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Black Rabbit

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When Todoroki had woken up he was very sore and when he tried to move he hurt like a bitch in more than a few places. It was pretty clear he wouldn’t be sitting up without help or some heavy pain killers for the time being.

Upon opening his eyes, he found himself in an unfamiliar room. It was dark but from what he could see it looked like a normal bedroom. It wasn’t his bedroom, that’s for sure, but it was definitely a bedroom and not prison cell or anything.

He could, perceivable, not be in danger right now though there’s always a chance he’s in a lot of danger. He doesn’t really remember what happened right before he went unconscious but if must have been something if he hurts this badly.

Todoroki just lays there on the bed and thinks about what to do in this situation. He doesn’t want to die but he’s also missing a lot of the information he needs to make an informed decision. Plus, he has no idea where his things are and he can’t leave without them.

It didn’t take long to find out he’s not alone here. After about 20 minutes of being awake, a door opened and someone came in the room. They were just a shadow until they turned on the light. The sight of them made Todoroki tense up.

They were in black pants with many pockets, boots, and a skin tight tank top. That part wasn’t what set off Todoroki’s danger senses. It was the metal mouth guard that was designed to look like a shark toothed smile, and the mask and bandanna clearly there to hide his identity. Why don’t they want Todoroki to see when they look like?

“You’re awake! Yay, I was getting worried. You probably hurt pretty bad; let me grab you some pain relievers. I’ll be right back.”

The person had was using a voice changer but still sounded genuinely happy Todoroki was awake. When they came back, they helped Todoroki sit up and gave him a water bottle and pack of painkillers. Both were unopened and so presumed safe. Once he’d taken the pills the masked person sat down on the edge of the bed.

“So how do you feel?”

“I’m… fine.” Todoroki offered, not want to make himself seem weak if front of his potentially dangerous captor. The guy tilted his head to the side.

“If you think lying will make me leave you alone you are mistaken. I’m no fool. You got severely injured and I know you are not fine. Tell the truth.”

Thinking this guy might have a lie detector quirk, Todoroki decided to cooperate. “I hurt a lot but the pain killers are helping. I’m very sore. Most of the pain is in my left shoulder and my right leg but right my arm hurts too.”

The guy nodded. “Sounds about right. You rest up ok? I’ll make you some food.”

“Wait!” Todoroki said.

The guy pause before he could get more than a few steps away and tilted his head again. Todoroki wished his mask didn’t have one way lenses built over the eyes as it was really creepy to be stared at by pupil-less red circles.

“Well?” The guy prompted.

“Who are you? Where am I? Why am I hurt? How did I get here?” Todoroki asked.

The guy nodded. “You’re here because that broker you met with decided you were worth more as a hostage than a client. I found and saved you but you weren’t in good shape so I took you here to fix you up.”

Todoroki took that in and what he’d been doing before this situation came back to him. “Well what about my other questions? Where is here and who even are you?”

The guy hummed and considered a moment. “This place is my secret hide out and you may call me… Black Rabbit. Now we can talk more after I make some food.”

The guy, Black Rabbit, left the room then and Todoroki was left in bed speechless, stunned, confused, and maybe a bit scared. Black Rabbit was a name Todoroki had heard of, a name a lot of people have heard of, and not in a good way though it explained why he was hiding his identity.

Black Rabbit was the most wanted vigilante in Japan with a huge bounty on his head. No one knew anything about him but he’s been giving the pros a run for their money for years now. He’s a genius and one of the most dangerous people you’ll ever meet. His quirk is unknown but it’s theorized to be an emulator of some kind given that he’ll show up to a fight seemingly with a quirk he’s witnessed someone use before.

And now Todoroki was in Black Rabbit’s secret base. Oh god, what did he get himself into? He should have gone home and groveled like Endeavor wanted… no. No he wasn’t going to that; not this time. He’s tired of bending to that man. If he dies here it’s still better than going back there. He just needs a more reliable source to get a new identity from that he chose initially. That bad choice got him here.

He couldn’t get up yet so he examined his body to view the damage. He was embarrassed to find he was in clothes that were not his own. They were older and too big, definitely having once belonged to an adult. Did Black Rabbit change his clothes for him? No, no, don’t think about that.

His arms were bandaged and his right felt like there were hard boards or something under the bandages that were keeping his arm set straight like a makeshift cast, same for his right leg. The bandages were wrapped so tight he doubts he could move either bit it was still loose enough not to cut off circulation. His left leg was bandaged sparingly and he had a bandage on his face plus he was no doubt bruising all over. No wonder he’s so sore.

Black Rabbit came back a short while later with a tray containing a plate of something that smell delicious. He laughed when Todoroki’s stomach growled and set the tray on Todoroki’s lap like he was serving breakfast in bed to a sweetheart before sitting back on the edge of the bed.

