mad. “Why can’t you just stop your stupid rampant organisation?! It is irritating and annoying as hell!” he raised his voice. “How can you be so stupid to get over-excited about meaningless things?!”

He knew Sora wanted everything to go smoothly. To be perfect, because Sora cared, he wanted everyone to feel at ease to be happy. That was his personality, a little sunshine. A smile of his just can make everyone smile at response.

Sora looked up at his best friend. First, he was confused – stunned even. He didn’t know Riku was this mad at him. He didn’t know what he did wrong in the first place, he just wanted everything to work out – but… maybe he just made everything turn out worse?  Soon enough his expression turned into a frown. Maybe, he just ruined everything? Before he knew it big salty tears streamed down his cheeks. For god’s sake… Sora was so sensitive. He even cried for a damned fly… They even found out that he was secretly grieving over the killed Heartless. He had such a soft heart…

After he said those words, Riku realized he made the biggest mistake possible. He just made Sora cry and now he felt like an idiot. Sora stood in front of him with hurt in his baby-blue eyes, his lips and body trembling like a leaf in the wind as he was sobbing softly.

It just reminded Riku that how much a vulnerable boy Sora was – even though he was a ray of sunlight, always laughter and an awfully naïve and carefree person, jumping into trouble after trouble just to help his friends – an ordinary sixteen years old boy.

Of course, he was extremely strong. You could always depend on him, but Sora never ever poured his heart out to anyone. He just didn’t like to make others worry over him…

Seeing him crying made Riku’s heart dwelling with guilt and regret. He even slapped his own forehead – maybe it was too loud – which startled Sora a little bit.

Riku sighed as he bent a little bit down to be in eye level with the smaller boy – he was so tiny like a girl - and smiled softly at him. “I am sorry, Sora… I was too harsh with you.” he said soothingly, patting his head.

Sora looked like a typic 5-year old who just dropped his ice-cream. Big tears falling from his big eyes, snot running from the nose… Wait, what?

Riku couldn’t really react when Sora simple buried his face into Riku’s chest and hugged him.

Riku knew… He knew too well. He pushed the boy away seeing how he was snickering. “You little—” he ruffled Sora’s already messy hair. “I cannot believe you used me as a tissue!” he stated annoyed but relieved since the brunet was as silly as ever.

“Yep. You deserved it.” he stuck out his tongue at Riku.

“You are too spoiled… That’s your problem.”

“No, I am not!”

“You are!”

“I am not!”

“Shut up!” addressed another voice. There was a sound and soon both were covered in flour.

“What the hell?!” shouted Riku, glaring murderously at the raven-haired boy – who was the spitting image of Sora, but in an evil version.

“You were annoying. I solved the problem.” Vanitas said with a smirk. “And Kairi told me to gather everyone.”

“YOU?!” said the two boys in unison. Okay, this was getting crazier. Kairi asked Vanitas of all people to gather the rest of the gang. This was ridiculous. This cannot be true.

“You are lying.” said Sora.
“This is too extreme.” said Riku.

“Fuck yourselves.” and with that Vanitas turned around and left the room, leaving Riku and Sora covered in flour…

“Riku, what--?” Riku stopped the question by raising his head.

“Forget what he said. He is stupid, he is evil…” ‘HE IS YOUR DAMN CLONE AND YET!’ Riku wanted to scream but swallowed it down. Seeing Sora’s face and voice telling those kinds of words just too much for him. “And never ever mention that!” he warned Sora as he too left the room, already deciding in his mind to have a shower, it maybe will help him cool down.

“Huh?” Sora blinked. “I just wanted to ask what to do with the chocobo.” Sora looked at the little bird on his shoulder. “Do you want some… fruit maybe?” he asked.

The chocobo looked up at Sora and nodded.

“Well, then… After I get rid of the flour, I am gonna give you some, does it sound good?”

The little bird nodded his head again and Sora took it as an okay… If only he knew that Riku had another visitor…

“How is it?” Kairi shoved the spoon into Ventus’s mouth for the umpteenth time today.

“Maybe a little salt.” he said. He was drained, he literally felt like his tongue would just pack up its things, write its renunciation and leave his mouth.

