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A Quiznacking Space Road Trip (Voltron Chat Fic)

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Lance skidded to a halt in front of one of the Garrison exits and yanked the door open. Several hundred feet away sat the Black Lion, and in the dying daylight Lance could just barely make out the silhouetted shape of someone on the Lion's head. Lance smiled to himself, unable to contain the warm bubbles of happiness and excitement that lifted in his chest. Lance was almost 95% sure that sooner or later he'd float away as if he was the house from Disney's Up. It was just the little things about his boyfriend that did beautiful things to Lance's heart.


Lance struggled for a bit as he tried to scale the giant mechanical beast, until he saw the silhouette of the person up top stand up and come into view. Lance was then blessed with Keith reaching down and smiling as he held out his hand to save him from his struggle. 




That alone almost made Lance stumble and lose his footing. The sight of Keith made Lance weak at the knees, and even more so now that he knew Keith loved him back. Regaining his balance, Lance smiled back even wider and clasped Keith's hand. The Black Paladin hauled him up the rest of the way until they stood together on Black's head.


"Heh," Lance huffed softly. "I heard something about cuddling and looking at the sunset?"


"Yeah," Keith turned around to crouch down and grab something by the Black Lion's ear. "I brought a blanket too, you know, for if Black's head is a little uncomfortable to sit on. Or if you wanna have it wrapped around us, because even though we're in the middle of the desert, nights out here can get pretty cold." 


Lance put a finger on his chin as if to think. "Hm. I think, if we want to achieve optimal cuddling, we'll need to have the blanket around us." Standing with his arms stretched out behind him, holding the blanket as if they were wings, Keith smirked conspiratorially like he was plotting something. "Wait, Keith what are y-"


Keith lunged at him with a playful yell, and Lance definitely did not scream like a girl. It was manly, and definitely not something he would be embarrassed about. Lance was pushed onto his knees as a laughing Keith grabbed him, effectively wrapping the blanket around the both of them once it settled on Lance's left shoulder. 


"How, dare you." Lance laughed.


"Sorry." Keith said, but he was extremely not sorry, and it showed with the smile that stretched across his face.


"It's fine," Lance scooted closer to his boyfriend. "It was super adorable."


"I'm not adorable." Keith protested, leaning his head on the Cuban's shoulder, who wrapped an arm around the small of Keith's back and pulled him closer.


Scoffing, Lance pressed a kiss into Keith's hair. "That's where you're wrong, Samurai."


"What if I told you that you are adorable?" Keith said slyly.


The Red Paladin's face flushed a deep pink. "I'd probably combust."


Keith lifted his head to observe him, and his gaze settled on Lance's cheeks. "Hmm, interesting." Lance's blush deepened even more.


"You motherfucker." Lance said lowly, yet it was playful and not serious. Keith snickered and laid his head back onto his boyfriend's shoulder.


They sat in silence with their faces towards the setting sun. The hues of yellow deepened into oranges and pinks as the sky became darker behind the two boys. Before the sun set fully, Lance used his free hand to intertwine with Keith's, and set their clasped hands on his lap. Keith lifted his face to gaze at Lance again, and with lidded eyes, they moved together.


Their mouths met as the first star of the night appeared in the sky, twinkling faintly. It wasn't their first kiss, not even their tenth, but the two Paladins could strongly agree that they were all equally magical, and they knew it was impossible to get tired of that feeling. They pulled apart as another star came into view, and they both looked up in sync. 


The stars looked pretty much adjacent to each other, even though in reality they were billions of lightyears apart. One star was a bright, oceanic blue, and the other was a deep, fiery red. The small patch of sky between them was a very faint purple nebula, as if it was the result of the red and blue stars being so close together. Lance smiled softly.


"Hey, look." Lance nudged Keith gently and pointed at the stars with his eyes.


Keith gazed at the night sky in awe. "They're just like us." Lance looked at him, a little confused, but he suspected that he could kind of get what Keith was saying.


"What do you mean?"


"One is red, and one is blue. They came together in love, and their relationship was purple. Just like us."


"But, I fly the Red Lion and you fly the Black Lion. I'm not blue anymore, Keith, and you're not red."


"I'm not talking about that, silly." Keith looked back at him. "You fly the Red Lion now, but that doesn't mean you're red. You were always blue, and I was always red. Who you are doesn't change, Lance. No matter what Lion you fly."


Keith's gaze was so filled with love, and Lance could feel himself melting when his boyfriend squeezed his hand reassuringly. Lance smiled a small, soft smile, gazing back with just as much affection.


"I love you, Keith." He breathed. Keith nuzzled closer into Lance's side. 


"I love you, too, Lance."