“Eat up, you’re no doubt staved.” Black Rabbit sounded cheerful and charming.

It was disarming and a complete reversal from everything Todoroki had heard about this guy.

“Is it poisoned?” Todoroki asked bluntly.

Black Rabbit almost laughed. “Of course not silly! It’s rude to poison your guests. Plus, I spent two healing capsules on you already and I’m not going to let you waste them by dying. Now eat.”

For better or for worse, Todoroki did as he was told and was pleasantly surprised to find the food wasn’t terrible. Black Rabbit seemed pleased he was listening to him. Only after Todoroki had finished his meal and everything had been cleared did Black Rabbit allow them to have a conversation, perching back on the bed side like before.

“So, any other cleaver questions?”

Todoroki was quiet for a moment. “Are you going to ask me anything? Or do you not care.”

“Oh I have plenty of questions for you," Black Rabbit responded, "but you’re the guest so it’s only fair you get your turn first. Now, what do you want to know?”

This was probably a unique opportunity that no one else has ever had, the chance to ask the infamous Black Rabbit anything. If Todoroki was a pro, he’d be a lot more excited and ready to take advantage of this for the good of others but he wasn’t. He was barely 14 years old, not even in high school, and after everything that’s happened recently he has no right to play hero.

“Are you the vigilante called Black Rabbit?”

“Ah, you’ve heard of me.” Black Rabbit didn’t seem too bothered by this.

“Well, you are one of the most wanted people in Japan.”

“I’m only that high on the list because the pros are upset I do their job better than them and want me out of the picture before I give them a bad name.”

Why is this guy so friendly? He’s supposed to be a dangerous and cunning criminal.

“Am I being held hostage? Am I a prisoner?” While Todoroki wasn't sure what answer he’ll get, he still wanted to ask.

Black Rabbit did the head tilt thing again. “What? No, not at all! Remember what I said earlier? That I rescued you and you were hurt badly?”

“…Yeah.” Todoroki said hesitantly.

“Well, it’s true." Black Rabbit gave a decisive nod. "I would have taken you two a hospital but if you were buying a new identity you clearly don’t want to be found by someone. At a hospital you’d surely be found out so I took you here.”

Todoroki stared at Black Rabbit. Of all possible answers he was not expecting one that was so considerate of his feelings and clear circumstances. “So you aren’t holding me here? I can leave?”

Black Rabbit made a so-so motion with his hand. “Well, I technically am holding you here but only until you’re healed up. After that, just tell me when you want to leave and I’ll get you out without you knowing where my base is.”

Todoroki blinked. “Really.”

“Yeah, I’m a vigilante, not a kidnapper. Hostages just aren’t my jazz.” Black Rabbit made it sound like the very notion was ridiculous.

“How long until I’m good to go?”

Black Rabbit gave a moment's thought. “I’d estimate roughly two weeks. The health capsules I made you take when I rescued you are speeding the healing process up otherwise it’d take much longer since you broke two bones and got stabbed in the shoulder.”

Todoroki nodded. It’s only two weeks; he can handle this.

Black Rabbit gave him a minute to answer another question but when none came he asked one of his own. “What’s your name?”

Todoroki was caught off guard. He would have assumed Black Rabbit would have gone through his thing and already found out a lot of personal information. “Um…”

“It’s ok, I promise I won’t use your identity against you," Black Rabbit assured, "but FYI, if you don’t give me a name I will be calling you peppermint boy exclusively.”

Well, Todoroki doesn’t want that to happen. “I’m… Shouto Todoroki.”

Black Rabbit leaned back slightly. “Oh… well that explains why you were trying to get a new identity. I’d be trying to hit the road too if I was Endeavor’s son. That man is more of a villain than a hero.”

Todoroki couldn’t believe it. Finally, someone saw it, how awful Endeavor is. He’s waited so long for someone not in the family to call that man a villain that he doesn’t even care that person ended up being one of the most wanted people in Japan.

“He is, but how’d you figure that out?”

“Observation." Black Rabbit stated. "He doesn’t want to be a hero; he just wants power and doesn’t care if people get hurt in the process of achieving it. He’s a disgrace. How many lives have been lost because he brute forces his way through everything?”

Todoroki sighed and relaxed. Ok, this isn’t so bad. “Thank you. No one outside my family has ever acknowledged how terrible he is.”

Black Rabbit nodded. “People are blind to what they don’t want to see. Now, you get some rest; I’ll be back later.”

Black Rabbit left then with the tray. He was a strange one. Todoroki honestly couldn’t decide what to think of him. He’s heard plenty of rumors but Black Rabbit seemed too nice to be the criminal he’s said to be. He was kind to him and gave him food and medical attention and even considered whether taking him to a hospital would have worsened his situation.

Who does that? Who considers those things?