He just only got here ten minutes ago, and he already felt like if he must taste more things he would just throw up or drop dead… He didn’t want to die because of food! No, thank you!

“Kairi, please. No more—”

“Okay. And then what about this?” she wanted to give another spoon to Ventus, but the blonde fainted, smashing his head hard into the table.

“Ven?” Kairi asked looking at the boy, poking him with the utensil.

“Oh nice! You killed Ventus!” Came in Vanitas with the biggest smirk on his face. He was the nicest person alive – oh wait, he wasn’t.

“He is alive!” shouted Kairi, poking Ventus again. “Or I hope he is…” she muttered.

Kairi was in the kitchen for a few hours now, cooking and baking. When Ventus came in to check on her, she simply got him to stay by making him taste everything… “Anyway, did you get the flour I asked for?”

“Yes.” answered Vanitas.

“Then… where is it?”

“I poured it all on Riku and Sora.”

“You did what?”

“I’ve just told you.”

“You are a pain Vanitas.” groaned Kairi. “Get a new one!” she glared at Vanitas with the most menacing look.

“Yeah-yeah Ma’am” he whisked his hand at her while he put some whipped cream into Ventus’s hand and tickled Ven’s nose until the blonde’s hand moved on his own accord and soon the whipped cream got smeared on the boy’s whole face.

“Do not put more whipped cream on the pie, Kairi…” groaned Ventus in his sleep.

“Are you happy now?” hissed Kairi throwing a knife at Vanitas who dodged it by a few millimeters. The knife got struck into the table next to Ven’s head.

Ventus opened one eye, looking up only a little bit, eyeing the utensil. “What a nice, sharp knife.” he muttered, dropping his head back down on the table, dozing off once again.

“You broke him.” smirked Vanitas with much found proudness.

“I’ll make sure you will suffer if you don’t get the flour for me as soon as possible!” Kairi screamed this time and he pushed out Vanitas on the kitchen door. The raven boy lost his balance and he landed face first to the floor. “I give up.” she sighed and went back to work.

“Kairi… no more pie…” whined Ventus painfully.

Riku had his well-deserved shower. He just came out from the bathroom – with a towel wrapped around his waist - when he spotted something… rather someone.

“What the--?” he looked down on the chipmunk which held food in its little pawns.

The rodent glared up at him with an evil expression.

“What?” That’s all he could say when more of those little animals appeared staring at Riku with a rather unfriendly look.


That was Riku’s last sentence before he ran away with chipmunks following him on his way.

“Axel… I don’t think we need a tree.” said the small black-haired girl, who currently was busy wrapping some gifts for the event.

“But what kind of celebration doesn’t have a big, nice tree?” he whined. “And I mean, where do you want to put those gifts if not under the tree?” he urged, positioning the tree in one of the corners. “It looks perfect!”

Xion only shrugged, deciding not to start a fuss with the male and went back to her own work.

“We don’t need a tree, Axel.” It was Roxas’s voice which spoke up instead.

“But, Roxas…” he tried to negotiate but he failed. He couldn’t see the little blonde boy anywhere. “Where are you?”

“Here.” his head popped up from behind the conifer. “Move it.” his voice filled with annoyance.

He was just about to decorate the corner with some garland only to be pushed into the wall by Axel’s stupid tree. He will not let it go. Never. Ever.

“Oops, sorry.” Axel moved the conifer out of the way and the blonde climbed out under it, brushing himself off.

“Thank you.” he muttered, furiously . “Now get rid of it.” he eyed Axel.

“No!” shrieked the red-head, holding the tree close to him.

“Axel, throw it out!” pulled the blonde, trying to take it away from the taller guy.




“Axel! Throw. It. Out!” shouted the blonde, tugging on it harshly.


Both males stopped in their tracks. Listening to the third person’s screaming.

“Who was that?” looked up Xion, who was so lost in thought while working on the wrapping that she didn’t even notice the fight between Roxas and Axel. But she couldn’t ignore the loud scream that came from the upstairs.

“I don’t know.” said Axel with no clue.
“Maybe… Riku?” Roxas furrowed his eyes. It had to be Riku, right?

“Riku?” asked the red-head a little stunned. “Really?”

“It was him, end of story.”

