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A Surprise from Number Seven

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She looked at the building of what usually haunted her dreams on bad days.

The home of where she spent her childhood.

Or lack of it.

Either didn't hold much happy memories at all.

Vanya had moved out once they all turned 16, she had planned to do it at 17, but once Ben died and Klaus started to spiral more into drugs....well she didn't have much of an option when you realize that your family is falling apart.

She was never looked for really to be quite honest.

Must've been that she cut off her hair short and moved away to be with her still husband.

Or she had gone far away from home to a small town.

Or because she knew none of them cared.

However...17 years later she's back....this time the old man is dead and everyone will be together once again.

However, the rest of her siblings would have a much better reason to hate her

One, for disappearing and two, for writing the book.

Vanya takes a deep breath, she was nervous, her anxiety rising a little but not by a lot. Must of helped with an equally as socially awkward husband who showed his emotions clear to her.

Vanya takes a deep breath, 'I can do this,' she thought to herself as she walked in.

She walked into what felt an empty home and she pried away from the memories that tried to flood into her mind. She counts backwards to 10, that always helped. She was glad that her husband hated seeing her be taken back by horrible memories and helped her out.

She looked around, mostly to see if anything changed really.

Not by a long shot really.

"Vanya?" a soft voice calls out and she looks up to see Allison.

Her older sister.

They may have been born in the same day and time, but since she didn't have powers her siblings considered her the little sister.

She watched as elegant Allison walked down the stairs, eyeing her, and in that moment Vanya wished she was little again so that she can be invincible again.

Or just never written the book.

She was young, and she needed to show the world how even this super powered family was fucked up.

She wanted to take off her ring....but she couldn't do that.

She moved on once she left and she was proud of it.

She just hoped the others didn't see it.

"We looked for you, did you know?" was the first thing out of her lips as she walked down the steps.

She was shocked to see her baby sister here, back at their childhood home.

Even if it was for the wrong reason.

She looked so different from the prim and proper girl who would play the violin all day long.

Her long hair was gone and so were her bangs.

Did she still play the violin?

How have the years treated her?

"Must've not looked hard enough," was the weak reply she got and the insides of her waned to scream. To shout at Number 7 for leaving the family, but then again she wasn't one to talk.

Once Vanya ran away Klaus did as well. It was only One, Two, and Three left.

Until a month before their 18th birthday.

Number Two left, ran after to see Klaus when he got a phone call and never came back.

Then she left as well but she knew Diego left because he hated how Luthor just ignored and brushed aside the mission of finding their baby sister years ago.

To be quite honest...yes, they really didn't look hard enough because they believed she died up until her book was published and she disappeared again.

She got glared at of course, mostly by Diego and Luthor, but Luther could go fuck off.

Diego...she just wished he'd just let it go, she just wrote small things of their lives...even if it showed everyone their true colors and powers.

She nervously played with her wedding ring as Luthor argued about their father's stupid monicle. Diego was right. What did it matter? The autopsy showed signs of natural causes.

Once she and everyone, minus Diego, left the foyer (idk what it's called) she just sat on the stairs. She fiddles with her ring and smiles softly at the fond memory of the proposal before tilting her head as music started to play.

She smiles softly and closed her eyes before her body started to dance along to it.

She was about to leave the mansion, even if she was part of the family she felt as if she didn't have a right to stay at for the funeral. She wasn't powerful, she was ordinary and she was fine with that.

Until she felt the wind pick up and get strong. She heard a loud noise in the back where Ben's statue was located at. She frowns and runs outside where the rest of her siblings were, minus Klaus.

She was shocked on who came out of the blue ball of light.

Vanya and the rest of her siblings stared in disbelief as they looked at their long lost brother, who was now in front of them making himself a peanut butter with marshmallow sandwich.

"So from the way you guys are looking at Vanya something happened other than the amazing book she published?" he asked sarcastically as he looked up at his siblings.

"Other than that she ran away," Luthor says with a huff as he glared at his now not missing sister.

Five took a bite out his sandwich, a sandwich she made him every night that she waited for him.

He frowns, "pray tell can you repeat that again? She did what?"

She was happy of course, but she was shocked to see him in his 13 year old body.

She played with her ring out of habit.

Which caught the attention of Five and Klaus.

"What's that?" was the question that caught the attention of the rest of their siblings.

"What's what?" Allison asked with a confused look in her face.

"What's on your finger Vanya?" Five almost hissed out at her.

She looked down and saw that they were all looking at her wedding ring.

Her cheeks tinted a light pink as she blushed.

" that what I think it is?" Allison said with a shocked look in her face.

She holds up her finger and gives them a small smile, "it's my wedding ring."

Her siblings looked at her in shock and eyed the ring on her finger. They then finally noticed the small engagement ring in her right hand.

"What?" they all ask simultaneously as if confused.

"I'm....married," she says with a small smile on her face.

"To who?"

"I'm sorry to intrude mister and miss Hargreeves but you have some guests who are looking for Miss Vanya," Pogo says as he walked into the kitchen.

And in walked a scruffy looking man, he had a mustache and wore a flannel shirt with jeans.

With him came a very pale looking girl, she had chocolate brown eyes and Vanya's straight brown hair. She wore a blue bowling shirt with a long sleeved gray shirt underneath with jeans and sneakers.

"Um....guys...this is my husband, Charlie Swan-Hargreeves and..." she gestures to the girl and smiles a little and she got a small smile in return as well.

"This is my daughter, Isabella Grace-Maria Swan-Hargreeves."

Her siblings just stood there in shock as they stared at the small family.

All of them however, could see from observing that the girl was in her late teens and counted down from how old they all were.

They were a little concerned at thinking what age Vanya had the girl.

They really now wanted to know the reason on why she ran away from the home that they all shared as children.