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Some Truths (Are a Crooked Path)

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Some Lies -

One day, Colby's question just slipped out. "How can you stand it?"

Colby had been going into the evidence locker at the end of the day, and met Matt heading out.

Matt said, "What?"

They were alone, so Colby faced him squarely. "How can you live a lie?"

Matt's friendly smile vanished.

"David suffers," Colby continued. "He can't say he's got a boyfriend or else people might realize it's you. He can't bring you to a party or even smile at you at work. And how should he react when he gets hit on?"

Matt's eyes flashed. "Who hits on him?"

"See? How can you stand to live a lie?"

"You did. With the spy thing."

"Hey," Colby snapped. "That was for my country. I didn't have a choice."

Matt folded his arms. "You think I have a choice?"

Colby blinked. "Of course you have a choice. It may not be easy, but …"

Matt sighed and looked toward the closed elevator doors. Stepping closer to Colby, he lowered his voice. "Either my life before David was a lie or my life now is a lie. I don't want either. So, just leave it alone."

"I-I don't understand."


The elevator opened to show David.

"You ready, Matt?" David said, then he eyed Colby suspiciously. "Matt?"

Silently, Matt headed to the elevator. When he reached David, he slid his arms around David's waist and lifted his face for a kiss.

David's face showed surprise, then happiness, then he captured Matt's mouth with his own.

Matt leaned over and pressed the elevator button. As he did, he shot a look at Colby, then went back to being thoroughly kissed by David.

The elevator doors slid shut and Colby gazed at them thoughtfully.

Maybe some lies were worth living after all.