“No, it cannot be Riku.”

“It was!”

“No, it wasn’t!”

“Guys…” Xion tried to interfere, but the two boys kept on arguing with each other so, she had to choose the hard way.

Kingdom Key appeared in one hand and she soon pointed the blade at them. “If you two won’t shut up, then I have to choose the hard way... No one likes the hard way.” 

All it took was a threat to literally make them shut up for good, sheepishly smiling at the so much smaller girl, begging for mercy with their eyes. If only it would work, huh?

And because they didn’t want to piss Xion further they reluctantly accepted that they will figure where the voice came from.

“Under the sea, under the sea… Darling it's better down where its wetter take it from me~” sang Sora stepping out from the bathroom, with a towel on his head and dressed in fresh clothes. “hmm hmm hm hm hmm…” he hummed as he flopped down on his bed staring at the ceiling.

“I should visit Ariel occasionally… Maybe bring Kairi with me…” he trailed off when he saw the little chocobo staring at him, upside-down. “Woah!!” he sat up startled by the little bird. And because of this fast action the fowl ended up splattered onto the opposite wall . “Whaaaaaa!” he shrieked already on his toes to check on the little guy – who appeared to be alright but  slightly dizzy.

“I am sorry~” apologized the brunet, teary eyed. “Oh my god, oh my god, OH MY GOD!” he ranted, holding the bird in his hands and running out of his room.

‘Don’t tell me I killed the poor chocobo. Fruit. Fruit… I NEED TO GET SOME FRUIT!’ he screamed in his mind as he ran through the corridors but then something came crashing into him.


This was his last thought before he was pushed out on the window.

“Can you guys tell me why I am the one at the front?” glanced back Roxas, glaring draggers into Axel and Xion. “I mean, c’mon, Axel has the biggest mouth here! He should go first!”

“Watch out what you say, Roxy.” winked the red-haired guy.

“WHO ARE YOU CALLING “ROXY”?!” hissed the blonde-boy, already deciding to kick Axel’s ass with his two keyblades if it weren’t for one certain black-head.
“Roxas, look in front of you.” demanded Xion. “You go alone, I will go with Axel and check that area.”

And without another word Xion dragged the taller guy away, leaving Roxas total alone. He swore, he could hear crickets in the background.

“Ehhh…” he drew in a big breath and sighed deeply. Why on the Earth was he the only who have to go alone? And where the heck was Sora…?


“What the--?” Roxas furrowed his eyebrows as he tilted his head sideways. Staring at a hand holding onto the windowsill.

It was either a robber. A pretty noob one.


“Sora?” sneaked the blonde hair teen closer to the window, only to see the brunet hanging there. “What the hell are you doing out there?”

“I got pushed out. The weather is actually nice, but I couldn’t climb back since my other hand is full…” he grinned, showing the chocobo in his hand. “Could you help me out, please?”

“Jeez…” huffed the blonde boy but nonetheless smiled at the brunet. He grabbed Sora’s arm and was about to pull him back up when Riku stormed away next to him – with the chipmunks still on his toes - and in a blink of an eye both Sora and Roxas were falling…

“Done.” exclaimed Aqua as she looked at the laid tables.

“Good job.”

Aqua looked around spotting Terra smiling afar from her with the last glasses in his hands. “And with that everything is perfect.”

“Yeah.” nodded Aqua, happy that they finished it in time. “Do you think the others are finished, too?”

“I bet they are already lazing around…” he said with a grin.

“You mean Sora and Ven then…” giggled the blue-haired girl.

That two were so much like twins. She often finds those two cuddled up in a “secret” place – well, Ventus always thought of Sora as a little brother since he had a bond with Sora ever since the brunet was born.

Aqua cannot help but find that adorable.

“They are too much alike, don’t you think?” asked Terra suddenly, putting a stop to Aqua’s trail of thought.

“Yeah.” she chuckled. “I noticed it for the first time, too. When I met with Riku and Sora.” she grinned at Terra. “Riku reminded me of you.” she added, with tease in her voice.

“Oh?” smirked Terra, looking slightly surprised. “How so?”

“Riku is—” she couldn’t finish her sentence because the mentioned boy came crashing into the hall.