As time passed, Black Rabbit seemed even less and less aligned with the rumors about him. He was kind, he made dumb jokes, gave Todoroki good food, and listened to him. Black Rabbit never tried to hurt him even though it wouldn’t be difficult with Todoroki bed ridden for the most part. Instead, he was clearly trying to keep Todoroki entertained, relaxed, and in a good mood while also diligently keeping up with his needs and medical care. He’d bring Todoroki books that pertain to interests he’s mentioned having and comics and showed he really wanted Todoroki to feel safe and happy while he stays here.

It was mind blowing that someone could so clearly care so much. The shear amount of empathy and compassion he had for others was absurd. Todoroki would be lying if he said he wasn’t beginning to like Black Rabbit as a person. He was funny and genuine and enthusiastic and so caring. He listened to Todoroki and remembered his likes and dislikes. How is this guy a wanted criminal? He seemed so excited to have Todoroki around too. He must be lonely. Being a wanted vigilante probable doesn’t leave much room for making friends.

After a week, the pain was down enough for Todoroki to make it farther than to the bathroom and back though Black Rabbit still insisted he use the crutch he provided when getting around. Todoroki managed to figure out where the kitchen was but that’s it. The base was like a maze with dead ends and false doors. All over very confusing and it made Todoroki thankful for the crutch. Where Black Rabbit was during his time not with Todoroki remained a mystery.

Thankfully, Black Rabbit stopped wearing the mouth guard around Todoroki after the first week as well and Todoroki was blown away when he heard his real voice. It was not the voice of a seasoned adult and Todoroki had asked his age without thinking. Black Rabbit laughed, and made a joke about having puberty voice before admitting he’s 14 just like Todoroki.

All Todoroki could think was what the fuck? How on Earth was one of the most wanted criminal in Japan only 14? It crazy but Todoroki doesn’t doubt it. He’s smart and self-sufficient but that is the voice of a teenager and he certainly doesn’t have the mannerisms of an adult. He’s actually kind of awkward. Knowing he was dealing with someone his own age made Todoroki relax even more. It was less frightening to deal with another kid than with an adult.

By the time two weeks had passed, Todoroki was actually enjoying himself. He didn’t think the mask was creepy anymore, being used to it at this point. Black Rabbit was so animated Todoroki was beginning to be able to differentiate what emotion Black Rabbit is feeling just by his head tilts. It was strange but Todoroki didn’t mind.

Once the two weeks were up, Black Rabbit came in and manually took Todoroki’s bandages off for him. It took a while but eventually all of them had been removed and Todoroki felt better than he had in a while. Black Rabbit helped Todoroki stand and it felt great being on his feet again without the crutch. He didn’t hurt at all now, so whatever were in those health capsules really worked. One thing Todoroki did notice now that they were both standing right next to each other was that Black Rabbit was short. He didn’t notice to much before but now it was incredibly obvious.

“What are you staring at, Todoroki? Is there something on my mask?”

“You’re tiny.” Todoroki stated bluntly.

Black Rabbit let out an offended gasp, putting a hand over his heart. “I am not short. I’m simply fun sized.”

Todoroki couldn’t help but let out a snort of laughter. What the fuck is this? He never laughs. The corner of Todoroki’s mouth tilted up at Black Rabbit shaking his head good naturedly. He still didn’t know the guy’s true face or identity but being here felt safer and more like a home than his family’s house ever did. Maybe that’s why he didn’t say anything about wanting to leave then. He was aware he was getting into something he shouldn’t by sticking around, but Todoroki didn’t really care right now. This is the happiest he’s been in years. Plus, they were probably looking for him by now and the last thing he wants is to go back to Endeavor.

Black Rabbit wanted him to do a few physical tests to make sure he was really back in working order. Todoroki followed him through the maze until they wound up in a large training area with padded floors, weights, punching bags and anything else one would need in a gym. The tests were held there and were simple exercises exactly as Black Rabbit said. Todoroki passed all of them easily and with that he was all clear.

“I don’t understand how you can find your way around so well. In a week I only found the kitchen.”

Black Rabbit laughed at that. “Keep looking, maybe one day you’ll find the living room.”

“I’m going to get so lost.” Todoroki said with a small laugh.

“Do you want a tour around the basic area?” There was amusement in Black Rabbit's voice.


The tour had been confusing with all the twists and turns. There are false doors and halls that lead in circles, it’s kind of elaborate. If anyone does find this place they’ll have a hard time finding Black Rabbit’s things within the labyrinth. That’s probably the entire point of it being like this. Todoroki will just have to try and memorize the place.

Time passed and Todoroki began figuring out how to get around. He still didn’t know where Black Rabbit was half the time and doesn’t try to, not wanting to press his luck. They do eat together and hang out. Just because Todoroki isn’t hurt anymore doesn’t mean Black Rabbit engages with him any less. He actually does it even more now and Todoroki’s life is filled with excited chatter. Both of them of them take time to watch the news together to keep track of the “where in the world is Shouto Todoroki” media coverage. Todoroki assumes the room he woke up in was his now since that’s where Black Rabbit left his stuff and anything else he gets for him.

