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Bright blue and red lights poured through the loose paper blinds cascading over Castiel’s windows waking him up before his alarm even got the chance. The sounds of police sirens had almost become comforting to him since he and his family moved out of their house into their new two bedroom apartment. He rolled over in his sleeping bag looking over at the alarm clock that was plugged into the wall by his head, 5:30 am great he needed to go to school in 3 hours.

Cas sat up in his sleeping bag and reached his small calloused hands up to rub his eyes, he rolled his head over his shoulder and looked down at his siblings who were all happily sleeping. Michael’s face was scrunched up in frustration as his black hair stuck up all around his face, Gabe was rolled over close to Castiel curled in a ball and Anna was cuddling a soft teddy bear.

This is what Cas lived for, the little moments where he could watch over his siblings and remember why he was still fighting. His father, or Chuck as he called him, was a complete disaster when he wasn’t drinking our smoking he would beat his children. Michael tried to protect them for as long as he could but now that he was going to the local college he didn’t have the time to do so anymore, it was Cas’ job now.

When Cas wasn’t getting knocked in the face by his overly religious drunk father he was getting beat up at school by the idiotic jocks he always feared. Gabe was the smart one in the family he was in all the AP classes and played tricks on his classmates when he wasn’t challenged. Cas relied on him to get his younger sister out of where they were, Cas was realistic he was going to die he before his 18th birthday next year.

“Okay, does everyone have their bags?” Michael whispered to his younger siblings as he grabbed his college books and stuffed them into his duck taped backpack. “Yeah mom,” Gabe said rolling his eyes into the backs of his head making Anna laugh to herself. “You’ll miss me when you all leave alright now get to school,” Michael said waving off his siblings as they marched out of the apartment one by one.

Their father hadn’t woken up yet he was still hung over from the night before, Michael always waited for him to wake up before going to his morning classes even if he was late every other day. Gabe and Cas dropped Anna off at the middle school who quickly pretended like she didn’t know them when they came within 10 feet of the school, kids these days. Gabe had that stupid smile on his face that he always wore whenever he wanted Castiel to forget their shitty reality.

“Cassie, don’t make that face! Why do you look so tired anyway you look like an old man.” Gabriel yelled lagging behind his older brother before jumping up onto his shoulders. “Ack! You’re gonna kill your older brother if you keep acting like this Gabriel.” Castiel said pushing Gabe off of his shoulders as they approached the entrance of the high school. Gabe tipped his non-existent hat at his older brother as he ran after his friends to his AP English class that he demanded to have at 8:30 in the damn morning.

At school, Gabe wasn’t Gabriel Novak the brother of local freak Castiel Novak but Gabe the popular loveable trickster. Cas didn’t care that he wasn’t as lucky as his brother when it came to popularity, he just wanted him to succeed.

“Move your ass freak show!” A voice yelled at Castiel as he walked down the hallway before he was slammed into the lockers by a powerful force knocking the wind out of him. A large hand was placed up against his chest pushing him harder against the lockers, the cold metal jutting into his back painfully.

“Well well well if it isn’t Castiel Novak, fancy seeing you here.” A deep voice grinned over top of him slinking down into his ears. “I have places to go Metatron,” Cas said looking anywhere but the three men surrounding him. They all laughed making Cas sink farther into his skin wanting to be anywhere but where he was. “Well,” Rafael said from Castiel's left side moving closer to him, “let’s all take this somewhere else. Somewhere more private.” Castiel swallowed hard as he was dragged away from his spot into the nearby gym bathroom.

Metatron’s rough hand pushed Castiel down to the tile floor before sending dozens of well-calculated hits to every part of his body. Castiel cried out as Lucifer pulled him up by his hair before pinning his arms behind his back giving the others full access. “So we here you like it up the ass ey Cassie boy?” Metatron said strutting back over to Castiel reaching his hands down to stroke his skinny chest.

“St-t-top,” Castiel stuttered out as the taller boy rose up Castiel's white shirt before pulling it over his head. “Stop-p.” Castiel begged letting a stream of tears fall over his face and down his neck. “You’re so pretty when you cry like that,” Metatron whispered into Castiel’s ear as he leaned in close enough to be able to smell the fear on him. Rafael and Lucifer laughed deeply as Metatron stroked his hands down Castiel's chest to the lower part of his jeans.

“What the fuck do you think you're doing?” A deep voice growled from the gym doors behind the group causing Metatron to lift his hands slowly and peer up at the doorway. “Winchester! Glad you could drop by, you want a crack at the freak as well?” Metatron asked walking past Castiel who was dropped to the cold ground by Lucifer, Castiel squeezed his eyes shut letting more tears fall as he pulled his shirt back over his head.

Cas wasn’t listening anymore to the voices over him all he heard was the sounds of the gym doors opening and closing and the sounds of footsteps walking over to him. “You good Cas?” The voice asked from above him Cas nodded refusing to look up at the large man above him too ashamed. “Th-hank you,” Castiel said standing up slowly grabbing his bag and pulling it up over his shoulder still looking down.

“Wait!” The voice yelled as Cas ran out of the gym as fast as possible letting the tears fall down his face as fast as possible. He just needed to get through the rest of the day far far away from Metatron, far far away from the Winchesters. He burst through the bathroom that was closest to his Biology class and ran to the farthest end of the bathroom throwing his bag down and curling into a ball. He should call Michael or Gabe, he should get up and go to class, he should, he should, he should. But he wasn’t going to not anytime soon not when he was so tired both mentally and physically.