Without any warning or any logical reason – Riku was on Terra’s back…


Both Aqua and Terra were dumbfounded by the situation.

Terra was too confused to even say a word, wondering why he was used as a shield. While Aqua looked at the angry, little rodents.

“Oh…” she exclaimed and she was already crouching down getting some candies out of her pockets she collected from Vanitas’s Prize Pods – don’t ask how she got it… and why…

The two males were taken aback how easily Aqua got rid of all the chipmunks by only given all them some candies and kindly let them back out into the nature.

It was Riku who first spoke up. “Thank goodness.” he sighed, climbing down from Terra’s back. “I thought I would never be able to get rid of them…”

And the towel which was on his waist until now decided to flop down.

Saying that Riku’s face was red was an understatement. He was scarlet red.

Aqua jerked her head away in a second with almost the same shade of red on her cheeks.

Terra was the only one who didn’t get affected at all. He looked at Riku who was literally hiding his face in embarrassment. “Don’t worry, you are still young. You will grow.” he patted Riku’s shoulder.

Aqua let out a yelp and she soon recalled a magic spell – in a blink of an eye there were fresh clothes on Riku. “Just go. Now.” she said with a thin voice.

She didn’t have to say it twice and Riku was gone in a split second.

“That was surprising…” stated Terra. “So, how is Riku and me are alike?”

“I was wrong. There’s no way you two are alike. At all.” she shivered just from the thought of it and left the room to get some fresh air.

“Huh?” Terra looked after the girl, looking down. Wondering if she meant his…

Of course she hasn’t – she always thought both Terra and Riku were serious, she realized that they still might me alike but not how she first thought them to be.

“WÁÁÁÁÁÁÁÁÁÁÁ!” screamed Sora and Roxas in unison and they were ready for the impact.

Both surprised when they literally landed without crashing themselves into a puddle.

“We are alive.” stated Sora, sighing in relief. “WÁ! Where is the chocobo?!” he panicked, snapping his head left and right in search for the little bird.

“On your head…” whispered Roxas, almost drained out. This experience scared the hell out of him.

But something still didn’t add up here. He looked around wondering – trying to close out Sora who fondly caressed the little bird, saying lovey-dovey things to it – when he finally looked down only to notice he landed on “something”.

“Sora, we should run.” said the Nobody, slowly getting up and backing away. “Like fast.” he added hastily.

Since Sora glanced at him with confusion in his big blue eyes, Roxas pointed down and when Sora finally got the message and finally looked down his eyes got more bigger – almost popping out from his head – and was on his feet within a second.

Without wasting more time they ran away as fast as their feet could manage, leaving the explanted Vanitas on the ground.  

“Ugh…” groaned the raven-haired guy, finding no strength in his body to even flinch.

Do you really feel sorry for him… Really? Nah. Idiots can never die. So he will live…

“I am just going to throw these out. Be right ba—”


Now Ventus sheer laid on Vanitas. Making a perfect “X”.

“What are you doing here, Vanitas?” groaned the blonde, who struggled to get up only to fall back.

“Don’t you see? I just became a pancake because of  your friends and now you use me as your personal bed!” he hissed, his voice full of venom.

“You were in the way!” retorted Ventus as angry as Vanitas. “And should I remind you that you wished for my death?!”

“If only you would die!”

“I will not give you that pleasure, not even in your dreams.”

“I hate you!”

“I hate you, too!”


It was Terra and Aqua who found them half an hour later, fast asleep, holding hands – like two little kid.

“I swear to Kingdom Hearts… These boys are just irresistibly adorable!” said Aqua fondlingly thinking if she could take a picture of them.

“Got it.” said out loud Terra, showing her the picture.

“OH MY GOD!” exclaimed Aqua excitedly. “My new background image!”

“Thought so.” winked Terra at her, while the girl giggled.

At least there were some good things in this day.


“Do you think we are safe now?” whispered the blonde to the brunet, hiding in the bushes.

“Huh?” Sora turned his head to Roxas, looking at him confused. “Did you say something?” he smiled sheepishly.