Eventually Todoroki decides to do more than exist and starts trying to clean or cook for Black Rabbit. He’s not good at either but doesn’t want to be a freeloader and can’t think of anything else. Black Rabbit then started showing up in the kitchen when Todoroki is trying to cook to help him figure it out. How he knows where Todoroki is and how he gets there seemingly out of nowhere is a mystery.

The base, Todoroki figured, is underground somewhere which is why time seems to flow strangely. All the windows are fake though the image through the glass reflects the time of day. There are clocks all over the place too. He doesn’t want to leave for good but maybe he could convince Black Rabbit to help him find a way out to get some air for a bit. After all, the vigilante had always made it clear he wasn't going to force him to stay down here if he doesn't want to.

Upon entering the kitchen, he finds an unlikely sight. A boy with undercut green hair and freckles like stars was asleep at the table. His cheek was smushed against the wood and he was drooling a little bit. Todoroki’s heart just about stopped. That is the most adorable boy he’s ever laid eyes on. If he wasn’t still in his Black Rabbit suit and the full head mask and mouth guard wasn’t still clutched in one of his hands, Todoroki might have been worried. Instead he’s just trying to cope with the fact that without the mask Black Rabbit could win against a sleepy two-week old puppy in a “most adorable” contest.

It’s unfair.

There was an unretrieved piece of toast in the toaster which filled in the timeline. Black Rabbit probably came back from patrol and started making toast for a snack but fell asleep while waiting. Todoroki shook his head and decided to make him an actual meal. He’s pretty good at breakfast foods now. When the smell of the food began filling the air, Black Rabbit finally started waking up.

“Roki…? Is that you?”

Black Rabbit sounded tired. A quick glance showed his was sitting up blinking the sleep away. Sleepy Black Rabbit is even cuter than asleep Black Rabbit and his tired voice makes the nickname he calls Todoroki sound extra cute. It’s so very unfair.

“Morning Black Rabbit. Did you enjoy your nap on the table?” Todoroki replied but couldn’t keep the smile out of his voice. The cute was too powerful.

“I fell asleep at the table? No wonder my face hurt-” Black Rabbit stopped mid-sentence and went pale. He just saw the mask in his hand and realized Todoroki saw his real face.

Todoroki finished cooking and set a plate of food in front of Black Rabbit, sitting across from him with his own food. “Eat something.”

“I’m not hungry.” Black Rabbit mumbled.

Todoroki raised an eyebrow at him. “Are you upset because you don’t have your mask on?”

Black Rabbit nodded. “You know what I look like now. It’s kinda bad to have people know what Black Rabbit looks like without the mask.”

“I won’t tell anyone anything.” Todoroki responded casually.

“Wait. Really? You won’t turn me in for the reward money?” Black Rabbit looked skeptical but Todoroki shook his head.

Todoroki shook his head. “No. I like you.”

“I’m on Japan’s most wanted list.” Black Rabbit stated in disbelief.

“And Endeavor’s the number 2 hero but we both know he’s a monster." Todoroki pointed out. "You, on the other hand, took me in despite the risk because you noticed I was running and would be caught if taken to a hospital.”

Black Rabbit wrapped his arms around his head to poorly hide the fact his face was completely red which was also adorable. “I… suppose you have a point.”

“Look," Todoroki said with feeling, "I not going to rat out the one person who seems to give two shits about me. I never felt like anyone really cared about me until I woke up here.”

Black Rabbit let out a distressed whine. “Noooo, I can’t take the compliments. I’ve never really had friends or anything so I guess I’m just really excited to have company.”

“So… does that mean you don’t mind that I’ve stuck around here instead of asking to leave? I know you said I go after the first two weeks but I didn’t really want to." Todoroki asked while Black Rabbit finally started on his food.

“No, I don’t mind at all." Black Rabbit said earnestly. "I’ve actually been meaning to ask if you want me to get you a new identity but I didn’t want to make you think I wanted you gone. It’s more you can only be cooped up down here so long, ya know?”

Todoroki stared at Black Rabbit. “Wait seriously? You can do that? I can’t pay you.”

“I sure can and no need, just keeping my secrets will be enough." Black Rabbit said with a grin. "It’ll take a lot of work but we can start after we’re done eating.”

Todoroki smiled gratefully. “Thank you Black Rabbit.”

Black Rabbit chewed his lip for a moment before replying. “Of course but if you’re really going to stay with me then, uh, when I’m out of the mask you can just call me Izuku. It’s less of a mouth full.”

Todoroki blinked then nodded. “Alright, Izuku.”