“Put down that damn bird already!” exclaimed the blonde. Ever since that bird showed up Sora is engaged in it – not caring about Roxas. ‘Wait… now, I envy a chocobo?’ sighed Roxas, facepalming himself which surprised Sora because he asked if he was okay. “Yeah, sure thing.” he said with a reassuring smile. “Let’s go, I kind of bored.”

“What about Vanitas?” asked the brunet fearfully. “If he finds us he sure gonna kill us!”

“I think something happened since he didn’t find us.”

“You think so?”

“I am sure of it.”

And with that the blonde started to walk back to the house. Leaving a curious Sora alone. “What could have happened?” he wondered. “Oh well…” he shrugged and ran after Roxas with a big grin on his face.


“I really can’t believe we managed it.” said Kairi in awe. “I mean… Is the food really good?” she was still so troubled if her cook is good or not.

“IT IS!” screamed Ventus afar. He will not do food tasting ever again!

“My ears are bleeding…” groaned Vanitas, holding a hand to his aching ear. “You stupid, noisy brat.”

“Who are you calling a “brat”, maggot!” retorted back Ventus.

“And there they go on…” sighed Roxas – the Ventus look alike how Vanitas loves to call him sometimes – eating ice-cream while “enjoying the show”.

“Where is Xion and Axel?” Sora looking around not seeing them anywhere. “And where is Riku?”


Riku stood next to the tree, eyeing it. “What is a Christmas tree doing here?”

“I have no idea.”


“I am not here. I am only a ghost. I am not going in there. You CAN’T make me go in there!” struggled the girl.

“You will and I will, there’s no way I am gonna handle this alone. We die together!” I argue, pushing her closer to the door.


“YADAAAAAA~” I sing-sang and with a fast move, I open the door and push her into the room. “WE ARE HERE!” I announce loudly.


“AXEL!!!” screamed everyone as one.

“What?” he asked, playing the hurt. “This is how everyone should enter in a room!”

“I told you. I told you, we should have just leave! I know it! Why do you never listen to me?!” whined the girl next to me.

“Because Riku is your love, that’s why!” I exclaim. “Look at that sex god!”

My what?” he asks. “And I what?!”

Sora and Kairi laughing next to him.

Such friends are you.” frowns the silver haired boy.

“And now let me take care of Axel…” I said, readying my frying pan. “Last words?”  pointing at the red-head.

“Happy anniversary?”

“Lame trick.”

“I guess…”

“Run.” I offered.

“I will.”


“HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!” cheered everyone.

“I am so happy~” chuckled Sora, all-too-happy that at the end everything worked out fine.

“Uhum…” hummed Roxas, eating his twentieth ice cream already.

“Roxas… don’t you have a brain freeze?” asked Xion, looking at the blonde worriedly.

“Nothing can freeze, if you have nothing there. Those are facts—”

And Axel that day got hit with a frying pan and got a whole bunch of ice cream threw at him…

“Rikuuuu~” my friend was melting by the “sex god’s” beauty.

And if we are talking about sex gods…

“Vanitas, clothes off.”  I motioned at him. “Show me you abs.”

Said boy was currently eating but when he heard that he started to choke on his food.

“You can die all I care but show me your ABS!” I trying to yank the suit off of him.

“Who wants another pie?” asks Kairi with a lovely smile.

“No more pie…” whined Ventus, smashing his head into the table – yet again.

“SHOW ME YOUR ABS!!” I screamed at Vanitas.


“And you tell me all the time I am the Drama Queen…” sighs the silver boy deeply, taking a painkiller. “This gonna be a long day…”


Zou: RIKUUUUUUUUU~~ *drools*
Riku: Fuck.

Me: *nosebleed* Worth killing him. 
Ven: You killed him? 
Me: Maybe...? *looks away sheepishly* 

Ven: *laughs so hard he has to hold his breath* 
Ven: B-but... YOU LOOK SOOO CUTE~~
Van: *grips Ven's collar, his eyes glowin, murderously* Say I am 'cute' on more time and I am gonna tear off of your pretty head from your neck. 
Ven: *blushes hardly*
Van: What the fuck is wrong with you?
Ven: Did you just call me pretty?
*no this is no yaoi, I swear* 

Me: Anyway~~ THANK YOU FOR READING THIS PIECE, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I loved to write it! I know it a fail, but... oh well! <3